The Russia-Ukraine “War;” How it Started versus How it’s Going

Last Updated on March 29, 2022 by Hamad Subani

In February 2022, some Canadian truckers (of all people) demonstrated that they could fight back against unjustified Covid-19 mandates, and achieved a somewhat partial victory. Pretty soon, identical movements sprouted all over USA, but were immediately buried in media reporting. Conspiracy Theorists were not at all surprised that we suddenly had a distracting “war” in Ukraine to support at exactly the same time (24th February 2022). Since the US response to Covid is watched and imitated by most of the world, The Powers That Be would not hesitate to greenlight a war just to distract from growing American resistance to the mandates. This analysis demonstrates that while the timing was indeed whimsical and suspicious, the war itself had been in the works for decades, and will ominously unfold into an even bigger conflict, as planned. As we shall explore, the “war” actually fits into several concurrent agendas of the Phoenicians. However, as with all human-made plans, things aren’t exactly going as the Phoenicians had hoped.

The Parties


I like to refer to both Russia and China as “Enabled Opposers.” That is because these nations would probably not exist as Global players were it not for the historical support, both overt and covert, that the remainder of Western nations have bestowed upon them. Currently both are technically broke, but continue to receive resuscitation from other powers.

In my book, The World War Deception, I demonstrated how both the World Wars were engineered for the creation and expansion of the Soviet Union, which would go on to play the role of a fake opposition to the Western world. Older readers may recall that the USSR came to an end in 1991. Nuclear weapons are not of much use when a corrupt parasite-class of Phoenician overlords bankrupt themselves, creating food security issues for their plebs, while living it big in secret dachas. However that was not the end of the whole sordid story. If NATO really wanted to dutifully “abolish” Russian power, all they had to do was to press for a Nuremberg style reconciliation for all crimes committed against people in the former Soviet Union, which exceeded the horrors of the Nazis. But they don’t want you looking too deeply into that. And many of their Phoenician pals involved are still at the helm of former Soviet countries.

They thus extended life support for the old Phoenician ruling elite of Russia by creating a new system by which they could openly and directly transfer capital from Western countries, in the name of investment. At the same time, Russian raw materials could now be exported for profit without facing sanctions and restrictions.

A good barometer of how deeply a country is embedded with Phoenicians is their stance on vaccines and their response to Covid. Vaccines were indeed mandated in Russia, and Putin hobnobs with fellow Phoenicians at their WEF summits. In fact he took time off from planning the conflict in Ukraine for a special appearance at WEF Davos in late January 2022! (Now the WEF are publicly “cutting ties” with him because people are finding it suspicious).

The Monastery on Solovetsky Islands.

Lately, Russia has been officially throwing breadcrumbs at the American QAnon crowd and Trumpists are reciprocating. This is yet another brilliant ploy to label and bury American conspiracy theorists and antivaxxers as “pro-Russian.” If I were to rate a country on a scale of 1-20, with 20 being the degree of overt Phoenician control over society, Afghanistan would get a 1, India and Pakistan would get a 5, America, would get a 8*, European countries a 10, Britain and former British colonies such as Canada and Australia a 12**, Ukraine a 14, Russia a 17, China an 18 and the former Soviet Union a 20. So here you have a country that has been a Phoenician project all along, suddenly trying to cosplay as a liberator. And the simple-minded, semi-literate crowd seems to be lapping it up. Russia is cosplaying as a protector of Christianity whereas more churches were permanently destroyed on its lands than anywhere else on earth! Take the case of Solovetsky islands in the Arctic Circle. In the 15th Century, some monks set up a monastery in this cold, remote place, just so that they could practice their Christian beliefs in solitude. The pretend-Christian Romanovs conducted an eight-year long siege of these remote islands because they could not tolerate an independent Christian religious centre. Later, the Soviets abolished the monastery and as a pun, built a gulag on the islands. Many Ukrainian intellectuals ended up here. In the Soviet Union, any display of intellect or scientific curiosity was enough to frighten the Phoenicians, and as such many scientists and intellectuals, even those serving the Soviet State, ended up here.

*The scale of covert brainwashing and subtle propaganda in America is immense because of the economic resources involved, which is proportional to its economy. The prize (Getting to use American military and economic resources for Phoenician projects) is also the biggest!

**Britain and former British colonies (as well as some European nations) literally salivate for more war and mayhem, but have limited economic resources (because the Phoenicians have already chewed them inside out). And therefore they always look forward to riding on the coattails of American intervention. Their covert activities via Intelligence Agencies are disproportionately huge though. Officially, the UK has fought conflicts in 171 of the world’s 193 countries that are currently UN member states, or nine out of ten of all countries! Prior to the creation of the UK in 1707, they were officially involved in many more wars.

I Will Not Stop Until the New World Order Is Destroyed

Russian President Vladimir Putin throwing breadcrumbs at the QAnon crowd, 16th March 2022

There’s going to be a New World Order out there, and we’ve got to lead it.

American President Joe Biden helping Putin play his role, 24th March 2022

But why would the Phoenicians “enable” Russia? The reality is rather complex. The Phoenicians have an acute understanding of human societies. They know that some cultures/nations/people can give them more while demanding less. And these intricate equations change over time. For example, to get older generations of Americans involved in World War I, there had to be the sinking of a Lusitania. To make them nuke cities in World War II, there had to be a “Pearl Harbour.” On the other hand, many European nations, Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders didn’t even need that. They just shamelessly showed up as ordered. Current generation Americans destroyed two nations over a rather cheesy, Michael Bay style 9/11, complete with CGI planes later grafted onto videos of the towers coming down, towers which were probably empty. So standards have fallen. But on the other hand, many European nations, Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders didn’t even need that. They just shamelessly showed up for the war as ordered.

Phoenicians are sometimes candid about these equations in modern video games. As I have earlier uncovered, they let slip a lot of predictive programming in video games, because the medium being a “game” gives them plausible deniability (You also tend to be less critical when you are having fun). To quote a 2015 trailer of a well known franchise,

How far can we push technology? Before it starts pushing back.

Or to rephrase,

How far can we push the Goyim, before they start pushing us back?

