An Insider Account of the Dystopian Aspects of present-day Chinese Society

Present-day China is like a black-box. You can sometimes catch the echoes of what goes on inside, if you are watching/reading/listening carefully. It is only sometimes that a genuine insider account emerges.

And so, here we reproduce the account of a Redditor wuBIGwei. Particularly fascinating is his/her revelation of how Atheism is being used to get rid of all local languages and cultures, other than the mainstream Chinese one, which appears to have been distorted and modified far beyond what it once was. As for what went wrong with China, the Phoenicians took over China through the Communist Party of China, with World War II in Southeast Asia being a smokescreen. Recent additional research on the Miles Mathis website gives credit to the Japanese military for implanting Phoenician overlords in China, long before World War II formally commenced. Given the preexisting proclivity of the majority of the people there towards atheism, the Phoenicians realized they had a blank slate to conjure up the worst possible dystopia. And they ain’t letting go. In fact, they are so impressed with the level of dystopia they have achieved, that they are exporting its aspects to free societies in other parts of the world.

Slightly reformatted.

Subtle manipulation — 户口, a passport between cities.

9th March 2022

This is a long article, and is my first english writing. English is not my native language, but I tried my best. I used to write in other sub, recording the bizarre things of China in Chinese, but it occures to me that people who understand Chinese, well, they more or less are aware of how things are in China. Therefore, I wrote this in English, despite my terrible language skill, I tried my best to say what I wanted to say.

As a human, I always believe that what distinguishes us from livestock is our free will and that the life choices we make have some sort of a sense of control.

But I grew up in a bizarre world, right before I was born, the entire society was crazy about superpowers, people with a pot on their head (literally, pothead):

Podheads seeking superpowers irl

Hamad: Would this cultural phenomenon also be related with the tendency of main characters of South-East Asian anime having unnatural superpowers, and being ordinary (or in the case of Japanese car-owners, “stock”) associated with being nothing more than background scenery?

This is another one of the policies in the country where people just forget afterward, together with the infamous ‘one-child policy (where pregnant women are forced to get an abortion if she had a child before, however close to the due date; and being forced to apply birth control equipment to women almost right after having a child), whereas now as people realizing such a shitty place they are living in, they started a silent protest by not having any kid, so somehow the government decided to allow everyone to have up to three children, even though there is no medical care nor is there a paid maternity leave.

Anyway, I am the only child in my family, that’s a result of the aforementioned policy. I can never have a brother or sister because, by the time I was born if you are the second child, you will not have your identity—you will not be allowed to go to school, go to work, or buy a house, or living in a hotel. The power of big government…… and of course, how thoroughly it is spying on you. Let’s see a very good, characteristic thing in China, the 户口 system.

When I am writing this, I cannot think of a good translation of the word ‘户口 (hukou)’, which literally means your family’s origin or something, but you can think of it as a caste system basically. It is really like a small passport for you to travel around cities or provinces, but in order to stay in another city, you have to endure a long, painful process, much like getting a green card. For example, I lived in Shanghai, but if I go to Beijing, I can not buy a house, nor can I go to school there. Even though I can work there, in many ways, I would be treated as a second-class citizen.

And yes it still exists in 2022.

Some 户口 is simply better than others, another similarity to a passport. For example, you would be literally superior if you have a 户口 in the big cities, while in some small cities, or villages, not really. An infamous example is that of Xinjiang, if your 户口 is from Xinjiang, you would probably get additional care, for example, there would be polices visiting you if you are in a hotel in a different city, they would not do much, just checking.

That is very discriminative, I think that goes without saying. But to many Chinese people, it’s not hurting any people, so most Chinese people do not think much about it. Even if in recent years the government is slowly tightening the strings in controlling the ethnic minorities, most Chinese people honestly think that it is not a big deal. One of the recent examples is the school is getting rid of dialects (or other languages) and promoting Mandarin. The Mongolian schools are not allowed to teach Mongolian anymore, similar to what happened to the Uighur. It always begins with something subtle, that people do not realize its seriousness. But the reality is that it is always in one direction, they preserve the dialect and the culture in the museums, rather in the society. Eventually, things in society are getting more and more monotone, and there is no way back.

Another thing is the re-educational camp. I am almost sure you all heard about it, maybe even more than me. But the difference between us is that you know this at once, while I, together with most Chinese people am slowly experiencing it. It starts with getting rid of the local languages, the promotion of atheism (therefore getting rid of the religion), and then adding more and more Chinese characteristics to the textbook. Each thing is small and insignificant, but it accumulates into complete bullshit. We are like some frogs boiled in water, gradually dying without noticing. But you are dropped into the boiling water, seeing its ultimate form right away. Therefore you know there’s something wrong, but thanks to the subtle fashion in which the CCP government is doing this, many Chinese people honestly believe there is nothing wrong with it.

Moving back to the 户口, another thing closely related to that topic is education, because you practically cannot go to school unless your 户口 is there.

Well, technically you still can, but you need to go back to where you come from to take the exams, which may be different from the city where you study. As it has become a common fact that the Chinese educational system is highly, if not 100%, examination-oriented, you’d better go back to where you came from.

A direct result is the ‘left-behind child’ who sadly has a 户口, in the rural area. And trust me, the rural area of China is not some paradise you’d like to go to. The parents, in pursuit of higher payment for the family, go to the city for work (even though they are second-class citizens, still they make more money than in the village), but their children would stay in the hometown, growing up without parents around. Poor kids live with their old grandparents, who are from a generation that… well you can do the math yourself. Anyway, the point is, their life is almost guaranteed to be ruined just because they were born to a family in a rural area. My mom was one of them, she used to go to school in the village in the 1980s where they use donkeys to carry burning wood for the winter. That is the educational resource in that area. Luckily she eventually escaped, but there are millions of other kids that are stuck there.

Even if you have a 户口 in the city, your chance of receiving a quality education is extremely low. Here is another concept called 对口(duikou, corresponding to your 户口), basically it means if you want to get into a school, the most possible way is to buy a house in the zone of that school, meaning that, well, you can live close to your school, saving transit time. Pretty good huh?

Not at all.

The price of an apartment near a prestigious school is significantly higher. Basically, you have to spend your life saving so that your kid can go to an ideal school. So you are literally buying your way to a school, literally. I always suspect that the real estate business in China being on fire has something to do with this abnormal policy.

What I want to write is a series on what China actually looks like, I did write something in another sub, sadly that sub was banned. Also recently in my discussion with some friends around the world, I discovered that even though many people have a general idea of China, perhaps even know some infamous stuff the CCP government did (Genocide, for example). However, I have always thought that one big, obvious, wicked act does not portray how _____ the CCP government really is (I’m running out on adjectives here because it is beyond description). The most dangerous way of governing, in my opinion, is not punching you right in your face, but rather slowly strangling you to death, while you still praise your leader.


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