Conspiracy Theory Review-Analysis; Our Hidden Rulers are Phoenician

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Part Five: More Spook Puns

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Gerry starts Part Five by further analyzing punnery in the Bible, this time also going into Arabic and Aramaic root words, and not just Hebrew. Of course and as always, his conclusions are open to interpretation. Consider this “riddle verse” in the Bible,

So that day Jacob blessed them and said: “By you shall Israel pronounce this blessing: ‘May God make you like Ephraim and Manasseh.’” So he put Ephraim before Manasseh. Genesis 48:20

I will save you his thorough and convincing analysis, but this is his conclusion:

If this riddle is purely about finance, then it means “payback comes before annulment” of credit. That is of course the natural order. But if it’s a riddle about cryptocracy then it may mean that the “disguise comes before the deception”, i.e. the true rulers should always conceal themselves properly before running their grand-scale scams. If Ephraim’s plural -im form is any indication, it may even pun with -um for “them”, meaning us commoners: “Always blind them before the exaction begins.”

The proliferation of the name “Levy” among present day Spooks may be related to their families once being moneylenders. It translates into “to join,” as in a contract.

So, while there are other speculated derivations for lwy, the one from lwh makes perfect sense. And it also explains why rich aristocratic moneylenders love to call themselves Levi, Levison, Levinsky and so forth, as one meaning of the word is simply moneylender. In addition to the gazillion of recognizable variants, there are also strange transcriptions like Lehman, perhaps Livingstone(see Levistone& Levingstone). Levite “lion” names like Löw, Loew, Loebmay be yet another explanation for heraldic lions.  CTTF commenters also suggested Russian Lev, Dutch Leeuw, Welsh Llew, Danish Løve. All may be bankster puns, and derived from Semitic Lavi, though the “evidenceis not clear”. Check out the full Wikipedia list of “Levite” surnames.

Adding a Hebrew suffix to Levy changes its meaning to wreath, which as you may be aware, is created by joining the two ends of a string or branch, to create a circle (or a contract?). To quote Gerry,

So were all the laurel-crowned emperors actual “aggressive” militarists, or really bankers in charge of “expenses”? Perhaps both, as the former’s activity is the latter’s profit? At least the wreath awarded in sports can be explained as a harmless joke with the basic Semitic lwh meaning “to join”: the winner of a race is the first who joins 2 ends by completing the round.

Were the Phoenicians also behind the pun involving the wreath supposedly placed on the head of Jesus? (Note: this may have never happened; just some punnery added to the narrative). Since it was a wreath of thorns, I suppose it hints at their anger or disapproval.

Wreaths occur regularly in Phoenician symbolism.

Remember the secret “bee leaders” we encountered in Part One? Gerry argues that the real meaning of the word Yahud (with which the word Jew is associated) may from the Arabic word hidya, which means “way how something goes.” His interpretation is that secret leaders became the way things went in all cultures and all ages. Then there is the Hebrew interpretation of the root word yd:

yd: hand, arms, authority, control, creditor, debt, leadership, possession, power

In Egyptian, this word is represented by a hand glyph.

To quote Gerry,

Among the 1000 other derived meanings for yd, we also find the following: authority, bounty, command, control, creditor, custody, debt, force, guarantor, human agency, leadership, possess, possession, power, responsible, rule, seized. Particularly, the word for “debt” in Nehemiah 10:31 is written as yad, a hand. This is likely derived from the debtor being in the “hands” of the creditor.


More curiously, the word “creditor” in Deuteronomy 15:2 is written baal-mosheh-yadu which means “lord-loan-hand”, probably the “owner possessing the loan”. So, our “bees” & “hands” are not only “leaders”, but also generally “possessors” & “creditors”, once again. We can see that bankster aristocrats would love to cloak themselves with that word.


There is also uncanny “hand” symbolism used throughout the ages. The most prolific are the hands on Carthaginian grave steles. I bet we’d find them in the Levant too if it hadn’t been purged of all imagery. It’s often called “Hand of Tanit”, but there’s never any “Tanit” attached.