The Phoenicians find the optimum level for each society/nation they control, by pushing them until they discover the limits. They then settle at those limits, but keep incrementally increasing them for every new generation. In the case of Russia, the Phoenicians realized long ago that they don’t even need to manufacture pretexts for sending them to wars. And so, they were chosen a long time ago for Phoenician projects that involve brutish violence and high casualties, such as the completely covered up genocide of the Circassian people. Russia is expected to prominently figure in the upcoming Phoenician quest to take back their ancient homelands in the Middle East, which will be sold as World War III. The Phoenicians will not hesitate to sacrifice each and every Russian for this upcoming project (if they possibly could).

In the meantime, NATO countries continue to covertly assist Russia.

  • While being a NATO member state, Germany formally paid billions of dollars to Russia under the guise of an oil and gas deal.  70% of German natural gas is of Russian origin. They say they won’t stop paying Russia.
  • On 3rd March 2022, the White House formally announced that they had no intention to ban Russian oil! Despite the fact that they could purchase from Saudi Arabia instead. They had to reverse that decision five days later because it was looking too farcical.
  • Many companies like the Rothschild backed Shell continue to purchase and sell Russian oil to other countries.
  • The Phoenician ruling elite of Russia launder their money in the West. They have already sailed away on their yachts and there is no desire to freeze their assets in the West.
  • There was big talk of banning Russia from the global financial system. At the end of the day, only seven Russian banks have been banned!


Historically, Ukraine has always been a Phoenician bastion (they were attracted to its coastline). Some of the most notorious of Canada’s Phoenician ruling elite happens to be of Ukrainian origin. But it seems the Ukrainian people developed a strong sense of identity, and did their best to resist overt Phoenician projects such as Sovietization (In retaliation, they got a famine). The Phoenicians remain so deeply embedded that they have assumed political and economic leadership of the country, and so they are more or less a zombie nation, just like Russia. When they separated from the Soviet Union, they had their fair share of nuclear weapons. The Phoenicians arranged to have these quietly passed over to Russia in exchange for worthless pledges of non-aggression. Equally mysterious is NATO’s lack of interest in accommodating Ukraine. While Ukraine did have some semblance of democracy ever since they parted ways with the Soviet Union, George Soros conducted a little “revolution” in 2014, the purpose of which was to get rid of the few genuine people who made it into parliament, and reinstall crypto-Russians once again. Immediately after the “revolution,” Russia began annexing parts of Ukraine more or less unopposed.  

Take the case of the current Jewish President. Zelensky is a professional actor, who even appeared in a gay dance which appears to be ridiculing the Cossacks who are opposed to Russification (Warning: Once seen cannot be unseen), and now he is appearing on green screens. If we go by another barometer, Ukraine’s stance on vaccines and their response to Covid19, Ukraine distinguishes itself as the first country to implement many key items of the WEF’s Great Reset, along with vaccines. In fact, there is truth to the allegation that Globalists were operating biolabs in Ukraine (The US Under-Secretary of State Victoria Nuland appeared before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, confirming the same on video!). This was done because they knew Ukraine would be a future war zone (helps destroy the evidence in bombings, also obfuscates the trail by creating a whodunit scenario). As for the childish Russian allegation that there are “neo-Nazis” in Ukraine, yes there are. But there are probably more in Russian cities.

So despite brave efforts made by some Ukrainian commoners in resisting the Russians, it is clear that their political leadership is working hard to undermine them. I wouldn’t be surprised if Zelensky does Zoom calls with the Russians on a daily basis. There are many indications that the Ukrainians are facing internal sabotage.

  • Sophisticated NATO arms are falling into Russian hands (1,2).
  • Volunteers from other countries showing up in Ukraine to fight Russia are claiming that Ukrainian authorities are sending them to their deaths, in some cases, only allowing them to use limited quantities of ammunition! In some cases, they tore up the passports of the volunteers and tried to prevent them from leaving Ukraine.
  • Sporadic reports of Ukraine shooting/bombing their own civilians.
  • Mandatory conscription of almost all able Ukrainian males will help get them killed in staged conflicts on the frontlines. Similar tactics were used by Hitler to ensure almost no young male youth remained in postwar Germany. Whereas if the non-military males were left on their own, they could at least protect their families living under Russian occupation.
  • Zelensky signed a decree combining all TV channels into one platform which he could better control. Maybe they don’t want too much footage of burning Russian equipment.

How the Russia-Ukraine War was planned, versus how it’s going

Russia has already wrestled control of Crimea from Ukraine, and therefore already has unrestricted access to the Black Sea. But the Phoenicians intend to place them in Mediterranean, so that they can be used for securing ancient Phoenician homelands in the Middle East. This will require complete control of the Black Sea (and therefore the war with Ukraine), and later on, war (or alliance?) with Turkey. This was in fact a major theme of World War I. 

World War I

Going to an earlier analysis, you may agree that the Ottoman Sultans were compromised long before World War I. Even before the Allies entered into conflict with the Ottomans in 1917, it was arranged to transfer the Straits of Dardanelles and even Istanbul to the Russians in a secret agreement, which has been covered extensively in my book, The World War Deception.  I will be extensively quoting from it. (References can be found in the original book). Without the Straits of Dardanelles, the newly created Soviet Union (a major Phoenician project) could be easily blocked from the extensive military and material aid the Allies were secretly shipping to it, unless the Soviets had complete control over the Straits. The Russians could not accomplish this all by themselves because their armies and navies were extremely inferior back then. To quote,

There were indications that while British Empire was willing to carry out the sacrifices required for the conquest of Gallipoli, they were to be ultimately awarded to Russia. On December 2nd 1917, the Prime Minister of Russia, M. Trepoff, made the following statement in the Duma:

An agreement which we concluded in 1915 with Great Britain and France, and to which Italy has adhered, established in the most definite fashion the right of Russia to the Straits and Constantinople…. I repeat that absolute agreement on this point is firmly established among the Allies.*

This secret pact was known as the Constantinople Agreement of March 18th 1915. It was later exposed and is discussed in detail in the next section. As per the secret pact, Russia would control Istanbul, the Western parts of the Bosphorus, the Marmara Sea and the Dardenelles, part of Thrace, the northwestern area of Asia Minor, the islands of Imbros and Bozcaada, and the four islands in the Marmara.* As per the treaty, Arabia was to be given independence, ensuring that Ottomans no longer controlled important centers of Islam and that oil resources were consolidated by American corporations. Lenin later exposed the treaty when he fell out with the Illuminati. The treaty would also allow the Soviets reciprocally, to advance into the Mediterranean, North Africa, the Middle East and South West Europe under the guise of fighting Fascism. The importance of Gallipoli to Russia is best illustrated by the following quote:

