Conspiracy Theory Review-Analysis; Did JFK fake his Death and take the *REAL* American Presidency Underground?

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At some point, it becomes mandatory for any relevant conspiracy website to talk about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy (JFK). I avoided doing so in the interest of producing original content. Many theories interested me, but I felt I had nothing to add. I erroneously believed that his assassination may have been linked to reigning in the Federal Reserve, or attempting to dismantle the CIA (thanks Oliver Stone). I failed to see that these conspiracy theories were fairly mainstream, because I erroneously assumed that mainstream media does not do conspiracy theory. Well, its seems that they do! In a paper that first appeared on the Internet in 2008, artist and critic Miles Mathis proposes a gamechanging theory that JFK was a diabolical Elitist, and not being content with the love and trust the American people endeared him with, faked his death and took the *REAL* American Presidency underground, ruling until his real, natural death. He continues to be succeeded by other members of the Kennedy clan to this day. They too, in a similar fashion, end their public lives by fake deaths (these deaths are publicly referred to as the Kennedy curse), and resume control of the *REAL* American Presidency, which now operates like a Kennedy monarchy. While this theory may seem too outrageous for serious consideration, the arguments presented by Miles Mathis are equally compelling.

My Initial Reservations about JFK

Like most rational people, prior to reading this paper, I had also assumed that the JFK assassination was for real. Because why not? But at the same time, I stuck to some of my reservations about JFK’s character.

His eyes had always bothered me. There are subtle things which only the artistically inclined can pick up. Such as the complete absence of any softness in them. Eyes are called windows of the soul. But these ones were more like shutters, hiding what lay behind them.


In the gamechanger Bloodlines of the Illuminati, researcher Fritz Springmeier claimed that the Kennedy family was one of the thirteen families that constitute the “Illuminati.” Based on evidence that Fritz gave, I had little reason to doubt him. But he too, had no explanation for the assassination (or maybe withheld it).

My Reservations about this Conspiracy Theory

The only objection I had with Miles’ theory is that such an elaborate conspiracy may not be neccessary when all American Presidents and Presidential hopefuls are already Freemasons and compromised individuals. And that such an elaborate ruse entailed too many risks for all parties involved. As the recent exit of Ron Paul has demonstrated, the American Presidency will always be safe from the non-Elite.

My reservation can be addressed by the human factor. The Powers That Be, despite their aversion to risk, are human. And one cabal among them, the Kennedys, was far more ambitious than the rest. When JFK demonstrated that as President, he could play the American people like none had done so in the past, hamstringing them with emotion and television gimmickry, He received the blessings of the Rothschilds, the Rockerfellers, the Military-Industrial Complex and the rest of the Illuminati to consolidate the Office of the President for good.

Here’s how Miles addresses this,

This was not one faction overthrowing another. This was revolution. This was the secret and successful undermining and overthrow of a semi-Republic by a fascist alliance of oligarchs. And this was just a handful of families dominating the oligarchy for several generations. What allowed all this to happen was a perfected form of propaganda, using the latest tricks of the cinema.[…….] It was this tool that allowed the Morgan/DuPont/Kennedy coup to succeed where the other had failed, and I suggest this is the main reason the plotters allowed Kennedy to join: his connection to Hollywood and his ability to fake events.  It may be that the most influential and important film of the 20th century is not Gone with the Wind or Star Wars; it is the real-life Godfather, AKA The Kennedy Assassination, with Academy Awards to Joe and Jack Kennedy for best script, best art direction, best production, best direction, best actor, and best living man playing a dead man. […….]Various billionaires had been trying to create a shadow government for many decades, with only varying degrees of success. Only Joseph Kennedy was successful.

And of course, such a conspiracy would only work on a gullible population. Like the pre-9/11 Americans at that time, who were completely trusting of their government, and saw television news religiously, as some kind of Gospel of reality.

How Miles’ Theory Works


Note: I would highly recommend reading Mile’s theory in it’s full 80 pages. This excerpted review was meant for the tired, hustled and weary masses. It is not a teaser, and it gives away all the important details. Miles also updates this theory on a regular basis, whereas this piece won’t be updated.

Miles’ theory is best summarized by these scattered quotes of his (sorry, I have to quote all of them for the full effect)

The government is claiming something, not me. The government has some minimum burden of proof, not me. You and I are like the jurors, not the lawyers. We should be presented with real evidence, not expected to present it. Our primary job is to falsify claims, not make them. The government claims that Kennedy was killed, and it offers us as evidence the Bethesda photos and the films from Dallas. I only need to show that the government’s evidence proves nothing. I am not called upon to prove an alternate theory; on the contrary, the government is called upon to show proof the President was killed. It has not done that. Because of the lack of continuity in the films, and the lack of positive ID in Dealey Plaza, we have proof of nothing. The evidence only appears to point to a murder of Kennedy. But, logically, it absolutely fails to do so.  If you watch all the films that day, you are left with the impression that we have a complete record of the motorcade through Dallas. You think you are able to positively identify the Kennedys at the beginning, you assume continuity, and so you assume the Kennedys are in the Zapruder film. But, as I have shown, we have NO evidence that the Kennedys are in the car in the Zapruder film. Lacking continuity, we only have what we can see, and what we can see is people who look like the Kennedys from a distance. We know that the Kennedys traveled with lookalikes, so this is proof of absolutely nothing. Given the evidence we have, it is possible (and, I would say, almost a surety) that Jack Kennedy is not in that car in Dealey Plaza.


Given that, the correct question is not, “Where is Kennedy’s body?” or “Who killed Kennedy and why?” The correct question is, “Why did Kennedy fake his own death?”


Do you know what is going on in Iron Mountain, in the Pentagon, in Los Alamos, in Guantanamo, in Langley, VA, in Merida, Mexico, on every small island dotting the coast of North America [and may I interject, Epstein’s Pedo Island]? No. Taking the Presidency underground would be a small concern, compared to other things the government does everyday. You fake a death, put another guy in the White House as a front (Johnson), and then call in your orders on the phone. You could even hide Jack at Hyannisport or Martha’s Vineyard, with no inconvenience to him or the family. Do you know what goes on at the Kennedy estates? Did anyone ever know anything that went on there, unless those who were there wanted them to know? No. Why, exactly, would it be difficult to take a Presidency underground? You don’t know what is going on in my house, or the house next door to you. What makes you think you know or could know or would know anything about the Kennedys, unless they wanted you to know?


You don’t find things you don’t look for, and no one has ever investigated the possibility that Jack continued to be President after November 22, 1963.

[…….][Since then, The American Presidency became] just a series of photo ops and canned Teleprompter speeches aboard aircraft carriers and on ranches, such as any circus barker could have done. Everyone knew that there must be someone behind this cardboard cut-out, someone capable of making real decisions. Half-heartedly we have thought to ourselves that maybe it was Hoover or Kissinger or Greenspan or Cheney, as the case may be, but have never felt satisfied by this. In this void the other conspiracy theories set themselves up, from secret commissions to the CFR to alien oversight. How much more simple and rational it is now that we see the truth. Many of us had wanted a King, a Camelot, and we have been granted that wish. The Lady of the Lake came up from Hollywood carrying the sword Excaliber, in the sheath of secrecy, and the Kennedys retreated to the confines of Avalon, ruling us from beneath the waves with a sorcery worthy of Merlin.

We know we have shadow governments. Even the conspiracy theorists take Kennedy’s own word for it, quoting him in a thousand places. So how is it shocking to discover that the Kennedys were, and still are, this shadow government? What is most shocking, perhaps, is how obvious and logical the discovery actually is. A Congress that would accept 911 false flag operations, Military Tribunals Acts, Patriot Acts, Homeland Security Acts (named after Hitler’s own acts), loss of habeas corpus, and so on, would hardly stick at having a King, would they?


JFK was not an opponent of the Military-Industrial Complex

The web is abuzz with excerpts of a speech of Kennedy in which he mentioned the dangers of a shadow government. Miles analyzed the full version of the speech and believes that these excerpts have been taken out of context. And that JFK was in fact advancing secrecy and lack of accountability under the guise of fighting the Cold War. Contrary to popular myths, he initiated a policy of escalating American involvement in Vietnam.

JFK could not have been Stupid Enough to Walk into an Obvious Trap

To quote Miles

If Kennedy was surrounded by such a pack of jackals hungry for his blood, why would he go onto their turf, ride through it in broad daylight in an open car, among uncontrolled tall buildings? Why would it do it without stopping normal traffic in downtown Dallas (there was normal traffic going in the opposite direction on Commerce—you can see the cars in the background of Zapruder). The windows in the car were even rolled all the way down, although they had bulletproof glass in 1963 and we must assume the car was equipped with it. [……….] Commonsense would tell you that you don’t allow strangers that close to the President under any circumstances. It has nothing to do with the 60’s “being a more innocent time” or any of that misdirection. Truman would not have been caught in that situation, or Wilson, or anyone else, much less a president like Kennedy, supposedly surrounded by a combination of enemies unparalleled in history.

The Kennedys Specialized in Television Gimmickry.

Father of JFK, Architect of Deception and Nemesis of American Democracy, Joe Kennedy. He literally ate American Democracy (but never burped).
Father of JFK,  Dope pusher Whisky peddler, Architect of Deception and Nemesis of American Democracy, Joe Kennedy. He literally ate American Democracy (but never burped). As the Conspiracy rolled into high gear, Joe suddenly had very little time for public grandstanding. 11 months after JFK took office, he suffered a “stroke” which conveniently prevented him from talking to pesky people (But of course, it never affected his brain, which was probably working overtime). Just one year after the “death” of RFK and four days short of the sixth anniversary of the “death” of JFK , he too would “die” and join the rest of the crowd.

The Presidential Campaign and the Presidency of Kennedy was unusual compared to previous ones in that it relied on television gimmickry. The Kennedys had ties to the motion picture industry. To quote Miles,

I have reminded you that Joe, [Kennedy] Sr. owned RKO studios for many years, but for more evidence of the links between the Kennedys and Hollywood, we only have to look at the career of someone like Jack Valenti. Most people know Valenti as the longtime (1966 to 2004) President of the Motion Picture Association of America. These same people don’t know or don’t remember what he did before that. Valenti came out of Harvard in 1948. That was year two of the CIA, by the way, which ties into many of my recent papers. In 1960, Valenti’s advertising agency was working for the Kennedy for President campaign. Valenti himself was the press liaison for the Dallas event. He was in the motorcade. At the swearing-in ceremony of Johnson, you can see Valenti in the background.

Valenti would then become a “special assistant” of President Lyndon Johnson after JFK was assassinated. He actually lived in the White House with the President for some time!

The money for the Presidential campaign came from Joe Kennedy’s exclusive distribution rights to Scotch whisky in America (Johnnie Walker, Haig & Haig, Dewar’s, Gordon’s Gin), which were obtained from British and Canadian companies well in advance of the end of the Prohibition era. Joe was also involved in the repeal of the Prohibition.

