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The Globalization of Phoenician Spookery

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Note: This Section is not Part of the Main Review, and is my own unendorsed extrapolation.

In Part Three and Four, Gerry described how Phoenicia (with its high point of 1200-800BC) managed to colonize almost all of Europe and the North African coast using their navy, and proto-Phoenicians may have already colonized Egypt and the Middle East a long time before that using trade routes. To quote Gerry in Part Four,

While the mainstream denies that Phoenicians settled in Britain, it admits that Britain was already inside their sphere of influence by 800 BC. Faraway lands like the Canariesand Indiaare said to have been visited by them. I don’t think the Phoenician discovery of Americais true as theorized, but there’s probably a reason that the guy who was allowed to break the secret that the earth isn’t flat was named twice (!) after the region Galilee in the Phoenician hinterland.

And what can explain the Catholic Church’s strange position on the earth being flat? Did they really have to take a position on this matter? Or were they trying to prevent the development of navigational aids that would allow people to sail to the New World on their own? Interestingly, in current times, another so-called Flat Earth Movement has been funded and created by the Spookians to keep people away from legitimate conspiracy theorists!

In Part Three, we also learnt that an important Phoenician port called Tarshish could be translated into “white dove” which may have been a reference to the homing pigeon, which was used by Phoenicians in to send messages from newly discovered areas to their home cities in the Mediterranean. Is it a coincidence that Latin for “white dove” is Columbus? Is it a coincidence that this would be the name given to the man who fake-discovered the Americas in 1492?

The only reason why the discovery of the Americas was covered up till 1492 was so that people would not begin migrating and setting themselves up on their own accord. The only reason why it was credited to a certain “Columbus” of Imperial Spain in 1492 is because it could no longer be covered up by then, and Europeans had already begun settling on their own accord. The Spooks wanted settlement only under the watchful eye of European-Phoenician powers like Imperial Spain, France and the British East India Companies. Later we see restrictive, secretive cults like the Quakers being favoured for settlement programs.

Long before the Spooks running IKEA® started selling ready-to-assemble furniture, the Phoenicians were at it with ready-to-assemble warships! “Remains of a Punic warship (3rd century BC) found near the Carthaginian city of Lilybaeum (Marsala) in western Sicily. Archaeologists were amazed to discover that each piece of the boat was carefully marked with a letter which ensured that the complex design could be easily and swiftly assembled!” (Source).

The Phoenicians had already Colonized the New World

Phoenician “Vikings”

In Part Six, Miles Mathis theorizes that the Vikings (with their two-horned helmets) were also Phoenicians. Since Scandinavian people don’t stand out as rapey plunderers and don’t seem to have a historical record of naval warfare, it makes sense to see Vikings as a substitute for Phoenicians. What if the so-called “Vikings” had reached (and maybe colonized) the Americas earlier?

The flag of the Canadian province of New Brunswick.

There is a pre-Columbus “Viking settlement” which was discovered in New Brunswick (Canada), and another one in an adjoining province. Although not much to see, it was turned into a million dollar tourist boondoggle. The flag of this province happens to have a Phoenician/Viking ship. Wikipedia claims that this is a reference to their modern shipbuilding industry. This is a Spook Province, where the Irving family reigns supreme. They happen to be shipbuilders.

But what if the New World had been colonized even before the Phoenicians, by their predecessors, the proto-Phoenicians? There is suggestive evidence in this regard. But feel free to take it with a grain of salt, as there is no substantive theory here.

Egyptian artifacts in the Grand Canyon

There may be kind of cover-up of “Egyptian” artifacts that were found in a cave in the Grand Canyon. To quote the April 5th 1909 edition of the Arizona Gazette,

(D)iscoveries which almost conclusively prove that the race which inhabited this mysterious cavern, hewn in solid rock by human hands, was of oriental origin, possibly from Egypt, tracing back to Ramses. If their theories are borne out by the translation of the tablets engraved with hieroglyphics, the mystery of the prehistoric peoples of North America, their ancient arts, who they were and whence they came, will be solved. Egypt and the Nile, and Arizona and the Colorado will be linked by a historical chain running back to ages which staggers the wildest fancy of the fictionist.

