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The Secret History of Hyderabad State of the Nizam (South India; 1724 – 1948)

hyderabad-state-mapOnce upon a time, kingdom as big as modern Germany straddled the Deccan plateau South India. This investigative essay attempts to chronicle it’s secret, untold history, from its auspicious beginnings to its abrupt and mysterious end in 1948. We examine the kingdom’s founder, the Nizam, an extraordinary man who emerged as the guardian of the Mughals, battling Illuminati conspiracies all his life, and saving the Mughal rulers of the Indian Subcontinent from imminent destruction three times. We look at the existential struggles succeeding Nizams faced, their fateful alliance with the British which resulted in the financial entrapment of Hyderabad State. We take a close look at the man who liberated Hyderabad State from this entrapment, Prime Minister Salar Jung, and we examine the role he played in preventing Hyderabad State from perishing in the events of 1857.

We arrive at the startling conclusion that after the Illuminati assassinated Salar Jung in 1883, Hyderabad State faced a secret hostile takeover by British Intelligence. And that this region was transformed into a scene of a giant conspiracy, mainly involving British Intelligence. They had planned to stay behind long after granting India its independence, secretly embedding themselves in the Hyderabad State as well as in other princely states. And covertly, they had already gone to war with Gandhi’s India. But the last Nizam of Hyderabad surprised them with a secret counter-conspiracy. He invited troops of the newly created nation of India, resulting in the permanent eviction of British Intelligence from the Deccan. Reading between the lines of what unfolded in 1948, we get the picture of the last Nizam, a frail old man, suddenly turning the tables on the Illuminati’s future plans for the Indian Subcontinent. While the rest of the world would know him as the richest man ever, we learn (for the first time ever) that he was also a secret freedom fighter of the Subcontinent. In the end, his cathartic actions also precipitated the end of the Hyderabad State. But for reasons that can only be best understood by him, he knowingly accepted this destiny.


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Reading Into Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Ever since the first-person shooter Call of Duty started embedding clues about the plans and activities of the Powers That Be in its plot story-lines, I started paying attention to their newest releases, particularly those of the Black Ops franchise. Ardent readers will note that one Black Ops II chapter was called “Fallen Angel.” And it revealed to us that Pakistan would be infested with drones. Two years later, Pakistan would showcase a drone which was meant to be used against the staid citizenry of the North-West Frontier province. Coincidence? Maybe. This drone was named after an angel in Islamic tradition. Coincidence? Unlikely.


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The Strange Case of the Jihadi with a Satanic Tattoo

On 15th December 2012, a team of nine “terrorists” attacked Peshawar International Airport. Armed to the teeth, the attackers hit the airport with rockets, killing four civilians and injuring many more. There would have been huge casualties if they had managed to enter the Airport, and maybe even damage to civilian aircraft. But thanks to the alertness of security personnel, they failed to do so. Five of the attackers were killed in the ensuing gun battle. But two of them appeared to be Caucasian, and one of these two had a Satanic tattoo and a gold tooth, both of which are prohibited in Islam. And both of which are alien to the culture of that region.


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List of Indian Freedom Fighters held at the the notorious Cellular Jail at Andaman Island

Long before Guantanamo Bay was developed as a no-escape prison, the British began setting up an island prison on the Andaman island. They had just conquered the Indian subcontinent, and a Guantanamo Bay style detention facility for Indian freedom fighters started being constructed in 1896. After facing immense difficulty finding a list of prisoners online, this list has been posted to aid researchers.


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Video Review Analysis; Indian MP claims the British Owe “Reparations”

dhm1197In a speech given at the Oxford Union on 14th July 2015, Indian MP (Congress) Shashi Tharoor makes a compelling case that the British owe “reparations” to India for the organized derailment of the Indian economy, that took place during the British Empire’s reign over India. In less than fifteen minutes, Mr. Tharoor presents a factual, data driven analysis of the havoc wreaked by the British on India. He argues that there was little that was benevolent or constructive about the British Empire in India.  Continued…

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Conspiracy Theory Review-Analysis; Did JFK fake his Death and take the *REAL* American Presidency Underground?

