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Is Dalhousie University Going “Black Op” on Whistle-blowers? Med Student Flees to Ecuador as Psychiatry being Weaponized to Brush Critics as Delusional

Chris Hillier, Med student & victim of Dalhousie “Black Ops.”

When I first began documenting my persecution at Dalhousie University, I was of the opinion that such persecution would normally be faced by foreign students, Muslim students or students studying/investigating Conspiracy. But now a Dalhousie Medical Student named Chris Hillier has demonstrated that Dalhousie can go “Black Op” even on regular, everyday students studying tame service professions like Medicine. Based on the account of Chris, inadvertently crossing faculty members with Cabal connections, and standing up for yourself when you are treated unfairly, is enough to trigger the Department of Black Ops at Dalhousie. In other words, we are dealing with a trigger-happy Cabal which has backdoor access to the services of Canadian Intelligence and the Canadian Military, a Cabal which is clearly not used to being questioned or challenged in any way.


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A Redditor Reflects on how the Infinite Scroll is Eroding your Internal Thought

This is when it occurred to me that between Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and the like we can all endlessly scroll through content. On one hand this is a great thing. On the other hand, I find I can’t have my internal monologue while scrolling. It’s as if we’ve all chosen to replace those precious moments with our own mind with other people’s content.

I understand it, I’ve long had the theory that, more than anything else, humans crave novelty. We are ever on the hunt for new sights and sounds and ideas. This is obviously a benefit as it drives innovation and creativity. But it seems a terrible waste that, in the digital age with unprecedented access to information, we’ve so quickly resorted to supplanting our own thoughts and visions with those of others.

How does this relate to conspiracy? It seems to me that our thoughts are less our own than ever. By replacing our own unique inner monologue with a flurry of headlines it’s easier for what seem to be our own ideas to actually be regurgitations of the thoughts of others.

Redditor SativaGanesh, 17th May 2018

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Marshall McLuhan on North America’s Cognitive Dissonance, 1948

The American mind is not even close to being amenable to the ideogram principle as yet. The reason is simply this. America is 100% 18th Century. The 18th century had chucked out the principle of metaphor and analogy — the basic fact that as A is to B so is C to D. AB:CD. It can see AB relations. But relations in four terms are still verboten. This amounts to deep occultation of nearly all human thought for the USA. I am trying to devise a way of stating this difficulty as it exists.

Until stated and publicly recognized for what it is, poetry and the arts can’t exist in America. Mere exposure to the arts does nothing for a mentality which is incorrigibly dialectical. The vital tensions and nutritive action of ideogram remain inaccessible to this state of mind.

A Canadian Media Theorist on North America's Cognitive Dissonance, Page 207 of Letters of Marshall McLuhan, 1987 (letter dated 1948)

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Book Review Analysis; Anuj Dhar’s Quest to find Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose…..and my Detour

In the modern history of the Indian Subcontinent, no mystery is bigger than the 1945 disappearance of prominent Indian freedom fighter Subhas Chandra Bose aka Netaji. Numerous Inquiry Commissions have sat over the years. Several books have been written. Many movies have been made. Yet far too many questions remain unanswered. In his game changing book What Happened to Netaji? Anuj Dhar comes up with some startling new pieces of information. While he has his answers too, I have been tempted to extricate from his information, an even more complex theory of what had probably transpired. My theory is not for the faint of heart, as it implies that Netaji would have probably suffered less had he actually died in 1945. Continued…

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The Vultures are Circling India…….Again

Thanks to the efforts of Great Game India, the Rothschild Cabal is now being tagged in almost all of India’s recent notable economic woes. A mere 71 years after independence, India is being recolonized……by the same old families, using the same old tactics. As before, the Illuminati is sneaking in, disguised as companies of businessmen and traders. And once again, Indians are looking up to these foreigners (and their trained brown acolytes) as brainy financial wizards, with the same wonder-struck awe they once looked up to the red coats with.