General Nikolai Golovin wrote in his book “The Russian Army in the World War” that when the Ottoman Empire declared war on Russia and closed the Straits to Russian shipping in October 1914, suddenly Russia lost access to 98 percent of its imports! And that meant, all of those critical munitions and materiel that Russia depended upon could not be made up in Russia’s few factories. Nor could they be shipped into blockaded Petrograd, nor into hardly used Archangel, nor Vladivostok in the Far East–not with a single line of track stretching 5,000 miles. Russia depended on the Black Sea trade in the 19th and 20th centuries. And that is why the British climbed down and allowed Russia to stake a claim for Constantinople after a victorious conclusion to the war. Russia absolutely needed the Straits, and the Russians dreamed of the day they could claim “Tsargrad” as their southern gateway.*

To quote Nicolai Bukharin around 1917,

[…] the Bolsheviks are aiming at the reconstruction of a great and powerful Socialist Russia, which cannot exist if she does not hold the straits of Constantinople.*

Gallipoli had acquired a Suez Canal like significance after the discovery of oil in Baku (See Russo Turkish War of 1877-1878). Russian engineer F.N. Semyonov drilled the world’s first modern oil well in Baku in 1848. While Rothschild interests had consolidated this region[5] and the Black Sea port of Batum, moving the oil out through Gallipoli on a regular basis would be unfeasible until Gallipoli itself was consolidated. World War I presented the only opportunity to accomplish the same. The Rothschilds had entered the Russian oil business in 1885. In 1892, Marcus Samuel, the founder of Shell Oil which later became synonymous with the Rothschilds, had his Murex oil tanker sail from London to Batum and then through the Suez Canal. With the emergence of oil fueled naval ships and automobiles, control over oil markets was decisive for the war. In addition, the newly formed Soviet Union would require capital. And exporting oil presented the most lucrative venture for the Soviet Union.

Australians and New Zealanders landing at Gallipoli. Most of them ended up dead.

141,000 Allies would be killed or wounded trying to secure Gallipoli for the Russians. Despite the Turkish military leadership being internally compromised by Phoenicians, and their military plans sabotaged from within, they did manage to chase away the Allies, but with heavy losses. I have an entire chapter on this debacle in my book. Suppose the Allies had indeed secured Gallipoli in World War I itself, the Soviet Union would have probably expanded to its World War II boundaries by the end of World War I itself, and by the end of World War II, they would have conquered most of the Middle East, which was the ultimate goal.

World War II

Originally, Kemalist Turkey was to participate in World War II as an Axis power. But the Phoenicians got cold feet at the last moment and realized the danger posed to the newly created Soviet Union by allowing Turks to close the Straits, even momentarily. And so, we surprisingly see Turkey being neutral in World War II, so that the Soviet Union’s new army could continue to receive shipments of freebie goodies, such as Uncle Roosevelt’s Lend-Lease equipment, which was fairly critical to its victories against Germany in the last stages of the war.

After World War II, the Soviet Union desperately tried to involve itself in the Middle East. They built a huge dam on the Nile for Egypt, but a later Egyptian leader became suspicious and kicked them out. This leader was assassinated by the so-called Muslim Brotherhood.

The coming “World War III”

The Turkish Straits

If you have never heard of Jacques Attali, that might be intentional. Among the globalist architects, he is a shadowy figure who not only influences the course of French politics but also shapes our future – globally. Is Jacques Attali merely a spokesman presenting the plans for powerful globalist networks, or could he be the real mastermind behind moving us all toward a Great Reset?


Attali, a regular on political talkshow in France, predicted in 2014 that World War III would start with Ukraine. The video ends with former French President Nicolas Sarkozy warns, “we will proceed together toward a New World Order, and nobody, and I do mean nobody, will be able to oppose it.”

RAIR Foundation, March 2022

The plan that we’re seeing is for something that could be the biggest war in Europe since 1945 just in terms of sheer scale.

-UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the Munich Security Conference, 19th February 2022

A major component of the coming Phoenician project, “World War III,” will be Russia belatedly taking control the Straits, and of Istanbul. But for that, they will first have to consolidate the entire Black Sea coastline, including all of Ukraine (hence the current war with Ukraine).

Here is what the future world may look like, according to a Geopolitics textbook that is being promoted in Russian educational institutions since 1997.

Note that Turkey is an “enemy,” which clearly signals a future confrontation, because Russia has to control the Straits. But modern Turkey is yet another Phoenician project, with its main purpose being to suppress the Kurds (On a side note, the Turkish Bayraktar drones which are being applauded for their success in destroying Russian targets in Ukraine, were initially developed for targeting the Kurds, and you probably never heard of that secret war. Because America cannot openly supply them drones for that purpose).

Even with modern Turkey being another Phoenician project, they have learnt well from World War I that they cannot just hand over the Straits to Russia, even in a staged conflict. Motivated Muslim soldiers, with guns in their hands, can upset the biggest plans, as they did in 1914. Therefore, there will be more of a sudden alliance, such that Russia may effectually replace Turkey, and even resume their role in suppressing the Kurds (which the Russians are already doing in Syria).

If Turkey was indeed an enemy of Russia, they would have closed the Straits to Russian ships right now. They kept dithering. And after being pressured to at least announce a closure of the Straits, Turkish officials stated that they would still allow Russian navy ships to return to their “home ports” in the Black Sea. For Russians, this is just a matter of repainting the home port on the hull of ship to a Black Sea one. Turkey and Russia are still holding joint patrols in Syria. And Turkey gets to do all of this while still being a NATO member state.

The End of Israel?

Once the Turkish-Russian alliance takes place, Russia will move further down south, and along with Iran, will begin confronting another Phoenician project, the State of Israel.

“I think you can say, well, Putin’s out of his mind. Yes, maybe so,” said Robertson, 91. “But at the same time, he’s being compelled by God. He went into the Ukraine, but that wasn’t his goal. His goal was to move against Israel, ultimately.”

Robertson then cited verses from the book of Ezekiel that note how nations will come together to rise up against Israel, suggesting that Ukraine is merely a “staging ground” for an eventual Armageddon battle.


