Will the real Putin Please Stand Up?

If Prigozhin does indeed reach Moscow (and if he is legit), he would be in for some funny surprises. From the beginning of this war, it is unclear who is/was calling the shots on the Russian side. Putin? the FSB? the Generals? Those who saw the rise of the earlier Putin will recall that he was a slender, oily man who exuded a sinister-creepy air. The Putin currently in the Kremlin is slightly heavyset, and has a likeable, farmer-like persona (plastic surgery can’t do that). Of course, NATO knows the truth but won’t go there because the war is a collaborative project involving Phoenicians on both sides. It seems too much had been invested into the persona of the earlier Putin that when he died unexpectedly, it was decided to continue things with an actor. The problem is that an actor would have no will or intention to fight Prigozhin and would take the first flight out (That’s not part of the contract).

Even funnier is the fact that the folks at NATO have no intention for Putin’s rule to come to an abrupt end. Too much is at stake.

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