Officially derived from these Phoenician hands, we even have the Bloody Hand of Chark and the Red Hand of Ulster, in faraway Britain & Ireland. [a symbol associated with peerage].

One very special derivation from the Phoenician hand may be the Hamsa amulet, a hand-eye combination widely used in Jewish & Islamic folklore culture, and also speculated to be of Phoenician origin. In addition to their hand steles, the Phoenicians also had hand amulets, but more famous are their eye amulets: the older  Eye of Horu s amulets and the modern Nazar amulets, the latter named after the “observer” nr root from part 1, which spread the term “Nazar” as far as Persia & India. Sadly, Wikipedia recently deleted those  links to  Phoenicia , probably in response to our research.

The hand “leader” pun seen as an upheld arm on Phoenician steles may also be the explanation for the mysteriously unexplained Roman salute, which allegedly spawned the Nazi salute & Bellamy salute, but was curiously not widely used, depicted or described in Ancient Rome. Most of the few references are from Trajan’s column, where it is  analyzed to be a gesture  not known to everyone.

Gerry: “Roman” Salute – official greeting or secret hand sign of the elite? Here, one guy opens his palm, but doesn’t lift it. Also note the “manus” symbol on each standard.
Did you know that the public religious processions of some Shiite Muslims feature “Hands” mounted on sticks? They are made to believe that the hands represent the hands of the martyred family of the Prophet, not Phoenicians.
Creepy hands which showed up at Delhi airport a few years ago.

To further quote Gerry,

As for the hand, there’s gazillions of other possible references. Miles immediately saw that the hand pun explains the Texan “Howdy” greeting, and the hand-in-vest gesture used by top spooks like Napoleon, Washington, Marx, Stalin, who all hail from crypto-“Jewish” in-sider in-vestor families.

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  1. Bodhi MantraNo Gravatar says:

    Interesting, all of this corroborates my own research and conclusions. This is my website: Esoteric Awakening. Stop by anytime if you like and feel free to use any of my work however you want, it may offer you more insights to use for your own work. I will read more of your work soon and will likely ask to republish a piece or two at my website at some point if you are interested, to introduce my readers to your work and website. Cheers mate

  2. D.S.No Gravatar says:

    Just to mention the vandals/ gaiseric were in 400s AD, as part of the decline of the Roman Empire, not before. Keep up the good work.

  3. kocotube01 začasniNo Gravatar says:

    [Samson…”when she discovers her[sic: his] motives.”

  4. AsrNo Gravatar says:

    lot of things happening in space too which NASA is hiding :

  5. Linda KachurNo Gravatar says:

    Phoenician Navy = Tribe of Dan

    • Gerard NordskovenNo Gravatar says:

      Almost. Tribe of Dan blew outa dere per Stephen Pidgeon after embracing the “Sons of Belial” perversion that got the Tribe of Benjamin slaughtered as blamed for their raping to death a Levite’s wife/concubine. Dan is cut out of the list of tribes in Revelation/Apocalypse, true, but Dan buddied up to the Amorites, Satanista Semites who reverse everything God is and wishes, so very heavy into Genesis 3:15 Woman & Seed persecuting as the foes of Satan, so anti-marriage, pro-gay, pro-slavery, promoting “gods made people as slaves” creation story everything opposite, Allah is crazy vicious slaver god everything opposite. Dan PLUS Amorite imposters pretending to be Neo-Sumerians, Neo-Assyrians, Neo-Babylonians, Neo-Cons! Rinse and repeat. DAN PLUS AMORITES ERASED JEWS AND NEW JEWS, CATHOLIC CHRISTIANS bringing divorce, usury, perpetual debt with “Protestant Reformation.” GREAT DECEPTION punked by Woman of Rev 12 at Fatima, Portugal, 1917 “Miracle of the Sun” with SIster Lucia replaced by Lucy2

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