Conspiracy Theory Review-Analysis; Our Hidden Rulers are Phoenician

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New Theories on the Sea People and the Dark Ages

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Note that these are my own theories, and not part of the main review.

A Radical New Theory on the Sea People

If you have been following so far, the Spookians had graduated from trading their pottery for metals to wheeling and dealing entire nations and empires, sometimes among each other, and sometimes cheating the non-Spookians of their nations and empires. They literally have no higher purpose in life other than imposing themselves on other people, regardless if other people are in the vicinity or an ocean away. They had busy lives, and they had managed to conquer most of humanity and all important urban centers in the Middle East and the Mediterranean, and even beyond. They had no time for the concerns of Prophets or God himself. Despite having access to Revelation, they deliberately decided to cover it up (or kafr it up, if you are following Gerry) because it would prevent them from instituting their own false religions, with which they could confuse the plebs silly. And since Revelation was received by Prophets, they became very good at methodically hunting and eliminating them. Even a cataclysm from the heavens was no deterrent to them. Because they had learnt that they could still push the limits of their frauds until that threshold was reached.

And so Ancient Egypt emerged as the Spookian mothership, while Phoenicia emerged as the epicentre of Spookian Maritime Colonization projects. Despite their combined might, they were still no match for the Hittites who emerged in Anatolia, and their allies, the Mittani. It is apparent that Hittites had made advances in metallurgy. If you look at Gerry’s map in Part Six, you will notice that there doesn’t seem to be many Phoenician outposts towards North-West Turkey, as well as the Black Sea. Imagine the magnitude of tolls they could collect from ships passing to and from the Black Sea. The only reason you don’t find them there is because another power was dominant in that region, successfully countering the Phoenicians.

The Spookians don’t believe in coexistence, so they decided to destroy their enemies one at a time. First the Mittani (Megiddo) and then the Hittites (Kadesh). But they lost at Kadesh and decided to pursue a pretend truce.

Then the unthinkable happened. Around 1209 BC, Prophet Moses led all the Jews enslaved in Egypt since the fall of the Hyksos across the Red Sea. The Pharaoh Ramses II pursued them with his entire entourage but ended up drowning with them. A public loss this big meant that the carpet had been pulled from below the feet of Egypt. Immediately, Nubia to the South of Egypt began to coordinate with all other nations and people who were enemies of the Spookians (the Nine Bows), most notably the Hittites, to put an end to Egypt for good. Included in the Nine Bows were the Hittite cities of Hattusa, Kadesh, Carchemish, Arzawa and Hittite controlled Cyprus. Along with Hittite allies Lukka and Tarhuntassa. Among the Nine Bows, we also seem to find some Jewish faith-based communities which had already settled in the Levant, such as Hazor and Ashkelon.

Ramses II arriving in France. French Royalty?

In the late 80s, France officially requested the body of Pharaoh Ramses II for scientific study. When his body arrived by plane, the crypto-Phoenician French president François Mitterrand and his officials lined up near the plane carrying the pharaoh’s body and bowed down to him as if he were still alive! The senior surgeon and the scientist in charge of the study on this mummy of the Pharaoh was Professor Maurice Bucaille. He was the most renowned and cleverest surgeon ever in modern France. To quote,

He was trying to discover how this Pharaoh died when, late at night, he concluded his final analyses. The remains of the salt stuck in his body was a shining evidence that he had drowned and that his body was retrieved from the sea swiftly after he drowned; it was also obvious that they rushed to mummify his body so that his body would remain intact!! But Maurice Bucaille puzzled over a question: How did this body — to the exclusion of other mummified bodies of other ancient Egyptians — remain that intact although it was recovered from the sea?”

The answer was these Quranic verses, which led to his conversion to Islam:

So We brought the Children of Israel across the sea. Pharaoh and his armies had them followed in hot pursuit and fought [them] off until, as drowning overtook him, he said: ‘I believe that there is no deity except the One Whom the Children of Israel believe in. I am [now] a Muslim.”

Now, you had disobeyed before and been a mischief-maker! However today We will preserve you in your body so you may be a sign to anyone who comes after you. Yet many people are quite heedless of Our signs.

Quran 10:91-92 Trans. T. B. Irving

The mummy of Ramses II is now in Cairo’s National Museum of Egyptian Civilization.