All News/Information/Video/Photographs, the Zapruder Film and even Popular Conspiracy Theories about the Assassination want you to believe he died that day.

To  quote Miles,

You should ask yourself if the alternate theories and theorists might be selling the main lines of the desired story just as fully as the standard theory. For the powers that be, it may not matter whether you believe there was one shooter or many, or even whether you believe that the CIA or FBI was involved. The only thing that is critical is that you believe Kennedy was assassinated that day, and the alternate theories sell that fact with even more emphasis and gusto than the Warren Commission.

The Motorcade Procession was like a live Hollywood Production; Some of the photographs and video were even shot earlier

To quote Miles,

To say it another way, the whole motorcade was like a Hollywood movie. Yes, they were shooting a movie that day. In fact, they were shooting several. They hired multiple “amateur” cameramen to film their one-day movie, and a host of extras. Everyone there that day, including Zapruder and Bell and all the rest, were extras in the movie. In that sense, they were all conspirators. But, remember, they were not conspirators to a murder, which makes it somewhat easier to understand. It made it so much easier for all these people to lie, since there was never any blood on anyone’s hands that day. They were not lying about the assassination of a President; no, they were only lying about a President “going underground for his own safety.” They were protecting their beloved Commander-in-Chief.


This area [Dealey Plaza] was not open to the public. It only appeared to be open to the public. Actually, everyone there had been staged and scripted. They were told what to say afterwards, or told to say nothing. And that is why you see so few people. The assistant directors of the movie had every reason to limit the number of extras hired, since every extra was a potential risk. They might blab later. This is the obvious explanation for why the crowds were only one-deep in the first part of the motorcade, and why they are almost non-existent in Dealey Plaza.

It appears that several versions of the motorcade were photographed at different times. Different photos show the  Presidential limousine with/without rearview mirrors, with/without a golden trim to the American flag, with Governor Connelly switching positions, with/without Jacqueline Kennedy’s hat and with different seat trim. Miles has found several anomalies in the photographs. There are even photographs of the motorcade that could have only been taken if the photographer was standing smack middle of the road!

To quote Miles, "As one final piece of photo evidence for a movie set that day, let us look at the so-called “aftermath” photo of Bill Newman and his family diving to the ground for safety. This is the worst piece of acting ever, I think. First of all, we have no evidence this was even taken on the 22nd. Zapruder is not back there on his perch, for one thing. Then we have Dad and Son both looking directly at not one but two cameramen, one still and one video. Both cameramen are in blacks suits and don’t appear to be concerned by the flying bullets at all. Actually, neither do Dad and Son. Dad is supposed to be covering Son, protecting him from flying shrapnel, but Son’s head is still provocatively out in the breeze, where the cameramen can see its beauty. Mom is several yards away, also unconcerned for Son. She appears to be looking back at camera number three, possibly wondering if her dress is wrinkled from behind. [……] Was this guy in the black suit filming his shoe tops split seconds earlier when the motorcade passed? For that matter, why does he find this uninjured family on the ground to be more important to history than the President who has just been shot, and who would still be in frame?"
To quote Miles, “As one final piece of photo evidence for a movie set that day, let us look at the so-called “aftermath” photo of Bill Newman and his family diving to the ground for safety. This is the worst piece of acting ever, I think. First of all, we have no evidence this was even taken on the 22nd. Zapruder is not back there on his perch, for one thing. Then we have Dad and Son both looking directly at not one but two cameramen, one still and one video. Both cameramen are in blacks suits and don’t appear to be concerned by the flying bullets at all. Actually, neither do Dad and Son. Dad is supposed to be covering Son, protecting him from flying shrapnel, but Son’s head is still provocatively out in the breeze, where the cameramen can see its beauty. Mom is several yards away, also unconcerned for Son. She appears to be looking back at camera number three, possibly wondering if her dress is wrinkled from behind. [……] Was this guy in the black suit filming his shoe tops split seconds earlier when the motorcade passed? For that matter, why does he find this uninjured family on the ground to be more important to history than the President who has just been shot, and who would still be in frame?”
Joe Kennedy was selling this to the American Goyim before he sold them the JFK assassination.
Joe Kennedy was selling this to the American Goyim before he sold them the JFK assassination.

The “Leaked” Photos of JFK’s corpse at Bethesda are not of him

According Miles, not only is it not JFK, but whoever it was was probably alive. The wound holes are also insconsistent from the Zapruder film footage. Miles has also dug up another seemingly innocuous fact. According to him, Kennedy was wearing a full shoulder to groin brace at the time of the “assassination” which would have prevented him from bending over to protect himself after the firing began. To quote Miles,

I think the Zapruder film was tampered with, but even if we accept the final cut as genuine, the “fatal hit” still looks more like a man getting hit by a tomato from the front than it does a man getting shot from either the front or the back.


If the Zapruder film is fake and the corpse is fake, then we have no evidence that Kennedy was killed at all. All we have is a bunch of eye-witness testimony that a guy in a car who looked like Kennedy appeared to be wounded, and a bunch of ear witness testimony of shots fired. That is not proof of anything.


Without the President’s body, the correct question is, where is the President? Where is he hiding? That is the correct question. That has been the correct question for decades. And no one has ever asked it.

The video of Oswald being shot is also fake

This well known image of Oswald clutching a rifle was circulated on the front cover of the Life Magazine. It was also shooped!
This well known image of Oswald clutching a rifle was circulated on the front cover of the Life Magazine. It was also shooped!

When Oswald was marched from one cell to another at the Police Department after his arrest, he was shot and the shooting was caught on tape. Miles manages to dig another little detail. He was wearing a black sweater, which would be useful in hiding a blood wound from the camera. The Russian George de Mohrenschildt, was a CIA operative. Miles believes he was the handler of Oswald. He was also a friend of Ted Dealey. The Dealey Plaza in Dallas, where the assassination took place,  was named after Ted’s father.

JFK’s *REAL* death was in 1968

Miles believes that JFK died of natural causes in 1968, and his brother Bobby quickly faked his death to succeed him. This time, they were careful not to leave behind any corpse photos or autopsies that could be analyzed. While Lyndon Johnson would start the Vietnam War under the directions of JFK, the Republican Richard Nixon (who became elected as a result of Bobby’s “death”), would continue the Vietnam war. Nixon was succeeded by Gerald Ford, who sat on the Warren Commission, which supposedly investigated the death of JFK!

To quote Miles “Where is the hand holding up his head? The cuff is empty! That head is pasted on.”
To quote Miles “Where is the hand holding up his head? The cuff is empty! That head is pasted on.” Bear in mind that this was before the Shoop (Adobe Photoshop®) was invented, so apart from the cuff, the rest of it is still pretty good.

Miles believes that Bobby died in 1999. And was succeeded by JFK Jr the same year, who faked his death in a plane crash at sea. He was supposedly “cremated,” and like Osama Bin Laden, his ashes were buried at sea. The Pentagon took control over the crash scene, and many conspiracy theorists assumed that they were involved. But as with the assassination of JFK, it seems they were covering up a fake death.

Vindications of Miles’ Theory

  • Ever notice that while Republican and Democrat Presidents pretend to differ and take issue with trivial issues such as gay marriage and healthcare reform, more important issues are never touched upon, regardless of who is elected, and nothing really changes. This indicates that a Shadow Government has been managing these more important issues since the “death” of JFK. The Federal debt keeps growing, The middle class keeps shrinking, American industry keeps getting downsized and outsourced, American consideration for Israel never changes, American intervention in other countries keeps exponentially increasing, American bureaucracy keeps growing (and is now approaching socialist levels), Police keep getting more ruthless and powerful, America never exits the wars it is embroiled in, controversial treaties such as NAFTA never repealed, Wall Street banksters keep operating with more impunity and of course, the investigation into 9/11 is never reopened. And oh, the Warren Commission Report is the final word on the JFK Assassination.
  • The publisher of the Washington Post, Phillip Graham, slipped into manic depression, and allegedly killed himself months before the assassination. He was the second most prominent publisher in the country.
Michael Rockerfeller, the youngest son of former Vice President Nelson Rockefeller allegedly died in a plane crash in New Guinea in 1961, two years before the assassination of JFK. There is no body to prove he actually died in the plane crash becausehe was eaten by cannibals. OM NOM NOM NOM!
Michael Rockerfeller, the youngest son of former Vice President Nelson Rockefeller allegedly died in a plane crash in New Guinea in 1961, two years before the assassination of JFK. There is no body to prove he actually died in the plane crash becausehe was eaten by cannibals. OM NOM NOM NOM!
  • As Miles indicates, ever since the assassination, all subsequent Presidents have usually been delinquent characters, ideally suited to play the role of puppets. We have had professional actors straight from the sets of Hollywood (Ronald Reagan), sex addicts (Bill Clinton), idiots (George Bush Junior) and even foreigners without valid Social Security Numbers (Barack Obama). Miles points out that this wasn’t the case before Nixon. The Presidential contestants are equally colorful, such as obvious mind-control cases (Sarah Palin), dead-eyed Bonesmen (John Kerry) and recently, reality TV host Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. In the summer of 1963, Oswald was videotaped handing out pro-Communist Cuba pamphlets in New Orleans. Some Cubans were assisting him, and one of them bears similarity with the father of Ted Cruz.
  • According to Miles, almost all subsequent Presidents vacationed at Martha’s Vineyard, usually on a yearly basis. This is a home turf of the Kennedy family.
  • America became the first country to rapidly develop and deploy electronic voting machines, which are designed to digitally annihilate all traces of voting records, so that there can never be an audit in the future. This makes elections very easy to rig, and the Powers That Be have vigorously sought to export this technology from America into countries that they want to control. In contrast, many European countries have banned electronic voting machines for obvious reasons. If elections are routinely rigged in America, only a shadow government could ensure a smooth rigging experience.
  • According to some, JFK would secretly meet Marylin Monroe in an underground bunker that is connected to the Whitehouse. What if he still continued to direct the show from there?
  • According to Miles, many Kennedy mistresses (Mary Pinchot Meyer, Marilyn Monroe) would die in suspicious circumstances when they started growing old. Maybe he was still visiting them. And being women, they were having difficulty keeping their mouths shut. In the case of Mary Pinchot Meyer, the CIA took her diary after the murder. Mary Jo Kopechne, the supposed mistress of Bobby Kennedy died in a drowning accident one year after his fake death. The car of Ted Kennedy was used in the drowning, and this caused a lot of bad publicity for Ted.
  • According to Miles, photos taken by independent photographers have been removed from media circulation, and some have been outright stolen. For example, a young man named Jamie Scott Enyart took several photos at the place where Bobby Kennedy was allegedly killed. His photos were stolen by the city attorney in 1968. In 1995, his negatives were rediscovered in the California State Archives, and a courier was sent to Enyart to return them to him. The courier got robbed.
  • Kennedy’s predecessor, Dwight Eisenhower, warned of a takeover of the “Military-Industrial” complex. Was he actually referring to Kennedy and the CIA? Miles believes he was misdirecting attention away from them.
  • Only the Attorney General of the United States could have challenged the Warren Commission’s dubious investigation into the death of JFK. Guess who was the Attorney General then? Bobby Kennedy.
  • One of the popular mainstream books on the Kennedy Family is subtly titled The Kennedys: America’s Emerald Kings. Kings?
  • Some conspiracy theorists suggest that the early movie roles of actor Arnold Schwarzenegger indicate that he is on the trajectory of becoming an American Hitler. He was once married to a Kennedy!
  • JFK’s brother Ted Kennedy, is a pretend-liberal who is the longest serving member of the Senate. Miles asks whether he might be “the eyes and ears in the Senate for the King.” While claiming to represent the working class, Ted Kennedy presided over the deregulation of trucking and aviation, as well as NAFTA and GATT.
  • According to Miles, similar “fake deaths” involving plane crashes can be found in the Dupont family, The Rockerfeller family and maybe even in the Morgans (who were Rothschild frontmen), suggesting the Kennedys were not the only secret princes.
  • In the Stonewall Riot of 1969, the Gay Rights movement abandoned its pretext of seeking only “tolerance” and began aggressively pursuing total political control. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, the “Father of Gay Cultural Supremacy,” assured that outcome by writing all five of the majority opinions of the court that enshrined LGBT political goals in constitutional law (Source).

