What you never knew about Donald Trump

Last Updated on July 1, 2019 by Hamad Subani

Given the fact that Donald Trump has turned the issue of Obama’s birth certificate into another reality TV show, I found it pertinent to dig some unreported news about him. Both these news items were culled by investigative journalist Daniel Hopsicker, back in 2005 and 2008.

Trump bought Maison de l’Amitie, his 6.5 acre Palm Beach waterfront estate at a bankruptcy auction for around $41.4 million. He later sold it for around $100 million to Russian fertilizer king Dmitry Rybolovlev in 2008. Rybolovlev was charged in April 1997 for killing a business rival (Not exactly the type of behaviour that would get you on board the Apprentice). In the same article, Daniel Hopsicker says that Trump’s Resorts International Gambling Empire is suing him because he suggested that prior to its 1987 purchase by Trump, it had mob ties.

Daniel Hopsicker also dug a story in the Dec 10, 2004 London Evening Standard, in which Donald Trump (along with other celebrities) attends a party hosted by the all-too-contoversial Adnan Khashoggi.

What makes the scepticism of the birthers peculiarly misplaced is that it is selective. The same birthers have no issues with previous presidents drawn from the rank and file of American secret societies. Neither did they subject the highly suspicious events of 9-11 to their Photoshop® skills, even though 9-11 was broadcast live.


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