Died Suddenly – The Full Documentary

I normally do not link up to other people’s content, but please put aside one hour of your time and just press play….

It was released three days ago. The official link is here. Backups can be found here. Forbes and BBC are already black-washing it! But they are careful not to give out the link.

A more balanced position is that of LifeSiteNews, which is also my position:

LifeSiteNews is not taking an editorial stance that endorses all the claims from the film, but much of what was presented about dangerous COVID-jab reactions is consistent with information that LifeSiteNews has been reporting since the jabs were rolled out.

Ultimately, the reader can view the film in order to assess the information presented by the film makers.

Update: A more critical review is that of TheCovidBlog.com, which took issue with the film protecting Trump, and promoting Steve Kirsch. But again, most of the content was well rated.


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