On Monday, Robertson again indicated that the end of the world was near, thanks to Putin and Russia. Although Turkey has issued a statement of support for Ukraine and is not backing Russia’s invasion, Robertson claimed without evidence that Turkey would “come together” with Russia. He went on to say how the area that includes Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey “is going to be mobilized against Israel in the latter days.”

American Televangelist Pat Robertson, February 2022

Establishment preachers like Pat Robertson are always in the loop of what is going on. He quotes the Bible, indicating that even the Phoenician Bible editors inserted references to this staged future conflict, so that Christians would have impetus to participate. Look at the earlier Russian Geopolitics map and note that the ancient Phoenician stronghold of Greece is effectively Russian territory. Maybe that’s why their economy has been imploded in advance. So is the ancient Phoenician stronghold of Cyprus. Phoenicia proper (modern Lebanon) is already under Iranian control, and the Russians have established a base, just a little up north on the Syrian coast. It seems that like Greece, Lebanon is also being softened up by economic implosion.

The confrontation with the State of Israel will give enormous boost to another flailing Phoenician project, the so-called Islamic Republic of Iran. In fact, the Phoenicians intend to impose it over the entire Middle East, and even the Muslim holy cities in Saudi Arabia. But Iranian forces are currently too crude to go at it alone, and therefore the necessity of Russian intervention. While Palestinians may be jubilant (and with full justification), it is important to understand that Palestinians are merely the desperate and cornered people who historically inhabited present-day Israel since ancient times. They have had little role in historic Muslim political control over that area. And given their present status, the Phoenicians have always compromised their political leadership (Yasser Arafat was a crypto-Jew of Moroccan origin, and Hamas is another project to keep Israelis in line). Other groups who historically made Muslim control over the Levant possible in the first place, such the Mamluks and Kurds have been dealt with.

If an upcoming “World War” or “Clash of Civilizations” between the Islamic World and the West is to proceed according to the above scenario, then the Powers That Be would need substantial player(s) within the Islamic bloc. Was Iran groomed for this purpose?

Me in another 2013 book.

The future of the world will be in the hands of 3 countries. China, Russia and Iran. China will become an economic superpower, Russia a military superpower, and Iran a scientific superpower.

Iranian MP Javad Nikbin, March 2022

As for Israel, remember that Israelis are currently the test model of the Vaccine and Digital ID project. This should give you a clear idea of how much the Phoenicians really care about them. The small number of Phoenicians who “operate” the Israeli State will quietly move to their underground bunkers when Russia and Iran begin confronting Israel. When Israel was first created, its political leadership never constructed underground bunkers because of the devastating impact they would have on morale. But now they are doing just that in Tel Aviv (Thanks to the late Rabbi Barry Chamish for the tip). For the record, the Phoenicians have destroyed Israel in the past as well.

Architect: You are here because Zion is about to be destroyed – its every living inhabitant terminated, its entire existence eradicated.

Neo: Bulls***!.

TV Neos: Bulls***!

Architect: Denial is the most predictable of all human responses, but rest assured, this will be the sixth time we have destroyed it, and we have become exceedingly efficient at it.

-Scene in The Matrix Reloaded, 2003

So-called “Christian Zionists” and their pretend Armageddon

And what exactly will happen when Russia and Iran attack (or eliminate?) Israel? Establishment Evangelists like Pat Robertson want you to believe it will be “Armageddon,” because Western Christians are supposed to show up with their entire armies to support Israel. And why exactly?

A. Because Jesus was Jewish (Yes, but Jews rejected him and betrayed him. They still don’t even see him as a Prophet and stick with their earlier Prophets (David, Soloman, Moses etc). Muslims do see him as a Prophet).

B. Because umm Bible (insert buzzwords without elaborating, such as Armageddon, Messiah, Return of Messiah, Heaven on Earth etc which appeal to the semi-literate).

C. Because Jews killed the Christian god (This was later “corrected,” as Jesus has now died for the Christians). 

D: Because Sunk Cost Fallacy (Since 1985, the United States has provided nearly US$3 billion in annual grants to Israel, which has been the largest recipient of annual American aid from 1976 to 2004 and the largest cumulative recipient of aid ($146 billion, not inflation-adjusted) since World War II. But with Americans being forced to sacrifice meat, cars and pets because of inflation, at what point will they forego subsidizing each Israeli for $23,240?).

E. Because Israel is grateful for the support (Not exactly, 1, 2, 3).

F. Because Cold War (But the Soviet Union was the first country to officially recognize Israel).

G. Because it makes Muslims angry.

H. Because Jesus lived in present-day Israel (That would be the Occupied territories aka Palestine).

I. Because Holocaust (OK, but in that case, the “Jewish homeland” should have been in Germany.)

J. Because “Israel is an oasis of peace, technology and democracy in a deserts ravaged by wars” (Not applicable if you are a native Palestinian or even a black Jew. Also, many Arab states have developed more habitable, peaceful and technologically advanced cities whereas Israeli cities have checkpoints at every few metres).

K. Because Israelis love Christians (No they don’t. Just ask any Palestinian Christian).

L. Because Israel is an ally of the USA against those terrorist Muslims (But Israel was created 53 years before the 9/11 project).

M. Because in ancient times, it was Jewish land (Yes, and America was the land of Native tribes, wasn’t it?).

N. None of the above.

“The correct answer is Nnnn…..None of the above.”

As you can see, there is no logic in any of these childish tropes for Western Christians supporting Israel in any way. These were false arguments from the very beginning.

Now recall what I told you earlier about intricate equations about how much the Phoenicians can push different societies into supporting their wars. Getting Russia involved in a bloodbath in the Middle East requires minimal effort, which is why they will be the first to show up. Butting getting Western Christians involved is a whole different ballgame. They may only show up if Israel is threatened/destroyed. Remember that getting them there is the biggest challenge. Once they arrive, the Phoenicians can change the objectives to ensure war drags on for as long as humanly possible. For example, they could rechristen the “Crusade” as “Operation Infinite Justice,” as they did during the so-called War on Terror project.