There was also mention of mummies. To quote,

If their discovery struck the editors of the Arizona Gazette as the wildest fancy of a fictionist, it didn’t prevent them from running a detailed account on April 5, 1909. A subsequent account, with all the same details, was included in Joseph Miller’s book, “Arizona Cavalcade,” in 1962.

In that newspaper interview back in 1909, Kinkaid and Jordan told of finding tiers of mummies in the cavern, each occupying a separate rock-hewn shelf. At the head of each, they found copper cups and pieces of broken swords.

After examining some of the mummies, they determined them all to be male, leading them to conclude that the room they were in may have been a warriors’ burial site. In another room, perhaps the main dining hall, they found urns and water vessels marked with fine designs, signifying to them “a latter stage of civilization.”

The Smithsonian denies all of this. To quote them,

However, the Arizona Gazette appears to have been the only newspaper ever to have published the story. No records can confirm the existence of either Kincaid or Jordan.

Various rock formations in the Grand Canyon were named Tower of Ra, Horus Temple, Osiris Temple and Isis Temple, Cheops Pyramid etc. for some reason. Entry into the caves is still restricted.

There is also convincing evidence of Ancient Egypt having a fairly advanced Navy. To quote,

More recent studies have suggested that, theoretically, the ancient Egyptians may have had the maritime ability to make it to the Americas. Archaeological finds and ancient depictions from Hatshepsut’s voyage to the land of Punt have revealed a sophisticated naval infrastructure including harbors, construction materials, and the remains of the oldest seafaring vessels ever discovered.

A Semitic Face in Guatemala, and more on the Easter Island

The now destroyed face in Guatemala

To quote,

Many researchers would agree that the Jungles of Guatemala and surrounding countries hide great secrets of mighty ancient civilizations that ruled the lands in the distant past. From ancient temples and mysterious civilizations, anything can be discovered in these mysterious jungles. One of the most mysterious findings is surely the Giant Stone Head of Guatemala. First reports about the mysterious stone head came in 1987 when Dr. Rafel Padilla received a photograph of the mysterious monument in the Guatemalan jungle. The image was taken sometime in 1950 by the owner of the land where the state had been found. To make things even more mysterious, we take a look at the features of the Giant Stone Head like thin lips, long nose, a face directed to the sky and a gigantic body suspected to hide underground. Researchers suggest that the facial features of the giant stone statue represent Caucasian features which are inconsistent with all of the known pre-Hispanic races of America.

But no further research can be done because it was “destroyed.”

Regrettably before researchers managed to investigate this incredible statue, it was destroyed by rebel forces and militia, used as target practice.

Easter Island. This was not the work of a local culture.

The statues at Easter island also seem to have Semitic features. This island is located at a strategic point for boats hopping across Polynesia towards South America. Confirming this theory is the fact that advanced civilizations emerged on the South American coast facing Easter Island, not the other side. The statues were meant to be visible from the shore. Some sets of these statues were laid with astronomical precision, indicating an advanced knowledge of astronomy by the builders (astronomy is extensively used by seafarers such as the Phoenicians). By 1868, all statues were mysteriously toppled in an attempt to stop drawing attention to them. But they were too big to be destroyed or sink into the ground, and were thus re-erected, and falsely attributed to a local culture.

One of the caves on Easter island features this painting…..phoenixes? And the unmistakable outlines of heavy boat traffic! Georgia Lee and Paul Horley, The paintings of Ana Kai Tangata cave, Easter Island (Rapa Nui), Vol. 27 (2) October 2013, Rapa Nui Journal,

The Strange Rehabilitation of Aztec Royalty

While Europeans usually massacred indigenous royals with impunity, in the case of the Aztecs, the Spanish went to great lengths to rehabilitate some of their remaining nobility, complete with Spanish titles and crests. Soon enough, they were directing Spanish military ventures.

Coat of arms of the Dukes of Moctezuma of Tultengo shows a Phoenix. (Descendants of Aztec Emperor Moctezuma II). Were they Phoenician all along?

Pyramids and Child Sacrifice

All notable civilizations of South America, the Mayans, the Incas, the Aztecs, the Olmecs, all featured pyramids, constructed using the same building techniques used in the construction of Egyptian pyramids. It seems they could only create these dystopian societies where people agreed to centralized governments. On the other hand, the native tribes of North America did not have to go through this because they rejected centralization.