    The Morgan/Dupont coup of 1933

    The Kennedy clan was also indirectly involved in an outright coup against the American Government in 1933, with the Rothschilds (J.P. Morgan) and the Duponts being the main backers of the coup. This coup, known as the Morgan/Dupont coup, was quashed by General Smedley Butler. The coup intended to have FDR feign illness, while a new post of General Secretary would be created in the cabinet. The General Secretary would be a puppet for the perpetrators. To quote Wikipedia on the perpetrators of this coup,

    On the final day of the committee, January 29, 1935, John L. Spivak published the first of two articles in the communist magazine New Masses, revealing portions of the Congressional committee testimony that had been redacted as hearsay. Spivak argued that the plot was part of a “conspiracy of Jewish financiers working with fascist groups”, referring specifically to Felix Warburg, the McCormack–Dickstein Committee, and certain members of the American Jewish Committee in collusion with J. P. Morgan.

    JFK’s little known Older Brother

    Did Joseph P. Kennedy make the decision to drop atom bombs on two Japanesse cities full of people?
    Did Joseph P. Kennedy make the decision to drop atom bombs on two Japanesse cities full of people?

    JFK also had an older brother, Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr, who seemingly faked his death in 1944 during World War II. He was on a “radio-controlled” bomber packed with explosives. After taking off from Britain, he was expected to parachute safely and the plane would be guided by radio into crashing into enemy targets. The entire event was “filmed” by another plane, just like the JFK assassination. Of course, he wasn’t observed slipping out in parachute just before the explosion. Would the US Army really put the son of one of the richest men in America on such a mission? Miles raises the interesting possibility that Joseph Kennedy faked his death so that he could shadow for President Truman, who was just getting elected around that time. Truman was recruited as a puppet for the Kennedy clan. In other words,  Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. made the decision to use atomic bombs in Japan! Miles believes that “The Buck Stops Here” sign on Truman’s desk was an inside joke alluding to the real authority Joseph Kennedy had over Truman. Truman would later pass the National Security Act, which would allow Joseph Kennedy to tap into the resources of  real government agencies, such as the newly created CIA, funded by real tax dollars. Truman would steal the next election by stuffing ballot boxes. By the time Jack Kennedy would be President, Joseph Kennedy was still the underground President. And maybe he died in 1963, resulting in Jack faking his death and becoming the next underground President.

    Back then. not all American mainstream media was controlled. One newspaper even went ahead to logically proclaim Dewey's victory over Truman. They were unaware of the ballot box stuffing though. This rare instance of truthful journalism was later paraded in history texts as a case of sensational journalism.
    Back then. not all American mainstream media was controlled. One newspaper even went ahead to logically proclaim Dewey’s victory over Truman. But the secret ballot box stuffing resulted in the opposite happening. Other newspapers had been compromised and thus avoided such “mistakes.” This rare instance of truthful journalism was later paraded in history texts as a case of sensational journalism.

    Disappearance of Kennedy Family Photos

    While you were busy watching TV on 9/11, over 40,000 negatives of the Kennedy family disappeared from bank vault in a small adjoining building known as World Trade Center 5.
    While you were busy watching TV on 9/11, over 40,000 negatives of the Kennedy family disappeared from bank vault in a small adjoining building known as World Trade Center 5.

    On 9/11, World Trade Center 5, a nine-story low-rise office building adjoining the twin towers was heavily damaged, and was later demolished. Inside the damaged portions were bank vaults. One such vault belonged to Jacques Lowe, Kennedy’s photographer. In the vault, he had kept over over 40,000 negatives of the Kennedy family. Less than 400 of these have been published. The Lowe family was told that the photographs could not be recovered. After being threatened with a lawsuit, the bank gave them an empty safe. The lock had been removed. And the number scrawled on it with chalk did not match the real account number. Inside the safe was debris. Miles believes that the Kennedy family photos in circulation are mainly fakes because Joe Kennedy Sr. had children from several women, and all of them would have to be cut-pasted together with his wife for family photos. There is also the possibility that JFK’s real mom was actually a Hollywood actress (which explains the good looks).

    Disappearance of all records of $2.3 trillion in public funds allotted to the Pentagon, which were used to finance the Shadow Government operations since 1963.

    Another less known facet of 9/11 was that it was used to eviscerate all records of $2.3 trillion in public funds, which we can assume were used to fund the Shadow Government since 1963. To quote,

    The day before the attacks of September 11, then–US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld made the announcement that there would be major cuts to the Pentagon to free up billions of dollars for arms and operations.

    He also quietly admitted that there was $2.3 trillion that was unaccounted for. As part of his overall vision, the Pentagon would run more efficiently and track down such missing amounts of money. He even stated that the old and inefficient computer systems that stored every transaction of government defense spending would be overhauled to make information sharing easier and more accurate.

    In front of the national and international media, Rumsfeld concluded that he was not attacking the Pentagon but he was going to “liberate it!” Less than 24 hours later, the Pentagon was in the news again as it became the third target of the 9/11 hijackers.

    Perhaps what made the aforementioned speech by Donald Rumsfeld even more suspicious is that all the hardware (and all the records stored there) just happened to be in the part of the Pentagon that took the brunt of the impact from Flight 77. So severe was the damage to these records that everything was completely destroyed and could not be retrieved.

    Bearing in mind that Rumsfeld had stated that $2.3 trillion was unaccounted for, that money theoretically vanished into a void on September 11, 2001.

    For those who subscribe to the claims of “black budgets” and funding that doesn’t officially exist, an eyebrow or two was raised that $2.3 trillion had just been made available to the behind-the-scenes shadow government to spend and invest as they wished. In theory.

    Of course, there is no proof of this. It is merely speculation. But then again, that is the point of black budgets. However, the cold fact is that those trillions were lost in the system following the tragic events at the Pentagon.

    In addition, many arguably priceless historical documents were lost at the Pentagon and the Twin Towers. Researchers and archivists believe that the job is so large that they can’t be certain what they’ve lost. Overall, this has resulted in large patches of history for which there will be no or only partial records. One missing 1921 document relates to the creation of the Port Authority of New York.

    Here’s what else was conveniently “destroyed” on 9/11, from a CBC report:

    • SEC records pertaining to thousands of active cases, including allegations of investment banks being involved in the 90’s tech boom/bust.
    • CIA files stored in an office in WTC 7.
    • Active case files of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which investigates discrimination cases. One of these files related  to a sexual harassment case against a top Morgan Stanley executive.
    • U.S. trade documents dating back to the 1840s that were housed in the library of the U.S. Customs Service in 6 World Trade Center.
    • $100 million worth of art from private collections and $10 million in public art.
    • Case files from the office of the U.S. Attorney of the Southern District of New York.
    • Materials in the Pentagon library, which housed 500,000 books, documents and historical materials and was supposedly hit by the nose of the plane that crashed into the building, were damaged but the bulk of them was restored.

    President Nixon’s Office being “bugged”

    A burning flame can be found on the official "grave" of JFK, which symbolizes a major Illuminati operation. The same burning flame can also be found on the grave of Princess Diana and on the Mahatma Gandhi memorial.
    A burning flame can be found on the official “grave” of JFK, which symbolizes a major Illuminati operation. The same burning flame can also be found on the grave of Princess Diana and on the Mahatma Gandhi memorial.

    Perhaps the biggest vindication of Miles’ theory is the Watergate Scandal. The Scandal revealed that a tape-recording system had been installed in the President’s Office. We are told that President Nixon did it out of paranoia. But a more logical explanation for the tape-recording of the President’s Office was that there was now a higher authority now watching and monitoring the President!

    Perhaps the biggest vindication of Miles’ theory is the Watergate Scandal. The Scandal revealed that a tape-recording system had been installed in the President’s Office. We are told that President Nixon did it out of paranoia. But a more logical explanation for the tape-recording of the President’s Office was that there was now a higher authority now watching and monitoring the President! Miles believes that the phrase “that Bay of Pigs thing” in the transcripts of the recording was shorthand for “Kennedy.” There is also an 18.5 minute gap in the recordings. Was Kennedy being discussed? There is also indication that Nixon was threatening to squeal. Consider this statement in a letter from James McCord to Richard Helms, which was revealed in the Watergate hearings. It was written in 1973, so ten years back refers to 1963.

    Nixon and his boys pushed us to the brink but they’re backing away now and the danger has passed. Every tree in the forest in the last ten years would have fallen and the earth scorched.

    Was that a reference to what would have happened if the truth got out?


    Miles’ new theory makes us reconsider a number of contemporary historical events and phenomenon that took place during JFK was in office and after he went underground.

    American Democracy

    When the Powers That Be first experimented with democracy in 399 BC, they were met with vigorous opposition from philosopher Socrates, who chose to drink poison rather than endorse it. Similarly, when the Powers That Be took over Britain, one of the first things they did was establish a parliament, which would help diffuse opposition to the King (There was an attempt to blow it up but it failed). Socrates saw democracy as a tool for the Ruling Elite to escape responsibility. Whereas a king could be held accountable, and would become the singular object of public affection or anger, democracy sought to diffuse such powerful emotions, allowing an irresponsible and vicious Ruling Elite to continue operating in the background for perpetuity. There would be no desire for revolt or overthrow by the people, because they would falsely assume they were in control of the situation. For example, if the Kennedys came out publicly as kings, they would be blamed for everything that went downhill ever since they assumed power. But by operating in the background and frequently shuffling two opposing parties with a medley of different candidates, they have managed to avoid all the scrutiny and responsibility that comes with being kings. As the recent exit of Presidential hopeful Ron Paul demonstrates, it is unlikely that the Kennedys will be ever unseated democratically. In other words, you may as well turn off the TV during the elections.

