Video shows how little Gaddafi cares about his supporters

A video intended to popularize Gaddafi ironically shows how little the regime cares about its supporters.

The video was shot at Tripoli on 14th April 2011. The video shows Gaddafi riding through Tripoli to remind everybody that he was still alive. But what is worth observing is the enthusiastic chump hanging out of the right window (while Gaddafi pokes out of the sunroof). On 0:45, the chump on the right appears to have hit a parked car and disappears. We can hear a distinctive thud, and a frame freeze shows his body on the ground. There is a sudden cessation of his enthusiastic catcalls. Even Gaddafi turns around to check what happened, and then slightly waves his hand as if to dismiss (never mind).

It is clear that this supporter may not have survived. He might have been run over by the rear wheels of the vehicle or by the next vehicle in the procession. The video shows his limbs being dragged for some time.

But no one in the procession seemed to care less.

Also note that on exactly 0:44, the video appears to have been spliced, maybe to edit out the fall.

Lesson Learned: Don’t be too enthusiastic if you have to support Gaddafi.

The enthusiastic supporter in question…

Where did he go?


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