Everything Going Wrong with India in One Image…wait, more than one

When the British left the Subcontinent in 1947, many hailed it as a new beginning for the newly “freed” countries, while conveniently ignoring the fact that the very secret networks that made British conquest and colonialism possible were still as active as they were in 1857. Following independence, these Masonic networks kept a low profile. But now they are out in the open, openly gloating about their power over the Indian people.

A case point are these creepy motifs which were installed at a Terminal of Indira Gandhi International Airport (I don’t know when), all courtesy the Indian taxpayer.

Someone has sought to install not one or two secret Masonic symbols, but an entire catalogue (I could count up to ten) of secret Masonic hand signals.

The significant fact is that this is at an International Airport situated in the capital city of India. We can only assume that these signals are meant to comfort and assure the influx of foreign Cabal operatives arriving in India to take position as agents of social and political change in Delhi. Relax and feel at home, the local Cabal operatives have everything under control.

This can’t be good, and is symptomatic of the deteriorating economic and political situation in India. If only Indira Gandhi (whom the airport is named after) was alive.

The following are some more images from earlier times (though more subtle) covering Masonic influence in India. While the British Raj was dismantled, the secret networks which made it possible were never investigated or destroyed. Those who don’t learn from history are condemned to repeat it.




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  1. Frequency432 FNo Gravatar says:

    What an ignorant article. These are common mudras used in yoga.
    There were not used, they ARE still used.

    • Hamad SubaniNo Gravatar says:

      You are free to disagree. The fact that the spook publication WSJ was among the first to inform the world about this installation is a big enough hint.

  2. OmarNo Gravatar says:

    The problem I have with this website is that I wish there were a hundred times more articles, my brother. I love reading the articles. The articles are very informative and I am happy to be able to read good writing on these topics without having RACISM mixed in. I don’t understand why it seems that white people can’t take a balanced approach to race. Often, either they go for this weird “post-racial” thing which I find eerie and unnatural (and which is not in line with the Quran)- or they go to the opposite extreme and hate everyone who isn’t white.

    I want to read about conspiracy topics and I constantly see anti-immigrant propaganda that portrays people who aren’t white like subhumans.

    I think you are a voice of people who may not have their voice heard.

    Most important of all, however, is that you are MUSLIM! It fills my heart with happiness that I can see a site written about these topics by a Muslim brother.

    I have two questions if you care to answer. Do you think Muhammad Jinnah was a freemason? Also, what do you think of General Zia?

    A lot of people hate Islam. What they do not realize, however, is that Islam is the way to JANNAH. There is nothing more important in this world than following the dīn.

    And give good tidings to the believers that they will have from Allah great bounty.

    -Surah Al-Azhab 33:47

  3. mand98No Gravatar says:

    looks wrong…these mudras are from bharatnatyam….http://online.wsj.com/public/resources/documents/DIALmudras.pdf

    • Hamad SubaniNo Gravatar says:

      Thanks for the link. For those who need additional context, here it is. To quote from the document you cited:

      Mudras are expressive hand gestures that form an intrinsic part of Indian Classical Dance, Yoga and visual arts. Mudras are believed to channelize natural forces and aid spiritual and mental well being by enhancing the flow of energies through the body. The following mudras, that have rich meanings closely aligned with GMR’s corporate mission and vision to create a new benchmark for airports , have been used as a part of the design installation created by Incubis and Landor for the canyon wall at the new T3 terminal.

      Can they elaborate how the “meaning” would relate to passengers buzzing through the busy terminal? If they are Masonic signs, they would never be openly publicized as such. Instead, they would be blended in with local culture.
      Landor is a US based branding company. Not exactly sure of their expertise or interest in Mudras. Again, this installation was first publicized by the Wall Street Journal. Not some Indian newspaper.
      As for Mudras, yes, they may be part of ancient Indian culture. To quote,

      A mudrā is a spiritual gesture and an energetic seal of authenticity employed in the iconography and spiritual practice of Indian religions.

      Like all belief systems of the world, ancient Indian religions are no exceptions to infiltration by The Powers That Be. As we can see, some Mudras were common to both Hinduism and Buddhism, and not exclusive to either.

      Why were only Mudras pertaining to hand gestures chosen for this installation?

      And of the 72 (known) Mudras that involve hand gestures, it seems only those were chosen that have already been catalogued as Masonic. Whats the logic here?

  4. AsrNo Gravatar says:

    Was Satya Sai Baba an Illuminati project? Meher Baba? Dajjal will claim to be God, do miracles and demand worship. Many Hindu “saints” claim to be god and do similar things. Are these all Illuminati supported? Testing the waters before paving the way for Antichrist? All these “saints” have large foreign audience sitting silently and watching and publicizing them. Their handlers?

    • Hamad SubaniNo Gravatar says:

      There are two Sai Babas. I don’t know much about the original one so I reserve judgement. The later self-proclaimed reincarnation appeared gimmicky, but again his message was that of peace.

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