Conspiracy Theory Review-Analysis; Our Hidden Rulers are Phoenician

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Part Seven: The Phoenix as a Pun

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Part Seven is a paper by Miles debunking the theory of Tartaria. However, it contains interesting pieces of information regarding the Phoenicians, which is why I am bundling it into this review.

After the official end of Phoenicia, Phoenicians began to insert one of their more popular motifs, the Phoenix, into official symbols, names and flags, to signal their presence to fellow crypto-Phoenicians, and as an inside joke. The Phoenix, we are told, never dies. It only kills itself and then rises again from the ashes. Just like Phoenicia, which disappeared off the map as far as official history is concerned, but is now bigger and more powerful than ever.

Since the Phoenicians were clearly into the occult, the Phoenix was also based on an occult character. To quote,

In demonology, Phenex is a Great Marquis of Hell and has twenty legions of demons under his command. He teaches all wonderful sciences, is an excellent poet, and is very obedient to the conjuror. Phenex hopes to return to Heaven after 1,200 years, but he is deceived in this hope.

He is depicted as a phoenix, which sings sweet notes with the voice of a child, but the conjurer must warn his companions (for he has not to be alone) not to hear them and ask him to put on a human shape, which the demon supposedly does after a certain amount of time.

Just look at the number of things, places, people and characters that have Phoenix in their names. Without hesitation, I would say all of them are either Phoenicians or related to Phoenician activity. Did you know that Warsaw, the capital of Poland, has the nickname of Phoenix City? Did you know that up to 50 ships of various countries were named Phoenix? Most prominent were British ships. Of these, 11 belonged to the British East India Company, another Spook Colonization Enterprise.

The USS Phoenix Nuclear Submarine
Rhodes in the Mediterranean was a Phoenician stronghold.

Since Herodotus tells us that the Phoenix resembles the eagle in make and size, we can assume that it was usually mistaken for an eagle when inserted into flags and crests by the Phoenicians.

That’s not the American Bald Eagle.

Another variation of the Phoenix is its portrayal with two heads. This goes back to the Double headed Eagle of Lagash, which is associated with Mystery Babylon.

The double-headed eagle device used by John VIII Palaiologos of the Byzantine Empire (r. 1425–1448)

The new Spookian Global Currency that will arise from the ashes of the dollar will be called “Phoenix.”

The Firebird package of the Pontiac TransAm sportscar of the 70s featured a Phoenix decal on the hood. The Pontiac brand was later cannibalized by General Motors. Instead of maintaining its brand identity, they kept switching parts with their other brands, to the point that it became redundant as a brand.  

Flag used in Ravensburg, 1849

Reichsadler (1935–1945) of Nazi Germany, with head looking on its right

Bundesadler (1949–present) of the Federal Republic of Germany. Some things never change.

In my earlier book on the World Wars, this Romanov seal aroused my suspicion that they may have deliberately facilitated the emergence of the Soviet Union.
These are the supposed successors of the Romanovs. Note Phoenician wreath.
Looks like the same folks run the UN.

“Huma bird” in the Emblem of Uzbekistan. Also note Phoenician wreath.

The official seal of Dalhousie University, a Spook School that I once attended.

Usually, a Phoenix in black is a sure sign of Spooks.

2014 Revision of Dalhousie University Wordmark

The Gandaberunda emblem in the Mysore Palace.

Coat of arms of the State of Karnataka, India

Wait, Phoenixes in India?

Here’s how Miles explains it.

[the Phoenix] has long been used by the state of Mysore, telling us what to think of that. Mysore was ruled from 1399 to 1950 by the Wodeyer dynasty. Does that name look familiar? It should. Think of Woden. The dynasty started with Adi Yaduraya, who comes out of nowhere. Yaduraya=Yoda=Woden. It is just an Indianizing of Woden. He was allegedly appointed by Harihara II and ruled Mysore under six emperors. These emperors all have ancestries, but Adi has none. No parents. Since he brought the phoenix with him, we now know where he came from. We can glean the same thing from the fact that while the Vijayanagara Empire was struggling at that time, Mysore was expanding. It was a great center of trade.

