Conspiracy Theory Review-Analysis; Our Hidden Rulers are Phoenician

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Addressing Some Gaps (An Attempt)

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Note: This Section is not Part of the Main Review, and all of it should be considered as Extrapolation.

Note to Youtube Attention Whores seeking Muslim subscribers.....
Please do not start narrating my interpretations to your catatonic subscribers without giving due credit. If doofuses like you existed back then, we would not get any Hadith because the chain of narration would be broken just because your ego is too big to include a reference to another person.

In this section, I will attempt to plug in some gaps in the material presented by Gerry and Miles using some historical references in the Quran. It is to be noted that Gerry would not agree with this reinterpretation for his own reasons (discussed in Part One), which again are totally valid. You do not have to be a believer in the Quran to agree, as I will show, it just makes more sense in the end.

I have always been fascinated by historical references in the Quran, which seem to point towards a history of mankind that has been lost, purged and obscured by humans in every possible way. If you regard the Quran as revelation, then it does make sense that it would try to restore and reconstruct the lost history of mankind, by giving hints and pointers to the attentive.

I will first present what I learnt from the review in the form of a timeline, using dates from mainstream sources. I will then attempt to insert Quranic historical events into the timeline, and explain how Major Spookian activity can be explained as their counter-response to these major events, including most notably, the invasions of Sea People and the genocides they committed. Since the Quran gives us no dates, I will once again use mainstream sources to suggest dates for these Quranic historical events. I will also try my best to explain the dichotomy between Phoenicians and the Jews using this very timeline. I also have a theory as to why the “Dark Ages” were covered up. You do not have the read the entire timeline. You may scan to the highlighted parts if you are in a hurry.

Why not use historical references from the Bible and Jewish canon? I avoid them because there’s too much punnery and misdirection. For every piece of seemingly valid information, there can be up to four puns and three misdirection. I do not trust them.

If you go by my theory, it was not smooth sailing for the Phoenicians throughout antiquity. There were times when they faced the realistic prospect of obliteration.  And this was a time of hand-to-hand combat, which the Phoenicians always shrank away from. And had that happened, humans would have definitely been better off. If you take a look at the crypto-Phoenician British Empire and all the meddling it did in other nations, you can easily imagine how the world would be a better place without them. Now imagine a world without the Phoenicians themselves? Without all those Maritime Empires and Colonies they created? Without the genocides and conquests that took place? Without the World Wars? Without their division of the Middle East? Without Communism and the Soviet Union? Without modern-day China? Without their “New World Order” and “World Government” we are headed towards? This is a group of people that painstakingly developed naval technology just so that they could conquer and dominate humans wherever they could be found. It seems they specialize in just and only that.

I have also made some interesting new discoveries.

Among Quranic historical events, there are repeated references to cities, and even nations being destroyed by calamities, after they rejected Prophets sent to them. Modern historians and scientists deny these calamities, yet unanimously agree that a calamity is the reason why the dinosaurs are (thankfully) not around. But out of hubris, they cannot attribute the calamity to the Creator. Getting back to topic, it seems that a large number of calamities among the Quranic historical events seem to have befallen proto-Phoenicians! But it seems they never wizened up. Instead they resettled in other places and resumed their skullduggery. And calamities kept following them, all throughout antiquity!

I have also discovered that while the Phoenicians had to withstand some formidable foes like the Mittani, the Hittites and later the Muslims, the biggest challenges they faced came from individual Prophets, as rejected Prophets often brought calamities, and when people accepted Prophets, they broke free from the proto-Phoenicians and started challenging them. People in touch with their Creator become conscious of their natural rights. The Phoenicians later set up mechanisms to kill Prophets before they became a threat.

Phoenicians as Pioneers of Satanism

Both Gerry and Miles are dismissive of the Satanism of Phoenicians, and Miles has repeatedly said that Spooks use Satanism as a cover. But in Part Three, Gerry does briefly allude to some kind of documented link between the Phoenicians and child sacrifice. The problem with accepting the position that the Phoenicians were not Satanists is that we have to accept the mainstream view that they were pagan/polytheist. There is a problem with that too. If they were originally monotheistic Jewish, it is unlikely that they would downgrade to paganism no matter how evil they became. Why then did they publicly promote this “paganism?”

There is another problem…..

Remember Ba’al Zebub, the proto-Phoenician “Lord of the Flies” worshipped in Ekron from Part One? He was worshipped in the shape of a fly. Here’s the representation of what the thing looked like.

“Beelzebub and them that are with him shoot arrows” from John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress (1678)

Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. This thing is downright revolting, even if we put aside the representation and go by the description from Part One. Even Hindu pagans (sometimes) have a far better aesthetic sense.

Why on earth would they want people to worship that thing as a god? And then we find all other Phoenicians “gods” to be equally creepy and revolting.

Going by an Islamic interpretation, there are entities called djinn (relax, they supposedly exist in another dimension). There are ones that do the work of the Creator (angels), and then there are ‘negative entities,” who have been given a limited-time opportunity, to mislead and even claim some humans as their own (demons), because this world exists only as a testing slate for humans. It is important to note that both are a creation of God, not minor gods, despite the fact that some of their powers may strike humans as awesome. This is only because they operate in a different realm. The good part is that normally, they cannot interfere in human affairs, unless and until humans (or rather, some wicked humans) specifically request their intervention. Again going by Islamic interpretation, humans were first given access to the world of Djinns at Babylon. Where two angels showed up, offering access to this world, with the precondition that anyone who signed up to learn the techniques would forfeit his faith for good. In Part Three, Gerry describes “winged genies” in Assyrian carvings, sometimes with eagle-heads or fish cloaks. These “may” be depictions of them, although the Phoenicians want you to believe they are “Ancient Aliens.”  It seems some Jews (based on preceding verses) made a beeline to these angels to sign up and specifically learn a black art used to stir up a divorce! Here is the exact verse of the Quran mentioning this. Interestingly, this is the only time Babylon is mentioned in the entire Quran.

[……]but the devils[evil people] disbelieved, teaching people magic and what was sent down to Harutand Marut, two angels at Babylon. Neither of these would teach anyone unless they [first]said: “We are only a temptation, so do not disbelieve!” They learned from them both what will separate a man from his wife. Yet they do not harm anyone through it except with God’s permission. They learn what will harm them and does not benefit them. They know that anyone who deals in it will have no share in the Hereafter; how wretched is what they have sold themselves for, if they only knew.

Quran 2:102 Trans. By T. B. Irving

The way magic/witchcraft works is that evil humans flatter these entities, by uttering their names, calling them out for help, and praising them (stuff normally reserved for God). They up the ante by offering sacrifices for these entities and in their name. If they can, they even sacrifice children for them. In return, the entities can at times, curry favors for them using means beyond the realm of human action. Does this sound like something our Spookian pals would be into? Very much.

In fact, once they learnt the black arts in Babylon, they founded a new civilization by the Nile exclusively for this purpose. The people back then, for all their faults, were still theists. You could not sell Dawkins or Darwin to them. The proto-Phoenicians decided to create new theistic religions from scratch, where these entities would be worshipped, where clueless citizenry would chant their names day in and day out, and even make all sorts of sacrifices for them. The proto-Phoenicians could then harness even more of these powers. There are verses in the Quran which allude to Djinn being worshipped:

They have set up sprites as associates with God, even though he created them! [……]Quran 6:100 Trans. By T. B. Irving

Once human men used to take refuge with men from the sprites and it made them [the sprites/Djinn] even more pretentious.

Quran 72:6 Trans. By T. B. Irving

The Egyptian Alligator deity Sobek, had lakeside temples built for it, where real alligators were fed and even mummified. Was it more than a mythological figure? According to Episode 14 (Season 7) of the American TV Series “A Haunting,” fourteen-year-old Caleb Weaver became slowly possessed by Sobek after a 1997 visit to the mummy of an Egyptian priestess in a museum.

