Conspiracy Theory Review-Analysis; Our Hidden Rulers are Phoenician

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An Introduction to Spookians

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Today, I will be reviewing what I consider to be the biggest development in conspiracy literature to date. I have already introduced readers to Miles Mathis, in particular, his gamechanging theory on the JFK assassination. Starting in July 2018, a German contributor to his website who goes by the name of Gerry (his website), started publishing a series of essays (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ) on the website of Miles Mathis. These were followed by an essay written exclusively by Miles in March 2020, followed by another one in July 2020. These seven essays constitute, in my opinion, the most insightful research into the origins and identities of the world’s hidden rulers, or as Gerry would call them, Spookians.

Why is this relevant? Because knowing who these people are is the only way to counter them. Long before they started hiding themselves behind other nations and other people, they once had to openly fight under their very own nation(s), using their very own names, and under their very own flags and symbols. In these simple times, they had to fight at close quarter, getting injured and even killed. Unlike their current wars where they hide behind the scenes and remotely operate weapons. They also faced real threats of obliteration from more advanced civilizations. But these simple times did not last for long as circumstances and opportunities forced them to hide behind other nations and groups of people. Cleverly, they expunged their ancient history from the human record so they could no longer be fully understood (though they cannot resist romanticising their ancient history in “Mythologies”). In other words, they deliberately made themselves an enigma. You cannot fight what you can’t see, any more than you can shoot in the dark. And knowing their sorry story past is an accurate predictor of what they are currently up to.

The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth.

George Orwell in 1984.

I have been researching the Spookians parallel to Miles Mathis, long before I discovered him in 2015. I viewed the Spookians (or their political power) as a relatively modern, Western, phenomena (think Bavarian Illuminati). I was aware of their ancient origins in Egypt and Babylon, but only because they repeatedly referenced the same. I stuck to Fritz Springmeier’s concept of Thirteen specific families at the top of the pyramid, possibly throughout history. Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler arrived at these thirteen families by giving victims of Mind Control a list of hundreds of Elite families, and asking them to circle out their perpetrators. And it seems these ones were repeatedly circled out. Further, there is corroboration of their clout and their wealth in modern history, as well as symbolism surrounding the number 13. Recently, the authorship of Bloodlines of the Illuminati has been questioned, some attributing it entirely to Cisco Wheeler. But what is important to understand the inherent limitation of books like these. They only question our current historiography. Anything ancient is dismissed as being too obscure to bring to the table.

The work of Gerry goes backwards. It helps us understand current Spookery by identifying and deciphering Ancient Spookery. This is rare because visiting museums and looking at ancient historical artifacts, reading (sometimes translating) and reinterpreting ancient and medieval primary source documents (including the Bible) and inscriptions is very time intensive. And each generation seems to be endowed with a shorter and even shorter attention span. And as we shall see, this is exactly what the Spookians count on to cover their tracks.

It is important to note that Gerry operates differently than Miles. Miles emphasizes intuition, studies photographs, paintings and genealogical databases. Gerry delves deep into primary historical sources, with what my gut tells me, is a University-level expertise. His sources are impeccable, and would withstand the harshest scrutiny, although he would never get published by the big houses. (I have a degree in History from what turned out to be a notorious Spook University, and I can tell a few things when I see them). Gerry can also be described as agnostic, as far as his inclination to any particular religion is concerned. He believes all religions have been infiltrated, even before they came into existence. I had the opportunity to correspond with him and can confirm that. To quote an email of his:

Christianity and Islam were developed when the world was already ruled by spooks. Their religious messages are still true, but they do not tell us the truth about people of wealth and power: All of them [Spooks] have inherited much of it, and use their undeserved privilege to increase it in ways not available to us commoners.

Despite the importance of Gerry’s work, it did not create many ripples. Maybe because of its complexity. This was an impressive effort to condense millennia of ancient history into seven essays. I intend to simplify his thesis even further. I will begin by doing a quick review of all of these seven papers (187 pages in total), and if you follow, you will notice the unmistakable outline of a fully substantiated theory by the end of this “crash course.” After that (and in between), I will offer my own commentary, as well as side-theories which I could not resist extrapolating. Needless to say, I do not agree with Gerry or Miles on many points. But I agree with the majority of what they have to say, which is why I am showcasing these papers on Cabal Times.


Note: I highly recommend reading the original essays, all seven of them (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) and maybe more to come. These excerpted reviews were meant for the tired, hustled and weary masses. They are not teasers, and they gives away all the important details.

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  1. Bodhi MantraNo Gravatar says:

    Interesting, all of this corroborates my own research and conclusions. This is my website: Esoteric Awakening. Stop by anytime if you like and feel free to use any of my work however you want, it may offer you more insights to use for your own work. I will read more of your work soon and will likely ask to republish a piece or two at my website at some point if you are interested, to introduce my readers to your work and website. Cheers mate

  2. D.S.No Gravatar says:

    Just to mention the vandals/ gaiseric were in 400s AD, as part of the decline of the Roman Empire, not before. Keep up the good work.

  3. kocotube01 začasniNo Gravatar says:

    [Samson…”when she discovers her[sic: his] motives.”

  4. AsrNo Gravatar says:

    lot of things happening in space too which NASA is hiding :

  5. Linda KachurNo Gravatar says:

    Phoenician Navy = Tribe of Dan

    • Gerard NordskovenNo Gravatar says:

      Almost. Tribe of Dan blew outa dere per Stephen Pidgeon after embracing the “Sons of Belial” perversion that got the Tribe of Benjamin slaughtered as blamed for their raping to death a Levite’s wife/concubine. Dan is cut out of the list of tribes in Revelation/Apocalypse, true, but Dan buddied up to the Amorites, Satanista Semites who reverse everything God is and wishes, so very heavy into Genesis 3:15 Woman & Seed persecuting as the foes of Satan, so anti-marriage, pro-gay, pro-slavery, promoting “gods made people as slaves” creation story everything opposite, Allah is crazy vicious slaver god everything opposite. Dan PLUS Amorite imposters pretending to be Neo-Sumerians, Neo-Assyrians, Neo-Babylonians, Neo-Cons! Rinse and repeat. DAN PLUS AMORITES ERASED JEWS AND NEW JEWS, CATHOLIC CHRISTIANS bringing divorce, usury, perpetual debt with “Protestant Reformation.” GREAT DECEPTION punked by Woman of Rev 12 at Fatima, Portugal, 1917 “Miracle of the Sun” with SIster Lucia replaced by Lucy2

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