Leftmost: The actual mummified face of Ramses II. Middle two: A reconstruction of the face of Ramses II. Rightmost: Note the famous lantern-jaw and the abnormally wide upper lip, which is still found in present-day Spookians, such as creepy American novelist Stephen King. Is he from a line of ancient “Kings”?

To give you an idea of the magnitude of the fall of Egypt, this is what Egypt was like in 1300 BC. As you can see, Phoenicia is an open ally/vassal of Egypt.

Egypt in 1300 BC

After 1209 BC, this is what Egypt looked like.

Egypt after 1209 BC. Note that the term “Libyan Tribes” is used as a diversion from Nubians .

The ground beneath the feet of Pharaonic Egypt split. And now, there was a realistic possibility of Moses settling in Canaan with his followers, creating a powerful, non-pagan nation, right on the doorstep of Phoenicia.

But what became of Phoenicia? Phoenicia could no longer continue as an Egyptian ally or vassal. They would be swallowed up by the Hittites in no time. So they secured a truce with the Hittites by offering to join the “Nine Bows.” The Hittites, like everyone else, assumed the Phoenicians only had control of a few islands, like Sardinia. They had no idea of the full extent of Phoenician colonies, such as those along the coast of Greece and Spain. The Phoenicians allow a limited portion of their navy, such as the one based in Sardinia, to support the Nine Bows. And so, Sardinian Phoenicians (Sherdan) start participating on token attacks on Egypt. There were other groups of “Sea People” also involved, such as Tjeker, Shekelesh, Denyen, Teresh (Tyrrheans) and Weshesh. Some could have been expendable mercenaries.

Was Homer’s Trojan Horse an allegory for the diabolical Phoenician alliance with the Hittites?

This ingenious move allows the Spookians to spy on the Nine Bows from inside the confederation! They create diversions for them at every point to ensure the Nine Bows fail. It is no coincidence that the “Sea People” emerge exactly around 1209 BC. Recently, there have been efforts to edit the timeline and place them in 1300 BC, so that no connection to the fall of Egypt is discovered. 

Of course, there was the realistic danger of these Sardinian Phoenicians getting killed by the Pharaoh. It seems they were smart and left the more risky combat to others. But they did get caught by the multitudes. Since they still followed Jewish customs such as circumcision, it was easy to tell them apart. The Pharaoh simply pulled their pants togas down to verify that they were indeed his pals. To quote a description of the Great Karnak Inscription,

Merneptah states that he defeated the invasion, killing 6,000 soldiers and taking 9,000 prisoners. To be sure of the numbers, among other things, he took the penises of all uncircumcised enemy dead and the hands of all the circumcised, from which history learns that the Ekwesh were circumcised, a fact causing some to doubt they were Greek.[REF]

Yes, he did kill the uncircumcised ones. But I doubt the circumcised ones were harmed. As Miles has earlier pointed out, some became bodyguards of the Pharaoh! Isn’t it strange that some of the captured “Sea People” were also settled in Egypt by the Pharaoh? To quote,

He also captured some Sherden and Weshesh “of the sea” and settled them in Egypt.[REF]

And some were settled in Canaan……maybe to counter the threat of Moses moving there? To quote,

The Onomasticon of Amenope, or Amenemipit (amen-em-apt), gives slight credence to the idea that the Ramesside kings settled the Sea Peoples in Canaan.

While the Nine Bows were fooled into believing that Phoenicia was doing its part, Greek-Phoenicians moved into Anatolia from the North.

The map is trying to persuade you that the Phrygians moving into Anatolia are a new power. Phrygia is nothing but a play on Phoenicia.[1] Phrygia, or maybe Firenze (Florence; another Phoenician hub) was probably the origin of the word Phirangee, which was a derogatory term used in Mughal India for cunning “European traders.” If only the Hittites knew. To quote Wikipedia,

According to the “recent migration” theory, the Phrygians invaded just before or after the collapse of the Hittite Empire at the beginning of the 12th century BC, filling the political vacuum in central-western Anatolia, and may have been counted among the “Sea Peoples” that Egyptian records credit with bringing about the Hittite collapse. The so-called Handmade Knobbed Ware found in Western Anatolia during this period has been tentatively identified as an import connected to this invasion.

At the upper Black Sea coast towards Crimea the Spookian Bosporan Kingdom had already been founded. Phrygia commanded the strategic Turkish coast bordering the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles, and the area which would later emerge as Constantinople/Istanbul, not far from the ruins of Hittite Troy.

