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Antony Sutton on What Lies Ahead

Chaos, confusion and ultimately a battle between the individual and the State.

The individual is the stronger; and will win. The state is a fiction sanctified by Hegel and his followers to CONTROL the individual. Sooner or later people will wake up. First we have to dump the trap of right and left, this is a Hegelian trap to divide and control. The battle is not between right and left; it is between us and them.

The spirit of God is within us as individuals. Skull & Bones represents death. It has no life spirit and pretends that the State “is the march of God on earth”.

Historian and Economist the Late Antony C. Sutton, Email Interview with Kris Millegan, 1999

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Burnt Book Review: Tom Juby’s Full Disclosure of the Swissair 111 Crash Investigation Yields a Surprising Connection to 9/11

A lot of what we know about anomalies in the Swissair 111 Crash and contradictions in the official story would probably never come to light were it not for the efforts conscience of RCMP Forensic Investigator  Tom Juby (Thomas C. Juby). When Cabal Times investigated the Swissair 111 Crash, we noted the importance of Juby’s claims. But at the same time, we also noticed that Juby had gone off the radar. We assumed he had been muzzled for good and we would not be hearing from him again. But Juby is back! And with a book that will probably remain the most thorough non-classified account of the investigation cover-up available to us plebs. This book is of monumental importance for those looking for answers, because probably no one got as close to the investigation as Juby did, while maintaining the integrity to tell their story.

In my in-depth review of his new material, I have found a rather interesting connection to 9/11, or to claims of the 9/11 Truth Movement to be precise. Perhaps even Tom Juby did not foresee this connection.


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When a Meme is worth a thousand words

Sometimes a meme is worth a thousand words….like this one. Continued…

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On the Islamic Precept of “Surrender”……..

James Altucher is a blogger best known for his pieces on improving online productivity. A recent post of his had the rather politically incorrect title of “Six Ideas From Islam I Use To Find Success.” While vehemently denying any full fledged commitment to Islam or any association whatsoever, it seems Altucher has coopted some truisms from it, sharing his own unique interpretations with the rest of us. What I found most interesting was his take on the very word Islam, which classical Islamic theorists equate with “surrender.”


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How ISIL undercuts Genuine Resistance to the Syrian Government

Ever wondered why ISIL/ISIS is being indirectly nurtured by Western countries? Ever wonder why their “foreign fighters” seem to congregate in London, the epicenter of the former British Empire, before taking the flight to Istanbul and then being transported to the Syrian front? Ever wonder why Western countries are head over heels in welcoming mainly Sunni Syrian refugees, which ensures their permanent eviction from the Levant, and their termination as a viable opposition to the Syrian Government? Continued…

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Top Conspiracy Theories about India’s Demonetisation Mess

The sudden demonetisation of large denomination currency notes by the Government of India on 9th November 2016 has created a mix of shock, horror, confusion, speculation and conspiracy theories across the Subcontinent. The Government of India, led by BJP Prime Minister Narendra Modi, claimed that this was a necessary measure because,

  1. These large denomination notes were being used to hoard “black money” in India. Since demonetisation would require such notes to be deposited in a bank account or exchanged at the bank during a small window of time, the Government, eagerly monitoring the banks, would be able to spy on such “hoarders of black money” and seize/penalize/confiscate their moolah. Those who did not deposit their “black money” would be expected to sit crying while it turned into toilet paper after the deposit window expired. (And those of you without access to a bank account in India are expected to hang on these currency notes as souvenirs).
  2. A very big portion of these notes was being counterfeited by a foreign power(s).

Since these arguments are too simplistic to suffice readers of this website, Cabal Times presents the Top Demonetisation Conspiracy Theories currently swirling across the Subcontinent. Continued…

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The Secret History of Hyderabad State of the Nizam (South India; 1724 – 1948)

hyderabad-state-mapOnce upon a time, kingdom as big as modern Germany straddled the Deccan plateau South India. This investigative essay attempts to chronicle it’s secret, untold history, from its auspicious beginnings to its abrupt and mysterious end in 1948. We examine the kingdom’s founder, the Nizam, an extraordinary man who emerged as the guardian of the Mughals, battling Illuminati conspiracies all his life, and saving the Mughal rulers of the Indian Subcontinent from imminent destruction three times. We look at the existential struggles succeeding Nizams faced, their fateful alliance with the British which resulted in the financial entrapment of Hyderabad State. We take a close look at the man who liberated Hyderabad State from this entrapment, Prime Minister Salar Jung, and we examine the role he played in preventing Hyderabad State from perishing in the events of 1857.

We arrive at the startling conclusion that after the Illuminati assassinated Salar Jung in 1883, Hyderabad State faced a secret hostile takeover by British Intelligence. And that this region was transformed into a scene of a giant conspiracy, mainly involving British Intelligence. They had planned to stay behind long after granting India its independence, secretly embedding themselves in the Hyderabad State as well as in other princely states. And covertly, they had already gone to war with Gandhi’s India. But the last Nizam of Hyderabad surprised them with a secret counter-conspiracy. He invited troops of the newly created nation of India, resulting in the permanent eviction of British Intelligence from the Deccan. Reading between the lines of what unfolded in 1948, we get the picture of the last Nizam, a frail old man, suddenly turning the tables on the Illuminati’s future plans for the Indian Subcontinent. While the rest of the world would know him as the richest man ever, we learn (for the first time ever) that he was also a secret freedom fighter of the Subcontinent. In the end, his cathartic actions also precipitated the end of the Hyderabad State. But for reasons that can only be best understood by him, he knowingly accepted this destiny.


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Reading Into Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Ever since the first-person shooter Call of Duty started embedding clues about the plans and activities of the Powers That Be in its plot story-lines, I started paying attention to their newest releases, particularly those of the Black Ops franchise. Ardent readers will note that one Black Ops II chapter was called “Fallen Angel.” And it revealed to us that Pakistan would be infested with drones. Two years later, Pakistan would showcase a drone which was meant to be used against the staid citizenry of the North-West Frontier province. Coincidence? Maybe. This drone was named after an angel in Islamic tradition. Coincidence? Unlikely.


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The Strange Case of the Jihadi with a Satanic Tattoo

On 15th December 2012, a team of nine “terrorists” attacked Peshawar International Airport. Armed to the teeth, the attackers hit the airport with rockets, killing four civilians and injuring many more. There would have been huge casualties if they had managed to enter the Airport, and maybe even damage to civilian aircraft. But thanks to the alertness of security personnel, they failed to do so. Five of the attackers were killed in the ensuing gun battle. But two of them appeared to be Caucasian, and one of these two had a Satanic tattoo and a gold tooth, both of which are prohibited in Islam. And both of which are alien to the culture of that region.


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List of Indian Freedom Fighters held at the the notorious Cellular Jail at Andaman Island

Long before Guantanamo Bay was developed as a no-escape prison, the British began setting up an island prison on the Andaman island. They had just conquered the Indian subcontinent, and a Guantanamo Bay style detention facility for Indian freedom fighters started being constructed in 1896. After facing immense difficulty finding a list of prisoners online, this list has been posted to aid researchers.


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