A lot of Western Christians have already been brainwashed into supporting Israel at all costs, and even dutifully showing up for “Armageddon” when the time comes. The fake theology behind this is as ridiculous as Pastafarianism (but with calls to violence and mayhem). In fact this is what Pat Robertson and Billy Graham are promoted everywhere for. To quote a review of a great book on this phenomenon,

In her startling new book, Forcing God’s Hand: Why Millions Pray for a Quick Rapture and the Destruction of Planet Earth, Grace Halsell explores the danger of a new religious doctrine sweeping America. Adherents to this doctrine are said to constitute the fastest growing movement in Christianity today. Its leaders proclaim that God wants–even demands–that Planet Earth be destroyed in our generation.

Cult members do not look like the so-called “crazies”–those such as Jim Jones or leaders of the “Branch Davidians” or “Heaven’s Gate,” who led followers to death declaring the end is near. Yet, Halsell writes, “They accept the same theology: we can do nothing about the environment, it’s useless to work for peace, rather we must build more weapons for Armageddon.”

Those proclaiming that we must wage Armageddon do not, however, expect to suffer. As the book points out, Pat Robertson, Hal Lindsey, Tim LaHaye and almost 100,000 other U.S. Fundamentalists broadcasting on 2,000 Christian radio and TV stations assure adherents that while the world will be destroyed, they will be given a free Rapture ticket. They need not suffer a moment of agony. As Jerry Falwell puts it, “I’m not worried. You know why? I ain’t gonna be here.”

Cult leaders assure followers, now said to include one out of ten Americans, that they will be wafted up to heaven for a special grandstand seat where, in comfort, they will watch the final holocaust, the agony and death of billions of men, women and children.

Forcing God’s Hand explains the popularity of this End Time doctrine. A Tennessean, Cyrus Scofield, popularized the idea of a Free Rapture, a theology originally imported from England less than 200 years ago. The theology holds that Christians must look to the biblical land of the Jews for their salvation; that the land itself is more important to Christians than the message of Christ. Scofield taught that Christ was held hostage until Jews carried out a preordained plan: they were to leave their native lands, including Russia, Europe, Africa and America, and settle in Palestine. They were to eradicate, with the help of Christians, the most sacred Islamic shrine in Jerusalem, a mosque holy to a billion Muslims around the world; and once Christ returned, the Jews must convert to Christianity. His doctrine, called dispensationalism, was encoded into the Scofield Reference Bible.

His dispensationalist Reference Bible is used by virtually all TV and radio preachers. Their certitude in Armageddon, along with their offer of an escape hatch, makes converts of a growing number of mainstream, middle to upper-middle class Americans. Dispensationalists attend a variety of Protestant churches, including those known as charismatic. They represent 15 to 20 percent of the 16-million member Southern Baptist Convention. They also are members of so-called Bible churches and megachurches, such as those attended by Special Prosecutor Kenneth Starr in McLean, Virginia, and U.S. Congressman Tom DeLay in Sugar Land, a suburb of Houston.

Dispensationalism is taught throughout the U.S., at large and influential seminaries including the Dallas Theological Seminary, where Hal Lindsey studied, the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago, the Philadelphia College of the Bible, the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, as well as 200 other colleges and institutes. Currently there are more than 100,000 students in Bible schools, with eighty to ninety percent of the teachers as well as students avid believers in an imminent destruction of Planet Earth, preceded by their own quick Rapture.

Read the highlighted text again. Ancient Phoenicia is now more important for “Christians” than the message of Christianity itself!

Another great book on this phenomenon is Racing Toward Armageddon: The Three Great Religions and the Plot to End the World by Michael Baigent. You may recall him as one of the authors who first exposed secret bloodlines using scholarly research. To quote a review,

In Racing Toward Armageddon, Michael Baigent, the New York Times bestselling author of The Jesus Papers and Holy Blood, Holy Grail, exposes the conspiracy of religious extremists in the Holy Land and their efforts to bring about the end of the world in our lifetime. Baigent expose the many diverse, public, and clandestine figures who are driving this perilous messianic message forward, and poses a pressing question: can we really afford to remain oblivious much longer?

Even children are being indoctrinated using “religious novels,” such as the Left Behind Series. To quote a study,

Author Michael Standaert contextualizes the Left Behind phenomenon by probing millennial thinking across cultures, from pre-Christian times to the present, and tracing the evolution of militant evangelism in the U.S., uncovering the links between fundamentalist religious figures and mainstream right-wing politicians through organizations like the Moral Majority. Skipping Toward Armageddon rips the lid off the Left Behind books’ ideological underpinnings, showing how LaHaye uses them to advance the foreign and domestic policy goals of the Religious Right, from fomenting Middle East violence to promoting homophobia and xenophobia. The book is a timely cautionary tale, revealing that these best-selling books are not simply harmless thrillers written from an evangelical Christian perspective but a tool in a fanatical group’s agenda.

So the Phoenicians want all Western Christians to not only foot the bills for reclaiming Ancient Phoenicia from the Muslims, but also show up there heavily armed in person, because….Armageddon? Also, a lot of minions will be needed to repopulate Ancient Phoenicia and loyally do the donkey work (as locals cannot be trusted). Economically collapsing the home countries of Western Christians could also help motivate them to join the exodus (when it comes). As for those who chose to not go, it seems large tracts of North America will be left uninhabitable.

So to recap,

  1. The Phoenicians in the past, have destroyed earlier (and perhaps more truthful) versions of “Israel.” The latest version is actually more of a parody because they succeeded in infiltrating Judaism on an unprecedented scale.
  2. And thus modern Jews were goaded into settling into Israel (on the doorstep of Ancient Phoenicia) so that the Phoenicians could begin the process of recolonizing the Middle East after a gap of 3239 years, by creating a bridgehead for future Western-Christian intervention, in the vicinity of their beloved Ancient Phoenicia.
  3. But Israel never got much of serious threat from surrounding Arab states, and without war, there can be little further Western-Christian intervention in the region. And Israelis settled down, showing little desire for perpetual war.
  4. Modern Iran was created as a false opposition to Israel, but still lacks the abilities to pose a serious threat.
  5. Russia enters to help Iran with its role as a threat to Israel. China also has a supporting role.
  6. Western-Christian nations finally show up “to counter the threat to Israel,” but with Israel no longer on the map, they are diverted towards re-establishing Ancient Phoenicia sprawling all over the entire Middle East. Of course, it won’t be called Ancient Phoenicia. It will be repackaged as a shiny new project for Peace and World Government, maybe under the auspices of the UN, with its capital in Jerusalem. Because “religion” led to such violent wars, all Abrahamic religions will of course be muted, so that the Phoenicians can have a blank slate to make up their own rules.