    The Bay of Pigs Invasion

    JFK had no intention of removing Castro or fighting Soviet Communism. So he deliberately botched the Bay of Pigs Invasion, resulting in up to 1500 causualties. The Cubans seemed to be informed well in advance, and the landing site chosen gave the Cubans a clear line of fire. Those who had volunteered to fight were mainly anti-Castro Cuban exiles in USA. Keeping these brave people in the USA was a liability for Castro, and this operation presented a great chance of divesting them. Establishment media would blame the failure on the CIA’s enmity with JFK, whereas the opposite may be true. Instead of a real invasion of Cuba later, JFK placated the American people with an edge-of-the-seat television drama that became known as the Cuban Missile Crisis.

    The Cuban Missile Crisis

    Was the Cuban Missile Crisis a television hoax designed to popularize JFK's (false) commitment to the Soviet threat?
    Was the Cuban Missile Crisis a television hoax designed to popularize JFK’s (false) commitment to addressing the Soviet threat?

    In my book The World War Deception, I outline the theory that the Soviet Union was a modern-day colony of banking interests based in the West. Despite having the full capability to annihilate them, would JFK really attempt a showdown with them? The answer is no. Instead of actively responding to the Soviet threat in Vietnam and elsewhere, JFK treated the American people to some spectacular television entertainment, which is what the Kennedys excelled at. And the Soviets also knowingly played their part in the spectacle. After all, it was much comfortable than an actual confrontation with America. Instead of actively containing the Soviet threat, Americans would never win a single proxy war against the Soviets. Yet they happily gulped this televised deception as a substitute for a real showdown with the Soviets. The real showdown would be later done by Afghan mujahidin.

    The Vietnam War

    Establishment media portray Kennedy as opposed to the Vietnam War, even though he was gradually escalating it. While the Vietnam war benefited the Military-Industrial complex, its ultimate beneficiary was the Soviet Union, which got to inherit all of Vietnam as a result of American intervention. Once the Soviet-backed North-Vietnamese forces would consolidate, America would quietly back out. In other words, the Kennedys were never rooting for America.

    The Moon Landings

    In 2009, conspiracy theorist Jay Weidner wrote an interesting article on how the moon landings may have been produced and directed by the enormously talented film director Stanley Kubrick. And that Stanley Kubrick’s later horror movie The Shining had been filled with clues about his role in the moon landings. Needless to say, Kubrick would need Presidential official authorization before he proceeded with this feat. The President at that time happened to be JFK. The Shining begins with a subtle re-enactment of Kubrick meeting President Kennedy at the oval office. The Moon Landings were the biggest financial and propaganda coup for the Military-Industrial Complex.

    Was this President Kennedy meeting Kubrick at the Oval Office?
    Was this a subtle reference to President Kennedy meeting Kubrick at the Oval Office?

    And the moon landings featured excessive image tampering, a hallmark of the Kennedys. It is quite an inversion of reality that the $25.4 billion (roughly $170 billion in 2005 dollars) that went into enabling man to step on the moon actually ended up in the hands of the Shadow Government, to exclusively control, limit and tyrannize mankind here on earth. Running a Shadow Government in the world’s most powerful and affluent nation was certainly not going to be cheap.


    Who knew little Junior would one day carry out 9/11 and the wars that followed?
    Who knew little JFK Jr. would one day carry out 9/11 and the wars that followed?

    JFK Jr. was supposedly the underground President when 9/11 took place. To quote Miles,

    Even those that may have followed me this far will balk at imagining that John, Jr. could be responsible for 911 and the Iraq War and the Military Tribunals Act and the loss of habeas corpus and the Patriot Acts, and so on. But why balk at that? His father was never who you thought he was (listen again to the “shadow government speech to the press”), his uncle was never who you thought he was (he used all that civil rights stuff just like Johnson did, to get votes and make you think he was a great guy. It didn’t work with Johnson, why did it work with Bobby? Ask yourself that. If Johnson had been better looking, you would still love him, too. You would find excuses for him, too.) And John, Jr. was never who you thought he was.

    And just like everything else that can now be attributed to the Kennedys, 9/11 would be characterized by excessive image and video tampering.

    After 9/11, an Italian named Simon Shack created a documentary named September Clues, that focused exclusively on the tampered nature of videos that were broadcast by major media outlets following 9/11. His analysis reveals that while the towers did indeed come down following explosions, the planes that hit them were animated pixels, and in some cases, entire videos were created beforehand. He also brings to light the little known fact that the police were confiscating independent photos and videos of the event. Update: The video has been removed and Youtube has terminated the account of the uploader. You may still find mirrors. Looks like the Shadow Government wants you back on TV, flipping between CNN and NBA.

    On 9/11, the same “televised reality” that took the American Presidency underground on November 22, 1963 would be used again, to bring war and destruction across the the entire world. The shadow government had gone global.

    Watergate and the Impeachment of Nixon (and the rise of the Clintons)

    Fiona Barnett, an Australian survivor of organized child sexual abuse has come up with some rather interesting claims in EYES WIDE OPEN -An Australian Experience of CIA Child Trafficking (a work in progress). She claims that President Nixon (like all other politicians) had a dark side to his character. And that when the Shadow Government decided to bring him down, he did the logical thing…..try to get the hands on the evidence against him (and others) which was being kept by the Democratic Party in the Watergate building. To quote,

    In 1972, Rothstein arrested one of the five Watergate burglars, CIA operative Frank Sturgis. During a subsequent two-hour interrogation, he discovered the truth about Watergate. The burglars sought something they nicknamed “The Book” which listed the Democrat and Republican politicians who accessed child prostitutes, their sexual proclivities, the amounts they paid to rape kids, and such.

    The official Watergate explanation is that the Republicans broke into Democratic National Committee Headquarters to obtain information about their election strategies. People who lived through Watergate typically comment with a frown, “that never made sense.” Rothstein’s experiences make better sense of why Nixon conspired to quash the Watergate investigation, why he suggested the investigation posed a threat to national security, why his personal secretary destroyed Oval Office tape recordings after they were subpoenaed, and why his own Vice President issued a pardon which protected him from prosecution for any crimes he had “committed or may have committed or taken part in” as president. If Nixon’s crimes included pedophilia, that would make perfect sense.

    I am confident President Richard Nixon and his good buddy ‘the Reverend’ Billy Graham were named in the Watergate pedophile records, because I was sex trafficked to both men as a young child.

    It doesn’t end there. When the Impeachment Process began, the lead counsel for the regular, non-impeachment staff of the Judiciary Committee, Jerry Zeifman, decades later made charges that the committee had intentionally dragged out the impeachment process, hoping to keep a politically wounded Nixon in office for his full second term and thus facilitate the election of Ted Kennedy (another brother of JFK) to the presidency. His claims are documented in a book Without Honor: The impeachment of President Nixon and the Crimes of Camelot. As you may have guessed, this book is now out of print.

    Zeifman also claimed that Hillary Rodham Clinton had behaved unethically on the committee and that he had fired her. To quote an article by Zeifman published in the New York Post on 16th August 1999 titled Hillary Rodham’s 1974 Watergate “Procedures were Ethically Flawed,

    A young Hillary Clinton was involved in bringing down Nixon for the Shadow Government.

    IN December 1974, as general counsel and chief of staff of the House Judiciary Committee, I made a personal evaluation of Hillary Rodham (now Mrs. Clinton), a member of the staff we had gathered for our impeachment inquiry on President Richard Nixon. I decided that I could not recommend her for any future position of public or private trust.

    Why? Hillary’s main duty on our staff has been described by as “establishing the legal procedures to be followed in the course of the inquiry and impeachment.” A number of the procedures she recommended were ethically flawed. And I also concluded that she had violated House and committee rules by disclosing confidential information to unauthorized persons.

    Hillary had conferred personally with me regarding procedural rules. I advised her that Judiciary Committee Chairman Peter Rodino, House Speaker Carl Albert, Majority Leader Tip O’Neill and I had previously agreed not to advocate anything contrary to the rules already adopted and published for that Congress. I quoted Mr. O’Neill’s statement that: “To try to change the rules now would be politically divisive. It would be like trying to change the traditional rules of baseball before a World Series.”

    Hillary assured me that she had not drafted and would not advocate any such rules changes. I soon learned that she had lied: She had already drafted changes, and continued to advocate them.

    In one written legal memorandum, she advocated denying President Nixon representation by counsel. This, though in our then-most-recent prior impeachment proceeding, the committee had afforded the right to counsel to Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas.

    I also informed Hillary that the Douglas impeachment files were available for public inspection in our offices. I later learned that the Douglas files were then removed from our general files without my permission, transferred to the offices of the impeachment inquiry staff, and were no longer accessible to the public.

    The young Ms. Rodham had other bad advice about procedures, arguing that the Judiciary Committee should neither 1) hold any hearings with or take the depositions of any live witnesses, nor 2) conduct any original investigation of Watergate, bribery, tax evasion, or any other possible impeachable offense of President Nixon – but to rely instead on prior investigations conducted by other committees and agencies.

    The committee rejected Ms. Rodham’s recommendations: It agreed to allow President Nixon to be represented by counsel and to hold hearings with live witnesses. Hillary then advocated that the official rules of the House be amended to deny members of the committee the right to question witnesses. This unfair recommendation was rejected by the full House. (The committee also vetoed her suggestion that it leave the drafting of the articles of impeachment to her and her fellow special staffers.)

    Before Hillary Clinton made the Douglas impeachment files no longer accessible to the public, Zeifman accused her (in his book) of placing them under lock and key in her office. Some conspiracy theorists have extended this argument to suggest that maybe “The Book” which Nixon so desperately sought also fell into her hands, and is the source of power the Clintons soon began exercising over the Democratic Party. A further extension of this theory is that around this time, organized pedophilia became institutionalized by the Deep State (Epstein et all) as a surefooted means to control American politicians. UPDATE: Reddit user shookqueen has come up with some documentary evidence tying up the Kennedys with Epstein et all. This means that Epstein et all were an extension of the American Deep State founded by the Kennedys! Organized Pedophilia is indeed a prime tool of the Deep State.