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Book Review Analysis; Rare Booklet on the Death Sentence of Maududi sheds light on the early history of Pakistan

Most people who are tangentially aware of the existence of Islamic political philosopher Syed Abul A’la Maududi (1903-1979) are quick to recall the fact that he was sentenced to death in Pakistan (1953), a sentence which was later lifted due to his popularity. We have managed to obtain a rare 1978 booklet written by his supporters, which specifically narrates this incident. Reading it gives tremendous insights into the shadowy forces at work in the newly created nation of Pakistan. Continued…

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Was India’s 2016 “Cashless Society” Experiment Made in China?

The sudden demonetization of large denomination currency notes by the Government of India on 9th November 2016 created a mix of shock, horror, confusion, speculation and conspiracy theories across the Subcontinent. At Cabal Times, we documented the then top conspiracy theories, one of which was that this was a crude attempt at forcing a cashless, surveillance society on India. This was supported by the fact that the Prime Minister had asked his citizenry to go cashless, implying that a cashless society was just around the corner. At the same time, card swiping machines were being distributed in rural villages like candy. Now, a recent WIRED cover story dated 14th December 2017 gives a detailed insider account of how The Powers That Be have created a cashless, surveillance society in urban China. Was this the blueprint for what was attempted in India in November 2016? This raises an alarming possibility that Globalists are actively Chinafying India.


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Book Review Analysis; Shashi Tharoor on the Great Brexit of 1947

When the British put a brutal end to the Mughals following 1857, they were presented with a unique historical opportunity. They could have redeemed themselves by ruling India better than their Mughal predecessors, thereby establishing themselves in the Indian Subcontinent for all time to come. Instead, what unfolded was a calculated program to sacrifice the economy of the Indian Subcontinent, which was then 27 percent (p. 4) of the global economy (more than Europe), for global conflict to advance Illuminati agenda throughout the rest of the world. The most prominent of these conflicts would be the two World Wars, in which Britain (and British Intelligence) played a major role in coordinating the conflict as well as instigating it. Such a bewildering course of action was inevitably unsustainable, resulting in the Great Brexit of 1947. The British left in ignominy, unlike the Mughals who continue to be romanticized. The India they left behind was in shambles, commanding just over 3 percent of the global economy, and the Subcontinent was now fractured into warring nation-states. British administration of India still mystifies historians, because there are no parallels. Their administration can best be described in a hypothetical scenario, in which a monopolistic, money grubbing corporate retailer like Walmart® takes over a prosperous country like USA and their scrounging upper management converts the entire nation into captive shoppers.

In a recent book entitled An Era of Darkness: The British Empire in India (alternatively titled Inglorious Empire: what the British did to India), Indian MP (Congress) Shashi Tharoor attempts to pick up the pieces and find out what happened to the Subcontinent during the British rule. This book grew out of a 15 minute Youtube video of Shashi Tharoor addressing the Oxford Union on 14th July 2015 which went viral. Cabal Times recognized the importance of the video and covered it when it was released. Now we review and analyze the book.


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Why Socialist/Communist Economic Intervention is Incompatible with Islam

……during the life-time of the Holy Prophet there was a rise in prices and people said: Messenger of Allah, set the prices for us. Upon this the Holy Prophet said: Verily, Allah is he who sets the prices……….

The Prophet of Islam, 7th Century AD, Arabia


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Antony Sutton on What Lies Ahead

Chaos, confusion and ultimately a battle between the individual and the State.

The individual is the stronger; and will win. The state is a fiction sanctified by Hegel and his followers to CONTROL the individual. Sooner or later people will wake up. First we have to dump the trap of right and left, this is a Hegelian trap to divide and control. The battle is not between right and left; it is between us and them.

The spirit of God is within us as individuals. Skull & Bones represents death. It has no life spirit and pretends that the State “is the march of God on earth”.

Historian and Economist the Late Antony C. Sutton, Email Interview with Kris Millegan, 1999

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