On the Creepy Sedlec Ossuary

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Sometime back, I received a chain email about the Sedlec Ossuary, claiming that the bones used in this Roman Catholic chapel were the bones of Muslims.

In 1870, the Schwarzenberg family employed a wood carver, Frantisek Rint, to arrange the bones in the church artistically. According to official sources, the bones are sourced from mass burial sites in the vicinity, which include victims of the Black Death and the Hussite wars.

But regardless of where the bones were sourced from, the Schwarzenberg family did have a fanatical hatred of Muslims. After their conquest of Raab from the Turks, Adolf zu Schwarzenberg modified the Schwarzenberg coat of arms to include the head of a Turk, with his eyes being pecked out by a raven. This grotesque coat of arms can be found inside the church in bone version, complete with a real skull representing the head of the “Turk soldier” with his eyes being pecked by a raven. The present day coat of arms of the town of Raab also shows a raven.

If suppose the bones (or some bones) do belong to Muslims, it is not surprising. Informed readers will note that Christian beliefs and Christian institutions are two separate entities. The latter has usually served as a front for the powers that be, to rubber stamp approval for activities the powers that be sought to engage their subject populations in. Christian institutions are being used by the powers that be as a clearing house for a wide variety of agendas. Be it crusades, colonialism, extermination of natives in the Americas or the construction of a police state in Nazi Germany. Infowars has even found such purportedly “Christian” institutions digging the grave of the American nation. According to their disclosure, pastors are being trained to help soldiers pacify the public, when martial law comes to America.

Going back to the church being used as a tool of the powers that be against Muslims, a macabre but often overlooked example is the case of the expulsion of Muslims from Spain, and the forced conversion of those that chose to remain. While Islam had brought a sophisticated and flourishing civilization to this region, the Illuminati affiliated “Christian” royalty realised that Islam was incompatible with the type of control grid they sought to impose over the local populations in the region. The control grid was resurrected in the disguise of “Christian” institutions, and had strong parallels with modern day police states. The remnants of industrial and intellectual capital left behind by the Moors were also diverted towards this purpose, in particular the advances they had made in seafaring and navigation. Soon, the Spanish embarked upon a world tour of terror, bringing genocide, slavery and oppression to the Americas. To quote George Monbiot,

The butchery began with Columbus. He slaughtered the native people of Hispaniola (now Haiti and the Dominican Republic) by unimaginably brutal means. His soldiers tore babies from their mothers and dashed their heads against rocks. They fed their dogs on living children. On one occasion they hung 13 Indians in honour of Christ and the 12 disciples, on a gibbet just low enough for their toes to touch the ground, then disembowelled them and burnt them alive [Note that the number 13 is used symbolically by the Illuminati]. Columbus ordered all the native people to deliver a certain amount of gold every three months; anyone who failed had his hands cut off. By 1535 the native population of Hispaniola had fallen from 8m to zero: partly as a result of disease, partly as a result of murder, overwork and starvation.

Compare that with how humanely the Moors had treated the Spanish subject population when they ruled over them. Since the Spanish conquest binge was fuelled by a lust for gold, it thankfully came to an end when the Spanish had extricated all the gold they could. The Spanish would be replaced by the English, who being more fixated on land than gold, were at least in comparison, less savage. In less than two centuries after putting an end to Muslim rule, Spain would recede to ignominy, its legacy in the Americas being  criminalista nation states that have done more harm than good.

It doesn’t stop there. Take the case of Vlad the Impaler (1431-1476), on whom the character of vampire Dracula is based. Vlad’s daddy was a member of the Illuminati secret society known as Order of the Dragon. There was only one purpose to this secret society: to combat Muslim expansion into European territories. Apparently, this expansion was unsettling the Bohemian royals affiliated with the Illuminati. They outwardly pretended their resistance to Ottomans was for “Christianity,” even though their subjects would have happily chosen Ottomans over them. Vlad’s daddy owed his power to Ottoman-Turkish support. And little Vlad grew up under Turkish tutelage. When Hungarian rivals killed Vlad’s daddy, Ottomans invaded Wallachia and put Vlad on the throne. But being Illuminati to the bone, Vlad had  only one intention, to enslave and control the population of Wallachia all for himself. Given the fact that many of his subjects were happily choosing the Ottomans over him and other Illuminati wretches, he realised he had to put an end to the possibility of Ottoman expansion into the region. This was accomplished by instilling terror on an unparalleled scale.  Hundreds of thousands of Turks were impaled on wooden stakes. The same treatment was meted out to civilians and even non-Muslim enemies. Mainstream history tends to sideline the reign of Vlad the Impaler as an anomaly. But it is an accurate reflection of the lengths Illuminati rulers would go through to maintain their control over human populations.

