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Cryptic Reddit Post Predicted an Apocalyptic Indo-Pak war Four Years ago

On 1st May 2014, a post appeared on the subreddit r/india detailing an apocalyptic nuclear war that would be fought between India and Pakistan, beginning on 12th January 2019 and concluding on 26th March 2019. It was then dismissed as the product of a macabre imagination. But the current escalation of conflict since mid-February 2019 has many rereading the same post seriously.


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On the IL&FS Crisis (India)

In 2018, Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Limited (IL&FS), a private Indian company, began defaulting to lenders. This company is known for having completed some of the biggest public infrastructure projects of India. The Government of India responded by having two major Government owned shareholders of the company, the State Bank of India and the Life Insurance Corporation of India, inject Rs. 7500 crore (US$ 1056.34 million) claiming that this would ensure “Government control” of the debt ridden company, which had debts amounting to Rs. 120,000 Crore (US$ 16901.41 million). The Government’s actions were greeted with suspicion, as IL&FS was earlier awarded the project of GIFT (Gujarat International Tech-City), and IL&FS managed to obtain a 50% stake in the project for a paltry sum and even managed to transfer the land to its name.

The other major investors of IL&FS are the Government of UAE (12%) and a “Japanese” Financial Group called ORIX. But who really runs the show at IL&FS can be ascertained from a single glance at its Mumbai headquarters, which proudly displays a well-known esoteric symbol used by The Powers That Be.

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Gandhi on Gun Control

Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the Act of depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest.

M. K. Gandhi, An Autobiography: Or The Story of My Experiments With Truth (The Floating Press: 2009)717-718.

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Who’s the Inspiration?

Yesterday, a subreddit dedicated to urban exploration posted a recent photograph of an abandoned synagogue. A video of the same shows a plaque which dates the place to the 1920s. It is in Liverpool, UK.

The following happens to be the layout of the British Parliament (The House of Commons).

To quote a commenter,

[……….] All you need is some fancy green/red leather padding on the seats and an ostentatious mace and Her Majesty’s Government has a backup headquarters!

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Al-Ghazali on finding Truths

It is customary with weaker intellects thus to take the men as criterion of the truth and not the truth as criterion of the men. The intelligent man follows `Ali (may God be pleased with him) when he said, `Do not know the truth by the men, but know the truth, and then you will know who are truthful’. The intelligent man knows the truth; then he examines the particular assertion. If it is true, he accepts it, whether the speaker is a truthful person or not. Indeed he is often anxious to separate out the truth from the discourses of those who are in error, for he knows that gold is found mixed in gravel with dross. The money-changer suffers no harm if he puts his hand into the counterfeiter’s purse; relying on his skill he picks the true gold from among the spurious and counterfeit coins. It is only the simple villager, not the experienced money-changer, who is made to abstain from dealings with the counterfeiter. It is not the strong swimmer who is kept back from the shore, but the clumsy tiro; not the accomplished snakecharmer who is barred from touching the snake, but the ignorant boy.

Al Ghazali, ~11th Century AD, as quoted in The Faith and Practice of Al-Ghazali, by W. Montgomery Watt

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On Patriotism…..

No one is responsible for the country in which he/she is born. I cannot see a mandated love for ones country due to the accident of birth alone. One should learn the real history of his nation of birth so as to live in a sane manner in it or even decide to leave it if a more suitable can be found. What is missing concerning patriotism, as most of us understand it, is that everyone’s first loyalty should be to the God who creates us all. If we happen to be born into a godless nation, or one that turns godless, why should we give it loyalty?

A comment left by Tony B on Henry Makow's website, 8th September 2018

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What Canada can do to Improve Human Rights (But won’t do)

In my previous post, I explained how Canada’s newest superstar, imprisoned Saudi “intellectual” Raif Badawi may not be a legit. You may think that critical pieces such as that one would be discussed extensively, given the fact that most Canadians are literate. Usually, the alternative news crowd of a country hangs out on sites like Reddit. But go over to r/canada and you will notice that they have built themselves another echo chamber where all forms of contrarianism are permanently frozen. Some Canadian writers like Arthur R. M. Lower would go on and proclaim that “Canadians are dumb driven cattle, obediently following their leaders while casting a wistful glance at what they might have been.” But for Canadians who are tired of being driven around, here is a to-do list for human rights issues that require far more serious consideration from Canada.


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Is Raif Badawi for real or just another “Project”?

On 2nd August 2018, Canada’s Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland made a tweet expressing concern about the arrest of Samar Badawi in Saudi Arabia. Samar is the sister of Raif Badawi, a supposed “human rights activist” in Saudi Arabia. On 3rd August 2018, the Foreign Policy Canada Twitter account followed up with a tweet expressing concern about the arrest of supposed “human rights activists” in Saudi Arabia. What followed was an unexpected deterioration of foreign relations, as Saudi Arabia took these tweets as confirmation that Canada was meddling in their internal affairs. In this post, we question Raif Badawi’s intellectual credentials. Is some of his work ghost-written by “committees” in Beirut and elsewhere?


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A Radical New Theory on Illuminati Intrigue in the Punjab

In this post, I intend to prove that since medieval times, the Illuminati has had a connection to the Indian heartland known as the Punjab. And that they invented entirely new belief systems with sole purpose of gathering people to wage violent wars of annihilation against the Mughals. I will further prove that these secret bloodlines are still active, and continue to haunt the destinies of modern-day India, Pakistan and even Bangladesh. In the course of doing so, we discover a strange link between Mughal traitor Hakim Ahsanullah Khan, the Nawabs of Dhaka and the Muslim League. We discover another branch of secret bloodlines known as the Ispahanis, who are now the hidden kingmakers of Pakistan and Bangladesh. And discover how mysterious Urdu-speaking pseudo-intellectuals from the Punjab hijacked Urdu literary tradition, and the destiny of Pakistan.


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Dr. Gabrielle Horne on the Toxic Research Environment of Halifax

Dr. Gabrielle Horne, Dalhousie’s first female MD/PhD in adult cardiology, sought to find a new explanation for heart failure by analyzing the role of the septum, which sometimes compensates for a weak heart pump. Instead, she found herself embroiled in a legal battle with her hospital (affiliated to Dalhousie Medical School), after they tried to force their “researcher(s)” into her project. While Dr. Horne remains silent about their motives, it can be deduced that the Powers That Be were seeking to appropriate her research, so that select corporations could get to access to patents in the event of a new discovery being made. Having failed at that, they launched a campaign of fear and intimidation against her, questioning her mental health and assassinating her character. This was designed to prevent her from ever continuing her research. Maybe so that other corporate interests in other parts of the world could pick up with it. This post presents a transcript of her own description of what had happened, which she shared during a TEDx event on 11th March 2018.


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