They also made the plebs engage in child sacrifice, which was eerily similar to that of Phoenicia and Carthage. To quote,

According to Roman and Greek sources, Phoenicians and Carthaginians sacrificed infants to their gods. The bones of numerous infants have been found in Carthaginian archaeological sites in modern times, but the subject of child sacrifice is controversial. In a single child cemetery called the Tophet by archaeologists, an estimated 20,000 urns were deposited.

Plutarch (c. 46–120 CE) mentions the practice, as do Tertullian, Orosius, Diodorus Siculus and Philo. Livy and Polybius do not. The Bible asserts that children were sacrificed at a place called the tophet (“roasting place”) to the god Moloch. According to Diodorus Siculus’s Bibliotheca historica, “There was in their city a bronze image of Cronus extending its hands, palms up and sloping toward the ground, so that each of the children when placed thereon rolled down and fell into a sort of gaping pit filled with fire.”

In fact the main reason why Phoenicians established faraway Carthage was so that they could engage in child sacrifice without being pestered and criticized by the common people of the Levant.

The Mysterious Chorrera Culture of Ecuador

We are told this was an “indigenous” culture that flourished between 1300 BC and 300 BC, that showed advanced use of metals and ceramics. They also established trade networks. But it seems they were cut short by a volcanic eruption.

Oh, and by the way, Chorreras is a site in southeastern Spain formerly host to a Phoenician colony. Maybe that’s where they sailed from.

The Far East was Colonized by Phoenicians

Cambodia and Vietnam

 The Crocodile Stone is a peculiar rock, located in the Vat Phou Temple complex in Laos, which borders Cambodia, that contains the carving of a crocodile. It was possibly the site of an annual human sacrifice in pre-Angkorian times (before the 9th century CE) © Tristan Savatier.

A major Peninsula jutting into the Pacific Ocean was named Funan, which appears to be a play on Phoenician, as does the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh. In Part Seven, Miles tells us that the Phoenicians at times referred to themselves as Ponnim. Now you know why the United States involved itself in this region, and in the process, dropped 3/4th of a million tonnes of explosives in carpet bombing campaigns. They were reclaiming Phoenician territory which had been temporarily lost to local interests. The regimes that later popped up may be Phoenician (although they pretend to oppose the US).

The aftermath of B-52 bombers carpet-bombing Cambodia.

The Toyota PONAM-28V, a Premium Sports Cruiser. Did I mention that the Phoenicians were into sailing?


To quote Miles in Part Seven,

Apparently the ancestors of both the Canaanites and the Phoenicians called their land Khna or Chana, which of course reminds us of China. I will be told the Chinese don’t call themselves that now and haven’t for centuries, but that isn’t the question. The Indians have been calling the place Cina in Sanskrit since at least 500BC. You will tell me the Phoenicians couldn’t have gone to China, since they would have had to sail around Africa. No, they came from the Persian Gulf, remember? So all they had to do was sail out into the Arabian Sea. At that point India was no further away than Greece was from Byblos. Or, they could sail from Suez, where they always had a port as well. Herodotus admitted the Phoenicians sailed in the Red Sea—since he said they came from there, as well as Dilmun—and that they even sailed around Africa, coming back via Spain. If they could do that, they could easily get to China.

Linguistically, China referred only to region where Mandarin was spoken.

But since Phoenicians were most active in just that region, this region has gobbled up all the remaining regions.

Beware the Keyword: Maritime Empire

Wherever Phoenicians and their later successors managed to deeply embed themselves, we observe the curious phenomena of that nation or state suddenly launching their own colonization quests by establishing Maritime Empires. The keyword to watch out for is Maritime Empire, as it gives away the Phoenicians behind it.

Let’s start with the Phoenician Empire Itself. Note that this map segregates Greek Colonization, but they should be regarded as one and the same.

Now let’s check out the succeeding Roman Empire at its zenith in 117 AD. Note their attachment to the Phoenician coastline, Egypt, and Carthage.

Then we have the Spookian Byzantine Empire, which most closely resembles Phoenicia. In another book, I traced many Spooks in the later Islamic World to Byzantium. Little did I know that “Phoenician” was the right word.