The powers that be have an enduring fascination with human body parts. This can be understood only when we try to understand their mindset. Seeing themselves as conquerors of human species, human body parts have “trophy” significance to them. For the same reason a seasoned hunter hangs the heads and furs of game in his living room.

For example, the Skulls and Bones secret society that represents America’s owners is known to keep the skulls of Geronimo and Pancho Villa in its private collection. A similar elitist club, the Bohemian Grove has human skulls nailed to signposts.

We are told that the grotesque bone exhibits at Sedlec Ossuary were created for “blessing” the dead. While the utilitarianism of having one’s bones turned into chandeliers may make Adam Smith proud, would the dead really approve it if they had a choice before dying?  Or were the powers that be making a statement when they had these bone exhibits crafted?

While the Sedlec Ossuary may be an extreme case of “bone-waving” by the powers that be, more subtle “bone-waving” has already crept into mainstream Western architecture through modern classical architecture.

Modern classical architecture, while being impractical, expensive and obsolete, continues to flourish in Western countries. The powers that be love adorning public buildings with it. To understand why the elite love it, we must first understand its roots.

Modern classical architecture derives from Greco-Roman civilization. Before they reluctantly embraced Christianity (after failing at suppressing it), Greco-Roman society was operated and controlled by tyrants, who prescribed pagan beliefs to their confused subject populations. Being the forerunners of the present day ruling elite, they locked free people into their control grid of taxation, by encouraging settlement through the construction of elaborate cities. They even pioneered in keeping their conquered people distracted from real issues, by constructing amphitheatres, where viewers were guaranteed plenty of lion-on-slave action (think MTV and Super Bowl).

The ruling elite administered pagan beliefs (think fear and propaganda) to the subject population through their temples. They often engaged in human sacrifice, and used the body parts of the luckless victims as trophies on the temple structure. This allowed them to fulfill their hunter-like bloodlust for their conquered subjects. In his book, The Lost Meaning of Classical Architecture, the late George Hersey came up with morbid interpretations of the motifs found in present day classical architecture. To quote him on Greek temples (on which modern classical architecture is based),

If we put all this together, we can see the temple as a grove of sacred trees decorated with battle or hunting trophies, or decked out like an altar, with reconstructed sacrifices. Rows of teeth, garlands, horns, bones, weapons and other things taken from their victims (21).

And elsewhere,

[…..] a great deal of classical ornament represented the remains or trophies of sacrifice, such ornament would represent reconstitutions or reformations of the remains into images of the victims (45).

The pictures below details some of Hersey’s observations.

Hersey also observed such instances reproduced in immaculate detail on modern bank buildings and public offices, such as the the Department of State in Washington D. C. The role of the ruling elite in propagating these architectural forms is unmistakable. For example, Masonic lodges are completely doused with such motifs, and are even named as “temples.”

While the powers that be no longer make their structures as telling of their predatory relationship with subject populations as in the case of the Sedlec Ossuary, they continue to sneakily celebrate their predator relationship with human populations through the subtleties of modern classical architecture.

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5 Responses

  1. Marlin AfshalNo Gravatar says:

    Bones used in this church didn’t come from war or Black Death. Ruller forced to convert Muslims into christians and when they denied , they were killed and buried them in one grave. This church was owned by a family who was famous for Muslims hatered.

  2. J.H.No Gravatar says:

    The city name is Kutna Hora. The church name is Of All Saints. Those bones were collected after the epidemie of the plague (black-death) in 1318 and there are also
    victims of Hussite wars in 1415-1421 – all victims were christians. Greetings from Czech Republic !

  3. Ion StefanescuNo Gravatar says:

    Vlad the Impaler an Illuminati? What a lie! He grew up under Turkish tutelage? Yes, as a prisoner, with so many other princes from countries under the "tutelage" of the Turkish Empire "invited " by the sultan to his court so that he would have control over their fathers. They were all (homo)sexually abused by the Turkish Elite including the sultan's son, the future Mohammed II the Conqueror. Vlad wanted to kill him with his own hand (no wander why), and almost did . That is why, later on, Vlad wanted to give them a taste of their own medicine. He stuck a woode pole down their asses to remind them of how he was treated as a "guest" at their court in Istanbul. As for the Romanians prefering the Turkish rule? What a shameless lie! Ask any Romanian today for an opinion.

    Vlad was an awsome ruler. He was a hero. One of the real rulers that a vountry in Europe ever had. It's a pity that we don't have rulers like him today.


    • Hamad SubaniNo Gravatar says:

      So the Sultan invited him over just to "abuse" him but for some inexplicable reason spared his life? Do you have any supporting evidence?

      He also impaled non-Turks. How do you explain that?

      Yes, many people may romanticise him now, but I am talking of the people back then. They didn't seem to like him very much.

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