Why did the Phoenicians later relocate to Carthage? Because their child sacrifice rituals were being criticized and opposed. In fact there are several verses in the Old Testament which specify this preoccupation of theirs (they are referred to as Canaanites though) in the Levant. We find further confirmation from later Phoenicians themselves:

… but with full knowledge and understanding they themselves offered up their own children, and those who had no children would buy little ones from poor people and cut their throats as if they were so many lambs or young birds; meanwhile the mother stood by without a tear or moan; but should she utter a single moan or let fall a single tear, she had to forfeit the money, and her child was sacrificed nevertheless; and the whole area before the statue was filled with a loud noise of flutes and drums that the cries of wailing should not reach the ears of the people.

Plutarch, De Superstitione 171

There is a verse in the Quran which refers to the fools who slaughtered their own children in such rituals:

Even so, their associates have made killing their children seem attractive to many associators, to lead them on to ruin and to confuse their religion for them.

Quran 6:137 Trans. By T. B. Irving

Excavations in Carthage have unearthed thousands of remains of children who were ritually sacrificed to a certain “Tanit.” To quote,

Tophet is a Hebrew term from the Bible, used to refer to a site near Jerusalem at which Canaanites and Israelites who strayed from Judaism by practicing Canaanite idolatry were said to sacrifice children […..]The area covered by the Tophet in Carthage was probably over an acre and a half by the fourth century BCE, with nine different levels of burials. About 20,000 urns were deposited between 400 BCE and 200 BCE, with the practice continuing until the early years of the Christian period. The urns contained the charred bones of newborns and in some cases the bones of fetuses and two-year-olds.

A Tophet in Carthage with the symbol of the Punic goddess Tanit, who almost always , is associated with child sacrifice, and harming children.
To quote, “A 1969 Tunisian 1 silver dinar representing a Phoenician ship with the sign of Tanit on the sail, commemorating their Phoenician colonial past. The great metropolis of Carthage began minting coins in the fifth century BC, initially to pay their mercenaries for their costly wars.”
While the original Punic Phoenicians worshipped Tanit, the Roman-Phoenicians simultaneously began worshipping Libertas, a Romanized clone of Tanit. Note similar crescent-shaped crown. Americans don’t worship her, but you get the idea of who’s in charge.

So it seems Christianity (and later Islam) made them go underground. Unless you follow Pizzagate rabbit holes, which claim they are still up to it. An organization called The International Campaign to Stop Rape and Gender Violence in Conflict publicly announced on 27th June 2018 that they were removing a certain Joel Davis from the position of Volunteer Coordinator. Davis was a founding executive of another organization called Youth to End Sexual Violence, and was active in United Nations initiatives. Here is what the FBI has to say about him:

FBI Assistant Director-in-Charge William F. Sweeney Jr. said:  “Having started an organization that pushed for the end of sexual violence, Davis displayed the highest degree of hypocrisy by his alleged attempts to sexually exploit multiple minors. As if this wasn’t repulsive enough, Davis allegedly possessed and distributed utterly explicit images of innocent infants and toddlers being sexually abused by adults.

The Pizzagate proponents were quick to point out that the logo of The International Campaign to Stop Rape and Gender Violence in Conflict bears some similarity with that of Tanit.

You would think [human trafficking for sexual and pedophilic purposes] was an ancient form of criminality. It’s not. It’s a very modern-day form.

President Donald Trump in early 2019, at the signing ceremony for Anti-Human Trafficking Legislation. He was dropping some breadcrumbs to play his QAnon supporters about an ancient pedophilic ring still operating!

Ever wonder why on the “stock” (e.g. cattle) market, a rising market is “bullish”? I think it is a reference to Moloch, the Canaanite god, which is loosely associated with Baal, and other horned entities. Anyways, Moloch was depicted as a bronze bull and was associated with good financial fortune. “They believed that Moloch would give them financial blessings if they sacrificed their children.” Ever wonder why there is a bronze bull on Wall Street? They literally added a small child in front of the statue recently – does it get more obvious? When your stock goes up, you make moolah… see the connections? And through moolah, all things are possible (money can buy almost anything). These are just examples. One last one – you know what Moloch is in Hebrew? MLK. No wonder the markets are closed on “MLK day” [……]

A Showerthought from a Redditor,  22nd December 2021

Tophet was the name given to a point along the Canadian Pacific Railway in Northern Ontario. Despite being in the middle of wilderness, the Canadian Government enticed Oji-Cree natives to settle there in the 40s. A school and a church were also constructed (you know where this is going). By 1980, the entire town was abandoned for reasons that are still unclear.
Bob Cranmer (above) is a prominent Pittsburgh politician. Behind him is a house that he was tricked into buying but which later turned out to be haunted, putting his family through a terrifying ordeal. He hired an investigator to look into the history of the house, which was built in 1910. One of the previous owners was a Pediatrician who specialized in delivering babies. But he also performed secret (and then illegal) abortions in a bedroom of the house. The unwanted fetuses would be ritually sacrificed to a Phoenician deity called Moloch and would then be disposed in a huge furnace built into the basement just for this purpose. Cranmer wrote a book about his experience, which has since then made its way into several Paranormal TV Series, such as Paranormal Witness (Season 4 Episode 3). Many stately looking homes in Pennsylvania and New England happen to be haunted because they were originally built and lived in by America’s Phoenician ruling elite.

Classical Greek Architecture Incorporated some Gory Phoenician Motifs

This was touched upon an earlier post of mine. Now it fits into this thesis as well. To quote,

In his book, The Lost Meaning of Classical Architecture, the late George Hersey came up with morbid interpretations of the motifs found in present day classical architecture. To quote him on Greek temples (on which modern classical architecture is based),

If we put all this together, we can see the temple as a grove of sacred trees decorated with battle or hunting trophies, or decked out like an altar, with reconstructed sacrifices. Rows of teeth, garlands, horns, bones, weapons and other things taken from their victims (21).

And elsewhere,

[…..] a great deal of classical ornament represented the remains or trophies of sacrifice, such ornament would represent reconstitutions or reformations of the remains into images of the victims (45).

The pictures below details some of Hersey’s observations (click on each picture for notes).

These motifs are found on all important state buildings throughout the world (such as the Department of State in Washington D. C.) because the Phoenicians are still running the world. To create some smoke, they have now floated the theory of Tartaria, that these motifs are actually remnants of a Eurasian mega-empire that is hidden from history.

Soloman and Freemasonry

Now back to the Djinn. The Quran mentions that David, and his successor Soloman were genuine Prophets, and that Soloman was actually given the means to summon the Djinn (without indulging in witchcraft) and he was even taught some languages of the animal kingdom. David was given knowledge of metallurgy. To quote,

[…..] and We let David develop the mountains and the birds which celebrate [Us]. We were Active [in this]. We taught him how to manufacture coats [of mail] for you, to protect you from your own violence. Yet are you ever grateful?               

Solomon had wind as a storm which blew at his command over the earth which We had blessed. We were Conscious of everything. Some devils there were who dived for him and performed other work besides that. We acted as Guardians over them.           

Quran 21:80-82 Trans. By T. B. Irving

We gave David bounty from Ourself: “O mountains, echo back [God’s praises] along with him! And [so may] the birds.” We softened iron for him: “Make suits of armor and measure out the links in mail, and act honorably; I am Observant of anything you do.”       

Solomon possessed the wind; it would blow for a month in one direction and then blow back for [another] month. We melted down a font of brass for him. There were some sprites who worked in front of him by his Lord’s permission, and We let any of them who wavered from Our command taste torment from the Blaze. They worked away for him just as he wished on shrines and images, bowls as big as troughs and built-in cauldrons: “Give thanks, 0 House of David!” Yet few of My servants are grateful.        

When We determined he should die, nothing indicated his death to them except a worm from the earth which was eating away at his cane. When he fell down, the sprites realized clearly that if they had known the Unseen, they would not have had to continue in such humiliating torment.                

Quran 34:10-14 Trans. By T. B. Irving

It is likely that Soloman used these powers to construct what would be later referred to as the temple in Jerusalem. In reality, it was just a Grand Mosque, where God could be worshipped by all (even present-day Palestinians).

What Soloman’s Temple Mosque may have looked like. What an irony that Phoenicians Zionists want to rebuild it!