The founder of modern Turkey (or the destroyer of the Ottoman Empire) Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was a crypto-Phoenician. He loved the Phoenician Hannibal so much, that he built a tomb for Hannibal at Kocaeli, Turkey, where it is rumoured that Hannibal is buried (pictured right). When he would later die, the location chosen for his mausoleum was in ancient times, a stronghold of the later Phrygean-Phoenicians, who had carried out the genocidal destruction of the Hittites. There are credible theories that the Circassian people are the direct descendants of the Hittites. During his rule, Mustafa Kemal destroyed dozens of Circassian villages in Turkey. Even Circassian language and surnames were officially prohibited. Despite the fact that Circassian Muslims had coexisted with Anatolian Turks for centuries.

Once in Anatolia, the Phrygians began creating huge underground cities for thousands of Phoenician settlers at Kaymakli, Derinkuyu, Ozkonak and several yet to be discovered ones. Until a few years ago, historians were misdirecting that these cities were created by early Christians fleeing persecution!

The Derinkuyu underground city built by Phrygians. From the top, it can easily blend into the landscape.

These cities even had huge stone doors which could be moved to block their entrances. In the safety of these underground cities, the Phoenicians were creating metal weapons using advanced techniques. It is clear that they had come to annihilate the Hittites and their allies, down to the last man.

A remarkable block formation of andesite (a volcanic rock) with several holes, used in Kaymakli Underground City in Cappadocia, Turkey, for cold copper processing. Recently it was shown that this stone was used for cold-forming copper. The stone was hewn from an andesite layer within the complex. In order for it to be used in metallurgy, fifty-seven holes were carved into the stone. The technique was to put copper into each of the holes (about 10 centimetres (3.9 in) in diameter) and then to hammer the ore into place. The copper was probably mined between Aksaray and Nevsehir. This mine was also used by Asilikhoyuk, the oldest settlement within the Cappadocia Region. © Nevit Dilmen

Once the Hittites of Northern Turkey are genocided, all Phoenicians fearlessly and openly descend upon Anatolia. We see the emergence of Lydia, another Phoenician entity. Cyprus is also recolonized by Greek Phoenicians. Historian Michael Wood is also of the opinion that Hittite Troy was destroyed by “Greek Sea People,” who also recolonized Cyprus.

What the Hittite capital of Hattusa may have looked like.
What it looks like now. Even the walls were razed.

By the time the dust settled, the Hittites were no more. Phoenicia was back in business. Egypt did not recover. But weary Phoenicia and a prostrate Egypt faced a new threat, The Kingdom of David and Soloman. Phoenicia immediately became a pretend ally of Soloman, awed by his power. To combat the threat, several new nations popped up in the vicinity, namely Edom[2]after which the term idiom is named, Moab and Ammon. The proof that these three nations were crypto-Phoenician is that later on, Neo-Babylon does not molest them (while destroying Jerusalem). This was done because there was no major Spookian power to deal with the situation. Babylon was waning before Assyria, and soon enough Assyria would destroy the city of Babylon.

More proof of our thesis is that now Anatolia is being thoroughly colonized by Greek-Phoenicians (see below). And look what appeared on the coast of the Black Sea? To quote,

Herodotus regarded the Colchians as “dark-skinned and woolly-haired”, an Ancient Egyptian race. Herodotus states that the Colchians, with the Ancient Egyptians and the Ethiopians, were the first to practice circumcision,

Soon, there is another problem, Assyria. Phoenicia immediately sues for peace with them. Armenians (Urartu) and Mannaeans (Hurrians earlier associated with the Mittani) seem to be taking advantage of the vacuum.

By 745 BC, the Nubians had conquered all of Egypt. After Sennacherib, Assyria got infiltrated by Phoenicians, and soon enough, Assyria arrives to the rescue of Egypt. By 663 BC, Neo-Assyria conquers the northern half of Egypt defeating the Nubians. Strangely, they leave the very next year, abandoning their entire conquest to the Pharaohs! This only confirms that Neo-Assyria was now Spookian.

By 745 BC, the Nubians would conquer Egypt from the Spookians. This was the first time the Spookians lost Egypt.