How Trumpists tie into the “Zionist Christian” project, or the Phoenician version of “Bundle Up and Save”

Being astute businessmen and traders, the Phoenicians almost always try to tie in several projects with each other. It helps with logistics and costs.

The Phoenicians know that their Covid-19 mandates and the vaccine project are highly unpopular and will at some point have to be withdrawn. Therefore they are trying their very best to shoebox all legitimate opposition into their “Zionist Christian” project. Trump and QAnon are important pillars of this project. Now you know why Trump never dared calling 9/11 an inside job. Because 9/11 was an integral part of advancing the Zionist Christian project.

In addition, the Phoenicians are well aware that it will be impossible to overtly integrate certain parts of North America with their “New World Order” (The American South, Texas and Alberta in Canada). They are therefore creating separatist movements in these regions, but at the same time making sure that these movements continue to be a part of the Zionist Christian project. Beware that these areas will slowly be subjected to religious authoritarianism. We are already seeing the beginning of that.

How the Canadian Freedom Convoy got Hijacked by Zionist Christians

Any attempt to organize protest against Covid-19 mandates or vaccines now gets hijacked by so called “Zionist Christians,” who also happen to have an affinity for the fundraising part of the protest.

Tamara (Tamar?) Lich. Does that look like a trucker to you? Does she look indigenous?

Take the case of the rather successful Canadian Freedom Convoy. There is Tamara Lich, who became involved in the fundraising for the protest, although some have found her role as misleading and other allegations have been made. It seems that she has in the past has shared posts from the Clarion project, which literally carpet bombs US mailboxes with DVDs promoting the Zionist Christian project. She also worked in a company involved in fracking, a dangerous method of competing with Saudi oil. She was also involved in the Wexit movement, which is aimed at separating Western provinces such as Alberta from Canada (while still retaining them under the Zionist Christian project).  She claims to have mixed European-indigenous ancestry. But remember what Miles and Gerry told us about the name Tamar? (It’s the real name of Palmyra, an ancient Phoenician stronghold). Tamara was “arrested” for her role in the protests, and this was of all supposedly caught on camera. She was later released, and her “release” was turned into a dramatic event which will help her political future. Was she really in jail?

As we have previously learnt, male homosexuality has a very special meaning to Phoenicians, as it can be used for churning out subservient bottoms (they get to be the tops). In fact, its presence can be a telltale indication of Phoenicians in an organization. But when they are pretending to be Zionist Christians, they are suddenly burdened with keeping things discrete. Now they are getting around that limitation as well by establishing niches of “Gay Conservatives.” This is as farcical as it gets.  Is it a coincidence that a Jewish man named BJ Dichter became the fundraising co-leader for the 2022 Canada convoy protest? He also happens to be the founder of the LGBTQ conservative group LGBTory. He is also well known for croaking about the “dangers of Islam.” As police confronted the Trucker protest in Ottawa, it seems that Dichter quietly walked off the scene and left Ottawa.

Given the fact that fundraising was done mainly through cryptocurrencies, it is almost impossible to figure out if anything funny happened with the funds donated using cryptocurrencies. Only the bank accounts of those who openly and legally donated were frozen, after “hackers” released their details (Notice how “hackers” still haven’t figured out who were all the visitors to Epstein’s island). Money donated through bank accounts was a fraction of the amount donated. Again there are anomalies with the protest organizers who were “jailed,” which was used to scare off the other protestors. Why wasn’t the more articulate spokesman Tom Marazzo jailed? Is it because the real protestors like him could not be legally jailed? Confirming this, some real protestors who were picked up by police claimed that they were quietly dropped off in the next city without charges being filed.

Interestingly, another organizer, Daniel Bulford, turned himself into police because he was “charged in scam.” There has been no elaboration on what that is supposed to mean. He was an RCMP sniper, who was part of Trudeaus’ security detail! We are told he resigned before taking part in the protests.

None of the people mentioned above are truckers. It seems the real truckers who empowered the movement have been obliterated from the public face of the movement.

But Russia?

Going back to Russia, what will become of it after the war with Christian Zionists in the Middle East? If you have been following along, you will agree that Russia is completely expendable. But there have been numerous instances of predictive programming that indicate that Russia will do something even crazier, such as lobbing nukes at Western cities. This would be a wet dream come true for the American Deep State, which desperately wants a scenario in which American political power is shifted away from the pretend Senate in Washington, and into some unmarked underground bunker, reducing USA to a headless beast. This would also tie in with their plans to foment civil war in USA, roughly on the lines of Red and Blue states. This also fits into Evangelical project, as by then, Russia will be a deep ally of some pretend Muslim countries like Turkey, Syria and Iran, and Christian Zionists will be going to war against them as well.

Of course, there will be retaliation against Russia in the long term. But they were preparing for this since the 1940s. The Moscow subway system was built in such a way that all the Phoenicians can scurry into it and continue living in secret underground cities connected to it for years, before being secretly transferred to other parts of the world (while the rest of the world will assume they were destroyed). To quote,

Spurred by Stalin’s paranoia of assassination, a secret metro line “Metro-2” was started sometime before the war, as new lines were added to the Moscow Metro. Metro 2 was directly linked to Stalin’s Dacha (suburban residence), the Ministry of Defense, command bunkers, and other military facilities. Theories diverge about the expansiveness of the project. There are sources that claim that construction of the project stopped after Stalin’s death. Others claim that every administration added new lines to the system, under the guise of urban renewal projects. An expansive website about the Moscow Metro (written in Russian), claims that there are four lines connecting various government buildings of the Kremlin, the FBS headquarters and the government airport at Vnokovo.

Moreover, there are rumors of an underground city capable of accommodating up to 30,000 people at Ramenki, as well as an alternate command post for the senior commanders of the Russian Armed Forces. The Ramenki underground complex, said to have been finished in the mid-1970s, was reportedly equipped to sustain the lives of thousands of people for up to 30 years. It had – or still has – food depots, generators, sleeping quarters, cinemas and even swimming pools!

Note that Phoenicians have an established penchant for underground cities since ancient times. Catacombs found throughout the world were built by them.