The nearby Phoenicians swooned at the mouth-watering powers of Soloman, and the Phoenician King Hiram I quickly cozies up to Soloman, offering to assist him in the construction of the Mosque. If you go by Biblical accounts, we can deduce that he was just there to overhear the “passwords” Soloman was using to summon the Djinns. It seems Hiram overheard and learnt quite a lot, but when Soloman discovered this, he had Hiram ritually slaughtered. Whatever Hiram overheard or learnt seemed to be related to construction (Geometry? Physics? Trigonometry?), and he quickly passed this over to his Phoenician pals before he got killed. After his death, his Phoenician pals of course had no intention to pass off this hard earned knowledge to humanity, and instead created Freemasonic guilds where they could monopolize this knowledge of creating elaborate buildings and structures by walling it off from the plebs. But eventually, the knowledge dissipated to the plebs. Around this time, Phoenicians realised the futility of suppressing the knowledge decided to publicly take credit of it instead (Pythagoras, Euclid, Archimedes were all Phoenicians).

Freemasons are still mad at the death of Hiram I, but for unsuspecting plebs, they pretend to represent the Arts of Soloman (because that sounds better). The Quran specifically clears Soloman. To quote,

They followed whatever the devils recited concerning Solomon’s control. Solomon did not disbelieve but the devils disbelieved, teaching people magic [……]Quran 2:102 Trans. By T. B. Irving

Also note that Phoenicians are being referred to as “devils.”

The Jew-Phoenician Dichotomy Revisited

Now for the Jew-Phoenician dichotomy. Before we address it, we have to agree on what we refer to as being Jewish. Modern Jews see themselves more as a nation and as an ethnic group, rather than a religion.

As per Islamic theology, Jewishness does not refer to a race or ethnicity, but a group of people who collectively agreed to follow a set of beliefs, which were revealed to Prophets. Just as Muslims follow a set of beliefs, the practice of which was revealed to their Prophet ﷺ. Or in simple words, a faith. So let’s assume that all Jews, at some early point in their history, followed a faith and were strictly a faith-based community.

A genuine faith-based community (NOT some white Christian “gated community” HOA passing off by that name) is very different from groups that are based on tribes, race or nation. The latter have no concept of introspection and their unity is based on competing with other groups. But in a faith-based community, the Prophet is usually the one who has the highest degree of faith. As for the rest of the group, their faith wavers based on time and circumstances. It is always in a state of flux. Usually the death of the Prophet causes a gradual decrease of collective faith. At the lowest end of the spectrum in a faith-based community are those who stay and identify with the group for getting some material advantages but have long gone bankrupt in terms of faith. In the Islamic faith, these are called Munafiq, or hypocrites, who can be more dangerous than the Kuffar, whom Gerry has discovered in Part One, is a term Phoenicians happen to self-identify with, and which means those who deliberately cover up the truth. Unlike the Kuffar, who never join or identify with the Islamic faith in the first place, the Munafiq retains his or her connections with the community. This flux in faith, across various members of the community who identify with the faith, is a natural given. The Prophet of Islam ﷺ was revealed the identity of the Munafiq among his followers, yet he never outed them for reasons best known to him. Maybe he did not want to create a precedent for witch-hunts, because faith exists in hearts, and it can be intangible for others to verify. However actions do give a good reflection of one’s faith. It is theoretically possible for an entire-faith based community, even its religious leaders, to transition to hypocrites. In such a case, their collective actions can be used to judge them.

So again, let’s assume that all Jews, at some early point in their history, followed a faith and were strictly an introspective faith-based community. And since hypocrites or Munafiq in any faith-based community are a given, there was a sizable proportion of hypocrites in the Jewish community, who reluctantly tagged along for their own selfish reasons. Let’s creatively assume they were more than 50% of the entire community. In the Quran, there are repeated references to the irksome behaviour of the hypocrites among the Jews. It is to be noted that this was going on long before the time of Moses.

  • Arrogantly violating Sabbath restrictions resulting in some of them being permanently turned into apes as a punishment! (Quran 5:166).
  • When Moses left the Jewish faith-based community for a mere 40 nights, they abandoned his teachings and started worshipping a calf statuette! (Quran 2:51).
  • When Moses led them out of the clutches of the Pharaoh, they would get “miracle food” in the form of hail in the barren desert, without which they would have starved to death. They protested that onions, garlic and lentils were not on the menu! (Quran 2:61)
  • When Moses entered the Levant, he had to fight the proto-Phoenicians already settled there. They told him to go fight with his Lord, because they were too scared (Quran 5:24).
  • When Saul was appointed king of the Israelites, some objected, maybe because another candidate from the rich crypto-Phoenician families had been finalized. Later they disobeyed Saul (Quran 2:47,49).

Since Prophets would be involved in conquests and administration, the hypocrites loved the possibility of acquiring new territory and becoming administrators. But once they happily assumed these roles, they realised that the then Jewish faith was actually limiting how much they could oppress and steal from their subjects, and how much they could cheat in trade. So they retained some cultural aspects of the Jewish faith, such as names, dietary requirements, circumcision (this is important later) but to their subjects, they started identifying as pagan. This would give them the opportunity to reinvent their world with their very own selfish rules, with no respect for the natural rights of others, and they could impose their selfish rules on unsuspecting populations who did not have access to genuine Revelation and were ignorant of their own natural rights. Spooks even have a word for it which they repeatedly regurgitate. It’s called Tabula Rasa, or Blank Slate. They love carving people’s beliefs and worlds from a blank slate, where they do not have to deal with natural laws and restrictions that were revealed to Prophets. They thus ended up becoming worse than actual pagans, because actual pagans could at least claim ignorance as an excuse. And the reason they fell this low was their unnatural lust for life.

[…..] You will find them the people most eager to live, even compared with those who associate [others with God]. Each one of them would like to live on for a thousand years! Yet it would never save anyone from torment, even should he live that long […..].

Quran 2:96. Trans. By T. B. Irving

As time passed, this group of hypocrites among the Jews became so distanced from the actual Jewish faith-based community, that members of the latter no longer recognized them as Jews and started mistaking them for pagans. Let’s start calling this group proto-Phoenicians. But the proto-Phoenicians still maintained tentacles in the Jewish faith-based community. After all, they had to keep a lookout for new Prophets who might challenge them. And they also had to destroy all extant copies of the teachings of previous Prophets.

We do know from this review that Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs were indeed proto-Phoenicians. In the Quran, they are described as evil. But the Quran also gives a big hint about who they really were.

[…..] When We rescued you from Pharaoh’s household, they had been subjecting you to the worst torment, slaying your sons and sparing your women [….].

Quran 2:49 Trans. By T. B. Irving

The Pharaoh and his pals hated the Israelites so much, yet they were strangely fetishizing their women and having sex with them? This confirms that they had some kind of connection to the Israelites.

Following Gerry’s analysis in Part Three, it is likely that what little remained of the Jewish faith-based community was fully coopted by the Phoenicians shortly after/around Jesus. The biggest confirmation is that their legal traditions were converted into a front for inter-Spook laws in this period.

As for the killing of Jesus, it is important to note that those who actually “executed” him were the crypto-Phoenician Romans, while Jews served to keep your attention off the Romans, which means they had been coopted by the Phoenicians. It is clear this did not go as smoothly as intended. Prior to Jesus, another Prophet known as John the Baptist (Yahya in the Quran) was executed by the Romans, and the entire event was smoothly covered up without much hue and cry. So what went wrong with the execution of Jesus? My theory is that they could not walk him into the same trap that they walked John the Baptist into (making pronouncements that would go contrary to Roman law). They did try by asking him to pass judgement on a woman who had committed adultery, but it didn’t work out. So Jesus managed to buy time and his message spread quite a bit. When they finally dragged him for crucifixion to prove to the plebs that he was no miracle-man and could be executed alongside criminals, he bodily “ascended” before being brought to the crucifixion site. So there was nobody to crucify. And all the plebs saw for themselves. This had to be covered up, so they went ahead and crucified a doppelganger from among the Israelites! But the plebs were not buying it because everybody saw that the real Jesus had ascended. So they hid the body of the doppelganger and claimed that he ascended after he died on the cross! Which is quite illogical, because there is no point in “ascending” after dying, because the soul leaves the body upon death. Later, St. Paul, who prior to his “Saint Project” was highly placed in Roman-Phoenician circles, and operated out of Turkish Tarsus, just north of Phoenicia, managed to create the best ever distortion of the message of Jesus. He created a Trinity out of Jesus, Mary and God. But this created a new theological complication. With Jesus becoming the “Christian god,” Jews became stigmatized as the killers of the Christian god (Deicide). So great was the stigma that in the deliberations of the Second Vatican Council (1962–1965), the Roman Catholic Church under Pope Paul VI absolved Jews for any blame in killing their Christian god, and emphasized that Jesus “had to die” for “our” sins.

