Conspiracy Theory Review-Analysis; Our Hidden Rulers are Phoenician

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Part One: Why Spookians Love Puns

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The following statement can be considered Gerry’s thesis:

In this four part series, I will attempt to show that the ancestors of today’s spooks were not the nomadic Ancient Hebrews, but another people, well known in fact, whom I shall start out by calling the “Ancient Spookians”. Ancient Israel appears to have been merely set up by them, and was and is only one of their fronts. They were the elites of an insanely rich and insanely powerful global empire, which already linked and transcended all empires of classical antiquity. And they got that power simply by being the first to globalize. Officially, their empire vanished into thin air at some point, without leaving any records. But we know it’s still here.

Gerry seems to have found his first clues in the Bible itself (the Old Testament), clues left behind by the Spookians who either wrote the Bible itself, or edited the original. He cites the story of Joseph as Finance Minister of the Pharaoh (Genesis 41-47) as a description of complex schemes such as hoarding, arbitrage, debt-enslavement and land grabs, which Joseph could not come up with on his own, if he was indeed from a humble background. Spookians like to use puns as inside jokes, which only they can understand. And they littered the Bible with many such inside jokes. But to prevent people from catching on, they had to hastily edit the Bible many times, and at times, it is possible to tell where a name has been changed/inserted/edited.

The Nazirs as Spookian Actors

Gerry has discovered that the Biblical term nazir refers to “aristocratic actors,” who have been selected at birth to carry out secret assignments/undercover plots. However, the vow to end their acting assignments could only be ended at the Temple in Jerusalem. Gerry has hypothesized that when the Temple in Jerusalem was no more, they developed the practice of faking their deaths to end the assignment. Further, nazirs are expected to abstain from alcohol, which at moments may give them away. There are coded references in Talmudic scripture that nazirs are expected to cover up for each other, especially when one of them is at risk of blowing his or her cover.

Is Samsung a play on Samson?

In the Bible (Judges 14), Gerry has noticed the story of Samson is actually that of a nazir engaged in a covert operation. He marries into the Philistines (Palestinians) as a cover for going deep into their territory. He hides his motives with such utmost secrecy that even his parents are unaware. He then provokes the Philistines into war, and then tricks them into killing his bride, when she discovers his motives.  Needless to say, infiltrating targeted people’s lives in the name of love/marriage/friendship is standard practice among the Spookians. I have had so many attempts made on me during my years at Dalhousie that I lost count. In Communist East Germany, the STASI had a special division that did just that.

Gerry digs of the etymology of the word nazir. Here is an interesting observation of his:

The best match for us is a third root, NṢR, meaning to observe, to watch, to guard. That fits perfectly with a spook who isn’t spying in enemy territory, but observes the common citizens of a nation already controlled behind the scenes. This NṢR root is also linked to NZR by some linguists.

Would that be the eye symbol found everywhere in countries controlled by the Illuminati?

Going to Church in Fifield, Wisconsin? Nazir is watching…..

Oh Boy, the mascots of the 2012 London Olympics were Nazirs….their “camera” eyes not only watch but also record you!

Nazirs? In My Islamic World?

Interestingly, Gerry points out several “Nazirs” in the Islamic world. To quote,

I’ll give you two examples from the Islamic world here. One is Nayirah, the Kuwaiti ambassador’s daughter who told Hill and Knowlton’s “incubator lie” to manufacture a war consensus. She’s also called Naijirah, but might really be a Nazirah. The other is Muhammad ibn Nasr was the founder of the Nasrid dynasty who ruled Spanish Grenada. He helped Christian Castile take Seville from fellow Muslims, then turned and assisted a Sevillian Muslim rebellion, then in another rebellion allied himself with Castile again, then convinced a Castilian commander to attack the Castilian king. He died some day “falling off his horse”. And came from a “humble background”, plowing with oxen. Yeah, right. He’s obviously not a real Muslim, but a triple-traitor, spook-type Nazir.

As we shall see, Spain had fallen to the Phoenicians long before the Muslims showed up. And the Arab Muslims who conquered it, were unlike the Turks, (comparatively) cultured and gentle people. The Phoenicians yanked them out of there in record time.

Nazir Baron Ahmed is a member of the British House of Lords. In September 2007, he accompanied exiled booted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif back to Pakistan. But Sharif got deported later on. Here he is draped in Palestinian flags.

Deputy Nazeer Ahmed was an Urdu literary figure, who got extensively promoted by the British after he translated the British Penal Code and the British Income Tax Act into Urdu, so that they could be imposed on Muslim subjects. He also wrote a lot of Urdu short stories aimed at brainwashing young Muslim children, especially girls into subtly accommodating Westernization. His main message for Muslim girls was that the contented, traditional type would always lose in life to the worldly types. This is an obvious repackaging of Jane Austen, who was recently outed by a contributor of Miles Mathis.