By 617 BC, Urartu disappears. We are told that “Cimmerians” destroyed them. But then why didn’t they hold on to their land? Instead we have a strange new entity called Media on their land, which also happens to inherit the land of Phrygia! Media was a Phoenician construct. Did you notice that Egypt is back in the Levant, with its ally, Phoenicia? Isn’t it strange and unnatural that throughout all these ages, Egypt never gets permanently replaced by more capable powers?

Isn’t it strange and unnatural that throughout all these ages, Pharaonic Egypt never gets permanently replaced by more capable powers?

As we have learnt, Assyria is now Spookian. By 601 BC, Assyria switches territory with Neo-Babylon, another Phoenician construct. They quickly put an end to what remains of the Kingdom of David and Soloman.

But now the Spookians got an unprecedented problem. The empire of Cyrus the Great. By the time of Darius, they have infiltrated it, and have managed to stay any further Persian advances towards the Mediterranean. But there are still many genuine Persian Generals looking forward to war. Darius manages to hold the Persians at bay, until they are completely infiltrated by Phoenicians.

But how will Phoenicians infiltrate such a massive army? Take a quick look at all these nonsensical maps which show Greece divided into two leagues (the names keep changing) along with some neutral states. One league pretends to support the Persians while the other does not. And we know that all sides in Greece are Phoenician. As time passes, the Greek supporters of Persia keep getting switched around, from different locations across Greece. And then there are those that are neutral, which also join the switching game. It looks like once a group allied with Persia, they were allowed to move into Persia and intermarry into Persian ranks. By the end of this crazy merry-go-round, almost all Phoenicians from all Greek states had planted family members among the Persians and intermarried into Persian Royalty. The alliance merry-go-round was just a cover for that.

Once the infiltration of Persia is complete, Alexander the Great is greenlighted to knock down the carcass and rule the Persian Empire as a bee king. Note that the switchy Greek allies of the Persians don’t seem to mind. Why didn’t Alexander advance further East and conquer the entire Mediterranean coast? Because that was already Spookian territory.

Securing the Spook zones of Egypt and the Levant is top priority for Alexander.

After Alexander, Greek Phoenicians are still running the show in 176 BC.

By 14 BC, Rome Phoenicians are on the rise, and put a quick end to the short-lived Jewish Hasmonean Kingdom.  Now it’s just Rome Phoenicians and Persian Phoenicians.

A Radical New Theory on the “Dark Ages”

Miles leaves the “Dark Ages” open to interpretation but alludes to a possible connection to the bloodthirsty invasions of the “Sea People” and the completion of Phoenician Colonization. I disagree. Phoenicians always covered up their history perfectly. It was almost always just as sanguine as the episode of the “Sea People.” We have only come to know of the Hittites and the Sea People in the last twenty years. All the millennia before that, they weren’t a thing, which indicates a very successful cover-up. And Phoenician Globalization had been completed a long time ago.

We have only come to know of the Hittites and the Sea People a few decades ago. All the millennia before that, they weren’t a thing, which indicates a very successful cover-up.

I will be going with the mainstream timeline of the “Dark Ages,” which is 500 AD to 1100 AD. Before we begin, let me remind you that this period refers to history that was edited out, or covered up, in European sources. So the audience from which this history was being hidden was strictly a European one. Why would they do that? Because by 500 AD, Christianity had taken root in Europe and the colonies of Rome. Despite 500 years of cruel and bloodthirsty efforts by the Roman-Phoenician rulers to wipe it out. Now, they had to reluctantly “accommodate” it or risk revolution.

And accommodate they did.

  1. By editing out all the cruel and gruesome things they did to suppress Christianity and early Christians. Such as the genocide of the Essenes. All these acts could be traced to the same old Phoenician families, who would no longer be favoured as ruling elites if their connections to the pagan persecution campaigns became exposed.
  2. By ensuring all the genuine teachings of Jesus were destroyed and obfuscated. And replaced by their very own Bible (a pun on Babylon/Babel/Byblos). This was done through organizing various Councils which decided which of Jesus’s teachings were to be carried forward and which were to be abandoned. One of these earliest Councils were held at Carthage, which gives you a clue about the identity of the organisers. The result is a document full of Spookian puns, references from the Egyptian Book of the Dead (which nobody would be able to connect until the last two centuries), explicit instructions to respect rulers and pay taxes, a mind-boggling Trinity based on the Egyptian one, hopelessness for self-improvement (man is born in sin), subtle caution against questioning others for their misdeeds (Jesus died for our sins) and the foundation of a massive religious bureaucracy to “manage” religion for the plebs. There is also a lot of genuine history of Prophets interspersed in between, but usually a pun or a misdirection is inserted as well. The most mischievous one being Prophet Lot committing incest with his daughters after the Phoenician cities are destroyed in a cataclysm. That’s the Phoenicians getting back at him.