The Integration of Jewish Communities into the Phoenician Project

Theoretically, if Jews were still the followers of Prophets, they would welcome the last of the Prophets, Muhammad ﷺ in throngs. But instead, they showed more hostility to the Prophet ﷺ than the pagan coalition of Arabia.

In Part Two, Gerry dropped an interesting piece of information, that the Babylonian King Nabonidus spent a lot of time in a North Arabian settlement called Tayma. Later, Tayma is described in historical accounts as a Jewish settlement (Currently it has a large number of Shiites, so you get the hint). Just 258 kilometres south of it would later emerge the massive Jewish fortification of Khaybar. Thankfully, Arabia was not under direct Phoenician control, as neither of the Phoenician proxies (Byzantium and the Sassanids) considered it worth colonizing. Therefore the Phoenicians mobilized against the Prophet ﷺ through their closest proxy in the vicinity, the Jews at Khaybar.

One of the Prophet’s wives was originally a Jewish captive from Khaybar. Her father was the chief of the Jewish Banu Nadir tribe. The following is her recollection of her pre-Islamic days at Khaybar:

“When the Messenger of Allah ﷺ reached the village of Quba during the migration to Madinah, my father and my uncle rushed to see him. They returned only around sunset, sad and dejected, however. I heard them say the following to one another.

‘So you think he is the expected Prophet?’ asked Huyayy, my father.

‘By God he is!’ said my uncle, Abu Yâsir.

‘But are you sure? Did you confirm it with other proofs?’ asked my father once more.

‘Yes!’ was the reply.

‘So how do feel towards him now?’ asked Abu Yasir in turn after a momentary pause.

‘By Allah as long as I am alive I will foster only enmity towards him in my heart,’ replied my father.” (Abû Nuaym, Delâil, I, 77-78)[1]Osman Nuri Topbas, The Prophet Muhammad Mustafa the Elect (Istanbul: Erkam Publications, 2019)48

Muslim scholars have tried to explain this enmity as jealousy that the last Prophet was born among non-Jews. That may be partly true. But if we look at the treatment meted out to the two previous Prophets, John the Baptist and Jesus, it is clear they had little use for a Prophet. This sounds more like the Phoenicians reporting back to Tyre. We have an even bigger hint in the Quran, which describes some Jews eavesdropping on the Prophet ﷺ for some mysterious people located far away. That would be the Phoenicians in Tyre and elsewhere, who were keeping close tabs on the Prophet ﷺ via the Jews at Khaybar. In the same verse, we are told that this group perverts the meanings of words. Sounds familiar?

0 Messenger, do not let those who rush off into disbelief worry you, such as those who say: “We believe” with their mouths, while their hearts do not believe. Some of those are Jews who are listening for [the sake of] lying, listening for other folk who do not come to you. They lift words out of their context, saying: “If you are given this, then take it; while if you are not given it, then watch out!” God will never let you control someone whom God wants to test in any way; those are the ones whose hearts God does not want to purify. They will have disgrace in this world, while in the Hereafter they will have terrible punishment, as listeners to lying, living off graft.

 Quran 5:41 Trans. By T. B. Irving

We even have another verse in the Quran that mentions the sneaky wordplay Gerry got us acquainted with in the earlier parts.

Some persons who are Jews lift words out of their context [….]Quran 4:46 Trans. By T. B. Irving

The Prophet ﷺ tried his best to keep a truce with the Jews of Khaybar, but they dishonoured the truce by siding with his pagan opponents. In addition, they tried to poison him, tried to do witchcraft on him and tried to kill him by pushing a big boulder from the top of a wall. Khaybar would fall to Muhammad in 628 AD, with Jews facing heavy casualties. The remaining Jews were expelled from the region. After Khaybar, Phoenician intrigues against the nascent Islamic state would pass onto the shoulders of Jewish Sabaeans of Yemen, which are covered in another book. Interestingly, these Jewish Sabaeans of Yemen were headquartered in a region known as Hadhramaut. Was their original mother-city Hadrumetum, a Phoenician colony that pre-dated Carthage? Carthage would emerge not far from its ruins. It has now been renamed Sousse to hide the connection.

There have been similar instances of acrimonious combat with crypto-Phoenicians throughout Islamic history. The most notable being the immense (but futile) efforts to destroy the Ottomans following their capture of Istanbul/Constantinople. Imagine how angry Phoenicians would be, seeing the land they had obtained from the Hittites after so much war, scheming and genocide, being snatched up by the Ottomans in one fell swoop? They brought in the Mongols to destroy the entire Islamic World in retaliation.

Take the case of the Ottoman elimination of the Karamanid Emirate of Anatolia in 1487. This Emirate was likely an Islamicized remnant of Phoenician Phrygia. When the Phoenicians managed to install their own Ottoman Sultan in 1512, they eviscerated the Dulkadir Principality, which consisted of the Turks who had earlier destroyed the Karamanid Emirate. 

In more recent times, there are the battles fought by the Taliban before 9/11 (The post 9/11 Taliban is bogus). In 1997, they were invited to take the strategic northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif, but were subsequently betrayed and trapped, and up to 3000 of their personnel were massacred. There are theories that this feat was the brainchild of the neighboring “Islamic” Republic of Iran, which had a big intelligence network in the region. Needless to say, modern Iran is another Phoenician creation. The Taliban returned with a vengeance and captured Mazar-i-Sharif in August 1998. When they managed to get their hands on eight Iranian “Intelligence Officials,” they did not hesitate to shoot them without delay. Iran stood helpless because they never recognised the Taliban (only Pakistan, UAE and Saudi Arabia did) and the diplomatic passports of these officials were of no use. There are rumours that these people were high ranking crypto-Jews. Some believe this was the moment it was decided that Taliban had to go, and this was done by later linking them with Al Qaida and 9/11. Until then Western powers were still pursuing business arrangements with them.  Why would the United States go after a power which did not have a single working plane in its entire air force? Maybe the spectre of their pickups heading towards Iran posed a grave threat to a major Phoenician project. Confirming this theory is the fact that Iran, the pretend enemy of the United States, secretly gave the United States access to its air bases for the carpet bombing of the Taliban.

Going back to the times of the Prophet ﷺ, there are very specific pointers that verify that Jews were no longer a faith-based community, and had been more or less co-opted by Phoenicians by that time. The Prophet ﷺ was directed to change the Qibla (the direction Muslims pray in) from Jerusalem to Mecca, signalling a historic break with Jews. Verses in the Quran laid bare a lot of Jewish/Phoenician History which had been concealed for millennia. Along with several warnings of their propensity to oppose Muslims.

Every time they kindle a fire for war, God snuffs it out.

Quran 5-64

They will not fight you as a group except from inside fortified towns or from behind walls.

Quran 5-64

You will find the most violently hostile people towards those who believe are the Jews and those who associate [others with God] […..]Quran 5:82 Trans. By T. B. Irving

You who believe, do not accept Jews or Christians as sponsors; some of them act as sponsors for one another.

Quran 5:51 Trans. By T. B. Irving

The last verse seems to confirm that Christian Europe was run by the same folks who were running the “Jewish Project.”

While their historical legacy was acknowledged, they were no longer deemed fit for carrying it on.

Those who are laden with the Old Testament, yet do not carry it out may be compared to a donkey who is carrying scriptures.

