How the Israel-Palestine Conflict of 2023 plays into the Ukraine Endgame

The Phoenicians have long planned a major war between Islamic and Western nations. The Prophecy in question has been covered in an earlier book. In a March 2022 article, I outlined how the Russia-Ukraine war was playing into exactly this equation (Russia is supposed to be entering the Middle East via the Black Sea). In the same article, I came to the conclusion that the rather hardscrabble timing of the Russia-Ukraine war was to divert attention from a major anti-vaccine and anti-lockdown rally that was all set to take place in Washington DC (following the success of a Canadian one in Ottawa). In other words, while the war was on the drawing boards for quite some time, the timing was used for a different Phoenician project. Phoenicians are known to bundle up disparate projects together. It makes business sense.

In the same article, I spared no punches suggesting that Zelensky would lead Ukraine to defeat. And I am confident that billions given by Western nations have been diverted elsewhere (maybe even before they reached Ukraine), and of course, Zelensky and Co. are a part of all this. But I still maintain the position that in that war, Russia was the primary aggressor. And that despite their compromised leadership, the Ukrainians were putting up a spirited fight.

Well it seems that Ukrainians now have the upper hand in several departments, and there is little Zelensky and Co can do to change that, thanks to a lack of centralized command. Remember the Phoenicians are human, and they base their plans on past historical realities. Ukraine had never successfully fought Russia before. They were literally bulldozed by Russia following both the World Wars. And the Phoenicians expected that as usual, Russian heavy armor would steamroll them. They never expected that:

  • Ukraine would gain an upper hand in artillery strikes.
  • Ukrainian drones would be picking out Russian soldiers and vehicles from the sky like Robins scouting a freshly mowed patch of grass for worms. Their drone skills are in such immense demand that Sudan is paying Ukrainian mercenaries big bucks to fight Russians on their soil! Note that Sudan didn’t bother knocking on the doors of the Pentagon or NATO, if that tells you something.
  • Ukraine would turn the tables on Russia’s Black Sea Fleet.
  • Ukrainian drones would be shutting down four major airports in Moscow.

In response to these developments, the Phoenicians did their best to pull the plug on military support to Ukraine. But with the train having already left the station, there was little they could do.

In September 2023, we suddenly find Elon Musk openly refusing to allow Ukraine to use his Starlink satellites for attacks on Russia’s Black Sea Fleet. In the same month, he was criticizing US support for Ukraine. Mind you, this man is the poster child for the US military-industrial complex.

In the same month, a sophisticated psy-op was was conducted in the Canadian parliament. A Canadian-Ukrainian who once served in a Nazi unit was honored in the Canadian parliament. And then the Canadian parliament backtracked after it was “discovered” that the person in question once served in a Nazi unit. The point of all this? Associate Ukraine with Nazis (which the Russians have been doing since the beginning).

With the onset of the Hamas attacks, news was spread that Hamas was actually using Ukrainian weapons (although it was later revealed that Russia was behind the disinformation campaign). But many did fall for it in the West.

USA being a “civilized nation” cannot just throw Ukraine under the bus. But the the timing of the Israel-Palestine war is a godsend for diverting military aid (as well as public attention) away from Ukraine.


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  1. RonNo Gravatar says:

    It appears that many ears are stopped up and many minds are being manipulated. Help us “doubting thomas’s” stay informed sir. Thank you for your work.

  2. SusanNo Gravatar says:

    Moving Russian citizens, living in Israel, who are Jewish, to Ukraine? All 2 million of them?

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