From this fact alone, we can also theorize about the so-called Dravidian languages of India, of which Kannada, the language of Mysore, is one. All you have to do is drop the “r” to get Davidian. Do you really think that is a coincidence? If you do, you may wish to study all the similarities between Tamil, Kannada, and Hebrew. It is admitted that ancient Tamil and Kannada are pretty much the same. But the “experts” tell us there is no link between Hebrew and Tamil/Kannada. They pretend not to know where the outside influence came from, even stating at Wikipedia that the influence probably came from within India. You have to laugh. Anyone who studies the question for more than 15 minutes can see they are misdirecting. It soon becomes obvious that the Dravidian languages are showing a Davidian/Hebrew outside influence. They even admit the influence may have come from Tamil merchants. And who do you think those merchants were? Phoenicians/Hebrews/Jews. So why the misdirection? Because, again, they don’t want you to realize that the Phoenicians have been in India almost since the beginning. They didn’t start ruling the place only after the British arrived. They had been ruling it long before that. And still are. Above, we have already taken it back to 1400, and with more digging we could take it back much further.

This is likely to have happened because the coast of South India was easily accessible to the Phoenicians. They may have established pretend-Hindu kingdoms in Tamil Nadu (South India) as early as 548 BC. In an earlier article on the Nizam of Hyderabad, I explained how the British went to great effort to resurrect the Wodeyer dynasty.

But it seems they had established themselves in India far earlier than that. Remember that Alexander took over the empire of Cyrus the Great, which already touched the borders of India. And that he “died” as soon as his conquest of India was underway. In my book The Secret History of Iran, I elaborated on that:

Greek influence spread from Iran to the neighbouring Indian subcontinent. Chanakya, a contemporary of Aristotle, penned Machiavellian ideas of statecraft in his Arthasastra. The concept of separation of religion and state was introduced, to better concentrate power in the hands of the state. He also helped Chandragupta, who was said to have met Alexander the Great, to overthrow the Nanda Empire and create the Hellenized Maurya Empire of India. Chandragupta married the daughter of a neighbouring Greek satrap, and established treaties with the Greeks. The Maurya Empire of India borrowed heavily from Greek traditions of statecraft, and techniques of controlling and subjugating populations. In addition, Buddhism was officially instituted to prohibit the subject population from acquiring arms and waging war. Dietary restrictions were introduced. The slaughtering of animals for food was also banned for the subject population. On the other hand, the Maurya Empire transformed into a surveillance state, and maintained a large and powerful army. They brutally quashed any group that resisted their hegemony. And similar to some modern Western societies, they instituted a massive bureaucracy that controlled everything. In the long run, Hellenization of India failed because of opposition from the Hindu religious class. But the legacy of Greek influence remained. When the British later carved out the nation states of India and Pakistan, Maurya icons were recycled as official Indian emblems. And the new Indian nation-state was encouraged to identify with the Maurya past, even though India had seen much more vibrant period of cultural florescence since the Mauryas.

The flag of modern India bears a Mauryan icon.

Ironically, Indians are taught that the Mauryas were the good guys. The local Indian Nandas they destroyed, and the ones Ashoka massacred at Kalinga are regarded as nobodies.

Spookian Timeline of India 600 BC-1 AD

Here is a little timeline that starts in 600BC, for those who want to pursue this further. Later, I shall demonstrate that Spookian influence in India goes back much further.

548 BC: First Tamil Kingdoms appear in coastal South India which had extensive Maritime trade with Phoenicia. These kingdoms may be Spookian.

516 BC: Buddhism founded in India by “Greeks.”

323 BC: Alexander the Great reaches the borders of India and pretend-dies. It seems he is operating in India now, as the Greek-origin Mauryans appear, challenging the local Nandas. Soon, the Mauryans manage to step into the shoes of the Nandas.

305 BC: Conquest of South India by Maurya begins.

300 BC: Conquest of southern India by Maurya ends.

269 BC: Ashoka rules the Mauryan Empire.

261 BC: Kalinga Kingdom invaded by Maurya empire and brutally eviscerated.

232 BC: Mauryans begin to collapse.

185 BC: Mauryan Empire overthrown by the Shunga Empire.

180 BC: “Greco-Bactria” invades India. More Spooks.

175 BC: “Greco-Bactria” creates an “Indo-Greek Kingdom” which combats the Shunga Empire.

168 BC: The “Indo-Greek Kingdom” captures Mathura and other independent kingdoms along the Ganges river.

183 BC: The Shunga conduct a coup in Pataliputra against the “Indo-Greek Kingdom.”

160 BC: The “Indo-Greek Kingdom” takes Gujarat

155 BC: Indo-Scythians appear.

150 BC: Indo-Scythians invade the “Indo-Greek Kingdom.”

12 BC: An Indo-Parthian Kingdom appears
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