Quran 62-5 Trans. By T. B. Irving

The purpose of all these revelations was also to warn Muslims that they too could end up becoming a similar train wreck, if they weren’t introspective. And that it is completely possible for people with access to genuine revelation, to become more evil, corrupted and obtuse than ignorant people who never had access to the revelation in the first place.

Jewish religious heads on their part did several things which only confirmed that they were no longer a faith-based community. To give one specific example, the name Abraham is a common Jewish name, as are its variants, Abrams, Bram, Abramov etc. It stands for Prophet Abraham, who is also common to the Muslims. But after the emergence of Islam, all references to Abraham having lived in Mecca were removed from Jewish canon. Abraham not only lived in Mecca for a significant amount of time, but also built the Kaaba, which is sacred to the Muslims. They did not want rational young minds jumping ship to Mecca. Islam had to be a strange, different, unacknowledged faith. Then we have the emergence of the Phoenician project of Zionism, which manipulated Jewish historical ties to Jerusalem to re-establish Phoenicians in the Middle East post Islam.

So in the end, Gerry and Miles did get it right. Phoenicians and Jews did become interchangeable. And Jews are currently a Phoenician project, just like the Ismailis, Opus Dei, Freemasonry, Evangelicals, Mormons, Scientologists, Druzes, Alawites, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Bahais etc. And it is likely that they will continue being one. But as I have demonstrated, at one point in history, that was not the case. However those Jews who once combatted the Phoenicians should now be treated as an extinct species.

A Tentative Timeline

To revisit my earlier objective,

I will first present what I learnt from the review in the form of a timeline, using dates from mainstream sources. I will then attempt to insert Quranic historical events into the timeline, and explain how Major Spookian activity can be explained as their counter-response to these major events, including most notably, the invasions of Sea People and the genocides they committed. Since the Quran gives us no dates, I will once again use mainstream sources to suggest dates for these Quranic historical events. I will also try my best to explain the dichotomy between Phoenicians and the Jews using this very timeline. I also have a theory as to why the “Dark Ages” were covered up, which will be elaborated in the timeline itself.

There is plenty of room for error and reinterpretation. But I’d rather present what appears to be a coherent timeline than say nothing.

To revisit an earlier statement that I made,

If you go by my theory, it was not smooth sailing for the Phoenicians throughout antiquity. There were times when they faced the realistic prospect of obliteration. 

The prospect of defeat and obliteration was brought about by new forces, and occasionally, the forces of nature. They are indicated in maroon. Some are referenced in the Quran and some are not. Those that are referenced in the Quran have a green tag called [Quranic Reference]. The year(s) of the events are derived from mainstream sources. Remember that mainstream sources are heavily censored about these events, so we have to make educated guesses. Is it a coincidence that we have no definitive dates about Prophets, and many establishment academics are vigorously arguing that they were mythological entities?

Note: You may skim through the timeline, focusing on key highlighted events. The purpose is to acquaint you with the context of the two new theories will follow on the next page.

 ???? BC: A Great Flood wipes out a large part of humanity, but Prophet Noah and his followers manage to escape using a large ark they had been instructed to construct. The final resting place of the ship is referred to an unknown mountain called “Al-Jūdiyy.” Humanity proliferates once again from this new settlement. [Quranic Reference]

3140 BC: Egyptian Civilization emerges as an advanced civilization after the Unification of Egypt.

2880 BC: Sumerian (Babylonian) Civilization emerged as an advanced civilization in Mesopotamia.

2780 BC: Indus Valley Civilization emerges as an advanced civilization.

2700 BC: The Ancestors of the Phoenicians (proto-Phoenicians) thrive in Dilmun (present-day Bahrain) and Southern Arabia.

2680 BC: The Elamite Kingdom of Iran appeared as an advanced civilization. According to some theories, the much later Cyrus the Great was an Elamite.

2560 BC: Completion of the Great Pyramid at Giza.

2??? BC: Proto-Phoenicians may have been driven out of Southern Arabia and even Dilmun due to a cataclysmic event that impacted the entire region. The explorer St. John Philby discovered the ruins of Ubar in the deserts of Oman in the 19th Century. In South Eastern Arabia, he discovered an impact crater created by a meteorite, now called Wabar crater. It is believed that this meteor impact resulted in the desertification of the entire region, creating what is now known as the Empty Quarters, which is still uninhabited and is infamous for dangerous quick sand. Ironically the lush jungles that got buried under the deserts are now the source of Arabia’s oil wealth.  Ubar/Wabar may be related to Eber, a common Semitic name. To quote,

13th century Muslim historian Abu al-Fida relates a story, noting that the patriarch Eber (great-grandson of Shem) refused to help with the building of the Tower of Babel, so his language was not confused when it was abandoned. He and his family alone retained the original human language, Hebrew, a language named after Eber.

According to some Islamic traditions, the Prophet Hud was a son of Eber or was somehow related to him. And that this region of Southern Arabia was inhabited by a people called the Aad. The Quran confirms that that the Aad were destroyed after rejecting Hud’s plea to stop worshipping idols. Local legends in Arabia also place the Aad in this region. [Quranic Reference]

Left: A popular representation of the Tower of Babel. Right: The European Union’s Parliament.

2500 BC: The establishment of Phoenicia according to mainstream sources. Were they driven out of Southern Arabia and Dilmun by the cataclysm mentioned earlier?

2334–2279 BC: Sargon of Akkad creates the earliest empire by conquering Sumer and most of the Levant, including what would later be known as Phoenicia.

2149 BC: The Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh completed.

2221 BC – 2094 BC: Sumerian Third Dynasty of Ur, also known as the neo-Sumerian Empire.

2??? BC: Prophet Abraham confronts a powerful king of Mesopotamia (Ur?) that he is not a god (the king is pretending to be one). Enraged, he has Abraham thrown into a fire using a catapult. But Abraham walks out of the fire unscathed. He then leaves the most advanced civilization of his time, in his quest to find God in the wilderness, far away from corrupted civilizations. He is believed to have built the original mosque in Jerusalem which Solomon would later rebuild. He later ends up in the barren and deserted valley of Mecca, where he spends considerable time building a symbolic “House for God,” which became known as the Kaaba. He becomes a Prophet, and so does his son, Ismail. According to Islamic theology, Ismail and his mother Hagar are buried next to the Kaaba in Mecca, under the area demarcated by the semi-circular Hijr Ismail wall. [Quranic Reference]

2002 BC: Sack of Ur by Elam. The Elamites were later driven out by the proto-Phoenician Amorites, who are usually described as “ancient Semitic merchants.” They are mentioned in the Bible as early inhabitants of Canaan.

2000 BC: Arameans, Hurrians (later associated with the Mittani), Kassites (later associated with Persians) and Hittites appear.

1??? BC: Abraham’s nephew, Prophet Lot, is sent to the proto-Phoenician cities of Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, Zeboiim and Bela, warning them to stop their deviant sexual practices. These are located just south-east of what would become Phoenicia. According to the Quran, they were the first humans to engage in rapey male homosexuality, in public (which we later see as a recurring theme among Phoenicians). They even wanted to rape the guests of Lot, who were actually angels, warning him to leave with his family. As soon as Lot left, all five cities were destroyed. Phillip Sylvia, a research professor at Trinity Southwest University, has been conducting scientific research into the theory that a relatively large meteorite was related to the destruction. In the aftermath of the destruction, the area became synonymous with the Dead Sea, a lake with such a high concentration of salt that it supports no life forms. The high salinity actually makes humans float without swimming. Later Spooks would get back at Prophet Lot by inserting mischievous claims in the Bible that he committed incest with his daughters. [Quranic Reference]

1792 BC: The Amorite Hammurabi founds the first Babylonian Dynasty.

1767 BC: Assyria conquers Yamhad, described as an ancient Semitic kingdom centered on Ḥalab (Aleppo), Syria. Yamhad could be proto-Phoenician. It seems the region fell to the Hittites shortly after.

1767 BC: Babylon is the largest city on earth.

1746 BC: Hyksos conquer Egypt. The Hyksos were Jewish but definitely not proto-Phoenician. Pharaonic records try to disparage them as foreigners.