    For 15 years, Andrew Cuomo was married to Kerry Kennedy (Robert and Ethel Kennedy’s 7th child). They were both in Epstein’s Black Book. Why did he halt a Harvey Weinstein probe and accept $25,000 from Weinstein’s law firm? Why did his brother, Chris, not want people looking into Epstein’s friends?Redditor shookqueen
    Many Kennedys listed in Epstein’s Black Book. In 1999, JFK Jr., who was friends with Ghislaine Maxwell, died in a plane crash 1 month before his cousin and best friend, Anthony Radziwill, died of cancer. Carole Radziwill, Anthony’s widow, was friends with Maxwell and was listed in the Black Book.Redditor shookqueen (btw I doubt they 'died')

    UPDATE: Miles Mathis has released a separate paper, sympathetic to Nixon, exclusively on Watergate. He believes that Nixon and Hoover (the FBI) were sincerely battling the CIA and the Shadow Government, but were undone by betrayers like Henry Kissnger. I agree to this. He also points out that all the burglers of the Wategate building seem to be CIA, implying that Nixon was set up. Yes, he may have indeed been set up by the likes of Kissinger, but I still believe he authorized the burglary for the aforesaid reasons.

    UPDATE: The Shadow Government has an official name…its called “Continuity of Government Emergency Network”

    The entrance of Mount Weather, Virginia. Home of the Shadow Government? Shadowy indeed.
    The entrance of Mount Weather, Virginia. Home of the Shadow Government? Shadowy indeed. The blue sign reads: Homeland Security; Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center.
    Another entrance sign reads "Mount Weather Emergency Assistance Center; Federal Emergency Management Agency" also known as FEMA.
    Another entrance sign reads “Mount Weather Emergency Assistance Center; Federal Emergency Management Agency” also known as FEMA.

    In a recent talk, author Peter Dale Scott who first documented links between the JFK assassination and a secret “Continuity of Government Emergency Network” in 1996, revealed more information that appears further vindicate the theory of Miles Mathis. The following are some of his main points.

    1. COG was initially put into place by President Truman. Its leadership was not strictly military, and it contained executives from big business and media as well. As Miles points out, Truman was shadowing for Joseph P. Kennedy. Therefore it seems only logical that the first Kennedy in the very first shadow government would pioneer a system for its continuity. Inside the Pentagon, it is known as the Doomsday Project.
    2. Oliver North was associated with the COG, and he used this network to bypass the arms embargo on Iran. He even bypassed his CIA and Pentagon superiors. This is one of the most well documented cases of the COG network in action.
    3. On 9/11, COG was officially implemented for the first time ever. Both Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld were closely tied to it.
    4. James McCord, one of the Watergate burglars, was linked to the COG.
    5. Winston Lawson, the Secret Service advance man who was in charge of the Secret Service radio channels operating in the motorcade during the JFK assassination, was linked to the COG. The White House Communication Agency (WHCA) radio channel used by Lawson and others communicated almost directly to the WHCA base at Mount Weather in Virginia, the base facility of the COG network. From there, Secret Service communications were relayed to the White House, via the batteries of communications equipment connecting Mount Weather with the White House and “Raven Rock” — the underground Pentagon sixty miles north of Washington — as well as with almost every US military unit stationed around the globe. Transcripts of the WHCA radio transmissions have never been made public.
    6. Jack Crichton, the army intelligence reserve officer who with Deputy Dallas Police Chief George Lumpkin selected the Russian interpreter for Marina Oswald’s first (and falsified) FBI interview was linked to the COG.
    7. Alfonso Chardy wrote in 1987 that COG had a secret contingency plan to suspend the constitution and put the United States under the control of FEMA. So Alex Jones was not being apocalyptic after all.
    8. The plot to frustrate Carter’s re-election bid by delaying the release of American hostages in Iran has been attributed to the COG.
    Official White House photographs taken on the morning of September 11, 2001, recently released by the National Archives show Dick Cheney in the in the President’s Emergency Operations Center, located in a bunker under the White House. This is part of the Continuity of Government (COG) Network. He appears to be hiding a big fat grin.
    Official White House photographs taken on the morning of September 11, 2001, recently released by the National Archives show Dick Cheney in the in the President’s Emergency Operations Center, located in a bunker under the White House. This is part of the Continuity of Government (COG) Network. He appears to be hiding a big fat grin.

    Interestingly, JFK also persuaded Hollywood director John Frankenheimer to turn the novel Seven Days in May into a movie. It would end up being released after his “assassination,” and it was probably a script for the takeover of the shadow government that followed the assassination. Was this a blatant attempt to make the American people more amenable to the idea of shadow government? To quote,

    In this book, a charismatic superior officer, Air Force General James Mattoon Scott, intend[s] to stage a coup d’état …. According to the plan, an undisclosed Army combat unit known as ECOMCON (Emergency COMmunications CONtrol) will seize control of the country’s telephone, radio, and television networks, while the conspiracy directs the military and its allies in Congress and the media from “Mount Thunder” (a continuity of government base based on Mount Weather).

    John Frankenheimer’s filmography includes the well-known Manchurian Candidate, which is based on a Presidential candidate being a victim of mind control. Another film Path to War is about the escalation of the Vietnam War following the assassination of JFK. Another film The Holcroft Covenant is about the son of German General gaining access to Nazi funds.  The White House and the Pentagon were overtly cooperative in the filming of Seven Days in May. John Frankenheimer initially worked for the Motion Picture Squadron of the Air Force.

    In a film by another director (Thirteen Days), Mount Weather is explicitly mentioned as an emergency facility to be used in case of a Soviet nuclear attack. The movie is on the Cuban missile crisis, which took place during the JFK Presidency.

    UPDATE: Miles’ Theory is working….Hollywood churning out Damage Control!

    Check out this trailer for a new movie on JFK’s wife.

    Synopsis: Yes Yes, the funeral was a bit too scripted, and full of theatrical moments. But Hollywood didn’t direct it. I did (out of grief for my husband!). And yes, a lot of what happened was not real but “performance.” This has to be patched up once again, because the goyim people need their history, rather than being told upfront that they are all dupes. And so what if the “assassination” was sketchy? JFK was real. He did sit in the Oval Office. So suck it up. Now excuse me so that I can wash off the blood from my tights.

    Also worth mentioning, establishment historians and mainstream media are suddenly revisiting and reinterpreting the Nixon tapes, to make sure not much is left to our imaginations.

    Now we have a science-fiction TV miniseries on Hulu, in which one man goes into the past to stop the assassination of JFK. The tagline of the series: “When you fight the past, the past fights back.” The protagonist quickly learns that the past does not want to be changed, and that his attempts to divert the course of history can quickly turn dangerous. In other words, people like Miles Mathis, me, and the readers of this website are better off letting go of the past so that the Shadow Government can keep going on. The tagline should be “When you fight the past, the Shadow Government fights back.”

    UPDATE: The Kennedy Clan was Pushing for Vaccines all along (and some were pretending to be anti-vaccine advocates).

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Anti-vaccine activist or…………

    In case you are living under a rock, here’s why the Deep State is interested in vaccines.

    In 1986, the Vaccine Court was created. John Kennedy implemented the National Vaccination Act in 1962 under a fake science, or an outdated understanding of the immune system. That led to many injuries that took place between 1962 to 1986. In a response to those injuries, another Kennedy, Ted Kennedy, led the creation of the National Vaccinate Injury Program, which led to the creation of the Vaccine Courts, not in the judicial departments but under Health and Human Services, which basically allowed indemnification of vaccine manufacturers…you could sue them and a maximum liability for death is $250,000. OK? And so we are in a situation now that for Pharma companies, vaccines are pure profit, no liability, no risk, they can’t get sued. When I came looking into the one-size fits all vaccine program, there were other activists in this field, and franky, many of them were controlled opposition. People like Bobby Kennedy [Robert F. Kennedy Jr.] were playing a good game, saying he’s against vaccines. Meanwhile he endorses Hillary Clinton, who is vaccine queen. Ok?

    Dr. Shiva Ayadurai on the Next News Network, 24th March 2020 (Video now removed)

    In the video, Dr. Shiva also claims that another Kennedy (Joe Kennedy III), was propped up against him in the 2020 United States Senate election in Massachusetts because the Deep State was afraid of being defeated.

    On the 13th of April 2020, the following screed appeared on the Instagram page of Robert F. Kennedy Jr and went viral. It was transcribed and hyperlinked on Reddit and elsewhere and is as follows:

    Vaccines, for Bill Gates, are a strategic philanthropy that feed his many vaccine-related businesses (including Microsoft’s ambition to control a global vaccination ID enterprise) and give him dictatorial control of global health policy.

    Gates’ obsession with vaccines seems to be fueled by a conviction to save the world with technology.

    Promising his share of $450 million of $1.2 billion to eradicate Polio, Gates took control of India’s National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (NTAGI) which mandated up to 50 doses (Table 1) of polio vaccines through overlapping immunization programs to children before the age of five. Indian doctors blame the Gates campaign for a devastating non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NPAFP) epidemic that paralyzed 490,000 children beyond expected rates between 2000 and 2017. In 2017, the Indian government dialed back Gates’ vaccine regimen and asked Gates and his vaccine policies to leave India. NPAFP rates dropped precipitously.

    In 2017, the World Health Organization (WHO) reluctantly admitted that the global explosion in polio is predominantly vaccine strain. The most frightening epidemics in Congo, Afghanistan, and the Philippines, are all linked to vaccines. In fact, by 2018, 70% of global polio cases were vaccine strain.

    In 2014, the Gates Foundation funded tests of experimental HPV vaccines, developed by Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) and Merck, on 23,000 young girls in remote Indian provinces. Approximately 1,200 suffered severe side effects, including autoimmune and fertility disorders. Seven died. Indian government investigations charged that Gates-funded researchers committed pervasive ethical violations: pressuring vulnerable village girls into the trial, bullying parents, forging consent forms, and refusing medical care to the injured girls. The case is now in the country’s Supreme Court.

    In 2010, the Gates Foundation funded a phase 3 trial of GSK’s experimental malaria vaccine, killing 151 African infants and causing serious adverse effects including paralysis, seizure, and febrile convulsions to 1,048 of the 5,949 children.

    During Gates’ 2002 MenAfriVac campaign in Sub-Saharan Africa, Gates’ operatives forcibly vaccinated thousands of African children against meningitis. Approximately 50 of the 500 children vaccinated developed paralysis. South African newspapers complained, “We are guinea pigs for the drug makers.” Nelson Mandela’s former Senior Economist, Professor Patrick Bond, describes Gates’ philanthropic practices as “ruthless and immoral.”

    In 2010, Gates committed $10 billion to the WHO saying, “We must make this the decade of vaccines.” A month later, Gates said in a Ted Talk that new vaccines “could reduce population”. In 2014, Kenya’s Catholic Doctors Association accused the WHO of chemically sterilizing millions of unwilling Kenyan women with a  “tetanus” vaccine campaign. Independent labs found a sterility formula in every vaccine tested. After denying the charges, WHO finally admitted it had been developing the sterility vaccines for over a decade.  Similar accusations came from Tanzania, Nicaragua, Mexico, and the Philippines.