The Byzantine Empire in 555 under Justinian the Great, at its greatest extent since the fall of the Western Roman Empire (its vassals in pink).

Check the “Iranian” Sassanid empire, which emerged after the Phoenicians infiltrated the Empire of Cyrus the Great, and later Alexander the Great “conquered” it.

Peak Sassanid Empire

Looks like the modern-day “Islamic Republic” of Iran is trying to wrestle the colonies of the “pagan” Sassanid Empire. How strange. Also note their focus on Dilmun (the present-day island of Bahrain). Watch out UAE and Saudi Arabia!

Then along came Islam and stirred up the hornet’s nest. Things would only settle down by the time of the late Ottomans. A map of their zenith can be found after the Fatimid map..

The Spookian Fatimid Caliphate tried its best to reclaim Phoenicia, Carthage and Egypt from the Muslims by pretending to be one of them, but failed mainly because of Saladin.

Looks like the Ottomans are also keen on hugging the North African coastline including the ruins of Carthage, so that no independent Muslim power could claim these areas. This makes no sense. They also destroyed the Mamluks of Egypt. Later, they would pass off Egypt to the British. For this to happen, we have to accept the fact that the Ottomans got infiltrated by the Phoenicians.

Once the Phoenicians took over France, it too established a Maritime Empire. Below is an anachronistic map of all the areas they went into. Note the same obsession with the North African coastline including the ruins of Carthage.

Places where the French have been at one point or the other.

Here’s the Spanish Maritime Empire at its Zenith.

The Spanish Empire.

Here’s a map of all areas of the world that were once part of the Maritime Empire of little Portugal. Just look at all those islands. Oh, and they got Dilmun back!

The Portuguese Empire.

Even Germany launched a Maritime Empire once the Phoenicians took over.

The German Empire.

The little Kingdom of Netherlands emerged as a major hub for Spook activity. And they too launched their Maritime Empire.

Anachronous[a] map of the Dutch colonial Empire Light green: territories administered by or originating from territories administered by the Dutch East India Company Dark green: territories administered by or originating from territories administered by the Dutch West India Company Tiny orange squares indicate smaller trading posts, the so-called handelsposten.

After the Phoenicians strong-armed their trade into Japan, Japan suddenly sprouted a rather sudden (but short-lived) Maritime Empire.

According to a contributor to the Miles Mathis website the rather sudden (and short-lived) Japanese Empire may have been more Phoenician than Japanese. The British in particular, seemed to play an important role in the development of their Navy. In an earlier paper by the same contributor, we learn that the Japanese Empire was used as a smokescreen to implant entire colonies of crypto-Jews in China, who still seem to be running the show.

And then there is the mother of them all, the British Empire.

The British Empire.

We are told that the natives of these lands wizened up and became “independent.”

But coincidentally, around this time, a new Maritime Empire would emerge. This was the Soviet Empire. Many former colonies were quietly transferred to it.

States that had communist governments in red, states that the Soviet Union believed at one point to be moving toward socialism in orange and other socialist states in yellow (not all of the bright red states remained Soviet allies)
A Soviet era mansion in Sillamäe, a Soviet Secret City in Estonia (Recall Gerry’s emphasis on SLM). These cities were built exclusively for their ruling elite, who lived off the cruel and hard existence of the plebs. Why the Phoenician “Greek” style decorations on a Russian/Soviet building? © Darmon Richter, Fair Dealing.
A statue of Prometheus at the Vidaru Hydroelectric Dam which was built in 1966 in Communist Romania. Why did an ideology claiming to stand for the Proletariat pause to pay homage to figures in Greek-Phoenician mythology?

The United States started off as a nation whose founders fought against the British Empire and vowed to shun Empire. They initially pursued isolationism, which brought unprecedented prosperity and technological advances. But somewhere in the middle, they too transformed into a Maritime Empire! Just look at all those islands. They are in Dilmun and Phoenicia.

Countries with United States military bases and facilities. 90% Americans have never seen this and still believe that America only extends till Continental USA!

Since the Soviet Empire, we currently have NATO as a dominant Spook bloc.