1733 BC: Collapse of Assyria.

1681 BC: Founder of first Babylonian Dynasty Hammurabi dies.

1680 BC: Hittite Empire appears.

1650-1550 BC: 15th Dynasty of Egypt under the Hyksos. Prophet Joseph (Yusuf in the Quran), a great grandson of Abraham, managed to obtain a high administrative position during their rule. It is unlikely that the Spookian Pharaohs would give a Prophet any kind of administrative position (and would instead punish/kill him). And therefore it is all the more likely that the Hyksos were a major disruption to the Spookians. [Quranic Reference]

1632 BC: Rise of the proto-Phoenician Mycenae.

1600 BC: Mittani Kingdom appears, after Hurrian tribes unite. They appear to have taken advantage of the collapse of Yamhad, and weakening power of Babylon. The Mittani would be a constant threat to Phoenicia.

1531 BC: Hittites destroy Babylon; Babylonian Empire Collapses

1549 BC: Egypt restored to Spookians under Pharaoh Ahmose I. The Hyksos that could escape settled around Jerusalem. While those that could not, were turned into slaves. These became the “Jews” who would later be freed by Moses.

1504 BC: Appearance of the Phoenician alphabet.

1504 BC: Egypt destroys what remains of the Hyksos by conquering Jerusalem. They are however careful not the engage the Mittani, who are just up North.

1471 BC: Assyria falls to Mittani

1457 BC: Under the rule of Pharaoh Thutmose III, Egyptian troops crossed the Euphrates and entered the core lands of Mitanni. At Megiddo, he fought an alliance of 330 Mitanni princes and tribal leaders under the ruler of Kadesh. The Egyptians routed the Mittani, which fled to safety to the city of Megiddo. This resulted in the lengthy Siege of Megiddo. This was a decisive Egyptian victory and many Mittani were massacred. It is the first battle to have been recorded in what is accepted as relatively reliable detail. This was also the first recorded use of body counts. All details of the battle come from Egyptian sources, who seem to have celebrated and propagandized it, to scare other potential enemies.

1453 BC: Egypt conquers Syria and what would later emerge as Phoenicia in the Levant from the Mittani.

1450 BC: A Rebellion against the Egyptian rule in Galilee and Syria.

1406 BC: Elamite Empire

1396 BC: Mycenae Conquers Crete

1396 BC: Golden Age of Ugarit (near Latakia in present day Syria). Ugarit had close connections to Hittites, and may have been founded by a people related to them.

1351 BC: Egypt enters into a peace treaty with what remains of the Mittani due to the threat of the Hittites. They even intermarry, which suggests Phoenician infiltration of the Mittani.

1349 BC: Hittites expand into Anatolia

1349 BC: Assyria gains independence from the Mittani.

1342 BC: Hittites capture Aleppo.

1341 BC: Ugarit becomes part of the Hittite Empire (It would later be destroyed by the Sea People).

1340 BC: Hittites conquer what remains of the Mitanni.

1309 BC: Assyrian-Kassite war.

1292 BC: Pharaoh Ramses II rules Egypt.

1274 BC: The Battle of Kadesh takes place between Ramses II and the Hittites. The Mittani were allies of the Hittites. This was the largest chariot battle ever fought. It seems Egypt suffered a humiliating defeat.

1271 BC: Hittite-Egyptian peace treaty while Assyrians conquer Hurrian from the Mittani.

1293 BC: Proto-Phoenician Cyprus conquered by Hittites. This means the Hittites now had a navy!

12?? BC: Prophet Moses gathers all Jews enslaved in Egypt since the fall of the Hyksos and leads them out of Egypt towards the Levant. When Moses and his followers approach the Red Sea, it parts ways, allowing them to cross. The Pharaoh and his top brass, his entire retinue and his army also cross in pursuit. But as soon as Moses and his followers reach land at the other end, the Red Sea engulfs them, drowning everybody. According to the Quran, the Pharaoh’s body ended up being preserved and resisting decomposition, as warning for future generations. [Quranic Reference] There are theories that it was still intact till modern times and was relocated to a British Museum.

If something of this scale would have happened, Egypt would be up for grabs by the Nubians in the South, and its enemies, the Hittites and the Mittanis (and now, the Israelites) would join in to eviscerate them and their allies, the Phoenicians. Remember that the only thing stopping the Hittites from conquering the entire Levant was the might of Egypt, as Babylon was no more. Worse, there was now the realistic possibility of a Jewish faith-based community emerging in Canaan, centered at Jerusalem, on the doorstep of Phoenicia. Remnants of Jewish communities already there joined the anti-Egyptian forces. We thus see Phoenicians and “Sea People” rushing to salvage the situation.

1209 BC: According to mainstream sources, Ramses II dies. Egypt suddenly retreats out of Canaan this year.

12?? BC: Prophet Joshua sent by Moses to scout for settlement areas Canaan. He later leads the Israelites into a conquest of Canaan and settles the twelve tribes there.

1208 BC: Pharaoh Mernepta battles against a confederacy referred to as the “Nine Bows” at Perire. Merneptah states that he defeated the invasion, killing 6,000 soldiers and taking 9,000 prisoners. The “Nine Bows” consisted of Libyans (Nubians?), the Hittites, the Mittani and the Sea People. To quote Wikipedia,

The Nine Bows were acting under the leadership of the king of Libya [A fudge of Nubia?] and an associated near-concurrent revolt in Canaan involving Gaza, Ashkelon, Yenoam and the people of Israel.

1203 BC: Reign of the Pharaoh Mernepta, 4th king of the 19th Dynasty ends.

1200 BC: Golden Age of Phoenicia begins.

1200 BC: Official Emergence of the Mysterious Sea People (Some mainstream sources claim 1300 BC; Note that there is a lot of fudge here).

1200 BC: Jewish Sabean Kingdom appears in Yemen. Later, King Solomon would correspond with their Queen. [Quranic Reference]

1186 BC: Reign of Rameses III begins (ends in 1155 BC)

1178 BC: Kadesh (Mittani) destroyed by the Sea People

1173 BC: Hittites Collapse in the aftermath of the Trojan Wars. A small neo-Hittite kingdom of Tabal would linger till 713 BC. Along with the Hittites, the cities of Ugarit, Ashkelon and Hazor were also razed.

1177 BC: Phrygia emerges in Anatolia out of nowhere and takes over the strategic Hittite territory in North-East Turkey bordering the Bosphorus and Dardenelles. A system of writing in the Phrygian language starts flourishing in Gordium, using a Phoenician-derived alphabet similar to the Greek one. A distinctive Phrygian pottery called Polished Ware appears during this period.

1182 BC: Trojan War ends.

1188 BC: Assyrian Empire conquers northern portion of Canaan but carefully avoids Phoenicia.

1188 BC: Elam conquers Babylon.

1097 BC: “Dorian” Invasion of Greece.

1037 BC: Kingdom of Israel established, with Bet Shean and Jebus as enclaved kingdoms. Saul/Gideon/Talut rules as the first king of Israelites (till 1010 BC). He was appointed as a king by Prophet Samuel because the Israelites (or maybe crypto-Phoenicians in their ranks) requested a king. However, the Israelites were not content with him because it seems crypto-Phoenicians among them were seeking to appoint a King from among wealthy Jews (read: crypto-Phoenicians). [Quranic Reference]

1077 BC: Collapse of the Egyptian New kingdom.

1068 BC: Phoenicians establish Athens.

1057 BC: Collapse of Assyrian Empire

1025 BC: Ammonites (earlier associated with Babylon) conquer Transjordan from Kingdom of Israel.

1007 BC: Judah (which includes Jerusalem) rebels against the Kingdom of Israel. Or was it the other way round? The remainder of the Kingdom of Israel was later called the Northern Kingdom, and was adjacent to Phoenicia. As we shall see, many of its rulers were crypto-Phoenician. Was the Northern Kingdom a placeholder for crypto-Phoenicians in the Jewish Community? We get some confirmation later.

1006 BC: Judah conquers Jebus.

1000 BC: Kingdom of Israel conquers Jebus.

998 BC: King/Prophet David rules the reunited Kingdom of Israel. [Quranic Reference]

A theoretical map.