A Moscow Metro station

As for Russian territory, there is indication that Communist China (another Phoenician project) is all set to gobble up Asiatic Russia and all of the Russian Pacific coast. The Phoenicians would actually prefer it that way as China can manage things more efficiently, while Russians seem to have become lazy, corrupt and catatonic. It is interesting to note that while China is supporting Russia in every possible way, they are also distancing themselves from Russia for PR purposes. This is because they cannot afford to lose Western markets, or face the wrath of USA and the Western world when it comes.

Other Phoenician Side-Projects

Going by the business principle of “Bundle Up and Save,” it seems the Phoenicians have bundled up many other lagging projects with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Here are some of the more obvious ones.

The Emergence of the European Union as a Singular Super-State

All European nations are already under complete Phoenician control. But the Phoenicians are tired of running independent legislatures and governance systems in each of these nations, just because the people still believe in notions of nationhood. They therefore came up with the European Union to deal with this. But even this is not enough. What they want is a singular nation state, headquartered in Brussels, where they can impose laws on the entire region at whim, and also march them off to Ancient Phoenicia under a single army when the time comes. To make Europeans agree to that, they first have to get clobbered by Russians.

And so, the Russian threat is being used to push things in that direction. Macron is already calling for a “European army.” And France being another zombie state at war with its own people, would happily lend the Russians Paris for this purpose (If you live anywhere in between, you have been warned). Zelensky and his PR team are churning up shooped footage of the upcoming Russian advance into Berlin and into Paris.

It’s called predictive programming.

Wait, where did I see that before?

In a 2008 computer game, Tom Clancy’s Endwar.

Here is another trailer. Note “WORLD WAR 3 COMING SOON.”

A cut scene from the game.

UK won’t be a part of the European Superstate because it has its fingers in too many pies such as that of Communist China. This complicates things and this was the reason why it exited the European Union.

The Artificial Inflation of Gas Prices to disable the Global Middle Class

This is all in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development goals, which were discussed in another article.

To quote another trailer from the 2008 computer game, Tom Clancy’s Endwar,

Oil has shot up over 200% in the last year.

Russia, the world’s leading oil producer, is tightening supply.

Predictive programming in a 2008 game.

That might have been the case in 2008, but Russia is no longer the world’s leading oil producer. Its #2. With #1 being USA and #3 being Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia could easily supplant Russian and even American oil production in such a scenario.

And it seems they had planned to deal with Saudi Arabia beforehand just for that purpose. To quote from another trailer of the same game,

Confirmation that a nuclear device has been detonated in Saudi Arabia.

Over 10 million lives have been lost.

Failed Predictive programming in a 2008 game.

But Saudi Arabia is still in the game, and all the Phoenicians have managed so far is have the Iran-backed Houthis launch some missiles at its oil facilities. Clearly, this did not go according to plan. It could have, if Saudi Arabian rulers played their part and deliberately dug their nation’s grave (there are Phoenicians there too). But there was a coup in 2017, and it seems a lot of them got purged.

But despite this contradiction, the Phoenicians have gone ahead and inflated gas prices. To quote Miles Mathis,

Here’s a little math no one is doing. The Biden scriptwriters are telling us gasoline prices are so high because of Putin. But wait, Russia only supplies 4% of our oil, but prices have gone up by 90% since Biden took office. So we seem to have a little mismatch there. But it is even worse than that, because the prices went up by 90% before we cut off delivery of Russia’s oil. We haven’t yet officially cut of Russian oil yet, so we might be able to blame the next 4% rise on that after we do. We can’t blame the 90% rise in the past on that.

Miles Mathis

Here’s how another Redditor puts it:

Oil facts: Price the day before Biden’s election was $37. Price the day before Russia/Ukraine conflict $92. The price today is $109. A 294% increase of which 248% was before Russia invaded. Don’t believe the lying media.

So this is another gaping plot hole that everyone is pretending not to notice.

So what went wrong for the Russians in Ukraine?

By all accounts, the invasion has gone bad for Russia, even if it may “win” some parts of Ukraine (or all of it?) in the end. Some Ukrainian sources are even comparing Russian losses to that of the Russian misadventure in Afghanistan.

Those who have read so far may have got the picture. With Ukraine being completely compromised on a military and administrative level by Phoenicians, the “invasion” was supposed to be a cakewalk for their Russian pals. They were supposed to parachute into Kiev and take position on the top of buildings. Kiev being declared as fallen would be a big blow to the morale of the rest of Ukraine. Plainsclothe saboteurs were to assist them on the ground.

Since Phoenicians already own a lot of urban properties and industry in Ukraine, it was never intended to bomb them back to the Stone Age (They did however bomb specific urban areas which I suppose were in the hands of the plebs. I suppose the Phoenicians will later buy them at firesale prices). Remember that Ukraine, its armed forces and its industries were to be integrated into the Russian war machine when the war was over, so that they could be used later in the Middle East. Destroying them was never the initial objective.

The invading troops were intended only for show and tell, to prove to the world that this was not a staged war, but an actual invasion. In fact, Zelensky and Co. were actually making up a lot of the war footage in the early stages of the war. Russia had no intention to sacrifice better trained, well equipped troops, which are intended for future wars for securing Ancient Phoenicia. And so, they dragged young boys, police officers, security guards, Kadyrovites (traitors to the Chechen cause) and other luckless, clueless souls as conscripts, who thought they had signed up for a military exercise. They were complimented with outdated equipment, such as tanks from the War in Afghanistan, food rations that had expired in 2015, and the lack of fuel backup.

So what went wrong? Exactly what went wrong in Gallipoli in 1914. Armed and motivated people can change the course of history, even if their leadership is completely compromised. Especially if they are fighting on their home turf.

The parachutes never landed in Kiev. Two Russian Il-76 transport planes, which can airdrop up to 150 paratroopers, got shot out of the night sky above Kiev as they lowered altitude to airdrop troops. This may have happened around 4:30 AM on the 2nd of March 2022. Videos abound (1,2,3,4) of an explosion(s) lighting up the night sky, and raining down a huge amount of debris, which destroyed an apartment block(s). This was covered up everywhere.

A Russian Il-76 transport plane.
An Il-76 being shot over Kiev?

As a legacy of Soviet policies, Russian equipment tends to be unusually heavy (the production quotas went by weight). Combined with cheap Chinese tyres and the Ukrainian mud season, a lot of their equipment ended up getting bogged down and abandoned in the mud.