There is also another theory that the Spookians had actually destroyed Christianity and could have easily prevented it from taking root. But they proceeded to unite Europe under the banner of a superficialized Christianity just so that they could fight as a single bloc in their next (but unsuccessful) project, the Crusades. Uniting fragmented pagans to “free the Holy Land” simply made no sense.

The Dark Ages also happens to cover not just the entire life of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, but the Rashidun Caliphate and Umayyad Caliphate which followed him, with unprecedented and permanent conquests. The Bible editors were quick to purge all references to El, Elohim and Allah, because Islam had to be a strange, different religion.

The Dark Ages also happens to cover not just the entire life of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, but the conquests of the Rashidun Caliphate and Umayyad Caliphate which followed him.

But it is unlikely that Europeans would accept an Arabic-language religion without conquest. There was something else they were gravely worried about.

Spookians cannot peacefully co-exist as subjects of non-Spookian rulers. They have to have their hands in the cookie jar. If they can’t they leave to other places where people will put up with them. The Rashidun and Umayyad Caliphates that followed Prophet Muhammad ﷺ were tight-knit groups of people who knew each other for generations. They tended to be suspicious of all those who did not share that historical legacy tied to Mecca and Medina. It was simply not possible to infiltrate them and rule them as hidden rulers. The Spookians tried to cobble up a new parody of Islam (The Ismaili Fatimid Caliphate) but it was violently rejected. Of course, they could hold up in their island fortresses and underground cities, but even mighty Tyre was finished off for good by the Mamluks in 1291 AD (and they are still angry with the long extinct Mamluks about that).

So the Spookians inhabiting Egypt, Mesopotamia and the Levant for millennia started settling in Europe. Of course, they had been in Europe there since Stonehenge. But we are talking of a mass exodus, followed by a sudden displacement or disappearance of pre-existing local rulers in Europe. It was not pretty and had to be covered up in historical texts. Otherwise the encroaching Spookians would never be accepted as local rulers. To give you an idea of how ruthless Phoenicians could be towards Europeans, look up the Celtic Kingdom of Tylis, which appeared on the shore of the Black Sea in 279 BC, and mysteriously disappeared, replaced by Spookians. 

The Spookians naively thought they could waltz back as Crusaders, but as decades turned into centuries, the goalposts kept getting pushed ahead. It was only in the 13th Century following the Mongol Destruction of the Islamic World that such a rehabilitation was attempted. In an earlier book, I encountered a curious document which appeared to be heavily censored by mainstream historians. Rashid-al-Din Hamadani was a Jewish vizier of the Mongols. To quote,

In 1945, 53 private letters of Rashid-al-Din Hamadani were published in their original Persian by a Pakistani scholar named Prof. Muhammad Shafi. Establishment historians from the West quickly pounced on them as a possible forgery. And there were many good reasons why they wanted to distance Rashid-al-Din Hamadani from those letters.

The letters allude to the migration and settlement of certain “Greek” families to Tabriz, the new capital of the Mongol Ilkhanids. In other words, the Spookians were finally returning in the aftermath of the Mongol destruction of the Islamic world.

But did all of them return? To the contrary, Europe became home for most of them. From there, they launched colonization ventures that would dwarf Phoenicia, most noticeably the British Empire. The entire New World fell to them. They also discovered that the societies they cultivated in Europe, Russia, the Americas (and now China) were more amenable to their dystopias. Pretty soon they launched World Wars, following which a large part of the world (including half of Europe) fell to their Communist project, with people living in conditions worse than medieval feudalism. The remainder is now succumbing to 1984 style dystopias, with fake pandemics making cameos in the plot. For them, it doesn’t get better than this.

Of course, the reconquest of their homelands still remains an active project. They have already taken Tyre and Carthage back, and have created fictitious modern nations surrounding them.  But no matter how they repackage their old frauds, it’s always the same old, same old.

The End.

1 Phrygia, or maybe Firenze (Florence; another Phoenician hub) was probably the origin of the word Phirangee, which was a derogatory term used in Mughal India for cunning “European traders.”
2 after which the term idiom is named
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