990 BC: the United Kingdom of Israel conquers Bet Shean, the coast of Canaan, Edom, Moab, Ammon and Aram-Damascus, Jaffa and the Kingdom of Hamath (Hama, Syria). They also vassalize the Philistines. The name Moab is still found in the United States, indicating crypto-Phoenicians.

970 BC: King/Prophet Soloman rules the United Kingdom of Israel. [Quranic Reference]

969 BC: Tyre becomes dominant city-state under the reign of Phoenician King Hiram I.

952 BC: Temple/Mosque built in Jerusalem. It is likely that this was built on the grounds of the original one built by Abraham.

928 BC: The Kingdom of Israel once again collapses into Israel and Judah following the death of Soloman. Aram Damascus and Edom gain full independence; Hamath and the Philistines are no longer vassals.

9?? BC: Pharaoh Shoshenq I sacks the Temple/Mosque built by Soloman.

900 BC: The Phoenician port of Thessaly in Greece emerges as an important trade center.

900 BC: Phoenician-colonized Sardinia emerges as an important trade center.

900 BC: Official date of the Disappearance of the Sea People from History. (Some mainstream sources claim 1175 BC; Note that there is a lot of fudge here).

903 BC: Rise of neo-Assyrian Empire

871 BC: A controversial king would rule Northern Kingdom of Israel till 852 BC. King Ahab instituted Baal worship and married Jezebel, the daughter of Ithobaal I of Tyre. So there is no doubt he was a crypto-Phoenician all along.

855 BC: The Moab Kingdom rebels against Northern Kingdom of Israel and conquer lands from Israel

821 BC: Greek crypto-Phoenician Homer writes his important works.

853 BC: Neo-Assyria conquers the territories of the Babylonian Dynasty.

816 BC: The Northern Kingdom of Israel loses its northern territories to Syro-Hittite states.

814 BC: Carthage becomes an “independent” power.

810 BC: Macedonia appears.

800 BC: End of the Golden Age of Phoenicia according to mainstream sources (that is, a Phoenicia based in Tyre, Sidon, Arwad and Byblos).

7?? BC: According to Islamic theology, Prophet Jonah/Yunus was sent to the people of Nineveh warning them of an impending cataclysm. But they did not take him seriously. In his despair, he left them without approval from God, and ended up facing big trial himself. After passing the trial, he is once again dispatched to Nineveh, where he manages to achieve some success.

On July 24, 2014, the so-called “Islamic State” of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) destroyed the tomb of Prophet Yunus at Nineveh.

[Quranic Reference]

706 BC: Neo-Assyria conquers all of Middle East and the Kingdom of Israel, leaving only the tiny sliver of Phoenicia, which begs for peace and readily agrees to become a vassal. It is important to note that they do not destroy the Temple/Mosque built by Solomon, and are more or less friendly to followers of the Jewish faith.

747 BC: Rome emerges as an “independent power.”

745 BC: Kush Nubians conquer Egypt. Were these the “Libyans” who headed the uprising of the “Nine Bows” against earlier Pharaohs following the Exodus?

687 BC: Crypto-Phoenician Lydia begins to expand

685 BC: Sack of Babylon by Sennacherib, the King of neo-Assyria. Sennacherib dies shortly after in mysterious circumstances.

670 BC: Babylon rebuilt by Neo-Assyria. It seems the Spooks infiltrated the bloodline of Sennacherib.

667 BC: The Spookopolis of Byzantium founded as a Megara vassal

663 BC: Neo-Assyria conquers northern half of Egypt defeating the Nubians. Strangely, they leave the very next year, abandoning their entire conquest to the Pharaohs! This only confirms that Neo-Assyria was now Spookian.

664 BC: 26th Dynasty of Egypt appears as a neo-Assyrian vassal. Um why didn’t the neo-Assyrians rule the region themselves? They had come to rehabilitate the Spookian Pharaohs!

644 BC: Newly seated Egyptian Pharaoh gains independence from neo-Assyria (no surprise).

Midea is a “Chinese” Multinational company.

622 BC: Collapse of the Spookian Neo-Assyrian Empire; its territories are immediately transferred to the even more Spookian neo-Babylonian Empire! (Which shows up from nowhere, despite the fact that Babylon had been completely reduced to a mound of rubble). Some territories of the Neo-Assyrian Empire are gobbled up by the newly emerging Spookian Kingdom of Media. As a pun, the word “media” is a pun-homage to this Spookian Kingdom.

609 BC: Battle of Megiddo takes place between Pharaoh Necho II of Egypt and his army to and the Judaean King Josiah. This resulted in Josiah’s death and his kingdom becoming a vassal state of Egypt. Mainstream historical sources pretend that the Pharaoh had come to battle Babylon but accidentally picked up a fight with Judah!

612 BC: The historical Assyrian capital of Nineveh is burnt to the ground by Neo-Babylon, in the same manner in which they destroyed the city of Babylon. (Revenge of the Spooks).

609 BC: Media captures Elam.

583 BC: Judah is annexed by the neo-Babylonian Empire. The Temple/Mosque made by Solomon at Jerusalem is completely destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar II.

582 BC: The fake siege of Tyre by Nebuchadnezzar II. Apparently, sparing Phoenicia while destroying Judah would look suspicious. 

559 BC: Reign of Cyrus the Great. Babylon was taken by him, and he allowed what remained of the Jewish faith-based community to rebuild the Mosque/Temple at Jerusalem. It would be destroyed again in 70 AD by the Romans. Cyrus the Great gets a mention in the Quran. [Quranic Reference]

539 BC: Phoenicia capitulates to Cyrus the Great rather than risk a war with him.

530 BC: Reign of the son of Cyrus, Cambyses II.

The Persian Empire in 530 BC

522 BC: The installation of the crypto-Phoenician Darius to the Persian throne and the gradual Spookian takeover of the Empire of Cyrus the Great. I am using the term gradual because there were still many genuine and powerful Persian Generals who could not be replaced, and a lot of Spookian territory continued to fall to the Persians. Later, the Spookians completely did away with the Persians and instead supplanted them with Greek crypto-Phoenicians.

479 BC: Persian Achaemenid Empire leaves Athens.

448 BC: Greco-Persian wars end.

428 BC: The phoney Peloponnesian wars begin between the Persian Achaemenid Empire (supported only by Sparta) and the Delian League consisting of hundreds of Greek crypto-Phoenician city states. The purpose of these phoney alliances will be discussed later.

404 BC: Egypt becomes independent of Persia; Twenty-Eighth Dynasty of Egypt.

403 BC: Persia and Sparta win the phoney Peloponnesian War; Athens occupied.

351 BC: Revolts in Cyprus and Phoenicia against Persia.

346 BC: Greek-Phoenician philosopher Aristotle composes his work.

343 BC: Egypt goes back to the Persians.

330 BC: Alexander the Great of Macedonia pretend-conquers all of Anatolia, Egypt and all Persian outposts. In reality, this is a predetermined program to transfer all remnants of the Persian Empire to the Greek-Phoenicians.

320 BC: Greek-Phoenician Ptolemaios annexes Judea and Syria.

305 BC: Egypt transferred to Greek-Phoenicians (Ptolemaic Egypt forms).

257 BC: First Punic war between Carthage and Rome. This is a staged war, and ends with the transfer of Carthage to Rome.

217 BC: Second Punic war,

148 BC: Rome conquers Macedon

146 BC: Rome takes control of Greece.

141 BC: Babylonia and Seleucia are conquered by the Parthians.

140 BC: Jewish Hasmonean Kingdom appears, centered on Jerusalem, following the Macabean-Jewish revolt against Parthia. It is later incorporated into the Roman Empire by Herod.