Dark Blue: NATO members; Light Blue: membership action plan; Yellow: individual partnership action plan; Orange: partnership for “Peace;” Red: Mediterranean Dialogue; Purple: Istanbul Cooperation Initiative (note that they got Dilmun); Green: Global Partners
In Western countries, Phoenicians are known to exclusively dominate certain Intelligence branches of the Navy (In the case of USA, the Office of Naval Intelligence). They are even referred to as the “Old Navy.” Above: a major clothing chain that has no relationship documented relationship with any of that.

China, a country best earlier known for minding its own business, and building massive walls so that it could continue minding its own business, was completely taken over by Phoenicians following World War II via the Communist Party of China. Thereafter, China too, was greenlighted for a Maritime Empire. Since China having a rapey Phoenician style Phoenician Maritime Empire bears no historical continuity with its past and only draws attention to the hostile takeover following World War II, they have invented a historical myth that they already had a world-dominating navy 500 years ago but it was destroyed by a lunatic Emperor. Even the historical records of this great navy were allegedly destroyed, which is why you never heard of it.

China is cornering India.
The Chinese “Sphere of Influence” is expanding.
They are also pursuing an aggressive trade policy (Image courtesy of: Connecto)
And they are putting special emphasis on ancient Phoenician trade routes (Image courtesy of: Council of Foreign Relation)

There is one more Maritime Empire that is often overlooked. The one not tied to any nation in particular. That is the numerous Maritime Empires carved out by pirates. When Phoenicians spotted ships that did not belong to them, they attacked them without warning, and after taking their crew and passengers prisoner and stealing all their goods, they sank them. But when their ships were flying the flag of a particular nation, it became easy to track them down. So when engaging in piracy, they simply took down any identifying flags and became “pirates.” Almost all notable pirates in history were Phoenicians. Piracy originated in the Mediterranean. If you study notable pirates carefully, you will notice they avoided attacking ships of the Phoenician East India Company, but others were fair game. Conversely, European Maritime Empires like that of Britain were careful not to attack them. Take the infamous case of “British” pirates attacking a Mughal ship, in which notable connections to the British Ruling Elite were uncovered. And yes, they did bury looted treasures on faraway islands.

Phoenicians of the Carribean?

Why are murderous, rapey, scrawny Pirates always propagandized in mainstream literature, even in children’s cartoons? In this movie based on a well-known comic book, we learn that the villain is actually a direct descendant of a famous pirate. Telling.

The Jolly Roger flown by pirates seems to be an important symbol for the Yale Skull and Bones Secret Society, the most powerful Secret Society in USA, which counts dozens of Presidents in its ranks.

My favourite novelist, Michael Crichton, who was also outed on the Miles Mathis website for having faked his death, had a book “posthumously” published. It’s about pirates. Why would a “scientific mind” romanticize these scrawny creatures?

How Phoenicians Get Around Today

The Phoenicians (and later day crypto-Phoenicians) commanded the best boats of their time, progressing from a combination of sailing and slave-whipped paddling to steam, and then onto coal and now diesel. At some point in the last three centuries, they saw the benefits of aviation, and how it could help them get around more faster, so that they could not just manage their overseas colonies, but also spy (and later carpet bomb) from high above.

And so we see crypto-Phoenicians as the very pioneers of aviation. As expected, you will find them at the cutting edge of aviation technology. When dirigibles were invented in Germany, they became a big leap for spying. As such there were many mysterious sightings of them in faraway places that the Phoenicians were then contesting, such as China! In the early days of aviation, they would even sponsor huge public contests of crossing the oceans in planes, to encourage plebs to push the limits of the available technology, which was then downright dangerous. One such crypto-Phoenician aviation pioneer was Amelia Earhart, who has recently been outed by Miles Mathis. Miles has come to the conclusion that she was more of a pinup girl and a promoter of aviation rather than an actual aviator. (And maybe a more capable pilot was doing the flying, while she was in the backseat as a navigator).

Amelia Earhart. Airborne Spookian?

Her last mission in 1937 was flying on an advanced (for its time) American-made Lockheed Electra in the Pacific region. This was done with radio coordination with US Navy boats. The cover story was that she was circumnavigating the world with her navigator (Or was the “navigator” the real pilot?). Her last flight took off from Lae Airfield in Papua New Guinea. We are told she was hopping islands across the Pacific towards the United States when she disappeared. But there is a credible theory that her plane either crashed or was forced to land on the island of Saipan, which was a Japanese colony, and both aviators were captured by the Japanese. That would be far up North than her intended route. If that happened, the United States Government would move heaven and earth to secretly secure her release, and let her live in the United States under a different identity.