    A 2017 study (Morgenson et. al. 2017) showed that WHO’s popular DTP vaccine is killing more African children than the diseases it prevents. DTP-vaccinated girls suffered 10x the death rate of children who had not yet received the vaccine. WHO has refused to recall the lethal vaccine which it forces upon tens of millions of African children annually.

    Global public health advocates around the world accuse Gates of steering WHO’s agenda away from the projects that are proven to curb infectious diseases: clean water, hygiene, nutrition, and economic development. The Gates Foundation only spends about $650 million of its $5 billion dollar budget on these areas.  They say he has diverted agency resources to serve his personal philosophy that good health only comes in a syringe

    In addition to using his philanthropy to control WHO, UNICEF, GAVI, and PATH, Gates funds a private pharmaceutical company that manufactures vaccines, and additionally is donating $50 million to 12 pharmaceutical companies to speed up development of a coronavirus vaccine. In his recent media appearances, Gates appears confident that the Covid-19 crisis will now give him the opportunity to force his dictatorial vaccine programs on American children.

    Very revealing insider information on Bill Gates and the Vaccine Program. Or was this damage control/distraction to reverse the claims of Dr. Shiva and re-establish Robert F. Kennedy’s anti-vaccine credibility? Is Bill Gates being sacrificed here to protect the Kennedys? It gets wierder. On April 28th 2020, Robert F. Kennedy Jr made some serious counter-allegations against Dr. Shiva, insinuating that he might be the controlled opposition. To quote,

    For many months I have remained silent in the face of defamatory and dishonest attacks against me by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. My approach was to ignore the sniping to preserve the unity of the Health Freedom Movement. However, Shiva has expanded his malevolent campaign to include venomous salvos against our community’s most prominent and effective leaders, including Del Bigtree, Mark Blaxill, Dr. Rashid Buttar, Polly Tommey and Samoan-Australian activist Taylor Winterstein. Because he now has some of our outstanding spokesmen in his gun-sites, and because his poisonous volleys have begun to damage the solidarity that is critical to our success, I reluctantly make this response.

    On the same date, another prominent vaccine skeptic (who once worked for the US Army), Dr. Rashid Buttar, rushed to the defence of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. On 4th May 2020, Dr. Shiva anounced that he would be sueing Robert F. Kennedy for damages and would be also making a request for a trial in the same suit. Nobody wins against the Deep State, but we wish him good luck.

    Yes, the Deep State established by President Kennedy is that big. Yes, they run entire legions of fake “conspiracy theorists.” Interestingly, the actual, formal Deep State (FEMA) is busy seizing Medical Supplies (such as N95 masks) from US hospitals, to promote the pandemic.


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    1. Laurel FincherNo Gravatar says:

      Years ago I watched a video on youtube, that I cannot find now. But it proved a couple of things to me.
      1. A man on the street interview, after Jack Ruby shot Oswald, the young man they talked to was The Fonz. Greased hair, white tshirt with cigs in the sleeve, Henry Winkler.
      2. When the tv crews were waiting for Oswald to exit a building, a car honked a horn and everyone rushed in but then they looked confused and went back to their starting points. Then we hear 2 car honks and everyone rushes forward and Jack Ruby shoots Oswald but no one can see anything because of all the people. This was a clear sign of a staged event with a bad cue.
      3. Have you ever looked at Jimmy Carter? Looks like JFK aged. A guy on youtube years ago had two photos, one of JFK and one of Jimmy Carter. He marked on a clear plastic sheet where the eyes are, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, etc. They line up perfectly! Also, if you ever get the chance, take a look at Mrs. JFK and then look at Mrs. Jimmy Carter. The odds of two men looking so alike and then the wives looking alike are astronomical. JFK did not die, he just took over the role of Jimmy Carter. What happened to the real Jimmy Carter is another question.

    2. PikzelEcho 112No Gravatar says:

      Well, Today in 2020 he would be about 103 years old. With all of his illnesses and his back problems, he is very much dead.

    3. Johnny Walker ReadNo Gravatar says:

      @Pierce Scrim. Thanks for sharing the link to the Owen Harris videos. I watched these and other great videos by Owen on YouTube before they scuttled his channel. His work on the link between “The Shining” and the Moon landing hoaxes was also great. I also loved his video on the faked death of Ronnie Van Zandt(Lynyrd Skynyrd)and would love to find a link to these vodeos if they still exist. Thanks again!!

      • Pierce ScrimNo Gravatar says:

        @Johnny Walker Read. Thank you for your comment. Except for Harris’ video about JFK and the one about Hitler, I alas wouldn’t know where to find any of the others. Harris is one of the few who has realized that almost all we have been presented with by means of ‘history’ and the media (the ruling elite’s Weapons of Mass Deception) has been staged. And although in the past nine years I became seasoned in seeing-through fakery (which had started with waking up to the counterfeit of the moon landings, soon followed by that of 9/11 and that of Dallas 1963, and then a lot more), much to my surprise now, not the slightest thought had arisen in me that Skynyrd’s ‘plane crash ending’ had been a Spiel. Till early this year when seeing Harris’ video about it, that is. I also think that Harris is right about there having been two Adolfs: one till 1940 and one thereafter. It’s a pity Harris is not publishing anymore. As I seem to remember him saying he’s more of a recluse, my feeling is that after the demise of his YT channel he chose to be just that.

      • Bill BlaiseNo Gravatar says:

        Bitchute has his videos.

    4. Pierce ScrimNo Gravatar says:

      Rad. I had some correspondence with Harris in comment sections on his YT channel. The most recent one April 6, 2020. All of a sudden, his channel was gone per April 17. Hoping the thumb up to my upload question on his old channel was from him (or if the thumb up was from somebody else, hoping that person who would say so), I published the link on Cabal Times to his JFK video which is on my Dropbox. I have no idea what happened to Harris (if anything happened at all). He might just have decided to continue his life as a recluse. I have no videos of him other than the JFK one, but his video on Hitler is here:—the-wonderful-world-of-disney?channelName=Anonymous

      • Johnny Walker ReadNo Gravatar says:

        Thanks again @Pierce Scrim for another link to Owen’s work. I have saved it to my favorites list just like his videos on the JFK hoax. I am also going to do the same with this fine article, as it will come in handy when arguing with all those “JFK was the last true American president” fools.

    5. Rad RachieNo Gravatar says:

      Pierce. Judging by you believing that you got the thumbs-up from Owen to post these, you know more than I do. What happened to him? I just started watching his channel on YouTube and I had not watched these until this evening. And you believed him to be alive and well? Or being not allowed to talk? Or what the f***? Cuz he’s obviously insanely brilliant man his theories of the Mayan codex and weather predicting blew my mind. I am almost positive that he figured out July 26th 2020 I’m one of those videos which I can’t find cuz they’ve been erased but Sevan Bomar had confirmed this the other day July 26th 2020 this day is the end of the 2152 year age of Pisces, the end of the 25831 year precession cycle and the start of Aquarius. What day was it that he said that he saw the sun do these things???? The dark star? As this correlates to the weird cartwheeling moon, cool white light of the super radiation new sun? I just find so many more questions the more I dig. Most of all, I terribly miss his sense of humor, and FUCK ‘EM ALL!! attitude;) have you any more of his videos saved? I hope he’s well. Favor to you dear, thank you.

    6. jacobusNo Gravatar says:

      Hmmm, I think that this theory is quite a stretch. I’ve read up on it before.

      We know that there is a shadowy cabal that manipulates politicians and economies (through central banks and fiat currencies). We know that the Rothschilds and their closest cronies control the central banks for the benefit of the banking families, et al. The Kennedy family may still be part of that cabal, but it’s highly unlikely that they are calling the shots. It just doesn’t add up. Seems like misdirection and a big waste of time to me. Smells very fishy.

    7. vickieNo Gravatar says:

      Ok, so Donald Trump is supposedly the anti-Cabal president. But he is also/was also “best friends” with JFKJr, which would make him controlled OPP. Where does that leave the millions who do want liberty and freedom and who support Donald Trump? Is the Q operation set up to give those people a feeling of being “in control” and keeping them from rioting? Is Donald Trump allowing the protests and lockdowns to continue so he can admit defeat and tell his followers he couldn’t pull it off? Thus avoiding losing his legacy? Are we really headed into the abyss and into a 3rd world war from which only 500,000 of us will emerge as slaves to the Families? If so, why bother with anything?

    8. Linda KachurNo Gravatar says:

      Almighty God has been waiting… and waiting … for meaningful prayers to heal this messy planet. Especially during the 60s, many turned away from God and became more involved with promiscuity, drugs, rock and roll music, fashion, occult entertainment.

    9. Con ArtNo Gravatar says:

      Was the JFK assassination an example of a military psychological operation? Was the event on November 22, 1963, an example of a scripted crisis? Is the Zapruder film evidence of an assassination or a psyop?

      Some people think that the Zapruder film was tampered with. And some people think that the Zapruder film is completely fake, an example of special and visual effects wizardry. What do you think?

      Do you see something wrong with the Zapruder film?

      • Hamad SubaniNo Gravatar says:

        If we regard the assassination itself as a movie (as per the theory proposed by Miles), then the Zapruder film is a movie of a movie. Further it was released (and maybe created) much later to cover up issues and technicalities in the original story. I don’t like where this is going.

    10. Pierce ScrimNo Gravatar says:

      Owen Harris YT channel is no more as of Friday, April 17, 2020. Could not find any further information on the disappearance..

    11. Pierce ScrimNo Gravatar says:

      I enhanced the pdf (link in the previous comment) with four photos: An image of the clean back seat of the JFK limousine when arriving at Parkland Hospital. Two images of squirting of liquid onto the back seat later on by a police officer. One image of the reflection of cars on Elm Street by the JFK limousine to a spot where no cars could have been.

    12. Pierce ScrimNo Gravatar says:

      @Johnny Walker Read. Thanks for pointing out to Owen Harris’ video. I watched the 7 parts today. It’s pleasantly astonishing how much Owen’s analysis of The Hoax in Dealey Plaza, as I call it, matches mine which, in 2016/17, I formulated in a 6 page document, photos included. It’s titled ‘The assassination of JFK. A fata morgana’. I’ve linked to it below (Dropbox). I’m also pasting the link to Owen’s YT channel containing the 7 parts as the link you gave in Nov. 2019 has become invalid. Regards, Pierce.