It also seems that Russia was expecting some sort of camaraderie with many Ukrainians. Because both groups are technically “Slavs.” The Phoenicians operated Soviet Russia hiding behind the ideology of Communism. After the Soviet Union, they realised they needed a new label to operate behind, and this new label became pan-Slavism (whereas in reality, Russians had happily gravitated towards McDonalds and dollars). But it seems the wounds of Soviet repression could never be healed with this new construct. In fact, the late Dzhokhar Dudayev, the 1st President of the breakaway Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, had predicted that such an alliance was doomed. To quote him just before his assassination in 1996,

Dzhokhar Dudayev

Interviewer: May 9 is coming soon, Dzokhar Musayevich. What would you like to wish the peoples of the former Soviet Union?

Dzhokhar Musayevich Dudayev: The peoples of the former Soviet Union, I am not going to wish them anything.

Because they are pushing themselves to what they deserve.

They bring themselves to what they deserve.

The peoples of the former union, present union or future union, and especially the people of Russia, are sick with Russism.

And that is a very dangerous severe chronic illness.

Russism is worse than Fascism, Nazism and Racism, worse than all misanthropic ideologies.

Whether they want it or not.

And this terrible illness probably, can be cured only by the most difficult ordeals, only by the most difficult ordeals.

[This is] Probably the only nation that does not believe in anything, aspiritual and immoral, with a very low level of human development, hopelessly and for a long time it’s Russians.

They have no faith. They obey no faith. Not committed to any kind of spirituality or ethicality. Therefore no morality, any morality.

And this to the great misfortune of Russian people themselves on a mass scale

What is being done now in Chechnya is only a consequence.

In fact this is the essence of the Russian people….sick with Russism, misanthropic ideology, and they will have to pay dearly for this. Russian people will face very difficult trials for this.

And the prognosis is very bad.

There are real reasons for this. There is no idea (political concept), the idea of Communism, Socialism, the idea of building a society of equal opportunities burst like a soap bubble.

This is because in fact, it was built on the idea of Russism. And if there is no idea, there is no Russian legal state, no legitimacy of the state itself, and its branches of the government. Then there is no place for its politics, internal or external. And since there is no third component, there is no place for ideology. Then there are no motives or incentives. And at the end there is no perspective.

This is one path. Another path of development of human civilization is spirituality.

But Russians are not believers. They don’t believe in Christ, Muhammadﷺ or Buddha.

And to make a nation spiritual, at least three generations must pass. And there is the need to work on each generation actively. So this path is also closed (for Russians).

Where to get ideas for such a mass of people?

They can follow the example of the West and choose the Dollar as an idea and make it a god for themselves. In this case it is a dead end for Russia in a short time, with possible civil war. During a period of redistribution of power, with the illegitimacy of the (previous) state and its branches of power, delimitation and denationalization of property, (During this period) such an idea is so dangerous that everyone will take rocks and weapons if they got them, even rockets, and will begin to resolve this dispute by civil war. So this path is closed too.

The spiritual path and the path of a new idea are both closed.

Now their politicians and ideologists are trying to choose a third path, the path of Slavicization, unification on a Slavic basis. This won’t work either. Since the main component of Slavicization….Ukrainians…will never tolerate Russification and Russism.

There is only one path for the development of the Russian state and its people. But I will not tell you (what that path is).

And we have this key (smiles).  

He blames the Russian problem on Russia’s historical affinity with atheism. Similar things are being said about China.

Going back to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, at some point, the Phoenicians realised that Russia now had to go to war for real. And it did. But this meant completely drawing up completely new plans and logistics, as well as dragging Russian navy ships into the Black Sea from the Pacific coast, moving real ballistic missiles and hastily throwing in everything including the kitchen sink.

But again, this was a war with a European nation, not Afghanistan, Chechnya or Syria. The level of Western outrage was unprecedented when Russia made the mistake of later “going Syria” on them. For example, Russia has used the practice of using tank shells to destroy entire cities in Syria. This practice of turning bustling cities into moonscapes was always disguised as fighting ISIL or some other group when in reality the cities were usually deserted at that point. They did this to some parts of Mariupol. They dropped butterfly mines, which were last used in Afghanistan. In one case, a Russian pilot who had gained notoriety for bombing Syrian civilians ended up downed in Ukraine. The result was all Western people began cancelling Russia, and pressuring their governments and corporations to close doors on Russia (even when the latter didn’t intend to). The effects of even the half-hearted and partial economic sanctions have crippled everyday life in Russia, proving once again that this nation indirectly relies on Western support more than ever. Even Russians became outraged and protests in Russia became so frequent, that police are now even hauling away people standing with empty signs. Normally, protests don’t happen in Russia. This is an unprecedented phenomenon. Putin is responding by going “Communist China” on his citizenry.

There are now more holes in the plot than a block of Swiss cheese. For example,

  • Initially they tried to sell a fake, staged war as a real one.
  • At the same time, they used it to distract from the success of truckers and protestors in North America in reversing Covid-19 mandates.
  • But at the same time, they did not want support for Ukraine to materialize into support for war against Russia (not yet).
  • Now the fake, staged war has morphed into a real one, creating all kinds of unpredictability.
  • However, NATO cannot intervene because only Trump and the Christian Zionists have been allotted that role. Until they are brought to power in USA, NATO is expected to sit and watch. And Biden and other Liberal groups have been tasked with giving Russia a big window of opportunity. While at the same time indirectly enabling the Christian Zionists for a future role.
  • In the meantime, the nation of Russia, a country which has done more to promote atheism globally and probably closed more churches in its history than any other nation in contemporary history, is cosplaying as a defender of Christian values. Remember that modern Russia still has a Soviet era anthem (the original version eulogized Lenin).
  • Ironically, they are also cosplaying as friends of Muslims and enemies of the Zionists (despite the fact that Russia has probably destroyed more Muslim nations than any other nation in contemporary history).
  • They have decided to proceed with artificially increasing gas prices, while pretending that Saudi oil resources no longer exist.
  • They intend to sell a Third World War when nobody (except them) asked for it.

Note that there will be no attempt to plug the holes. Most people are too distracted to notice. They have always dealt with lies, shouting them at the top of their lungs. This is literally business as usual.


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