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Indonesia OFFICIALLY unimpressed by Cabal Times’ coverage of MH370

angrycat-says-nopeWhen we started this website, our goal was to provide rare and valuable information to a small but discerning community of truth seekers, so as to aid their personal quests. We always avoided the fear-mongering, sensationalism and apocalyptic visions found on typical conspiracy websites. We fully understand that our analyses is not for everybody. Western media, which is completely compromised by The Powers That Be, always avoids us. At times, they even create investigative “spin” documentaries which draw their outlines from our articles. But they never, ever credit us. To give one example, we were the first to outline the theory that Osama Bin Laden had been killed in December 2001 by a Pakistani. Two years later, we see the official narrative being respun closer and closer to our thesis. With that being said about Western media, Malaysian media is a different case. The Powers That Be have failed to completely control it. And when Malaysian Media quotes Cabal Times, the sky falls.


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Conspiracy Theory Review-Analysis; Did Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 disappear by shadowing Singapore Airlines Flight 68?

singapore-tailNine days after Flight MH370 vanished into thin air, IT professional and aviation enthusiast Keith Ledgerwood came up with an interesting observation. As we are aware, MH370 vanished after turning off its transponder, and this disappearance was covered in detail at Cabal Times. What if MH370 started shadowing the flight path of another Boeing 777 which still had its transponder turned on to escape radar scrutiny? After meticulously digging up all other flights in the vicinity, he arrived at the conclusion that MH370 was shadowing Singapore Airlines Flight 68 (SIA68) from Singapore to Barcelona. The following is a review of this gamechanging theory. Continued…

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How Dalhousie University Protects Criminals and Criminalizes Whistleblowers

Dalhousie University recently made national headlines for a scandal involving it’s male Dentistry students espousing sexual assault in a private Facebook Group. The following article carefully analyses existing media coverage and offers a rational suggestion that Dalhousie may no longer be safe for anyone who does not fit into the flakey, spineless, ethically challenged culture of the Maritimes region. There is something more nastier than a cover-up going on here. Is Dalhousie staking its entire reputation to protect a few privileged students among the accused?


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University Town of Halifax linked to supposed Chemical Weapons Plot in Ottawa

DAL_GOES_CHEMICAL_ON_OTTAWAOn the night of January 20th 2015, Ottawa Police arrested a man who had driven from Halifax to Ottawa in a cube van. It was suspected that he was carrying a large stash of improvised chemical weapons in it. The hotel he had checked in at Ottawa was evacuated. And very large quantities of hazardous chemicals were found at his properties in the outskirts of Halifax. Twenty five homes in the vicinity were evacuated. Despite this happening in a nation best known for collective paranoia and cowering, the mainstream media coverage was fairly muted, and the tentative motive was assigned to “mental health issues.” Apparently, it got leaked early on,  that the person in question was an American, an ex-military expert on chemical weapons, living in the quiet University town of Halifax. And the arrest was the result of a tip. Assuming the initial tip had never been made, would things have been different? Would there be horrific loss of life in Ottawa? Were ISIL/Taliban patsies lined up for the ensuing drama and grandstanding? Would draconian “anti-terror” bills be rushed through parliament? Would the resident Canadian Prime-Minister “harp” Canadians into fighting wars oceans away? This post is an analysis of media coverage to date.


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Are there References to the Bavarian Illuminati in Islamic Canonical Literature?


The Illuminati as we know it today is a Western phenomenon. It is also a fairly recent one, with its official founding taking place in the year 1776 in Bavaria, Germany. Islamic Canonical Literature, namely the Quran and the Hadith, date back to 7th century Arabia. The possibility that they predict and describe a phenomenon that started being noticed approximately 1400 years later defy rationalism, unless you are a believer. Continued…

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Pakistan develops Drone for its War on……Pakistan!

Call_of_Duty_Black_Ops_II_box_artworkThe Pakistani military-political leadership has developed its own missile-firing drone, which is being deployed against its own citizens! This dirty work was originally entrusted to American drones and American drone operators, operating under the guise of the so-called “War on Terror”. But now The Powers That Be have such faith in the Pakistani leadership’s ability to wage war against its own citizens that this task is being entrusted with them. There is even more to the story. A first person shooter released in late 2012 clearly predicted the emergence of lethal Pakistani drones.


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Germanwings Flight 9525…Emerging Anomalies

Germanwings Flight 9525

The alleged crash of Germanwings Flight 9525 took place yesterday in a remote part of the French Alps, minutes away from two major military bases. This post attempts to gather information that makes this alleged crash consistent with the alleged crash of Swissair 111 in particular, as well as the alleged crash of Air Asia Flight 8501, and the redirection of Malaysian Airlines 370 to the US base at Diego Garcia. Continued…

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How Saudi Arabia has become the Lifeline of the American Dream

American Gas GuzzlerIn one of the better articles on this website, I had investigated in detail, how the Federal Reserve took the American dollar off the gold standard and became a paper mill, diverting value towards private Wall Street bankers in the form of usury, while robbing the American middle class of the value of their earnings through inflation. Yet, I failed to completely explain what kept the American dollar going. My impression was that the American dollar was retroactively deriving from the residual value it once had when it has linked to the gold standard. And that this residual value was decreasing in direct proportion to the amount of notes the Federal Reserve was printing. I was partly right. But thanks to the analysis of Canadian Energy Investment Strategist Marin Katusa, we now have a surprising new revelation.


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Were Halifax Police preparing for the Halifax Mall shooting plot more than a year in advance?

A strange incident took place in Halifax on February 13th 2015. A plot to shoot  up people in a Halifax Mall was allegedly uncovered by Police. Two suspects were arrested while another was found dead in his home in unclear circumstances. To top the list of anomalies, Halifax Police were caught on camera on 3rd December 2013 at the very same Halifax Mall! In the photo, they are shown with their weapons drawn, surrounding what appears to be a man lying on the floor. To date, there has been no explanation from Halifax Police (or even the media) about what this incident/drill was all about. Given the importance such preliminary “drills” have played in other staged shootouts, an explanation for the 3rd December 2013 incident becomes all the more relevant.


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How Halifax Police “Serve and Protect” Criminal Cabals at Dalhousie University

In case you are wondering why I haven’t approached Police over what happened at Dalhousie University. Continued…

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