Why would the Phoenicians be spying on Japan in 1937, long before there was any possibility of a war with Japan? Because they intended to conquer it through war (the later World War II), and scouting new territory is exactly what Phoenicians do.

Going back to aviation, why didn’t civil aviation progress beyond the jet engine? With current passenger aircraft being noticeably similar to those made 50 years ago? Why were Supersonic passenger planes grounded for good? With the COVID-19 crisis, air travel has been hit very badly, with many airlines going into bankruptcy. Don’t the Phoenicians need civil aviation to manage their global colonies? Or maybe they are doing away with civil aviation because they have already moved onto other forms of technology? In a 2017 paper, Miles Mathis has reached the exact conclusion. There is anecdotal evidence that these craft jettison radioactive “droppings” at extremely secluded spots.

How plebs fly in 2021.
How Phoenicians were observed flying 10 years ago.

So in 2021, Phoenicians have little use for flying First Class on passenger planes, or even their private jets. Because it still takes a lot of time. A nonstop flight to colonies/business interests on the other side of the world can still take up to 24 hours, and then there’s the jetlag. Instead, they are zipping across the world in mere hours, on board mysterious craft which they have fooled us into believing are UFOs. All built and developed courtesy the taxpayers (who thought they were funding defensive wars). These craft have been videoed spraying some kind of mist around themselves to disguise themselves as clouds, when they have to slow down before landing. But such a transport network would require all sorts of infrastructure. They just couldn’t be flying and landing at civilian airports.

Remember the earlier map of US military bases all over the world, and especially across all those little islands? Nobody would notice “UFOs” taking off and landing at those sites. In addition, the United States has hundreds of such bases scattered across Continental USA. Now what if all NATO member states, and some countries dominated by Phoenicians, such as China, have secret arrangements to allow such craft to land and take off at their bases? All the Phoenicians have to do is drive to the nearest base to catch a flight, and then depart the craft when it lands at another treaty-base an hour later. The bases on the islands could help with refuelling or emergencies. The craft don’t have flags, so they can even fly to the treaty-bases of pretend enemies without drawing attention (such as China, Cuba or Iran). And again, Phoenicians don’t need passports, visas or even baggage limitations. They could probably even transport their child sex slaves.

 A map of global UFO sightings. Note the sightings on alot of the island bases we saw on earlier maps. The American East Coast which is glowing yellow, happens to be home to the American Deep State, which diverted a significant portion of American taxpayer money to the development of these craft. .

There is the issue of entering a non-treaty country. In that case, the Phoenicians can land at the nearest treaty-base in the nearest treaty country, and then enter the country on their private aircraft or yacht. So let’s suppose Lord Rothschild wants to visit his Mumbai office. The problem is that there are currently no such bases in India. Both Portugal and France  were supposed to have ones on the West and East coast of India respectively but Nehru kicked them out. Now the US is trying to get one near Kashmir but no luck so far. And at this point, India is not a treaty country, lending its own bases. Assuming Lord Rothschild has access to the craft in question, all he has to do is board the one heading from London to the US base at Oman, or the US base at the island of Diego Garcia. And from there to Mumbai, it will be his private aircraft. His travel time would probably be cut short by up to 70%. Remember that UFOs don’t have to use predesignated routes meant for aircraft. They can pursue linear routes from point A to point B.

So now you know why most of the UFO sightings are in the vicinity of military bases.

The nations of Nigeria and Niger were created by Phoenicians and continue to be managed by them to supply much needed uranium for their “UFO” fleets. The Boko Haram “Islamic” insurgency in that very region was created to ensure locals didn’t get too developed and demanding, and so that they could continue to be exploited at a subsistence level. Western military presence in that region is to ensure safety of these mines from local power groups (although they pretend to fight Al-Qaida). Pictured above is the Akokan Uranium mine in Niger, which is the largest underground uranium mine in the world. Niger, a country with one of the world’s lowest ranks on the Human Development Index, is also the world’s third largest producer of uranium. Uranium is also being secretly mined in Antarctica.

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