A Roadmap of the Dangers of Western University for Independent Minded Students

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In my personal narrative, I outlined how some research into the role of the Soviet Union in the World Wars morphed into a full persecution campaign against me at Dalhousie University. While I may never recover from what happened, I did manage to gain a bird’s eye view of how Criminal Interests operate in a University Atmosphere. I have compiled these original insights into formal guide which will help students entering Western Universities fully understand the dangers they may have to deal with at University. Let me make it clear that as an independent minded student in Western University, you could face personal safety issues. The murder of star student Susan Jovin and the persecution of Aafia Siddiqui (a PhD) are both closely connected to their stepping on the toes of powerful Criminal Interests based in the top American Universities where they were studying.

As in independent minded student, you should be fully aware that while Western University can be fairly rewarding, it is still a very dark and dangerous place. And sadly due to societal failure, there is not much you can do to change things. The key to your success lies in not buying into the image of an intellectual paradise, and instead treading as cautiously and as inconspicuously as a rabbit in wolf territory. What brings you to University are only career considerations. And you certainly do not want the Criminal Elite at University privy to your personal beliefs and political tastes, regardless of how fair they pretend to be.

The more accepting you are of the fact that you are dealing with a criminal presence, and the more good you are at identifying it, the better are your chances at survival as an independent-minded student.

While you may be still “finding yourself,” you must accept the fact that you are different from the surrogates that constitute a large portion of the Western subject population, and their perceived notions of freedom are not applicable to you. They are unlikely to get into any trouble (other than sex, alcohol and plagiarism) because they have structured their lives around serving the Cabal. And they are unlikely to be of any help should you face difficulty from the Criminal Elite. But you on the other hand are fair game to the Criminal Elite.

While you must do the best you can to be as cautious and as inconspicuous as possible, you may still be hunted because the Criminal Elite has grown too strong in this part of the world. In such a case, be well prepared to deploy all necessary countermeasures outlined in my book and to openly confront the Criminal Elite.

In retrospect, there were two big mistakes that I made when I entered Dalhousie University in 2001. Make sure you never repeat them.

Mistake #1; Seeking Intellectual Bliss in University

The first mistake I made was seeking intellectual bliss in the University Environment. I had assumed that since I had paid in full for education at what pretended to be a world class institution, this is what I would get. This is not the reality in Western institutions. In my entire academic career at University, I only encountered a handful of Professors whom I could classify as genuine intellectuals and truth-seekers. The rest were either gold-diggers trying to pass of as intellectuals, or bloodlined Cabal operatives, who moonlighted as teachers. Living in a state of intellectual bliss put me off-guard, and further emboldened the malevolence of the thugs at Dalhousie, who were clearly on the level of junkyard dogs.  My advice for new students would be to be as alert as if you were walking on a mean street, and leave intellectual pursuits for private moments at your home. Better yet, hire a lawyer in advance, and be prepared to send legal notices if you experience threats or grade tampering. Using the University’s mediation services in this matter can only bring more problems. There is little enlightenment in education in a Western University. While you may want to study Philosophy and History academically, do you really want to learn this stuff from people whom you would never buy a used car from?. Of course, there are a few good people as well. But these are usually a minority, and they are always powerless. I would also advise new students to completely avoid the Arts and Social Sciences and stick to strictly technical disciplines. The problem with strictly technical disciplines is that they attract technocrats and robot types. But again, this is what makes these disciplines safe. On the other hand, the Arts and Social Sciences require expansive thinking and interpretation. Which means that these areas are more extensively patrolled by the Criminal Elite. I am not suggesting you sacrifice your interest in these areas. Rather, never let your interest in these areas intersect with your University life. It’s simply not safe, and unless you have a death wish, you should never seek or expect any real knowledge or enlightenment from these institutions.

Mistake # 2; Mistaking the people around me for “free” people

The second mistake I made was in mistaking my Canadian counterparts for genuine free people. When you assume that most people around you are “free,” you expect them to think and act in a certain way. But that was not the case. At first, I felt I was being hit by bad apples, then I reasoned that I was dealing with an “East Coast” mindset. Soon I realised that this was a typification of their approach to life, a Pavlovian response to make opportunity out of each and every situation. Slowly the picture emerged that I was not dealing with free people. And that I was more like an outsider, as far as my thoughts and opinions were concerned (and will always be). In my case more than a hundred people knew exactly what was going on. And for them to not only remain silent about illegal activity but to try to seek benefit and opportunity out of my situation speaks of societal failure. This raised a perplexing dilemma. If my fellow Canadians were not the “free” people they were labelled to be, then what are they? If free people do exist here, it seems I entirely missed them.

Looking back, I believe that what made me vulnerable was ignoring the presence of evil around me (while hoping for the best), and underestimating the full extent of societal failure in Canada. The freedom I was offered as a Canadian turned out to be completely bogus. Had I known what I now know, I would have managed to escape detection by the Criminal Elite. And therefore I believe others can benefit from what I know.

Although I am no sociologist, I have managed to come up with some answers over several years of observation. And I believe this may be of help to those caught in similar situations. And of course, these observations apply to many Western countries.

The  following is the original back cover excerpt of my book, A Guide to Surviving Criminal Cabal Activity in Western University – A roadmap of the Dangers of Western University for Independent-Minded students.

Guide_To_Cabal_Cover_ThumbnailYou probably never expected to see the day when you would come across a guide to the dangers of Secret Societies and Intelligence Agencies in Western University. Sadly, that day is here. You can choose to ignore them, but will they ignore you?

 Western University has become increasingly dangerous for independent-minded students. Instead of being home to intellectuals, ideologues and scientists, Western University has now become dominated by Secret Societies and Criminal Cabals. With access to unlimited resources, backdoor connections to Intelligence Agencies and with a blank cheque being given to them by failed societies, Criminal Cabals are actively targeting independent-minded students, who are now fair game to them. Such students may find their educational experience railroaded, and even their future careers may be destroyed. They may experience harassment, stalking, electronic eavesdropping, grade tampering, sexual entrapment and even the possibility of being framed for terrorism. Foreign students are of course. more vulnerable, and this persecution may continue long after they left University. This guide serves as a roadmap to this new and completely undocumented danger, incorporating the first-hand experience of a survivor of Criminal Cabal Activity at one of Canada’s leading University. Since this is a problem stemming from societal failure, there is not much you can do about it. But using this guide, you can secure the education you paid for, while completely avoiding detection by Criminal Cabals at University.

 Dealing with Criminal Groups and Predators is never easy. But atleast you can step into University prepared.

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