      The assassination of JFK. A fata morgana:

      Owen Harris YT channel:

      • Jonny Walker ReadNo Gravatar says:

        Thanks for the link to your work @Pierce Scrim. I will download it, read it, and save it. Once I opened my eyes to this psyop, I could not believe how I could fall for such a shit show. For me, the one thing that made it totally impossible was the tiny amount of blood and brains on Jackie’s pretty pink dress as she paraded round in it for almost another 24 hours. Don’t know if you’ve seen this link, but I feel it is the best examination of the Zapruder film hoax you will find.
        Again, cheers and thanks

      • Johnny Walker ReadNo Gravatar says:

        @Pierce Scrim Just finished reading your “The assassination of JFK. A fata morgana.” and found it to be an excellent look int the JFK psyop. I will be sharing it every time I have a chance.

    13. Pierce ScrimNo Gravatar says:

      > that opened my eyes to the Kennedy Assassination being a hoax.
      Such is like a ‘click’ in one’s head. Suddenly you see through the deception. Your conditioning has snapped. And from then on, one quickly sees through the other staged events as one recognizes the signature: that of media-supported fakery. Thanks for your 2018 comment Joe. I also thank enigmaticconversations, romanianalien and Michael Astera for their positive responses.

    14. JkbNo Gravatar says:

      I’m too late
      Videos have been removed

    15. Johnny Walker ReadNo Gravatar says:

      A great series on the faked JFK assassination by Owen Harris. The link here is to part in the series. I highly recommend all 7 parts in this series.

    16. H%No Gravatar says:

      Clearly, in 2020, the –entire– trauma ride of the 60s has emerged as hoax–craft and BOGUS.

      And, in 2020, are there still people out there who does NOT realize the Marilyn eye–con was
      not only an INTEL set up – – but an FTM as well ?

      Again, USURY mafia –abolished– our republic in 1933.

      USURY is itself deviant economy and culture and operates through hoax craft, deception
      and running the sign with or without – -preferably without– – essence.

      And the 60s were KEY to America demoralization as a make way to RED CHINA transfer treason.

    17. 2ndComingNo Gravatar says:

      I came to this theory organically. The strategy of this fake assassination of British MI6 Freemason JFK would be to solidify control of growing “white-hat” factions within the US government who may have begun to seek to form political pushback to the CIA Deepstate. It was a two fold plan. One was a way to flex to others & let them know what going up against the Deep State means. The other was a way of using double-agents to pose as Kennedy sympathizers, forming an “underground” white-hat political/intelligence insider coalition. This way the double-agents leading this white-hat political/intelligence insider coalition always were able to give full exposure of white-hat opposition plans to the actual Deep State, thereby PERMANENTLY ceiling the ability of any white-hat factions within the US government & intelligence body to make a calculated plan to retake the US Government. This controlled opposition can also be branched out to be used to lure in outside factions which the white-hat coalition might seek to make an alliance with, like the Germans. It was the best possible way to guarantee absolute control over any potential white-hat opposition coalitions forming against the Deep State within the US government. Oswald’s arrest & assassination was just diversion chaos tactics. This is the way of the Freemason Deep State. Always have control over both sides & use chaos to distort reality.

    18. SortingHatNo Gravatar says:

      Makes me wonder why God won’t fix this mess of our planet?

    19. joeNo Gravatar says:

      Pierce Scrim…Thank you so much for codifying the elite’s method in using the Media to fool the public. I am reminded of the radio program War of the Worlds by Orsen Welles in 1938 and the hysteria it caused in real time. I also agree with your comment about the “glaring stage play” that is the KRLD-TV broadcast of the Oswald incident. It was that video I watched on Youtube a few years ago that opened my eyes to the Kennedy Assassination being a hoax. Thanks again.

    20. Michael AsteraNo Gravatar says:

      Looks like I’m a few years late to this but WTH. I like Pierce’s comments. Read quite a bit of Mile’s writing and like his math because it makes sense. Is Miles compromised? From what I’ve seen, he almost has to be. It seems if you put your head up you will be the nail hammered down. I work in such a harmless venue, soil chemistry. Trying to grow better food so people can be healthier. Holey F*k, did you know the whole field is bent?

    21. Robert FrancisNo Gravatar says:

      Miles is giving us some facts and cloaking others with clever misdirection… But as I like to say, learn to read between the lines of anti-intelligence agents and you can weed through BS and get some really good information…

      What I learned from Miles is this… Yes, both JFK and RFK faked their deaths to get rid of a very real threat to their lives (see Bobby- Jimmy Hoffa confrontation on the net)…

      They didn’t take the government below ground as miles suggests, far from it… Maybe just maybe, they kept their private government above ground hidden in plain sight whilst acting as well known Presidents…

      Think this through, Joe Kennedy Sr, JFK and RFK’s father was a Hollywood Studio owner back in the 1920’s and he always wanted to be appointed President. I say appointed because the U.S.A, since the District of Columbia ACT of 1871 is a privately run corporation held in trust by bankers and the BAR association, so our votes really don’t matter a wit, the process simply exists to pacify the sheeple and make them believe that their political opinions matter when in fact they don’t at the highest levels of political government..

      Joe Kennedy Sr.. was known as being a NAZI sympathizer, and this prevented him from being a good Yankee Doodle President, so maybe he simply changed his name and guise and arrived upon the worlds stage as Harry Truman, and perhaps he also played another role or two, Allen Dulles and Dwight D. Eisenhower???.

      So as you conduct your own facial and voice recognition analysis, and learn that I might be right, then having this background information might be important for what’s to follow… And what follows is this… It’s my opinion that JFK is still alive, very old, but still alive under a new name, George H. W. Bush, and maybe Bobby also changed his name and is now Jimmy Carter.

      It wouldn’t surprise me in the least, if I’m indeed correct… Politics and finances are just one big play upon the hard working men and women of this once great country that turned into a clowncracy of fools, where legally disseminated propaganda is used to feed the insiders with laughter and funny money to last a very long and prosperous lifetime…

      If you’re not on the inside, you’re most likely a DEBTOR slave to these masters of disasters, creditors. Oh, those funny and lovable clowns. Kudos to the current clowncracy, I define clowncracy as follows: An internationally based elite group of clowns and pranksters who manage the affairs of their private U.S.A. country club through our individual and collective willingness to believe in their legal fictions…

      These clowns are very, very clever but can they continue to pull the wool over our eyes? I think so, for they do have unlimited resources to own, control and or influence the mass media, and major educational institutions whilst continuing to stage their Hollywood type events as they legally propagandizing the sheeple on a minute by minute basis…

      I suggest that people learn to think for themselves and if you’re looking for an authority figure outside of the box, think again, because the best place to find an authority figure in times of deception is in the mirror.

    22. romanianalienNo Gravatar says:

      I would also recommend this book, it deals with JFK’s fake assassination:

    23. romanianalienNo Gravatar says:

      @Tedtt – Im aware of that and its true, however lets not fall into paranoia. JFK wasnt a woman, but he was bisexual.

    24. romanianalienNo Gravatar says:

      Hats off to Pierce Scrimm for his valuable comments.

    25. Peter McMahonNo Gravatar says:

      You took my comment down; squibs and Shakespeare in Hollywood mean anything? Tut tut , cabal-more like rabble.

    26. Brian David AndersenNo Gravatar says:

      There is another analysis of what happened on Elm Street detailed at – Miles omitted a library of facts and truths.

    27. Peter McMahonNo Gravatar says:

      It took less than a couple of hours throughout yesterday for me to figure out the JFK assassination was a fake; my brother had texted to say that Jackie Kennedy had shot the president and nobody had noticed; I was immediately sceptical, stifled a yawn but nevertheless intrigued,so took a close look.
      I came across the ‘high definition’ Zapruder footage.
      I knew about the background to theories regarding the driver and the agent in the front as being suspects to the murder-and now the third occupant his wife; the most revealing part is the slow motion zoom. One can see why the agent and the driver are suspected-they both seem to be aware of something happening but for me they are not the murderers.

      The whole scene unfolds as the car comes into view after passing the sign (no doubt the umbrella man was the signaller to JFK); at this point JFK (rather badly for me) appears to feign an ‘illness’ and noticeably begins touching his face and reaching his right arm inside his jacket and appears to be trying to adjust something; as he leans over his wife tries to conceal him and can also be seen trying to manipulate something with her right arm down the side of JFK; it would appear the 2 in the front are at this stage turning to tell them to ‘go on do it now.’ What follows is a bit of a studio horror film explosion-they have activated between them some kind of fake stage type head explosion-JFK isn’t dead at all. His wife being no Oscar nominee overdoes the acting, although maybe crawling to recover something from the back of the car (?) and the agent can be seen (?) reaching to take it from her (not a gun).
      Please look again .My unbiased instinct led me to this. It was the way JFK acted during the alleged ‘illness’ (he wasn’t shot then-that is ludicrous) and followed by his wife’s reaction to it that just didn’t look right, as well as the 2 in the front getting edgy around the same time.Focus on the slow motion as he approached the sign-him and his wife-it becomes so obvious. Totally faked. Almost embarrassing once you get it.

    28. crappygovernmentNo Gravatar says:

      What is 99 year old JFK doing these days anyway? JFK was killed in 1963 so Israel could get nuclear weapons from LBJ.

      • Hamad SubaniNo Gravatar says:

        He seems to have dies a natural death long ago. BTW the ISRAEL DID JFK meme is another diversion. If you noticed carefully, it resurfaced as the ISRAEL DID 9/11 meme in conspiracy circles shortly after 9/11.

        • reyNo Gravatar says:

          No sir. The diversion is people like you trying to deflect attention from the fact that the Zionists of Israel, America and Europe were behind the assassination/phony death. Israel is at the heart of everything in the United States of America as it is the Jews of the Federal Reserve who rule us. I don’t think we can ever know for sure whether or not JFK was murdered or not. One thing is for sure: All the so-called murders and suspicious deaths afterward were fake fake fake. I tend to believe 85 percent of this article’s theory. I am NOT convinced that the Kennedys rule over the Zionists and the Federal Reserve though. I just believe they are one of the world’s many power families and they work from behind the scenes with these families. Every Christmas, it’s reported that the ‘lone’ Kennedy Caroline flies off to Asia for the holidays. If true, she probably meets up with the hidden generations of shadow Kennedys.

    29. Pierce ScrimNo Gravatar says:

      You are making Mathis too much of a guru. I caught him lying in his JFK article ‘The Hidden King’ and confronted him with it. First he responded that what he had (deceitfully) done was “didn’t really matter”. When I told him it was very damaging, his response was: “Go away”. I then told him: that is what a deceiver would like after being caught. Very soon after he tried to correct his lie in his article by adding:

      “Turns out those photos are from a movie about Oswald. But since they don’t tag them that way on a Google search, most people will assume they are looking at photos from the actual event. The photos from the movie then act as “proof” of the event, you see.”

      How poor…

      If you have difficulty believing the above, I can prove it as I have the related email correspondence and a screenshot of Mathis original text of his article, so without the addition.