To further quote Gerry,

One last possible modern reference to the spook version of the Nazir is also quite disturbing: It’s the Nazis. The etymology of their abbreviation is also officially undetermined, and Miles has already outed them as spooks.

I had expanded upon this in a 2013 book:

Just like the symbolism of the Nazis, the origin and meaning of the term ‘Nazi’ are multifold. It may be a mischievous play on the Aramaic and Hebrew term “Nassi.” “Nassi” has several similar meanings ranging from Prince, Chief, head of a community, head of the multitudes of Israel etc. For example, the leader of the Marrano community in Istanbul during the reign of Selim II was a certain Don Joseph Nassi. In Modern Hebrew it is refers to the President of Israel.

The Samson Riddle – Part I: Bees as an Allegory for Spookians

Gerry draws us to a rather intriguing riddle in the Bible (Judges 14). Here is how it supposedly goes:

Samson rips apart a lion, later bees nest in the carcass, both impossible. At the wedding of his Philistine bride, he challenges the guests to guess these impossible things, which is also impossible: “[……] Out of the eater, something to eat; out of the strong, something sweet. [……]”

Officially, the answer to the riddle is the single word: Words.

They explain it as Words spoken by someone kind (Sweeter than Honey). And Words spoken by someone powerful (Stronger than a lion). The problem is that Samson does neither. He violently kills his Philistine hosts.

But what if there is another hidden answer (or pun) if we substitute the meanings of the term Words? We just don’t know which meaning, as there could be millions. We are back to square one.

Now the Hebrew root word for word(s) is DBR (dabar), which also happens to be the root word for bee(s). Are bees Spook-speak for the Spookians? Bees indeed have a hidden leader (a Queen) whom they guard in a hidden nest. They scout around individually, feeding all their information back to the hive. But when they attack, they attack as a strong cohesive group. They have no individuality whatsoever. Going back to the riddle, the answer is literally bees! But that’s not all. DBR also has another meaning. To quote,

The Aramaic DBR root can also literally mean “driver” or “manager” or “leader”! So words, and thus the punny bees, can stand for leaders!!!

There are other references in the Bible as well, in which variations of DBR are used for actual Jewish Prophets, or leaders. There is also a curious passage in Isaiah where they predict that their Spookery will continue till Judgement Day. I really have to quote this passage:

In that day the LORD will whistle for the fly that is in the remotest part of the rivers of Egypt and for the bee that is in the land of Assyria. ISA 7:18

In that day the Lord will shave with a razor, hired from regions beyond the Euphrates (that is, with the king of Assyria), the head and the hair of the legs; and it will also remove the beard. ISA 7:20

And I really have to quote Gerry’s commentary on the same:

Did some Ancient Spooks insert this odd passage? You whistle for your little bee leaders in foreign lands, and they all come flying home. Spooky. And if the shaving part means the spooks will be forced to take off their masks, then we can rest assured that Judgment Day hasn’t come yet, as they’re still wearing them, and are still all over those foreign lands.

Dabur, a leading brand of honey in India.

Dabeerpura is a neighborhood in the old, Nizam-era portion of the South Indian city of Hyderabad. During the rule of the Nizam, it became notorious as a hangout of crypto-Jewish Shiites, who were active in conspiracies against the Nizam.

Bee Visual References

Now for some notable Bee/Nazir/Spookian visual references throughout history.

That’s Napoleon, making a masonic hand gesture. One of his medals has a Phoenix (more of that later). On the floor, you see a volume of Plutarch, who was a “Greek” “biographer” who wrote about many crypto-Phoenician historical personalities. But what’s that on the upholstery of the chair? Bees…I can count up to nine.

Napoleon came to Egypt exclusively to finish off the Mamluks, who a few centuries earlier, had permanently evicted the Phoenicians from Tyre, and razed their fortifications on that island, so that they could never re-establish themselves again.The Ottoman Sultans were already compromised, and secretly facilitated this invasion. Using the pretext of his threat, the British became involved in Ottoman territory, and soon enough, they would be fighting the Ottomans later on. Also noteworthy of mention is the fact that in Egypt, Napoleon hauled off the Rosetta stone, a key to deciphering ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. After the defeat of his expedition, the Rosetta stone was carefully passed on to the British, creating the field of Egyptology. The experts he brought along to Egypt later published a 4-volume Mémoires sur l’Égypte (published 1798–1801). A subsequent and more comprehensive text was Description de l’Égypte, published on Napoleon’s orders between 1809 and 1821. If he was indeed a European man, his fascination with Ancient Egypt is rather perplexing.