143 BC: Third Punic war.

130 BC: Phoenician-Palmyrene Kingdom gains independence

27 BC: Roman Republic supplanted by Roman Empire

27 BC: Roman Empire Established and Egypt absorbed into Rome

4 BC: Birth of Jesus. [Quranic Reference]

30 AD: Attempted Crucifixion of Jesus. [Quranic Reference]

2?? AD: The Nabatean settlement of Hegra is destroyed by a cataclysm after they refuse to heed the warnings of Prophet Saleh. The Nabataean Kingdom appeared in present-day Saudi Arabia in 168 BC. Their architecture has distinct Phoenician touches. One paper connects them to “Greek” Lycians who inhabited the Turkish-Mediterranean coast. But it appears their subjects were Arabs. Like other Phoenician settlements, they sit on a major trade route. [Quranic Reference]

Is the word Nabatean a play on the word Sabatean? The Nabateans also had idols similar to the Phoenicians. To quote,

Allat, who is referred to as “the great goddess who is in Iram”. She is widely known in Northern Arabia and Syria, the deity is associated with the goddess Athena in the Hawran. Allat is venerated in Palmyra, her temple had no sign of performing blood rituals. It is believed that Allat and Al-Uzza were once a single deity, which parted ways in the pre-Islamic Meccan tradition. Pre-Islamic Arabs believed that the goddesses Al-lāt, Al-‘Uzzá, and Manāt were the daughters of Allah though Nabataean inscriptions also describe her as Allah’s wife instead. The Nabatean inscriptions also call her and Al-‘Uzza as the “bride of Dushara”.

So it seems Phoenician religions had firmly entrenched themselves not just in the Kingdom of Nabataea but all of pre-Islamic Arabia!  It is also interesting to note that the later Romans avoided colonizing and resettling Hegra.

The archaeological vestiges of Hegra are often compared (and mistaken) with those of Petra (Jordan), the Nabatean capital situated 500 km north-west of Hegra. There are Phoenician elements in the Architecture.

There is also an interesting Quranic verse which hints at Hegra’s society being dominated by some kind of cabal. Spookians always form cabals. To quote,

There was a gang of nine persons in the city who caused trouble on earth and never improved matters.

Quran 27-48 Trans. By T. B. Irving

46 AD: Roman conquest of Britain

66 AD: Judean rebels expel and repulse the Romans from Judea.

68 AD: Romans retake all of northern Judea

70 AD: Rest of Judea reconquered by the Romans

79 AD: The destruction of the Phoenician port of Pompeii from the eruption of a volcano. Some see it as a cataclysm as the population had become downright perverted (bestiality etc).

132 AD: Bar Kochba’s revolt expels Romans from Judea

135 AD: Romans reconquer Judea.

165-220 AD: Judaism completely incorporated by the Roman-Phoenicians as a Spookian project (Building on Gerry’s analysis in Part Three). Notice that the Jewish anti-Roman revolts permanently cease around this time.

270 AD: The Phoenician stronghold of Palmyra creates a “Palmyrene Empire,” which encompasses all of Phoenicia in the Levant. You have to look at the map to believe it. Three years later, all of its areas are mysteriously transferred back to the Romans. It seems that there was a risk of plebs gaining influence in the Roman Empire, and so, this was an emergency stop-gap measure to restore power to Phoenician-Romans, who had regained power by then.

The unbelievable Palmyrene Empire. How could Palmyra take Roman territories without battle? Or was Palmyra running the Roman Empire?

337 AD: The second division of Rome and the creation of the exclusively Spookian Byzantine Empire. In 620 AD, the Byzantine Empire would officially become a “Greek” language empire, staying close to its Phoenician roots.

500 AD: Official beginning of the Dark Ages in Europe.

570 AD: The armies of Abraha (read Abraham), the Jewish Sabaean king of Yemen, march on Mecca to destroy the Kaaba, only to be destroyed by a cataclysm.

[Quranic Reference]

570 AD: Muhammad ﷺ, the Prophet of Islam is born in Mecca.

619 AD: Egypt and Phoenicia transferred to Sassanids.

628: Egypt and Phoenicia transferred back to Byzantines, maybe because it was assumed that the Romans could defend it better against Muslims in the upcoming battles.

632 AD: Muhammad ﷺ dies. Political succession by the Rashidun Caliphate, which begins engaging in unprecedented conquests.

651 AD: Rashidun Caliphate collapses the Sassanid Empire, absorbing the entire region.

642 AD: Western Egypt falls to Rashidun Caliphate.

642 AD: Arabs launch a raid across the Caucasus.

661 AD: Rashidun Caliphate supplanted by the Umayyad Caliphate.

698 AD: Carthage falls to the Umayyad Caliphate.

706 AD: Umayyad expansion into Central Asia begins.

750 AD: Umayyad Caliphate supplanted by Abbasid Caliphate.

756 AD: Umayyad Caliphate remnant in Spain supplanted by the Emirate of Córdoba.

909 AD: The Sunni Muslim Aghlabid Dynasty which was holding on to North Africa and Carthage is supplanted by the Spookian Ismaili Fatimid Caliphate.

969 AD: Sunni Muslim Egypt taken over by Spookian Fatimid Caliphate.

1098 AD: The Crusaders take Antioch from the Muslims.

1099 AD: The Crusaders take Jerusalem from the Muslims. They were actually angry that Muslims allowed what remained of the Jewish faith based community to congregate in the city after the Romans had expelled them. In 1260 AD, it would fall back in Muslim control, and remain under Muslim control until the fall of the Ottoman Empire in 1917.

1100 AD: Official end of the Dark Ages in Europe

1171 AD: Spookian Fatimid Caliphate supplanted Ayyubid Sultanate and Banu Kanz

1219 AD: The Mongol Destruction of the Islamic World Phase I commences under Genghis Khan.

1256 AD: The Mongol Destruction of the Islamic World Phase II commences under Hulegu.

1291 AD: Tyre falls to the Mamluks and remains abandoned ever since.

1387 AD: The Mongol Destruction of the Islamic World Phase III commences under Tamar Timur.

1402 AD: Timur invades Anatolia, and with “Christian” help, manages to capture Ottoman Sultan Bayezid I, who was about to capture Constantinople/Istanbul. The Ottomans would however make a miraculous comeback.

1453 AD: Fall of Constantinople/Istanbul to Ottoman Turks.

1512 AD: A Spookian is seated on the Ottoman throne. Ottoman Empire begins receding from Europe. Destroys the mighty Mamluks of Egypt.

1917 AD: Ottoman Empire imploded and dismembered following World War I.

1920 AD: Creation of the State of Greater Lebanon.

1948 AD: Creation of the State of Israel, following the Holocaust in Europe.

1 Osman Nuri Topbas, The Prophet Muhammad Mustafa the Elect (Istanbul: Erkam Publications, 2019)48
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    Interesting, all of this corroborates my own research and conclusions. This is my website: Esoteric Awakening. Stop by anytime if you like and feel free to use any of my work however you want, it may offer you more insights to use for your own work. I will read more of your work soon and will likely ask to republish a piece or two at my website at some point if you are interested, to introduce my readers to your work and website. Cheers mate

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    [Samson…”when she discovers her[sic: his] motives.”

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    lot of things happening in space too which NASA is hiding :

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    Phoenician Navy = Tribe of Dan

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      Almost. Tribe of Dan blew outa dere per Stephen Pidgeon after embracing the “Sons of Belial” perversion that got the Tribe of Benjamin slaughtered as blamed for their raping to death a Levite’s wife/concubine. Dan is cut out of the list of tribes in Revelation/Apocalypse, true, but Dan buddied up to the Amorites, Satanista Semites who reverse everything God is and wishes, so very heavy into Genesis 3:15 Woman & Seed persecuting as the foes of Satan, so anti-marriage, pro-gay, pro-slavery, promoting “gods made people as slaves” creation story everything opposite, Allah is crazy vicious slaver god everything opposite. Dan PLUS Amorite imposters pretending to be Neo-Sumerians, Neo-Assyrians, Neo-Babylonians, Neo-Cons! Rinse and repeat. DAN PLUS AMORITES ERASED JEWS AND NEW JEWS, CATHOLIC CHRISTIANS bringing divorce, usury, perpetual debt with “Protestant Reformation.” GREAT DECEPTION punked by Woman of Rev 12 at Fatima, Portugal, 1917 “Miracle of the Sun” with SIster Lucia replaced by Lucy2

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