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Will the real Putin Please Stand Up?

If Prigozhin does indeed reach Moscow (and if he is legit), he would be in for some funny surprises. From the beginning of this war, it is unclear who is/was calling the shots on the Russian side. Putin? the FSB? the Generals? Those who saw the rise of the earlier Putin will recall that he was a slender, oily man who exuded a sinister-creepy air. The Putin currently in the Kremlin is slightly heavyset, and has a likeable, farmer-like persona...


The Russia-Ukraine “War;” How it Started versus How it’s Going

This analysis demonstrates that while the timing of the Russian-Ukraine War was indeed whimsical and suspicious, the war itself had been in the works for decades, and will ominously unfold into an even bigger conflict, as planned. As we shall explore, the “war” actually fits into several concurrent agendas of the The Powers That Be. But as with all human-made plans, things aren’t exactly going as planned