Napoleon in Egypt.
Napoleon never undertook an invasion of Britain, because there was no point in uprooting the Phoenicians already established there. At some point, his movement started becoming a symbol of French-Catholic nationalism. This was clearly unintended, and it was decided to call off the entire circus. Napoleon accomplished this marching his loyalists into the barren vastness of Imperial Russia, where they succumbed to the winter.
Similarly, Hitler never invaded Britain, and repeated the same old trick to destroy the majority of German soldiers in a Russian winter.

This is the Coat of arms of the island of St. Elba, where Napoleon was exiled/retired to. It features the Phoenix and……bees.

A Ceramic beehive above the main entrance of Lloyds Bank, Law Courts Branch, 222 The Strand, London. Honey rhymes with money.
Coat of arms of the City of Manchester since 1842. In the aforementioned Biblical verse, bees/flies are reported to be in Egypt and Assyria. Now look closely at the top of the Coat of arms. They are now all over the planet. And two are sitting squat over Turkey and India. They have “Globalized.” And it’s too late to call Pest Control.

The city to Manchester has an obsession with bees. To quote, “The worker bee is one of the best-known symbols of Manchester. […..].” HMS Manchester was nicknamed Busy Bee after the Manchester bee symbol, and the bee is depicted on the ship’s crest, which is also present on the ship’s funnel. In the early 1970s the famous Boddingtons logo was introduced, depicting a barrel and two bees. The University of Manchester‘s coat of arms features three bees. The bees are depicted on many structures in Manchester such as lampposts and bollards. The 2009/10 away kit of Manchester City was inspired by the Manchester bee, featuring a black shirt with yellow shoulder inserts. Following the May 2017 [fake] Manchester Arena bombing, the bee emblem gained popularity as a public symbol of unity against terrorism, appearing on protest banners and graffiti. Tattoo parlours both in and outside Manchester began to take part in the Manchester Tattoo Appeal, in which they offered bee tattoos to raise money for the victims of the fake attack.

The Bee Movie happens to be loaded with puns and inside jokes about bees ruling the world.  

The Samson Riddle – Part II: The Lion as an Allegory for a Spookian Cover

One of the Hebrew root words for lion is KPR. Two variations, kaphar and kopher  literally mean “to cover up.” Then there is the Arabic variation you may already be aware of. To quote,

Most of you will even know the Semitic KPR root from Arabic kafir  with the famous plural kuffar, used in Islam for disbelievers because they “cover up” the truth. Well, we do know a certain breed of people who like to work undercover, and to cover up the truth, don’t we? It’s the spooks again! Hebrew kaphar might even be related to Latin coperire and English cover, as many European words are derived from the Ancient Spookian language.

Now its not like the Spookians self-identified as kafirs, the villains of Islam. In Islam, that term is derived exclusively from the Quran, which is considered a revelation. And the Quran came ages after the Phoenicians. Why did the Quran use that specific word? I have no answer.

Gerry has finally solved the riddle. To quote,

What do we get out of this? If we combine “lion and bee”, as KPR and DBR, we get “covered commander”. And coming back to Samson’s story, we can thus decipher the spooks’ final, secret answer to his riddle: it’s spooks, as hidden rulers. What is sweeter than honey? Hidden rulers, when they’re smooth-talking people into believing their fake reality. What is stronger than a lion? Hidden rulers, because they conquer by scamming other people into fighting and working for them. That is the second, hidden solution, of the riddle-like answer, to the original riddle.

What is sweeter than honey? Hidden rulers, when they’re smooth-talking people into believing their fake reality. What is stronger than a lion? Hidden rulers, because they conquer by scamming other people into fighting and working for them.

So now you know how the lion (usually wearing a crown) became a symbol of royalty. The story of Samson slaying the lion also finds its way into Classical Greece. To quote,

What about lions in classical antiquity? The Ancient Spookians were very active in Ancient Greece and exported much of their culture there. Many scholars claim that they also brought the tale of Samson to Greece, where it became the story of Hercules and the Nemean lion . In that version, Hercules strangles the invincible lion, skins it using its own claws, and uses its indestructible hide as armor for himself. In a way, he’s living inside the lion’s carcass, just like Samson’s bees, and is covering himself with the lion, just as the word means “cover”. The pun works in English as well, because that is the actual etymology: “hiding” beneath a “hide”.

Gerry has perhaps for the first time ever, solved the riddle, producing the real answer which the Spookians have hidden for millennia, as some kind of inside joke. Considering the Bible is read by millions of people repeatedly, this is an extraordinary accomplishment. Or it is a testament to the mushy-brained short attention span of regular readers, a by-product of accepting scripture dogmatically. Which is maybe why millions of these readers never complained that the riddle was odd, or unsolved. This is exactly how Spookians hide in plain sight.

