Canada’s Department of Terrorism?

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The following details my personal encounter with a “terrorist” operative of Canadian Intelligence (Beverly Geisbrecht alias Dulcy Israel alias Bev Kennedy alias Bruce Kennedy alias Paul Morris-Read), my role in exposing her, her attempts to find me, and the subsequent persecution I continue to face from her cohorts at Canadian Intelligence and officials at Dalhousie University (where I studied). Later, I connected the same terrorist to the Al-Qaida magazine INSPIRE, as well as the October 2010 cargo plane bombing plot. This plot was intended to take down a passenger airliner belonging to a Gulf country. In other words, the Calgary-based Criminal Elite of Canada were using Beverly Giesbrecht to secretly conduct acts of war against unsuspecting countries. Bev and her operations were most likely funded using Canadian public money. The bomb used in the attempted assassination of Saudi defence minister (and counter-terrorism chief) Prince Nayef, as well as the bomb used in the cargo plane plot may have been assembled in a government/military laboratory.

Some readers may be shocked by the implication that Canada is involved in terrorism. But for those in the know, this is nothing new. There have been several suspicious cases in Canada, which indicate that Canada’s Criminal Elite are actively using public resources for a wide variety of nefarious activities. One such case is the suspicious crash of  Swissair Flight 111 in Canadian territorial waters. The Canadian lead investigator was forced (by Canadian authorities) to revise his conclusion that a bomb was on board the aircraft. Another suspicious case is that of Canadian-Syrian Maher Arar. The Canadian government moved heaven and earth to free him from a Syrian prison, even though they don’t usually care about Muslim citizens. On 19th January 2009, FBI interrogator Robert Fuller testified at a hearing before Canadian Jihadi Omar Khadr’s Guantanamo military commission that Khadr claimed he saw Arar at a Kabul guest house run by Al Qaida. If this was indeed true, then both the Canadian and American governments protected Arar from the implications. Later, there were attempts to supplant Arar and his wife among the Canadian left.

Sadly, not much can be done about the state of societal failure in Canada. The Criminal Elite of Canada are not used to being shown the mirror. For example, horrendous abuse has been recently uncovered in residential schools for Canadian aborigines. These schools were designed to not only limit the development of aborigines but to also subject them to forced sterilization, use them for medical experiments and to deliberately expose them to disease. Despite the fact that thousands of deaths took place in such “schools,” it took several decades for the Canadian government to stop being smug about what happened. And it is unlikely that criminal prosecutions will ever take place. Therefore we can safely assume that despite the involvement of Canadian government operatives in terrorist conspiracy, it is up to the remainder of the world to take all necessary precautions. It is unlikely that the Canadian people can do anything about it. This pretty much confirms what the Lyndon Larouche camp have been screaming about since the last few decades. That Canada is host to a malevolent Criminal Elite, who have now gone wild.

The following is the back-cover excerpt:

In October 2010, Al Qaida attempted to bomb two cargo planes flying out of the Middle East. They took credit for this failed attempt through an English magazine named INSPIRE. Was INSPIRE really the work of Al Qaida, or was it’s editor a Canadian named Beverly Giesbrecht? She had earlier hosted a reactionary Al Qaida website ( out of Vancouver, Canada. In 2008, she was kidnapped in Afghanistan while trying to infiltrate the Taliban. Shortly after she was released in June 2009, she died/disappeared in strange circumstances. Or was this an exit strategy? And was INSPIRE her new “assignment?” Using his familiarity with Bev’s first foray into the world of Jihad (, the author connects Bev to INSPIRE magazine, and by extension, to the cargo plane bombing plot. What emerges is a sinister picture of Western Intelligence Agencies floating their own secret Jihad groups for a variety of criminal undertakings.

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