      What he did (pages 31 and 32 of his pdf) is put up two photos from the 1977 re-enactment movie ‘The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald’, knowing they were from that movie, but acting as if they were from Nov. 22, 1963, commenting on the first photo: “I noticed immediately that didn’t look like JFK, so I looked more closely at the photo. The car doesn’t match. Compare the car to the previous photo.”

      But that previous photo he refers to is from the Nov. 22, 1963 motorcade…

      And in this way he carries on with his deceptive text, doing the same for the second photo, saying:

      “Here’s another obvious fake. Again, the first thing I noticed was the ridiculous fake Kennedy, with no head wound. So I looked closely at the car. The car doesn’t match.”

      Jesus Christ!

      At first _I didn’t know_ he knew the said photos were from the re-enactment movie. So I informed him of his blunder. Here is how it went:

      Me in an email:
      Of course the assassination of JFK was staged, but in ‘The Hidden King: Camelot ruled from the Cave of Merlin’ you make a blunder by not realizing that the second picture on page 31 and the first on page 32 are from the movie ‘The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald’ (1977).

      His response:
      Yes, but when people search for pics of the assassination, those pics come up on Google, not labeled as from the movie. So they are being used as proof the event actually happened. All the pics are from one movie or another, so it doesn’t really matter.

      I responded:
      So the following is the case:

      1. While writing your article you knew these two pictures are from a 1977 TV movie.

      2. You then deceitfully decided to use them as support for your thesis the 1963 assassination is fake.

      3. How? By pretending they are from 1963, by which you create an opportunity to declare them phony as they do not compare to ‘other images of 1963’.

      Quote: > Yes, but when people search for pics of the assassination, those pics come up on Google, not labeled as from the movie. So they are being used as proof the event actually happened.

      1. But you know they are from a 1977 movie. So why put them in your article at all? (we know the answer).

      2. Or why not put them in your article in order to inform your readers that in the public domain these two images exist but are, as you say, not labeled as from the movie? (we know the answer).

      Quote: > those pics come up on Google, not labeled as from the movie.
      Quite a few websites can be found that label these images as from the 1977 TV movie. You are again not truthful.

      Quote: > All the pics are from one movie or another If this is meant to be TV movie
      You are once more dishonest.

      Quote: > so it doesn’t really matter.
      It is very damaging.

      He responded:
      Go away.

      I responded:
      That’s what a deceiver would like after being caught, especially as to not have more duplicity discovered.
      Tell me. Did you write The Hidden King in 2009 as you say or was it at a later date having plundered the content, Pinchot and all, from somebody else’s research, backdating it, as you did with the photos.

      Since he cheated as above, I personally have no reason to believe him when he publishes his article in 2015 saying:

      “First written January, 2009. As you see, this paper was written several years ago.”

      The “First written January, 2009” could easily have been no more than a untrue addition, after having taken the idea of JFK faking his death from the JFK thread on Let’s Roll Forums that started late 2010. The author of that thread (Culto) is the only one who speaks of Mary Pinchot Meyer in relation to JFK’s ‘assasination’. Mathis (then) does this also…

      For sure JFK faked his death. But to say that he then ruled from behind the scenes (Mathis) and to say that the Kennedys were the ‘Elite of the Elite’ (Culto), both Mathis and Culto saying the Kennedys were able to arrange the whole thing, is a misconception.
      No president, governor, senator or other high ranking politician is mighty. He is appointed or approved by the ruling Elite to execute its agenda. The Kennedys were of course sub-Elite. The sub-Elite obey its masters, as do their worker bee companions the Freemasons. Dealey Plaza, a highly masonic site was not chosen without reason as the showplace for this psychological operation.

      The ruling Cabal had decided it was time for the Kennedys to make way for new stooges. Trauma will be created in the people by making them believe “their” beloved president has been assassinated. It’s one of the Cabal’s methods to control the masses.

      And trauma it did create! (I know, as I was alive then, experiencing the shock and believing it all, just as all the others).

      If there is interest, I will say more about the faking in a second comment.

      • enigmaticconversationsNo Gravatar says:

        I would be interested in a follow-up comment. Would you mind posting the screenshot of the excerpt from the original article you have as well? Thanks.

        • Pierce ScrimNo Gravatar says:

          The key is media supported fakery.
          ‘Dallas’ is no different from the hoax & psyop of New York (9/11) and no different from the hoax of Sandy Hook, Boston, Paris, Brussels. The Media, one of the Elite’s most powerful weapons, tell the masses a Big Lie and show them fake imagery. Then the Media repeat and repeat and reinforce the lie. 98% of the people believe the story.
          The formula of Dallas, later used for 9/11, was most successful due to the trauma it would create. A lot of those who have seen through the fakery of Sandy Hook, Boston (etc.) do therefore not for the fakery of Dallas. If people only knew that they have been weeping for nothing. And that’s what they did when jfk “died”.
          The formula consists of Faked deaths, Centralized broadcasting, Crisis actors, Staged interviews with actor-witnesses, Publication of footage purported to be from amateurs, Fabricated footage, Publication of a dreamed up official investigation report, Fake evidence, Scenes filmed at other places purported to be from the original place (the limousine scene in Zapruder is an insertion and might have very well been filmed somewhere else), Fabricated back stories, Controlled opposition/Gatekeeping, A contrived main movie (Zapruder and Naudet).

          All of the imagery concerning the ‘assassination’ sequence and its immediate aftermath in the area of the ‘fatal shot’, is forgery. False imagery comes in various ways: fabrication, manipulation and depiction of something staged. All of that has been used for Dallas.
          The psychological operation starts when local radio stations and a national TV network interrupt their regular schedule, announcing that ‘the president has been shot during a motorcade ride while visiting Dallas’. Affiliated radio stations soon turn over to one of the three national radio networks where anchormen read out orchestrated texts as news bulletins. A single account of the incident is created in the nation’s consciousness.

          There is a lot more to say but I am (again) maltreating the comment section as if it were a space for posting articles. If there is unbelief about the media supported faking of the assassination, start with the footage available on internet by NBC News and KRLD-TV of the “murder” of Oswald. It’s a glaring stage play.

          As to your question:
          In the link below the first two images are captures of page 32 and of the upper part of page 33 of Mathis’ pdf before the mentioned email correspondence (that started March 25, 2015). The third image is a capture of page 32 of Mathis’ pdf shortly after that correspondence (that ended April 1, 2015).
          One will notice the addition of a) the paragraph “Turns out that” (etc.), b) the addition of “That’s not from a later movie” and c) the alteration “Can you spot the problem here?”
          Anyone who has downloaded and saved the pdf before March 25, 2015 can check the above.
          (The URLs in red were put there by me at the time of my research).

    30. DERRICK WILSONNo Gravatar says:


    31. TessNo Gravatar says:

      crazy this sounds, but i never would have believed in the NWO at one time either, so anything is possible

    32. James c.No Gravatar says:

      I can’t remember where I read it, and it has been many years since I heard or read of it,but I remember someone saying that they seen Queen Elizabeth II,and Jaqueline Kennedy in a Black Limo; going up a mountain Road in Virginia to some sort of retreat. Maybe someone has more Info on this.

    33. tedttNo Gravatar says:

      I would go so far as to say that JFK was actually a woman, and (s)he played the part of pres jimmy carter. Its just like the music/sports industries, men and women pretend to be the other gender, and put on an act, like like crisis actors during Sandy Hook, 9-11, and the Boston Marathon bombs. They are actors that carry on occult stuff. The world is crazy, why deny it?

    34. noBS_pleaseNo Gravatar says:

      Miles Mathis loses all credibility when he compares pictures of JFK’s car and claims that they were taken at different times in different cars, different faces sitting in different seats, no side mirrors etc. Of course they were. The other car is car used in re-enactment of the event with actors in it.
      His paper is total BS.

      • Hamad SubaniNo Gravatar says:

        He himself pointed out how some images that had been put into circulation as the official ones were later described as “re-enactments.” He doesn’t lose credibility, as he pointed that out first. The question is, why were images of “re-enactments” being pushed around the Internet as official ones?

    35. Linda KachurNo Gravatar says:

      There is a UTube clip of rehearsals taking place amongst the reporters for when Oswald will emerge just like you’d see rehearsals being done for a commercial, etc. Each had his place marker, there were lights and cameras above, unseen of course, by the public. Also, Oswald cries out in advance of being hit by any bullet. And of course, all those actors were instructed to close in on Oswald as soon as he seemed to have been shot.

      • Hamad SubaniNo Gravatar says:

        Miles Mathis agrees. He says that Oswald’s acting was good though. It was only when you put everything in slow motion that you notice he reacts even before he is hit. But nevertheless a pretty good fakery. Mathis also notes that he wears a black sweater, which is helpful in hiding the non-existent blood splatter.

    36. Steve PrewittNo Gravatar says:

      Not to move too far afield from the JFK thing, the movie on the faux planes and faux reporting SCREAMS the question ” Were all these talking heads complicit in this FRAUD??? While the analysis is credible, It is difficult to fathom all these people being able to live with this lie for the rest of their lives. UNLESS they were fed this prepackaged program and were just doing what they always do and were just as duped as we all were. In conjunctioin with this film I have found Judi Woods work to be the most credible v/v what REALLY happened on 9-11. All roads lead to a “break away civilizatioin” that has energy technologies about which we are totally CLUE FREE!

      • Hamad SubaniNo Gravatar says:

        You are right about a hidden, undocumented, parallel “civilization” at work here, as you have called it. Given the scale of the conspiracy. And given the number of participants. We are talking thousands of people. But a better way to explain this is the theory that we are dealing with a hidden and undocumented “class” of people, bound by race and history, who have always used Western people as a “trojan” civilization to further their own ends.

      • KYLE J HILLNo Gravatar says:

        They view us as easy targets as we are weak and easily manipulated. Mankind does not deserve nice things in the minds of the upper elite.

      • Steve PrewittNo Gravatar says:

        The Tippet thing smells like more misdirection that confirms the actual murder of JFK. Granted if JFK was NOT offed, or G.S. wounds were in “wrong ” place then “they” needed a body double but if they already had a dopple ganger that was taking the hit why would “they” need Tippet? I’ve studied the Tippet story before and it is convincing but in light of Mathis’ analysis doesn’t pass MY smell test, ie more misdirection.

        • Hamad SubaniNo Gravatar says:

          Mathis seems to be of the opinion that the Tippet thing is misdirection. He believes a body double was used, but not neccessarily Tippet. BTW Tippet originally got some limelight because of Oliver Stone’s JFK movie.

    37. ProperGanderNo Gravatar says:

      I read somewhere that the Zapruder film was fake.
      Something about the reflection on the limousine door under JFK before he goes behind the sign.

      The reflection should be of the nearby crowd, but it is of the motorcade, indicating this is some kind of composite shot on a set.

    38. Mark A. O'BlazneyNo Gravatar says:

      Most extraordinary. We see what we see.

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