A Common thread Connecting Ancient Egypt, Biblical Israel and Modern France?

Nazirs? In Ancient Egypt?

Gerry has theorized that the word Nazir may predate Hebrew, and may in fact be linked to Ancient Egypt. To quote,

I have found no official etymology for NZR, but many religious forums discuss etymologies that relate the NKR root to another language: Ancient Egyptian. Forum users speculate that Hebrew NKR might be related to the ubiquitous Ancient Egyptian word netjer, spelled nr, usually depicted with the glyph of a flagpole or banner (Gardiner R8), which would link it to Hebrew nes “banner”. This Egyptian word means “holy person”, “god-king”, but mostly “god”. It was applied to both divine lords and deified human lords, such as members of the royal family. I am not sure if the forum users are right about NKR, but with the NZR root, we found an even better candidate for an etymology, since both words denote holy persons in the official meaning. I have found no trail how this could have degenerated into the spook usage of actors who fake their death, but if the Egyptian god-kings didn’t believe in gods themselves, then this could be the origin of the “enacting” part.

Ancient Egypt’s Obssession with Bees…or Flies?

Strangely enough, fly amulets, fly necklaces and fly medallions were used by Ancient Egyptian Royalty.

The Jewels and Weapons of Pharaoe Ahmose I. Note flies.

Gerry has also discovered a word-trail linking flies to the later bees. To quote,

As for our bees, we have here discovered a word trail: There’s the Egyptian word aff that means “fly” but sounds like “cover-up”, then the Egyptian word afj that still sounds similar but means “bee”, and finally the Hebrew root DBR that still means “bee” and is used in a riddle together with Hebrew KPR for “cover-up”. Even the Hebrew word for bee may be related to the fly: The Biblical Hebrew root for fly is ZBB (as in Baal-Zebub), but the Aramaic term was DBB. This fly DBB looks related to the bee DBR, even more so since in both Hebrew and more ancient scripts, the letter B is written similar to R.


Fly amulets, similar to those found in Ancient Egypt, were found in the tomb of Merovingian King Childeric I (Reign 458-481 AD). But in this case, we see the fly amulets slowly evolving into a bee, which was later associated with Napoleon.

300 ornamental bees were found in the tomb of Merovingian King Childeric I. But these ones look a bit like flies. More on that later.

Biblical Israel

Then we see a reference to some Biblical Jews (or rather a particular cult) worshipping a “Fly God.” To quote,

The idol Baʿal Berith, which the Jews worshipped after the death of Gideon, was identical, according to the Rabbis, with Baʿal Zebub, “the lord of flies,” the god of Ekron (II Kings i. 2). He was worshipped in the shape of a fly; and Jewish tradition states that so addicted were the Jews to his cult that they would carry an image of him in their pockets, producing it, and kissing it from time to time.

US Army Rank Insignia. The more “flies” you have earned, the higher your rank. Similar conventions can be found in militaries across the world.


So there is a connection between the Spookians, from Ancient Egypt to Biblical Israel, and to modern European royalty………based on flies? Gerry is quick to dissuade us from assuming that flies are a stand-in for some actual diety, maybe Satan himself. We will revisit that later. For the time being, it is important to restate his thesis. To quote,

The spooks are the bees are the flies, with the fly being an insect that really does nest in carcasses, lion or not. And that is likely the ultimate solution to Samson’s original riddle [….].

We’re at the end of Part I. In our quest for the origin of our modern-day spook aristocracy, we have seen that the spooks are indeed connected to the ancient Biblical scriptures, though their own interpretation of these scriptures seems to be something completely different than what commonfolk believers see in it. We would have guessed as much, but for me it was a surprise that even the spook version seems to be just a tale to them, and judging from their jokes they don’t seem to take it all very seriously.

When analyzing the Flies of Valor from Egypt, we also saw that some central symbolism of spookery seems to be much older than even Judaism, and to come from a completely different cultural background. Personally, I wasn’t prepared for this. I didn’t like the Egyptians popping up, since there is so much silly mysticism spun around them. But don’t worry: I’m not going to argue that they are the dominant Ancient Spookian face that we’re seeing in today’s aristocracy. Even the Egyptians are just a later face of the monster. Before I found the flies, I had neatly arranged my theory so that spookery would have emerged in one big bang sometime around 1200 BC. I have since revised it. We have to go back much further.

It is important to appreciate the timeframe of what Gerry has discovered. We are talking about the presence of common Spook artifacts in cultures separated by a gap of around 3000 years (Ancient Egypt, Biblical Israel and Modern France).

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