jfk-limoAt some point, it becomes mandatory for any relevant conspiracy website to talk about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy (JFK). I avoided doing so in the interest of producing original content. Many theories interested me, but I felt I had nothing to add. I erroneously believed that his assassination may have been linked to reigning in the Federal Reserve, or attempting to dismantle the CIA (thanks Oliver Stone). I failed to see that these conspiracy theories were fairly mainstream, because I erroneously assumed that mainstream media does not do conspiracy theory. Well, its seems that they do! In a paper that first appeared on the Internet in 2008, artist and critic Miles Mathis proposes a gamechanging theory that JFK was a diabolical Elitist, and not being content with the love and trust the American people endeared him with, faked his death and took the *REAL* American Presidency underground, ruling until his real, natural death. He continues to be succeeded by other members of the Kennedy clan to this day. They too, in a similar fashion, end their public lives by fake deaths (these deaths are publicly referred to as the Kennedy curse), and resume control of the *REAL* American Presidency, which now operates like a Kennedy monarchy. While this theory may seem too outrageous for serious consideration, the arguments presented by Miles Mathis are equally compelling.


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Maududi on the Partition of British India; April 1947

5502c07cea026_imageThe partition of the Indian Subcontinent in 1947 was  a conspiracy which resulted in the largest mass migration in human history, with up to 14.5 million people crossing borders. More than 1.5 million people ended up being killed in the accompanying communal violence, and the structure of the Indo-Islamic Civilization that characterized the Indian subcontinent was changed for the worse. The following article highlights the opposition to the partition by Sayyid Maududi, a Muslim religious leader. His voice of sanity would end up being drowned in the craziness that followed. While the Partition cannot be undone, these writings still remain one of the most prescient views on how the Partition would be counterproductive for all parties involved. In my book, The World War Deception, I independently arrived at the conclusion that the Partition was a management strategy for the New World Order, which was not very different from other “partitions” that took place around the same time (East and West Germany, North and South Korea, North and South Vietnam, North and South Yemen). Maududi on the other hand, had no access to modern day conspiracy literature. Yet, his intuition was strong enough to identify the conspiratorial forces on the Muslim side.


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How the Mughals viewed the British

prevost1750sEstablishment historians portray the British Empire in India as a testament to British industry, British values, British discipline and general British superiority over the native people. They also credit the British with the creation of modern India, implying that the civilization and economy of pre-British India was superseded by the “natural” rules of evolution and survival. The following is a view from the other side. From 17th Century Mughal India, where the British East India Company had just set shop, and had instantly gained notoriety for rapaciousness. English translations of authentic Mughal-era Persian documents give an interesting view of Mughal tensions with the British at Bombay. They shed light on the Mughals mistaking British economic terrorism for “trade.” A grave mistake which lead to the colonization of India.


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Indonesia OFFICIALLY unimpressed by Cabal Times’ coverage of MH370

angrycat-says-nopeWhen we started this website, our goal was to provide rare and valuable information to a small but discerning community of truth seekers, so as to aid their personal quests. We always avoided the fear-mongering, sensationalism and apocalyptic visions found on typical conspiracy websites. We fully understand that our analyses is not for everybody. Western media, which is completely compromised by The Powers That Be, always avoids us. At times, they even create investigative “spin” documentaries which draw their outlines from our articles. But they never, ever credit us. To give one example, we were the first to outline the theory that Osama Bin Laden had been killed in December 2001 by a Pakistani. Two years later, we see the official narrative being respun closer and closer to our thesis. With that being said about Western media, Malaysian media is a different case. The Powers That Be have failed to completely control it. And when Malaysian Media quotes Cabal Times, the sky falls.


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Conspiracy Theory Review-Analysis; Did Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 disappear by shadowing Singapore Airlines Flight 68?

singapore-tailNine days after Flight MH370 vanished into thin air, IT professional and aviation enthusiast Keith Ledgerwood came up with an interesting observation. As we are aware, MH370 vanished after turning off its transponder, and this disappearance was covered in detail at Cabal Times. What if MH370 started shadowing the flight path of another Boeing 777 which still had its transponder turned on to escape radar scrutiny? After meticulously digging up all other flights in the vicinity, he arrived at the conclusion that MH370 was shadowing Singapore Airlines Flight 68 (SIA68) from Singapore to Barcelona. The following is a review of this gamechanging theory. Continued…

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