How 9/11 was done

Last Updated on July 28, 2023 by Hamad Subani

Most of you who follow 9/11 conspiracy theories are already aware of the Israeli connection. It is so mainstream that even Wikipedia has entire sections (1,2) on it.

I however, never took those connections seriously. The Phoenicians see the state of Israel as a project with a fairly limited shelf life. And therefore it can be used as a clearinghouse for many Phoenician conspiracies. If real historians and researchers later re-analyze 9/11, they will obviously follow the conspiracy angle, pointing at Israel. But with Israel long gone, and its Intelligence archives purged and destroyed, big American-Phoenician families will never get scrutinized.

But on second thought, I have now come to the conclusion that the scale of 9/11 was much smaller than projected, with the footprint of the main event being restricted to the World Trade Center area of New York, and given the small scale, the Israeli connection was actually center-stage.

One “Israeli” connection that gained a lot of notoriety involves Israeli “art students” who were given access to the World Trade Centre just prior to 9/11. To quote,

According to a 2009 article by Truth Alliance, an Israeli spy ring in America was busted shortly after 9/11 which revealed connections between the WTC’s art residency program and Mossad […….] The article goes on to reveal that not only was the art residency program connected to Mossad, but the so-called art students also lived in very close proximity to known terrorists that were on the FBI’s watch list.

And what exactly was this “Art Residency Program”? To quote,

I want to call your attention to the artist groups (E-TEAM and GELATIN) who were selected to be part of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC) World Views / Studioscape (link gone now) programs that allowed them and other artists to work and live in the WTC in the four years leading up to 9/11 on different floors, including 91 and 92 of the North Tower.  Additionally, they were given seven day a week construction access to the WTC that allowed them to freely move all sorts of materials in and out of the complex.

And to quote another source,

Gelatin gained access not just to 1WTC, but the entire WTC complex by obtaining temporary construction passes through the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Open Studios for World Views program which, according to their website, “offered studio space to artists on in the 90th and 91st floors of the North Tower.” The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council received the space in the North tower as a donation from the NYC Port Authority. The only other occupants on the 91st floor of the North tower were 11 employees of the American Bureau of Shipping [additional source]. One of the employees, Clair McIntyre, later told the 9/11 Commission that there was an artist who stayed overnight on the 91st floor the morning of the attacks, as well as 4 or 5 electricians.

Coincidentally, a 1921 document pertaining to the creation of the Port Authority of New York would go missing on 9/11.

On 31st March 2000, a group of “Austrian/German/Israeli” “art students” who went by the name Gelatin[1] Gelatin happens to be an explosive used in blasting, as in Gelatin-B, but never mind. (later Gelitin post 2005) made a makeshift balcony by removing a window on the 91st floor of the North face of WTC Tower 1. They called this project the “B-Thing.” Another group of “art students” known as the “E-TEAM” flew a helicopter to “take pictures” of the exhibit, while communicating wirelessly with the group operating the makeshift balcony. This stunt lasted 20 minutes and nobody seemed to have noticed.

Coincidentally, on 9/11, the first plane reportedly struck the very same North face of the North Tower (also known as 1 World Trade Center), impacting floors 93-99.

The balcony in question.

E-Team publicly released their footage of Quick Click (aka The B-Thing) wherein we can clearly see the helicopter crew wearing hats that featured the group’s name. The helicopter that E-Team chartered is owned by Liberty Helicopters which still offers tours of NYC. From the video we see that the model number is N666LH. Text at the opening of the film reads,

The E-Team will hover for 20 minutes in front of the 91st floor of 1WTC to take your picture in the Quick Click window. You can come back the next day and pick up your free Quick Click picture at the E-Team tower.”

So it seems they were encouraging random people to have their picture taken in the makeshift balcony. But it seems they did not return the photographs. To quote,

Although the team promised to provide participants with the photographs, many assert that the participants were denied their pictures when they dropped by to pick them up.

As a follow-up, Gelatin released a limited edition book on the stunt. To quote,

Shortly after their crime, Gelatin published a 62-page book on the stunt which featured behind-the-scenes photographs, pictures of the artists, and an array of disturbing hand-drawn images. New copies of the book are selling for $999, while secondhand copies are going for nearly $3,000 on Amazon. It is safe to assume this book is not intended for widespread distribution.


Some call The B-Thing book the smoking gun. It depicts dozens of disturbing drawings including someone falling headfirst from the 91st floor with the words “300 meters of pure pleasure.”

On 18th August 2001, just 24 days before 9/11, The New York Times ran an article on the stunt entitled Balcony Scene (Or Unseen) Atop the World; Episode at Trade Center Assumes Mythic Qualities.

A female artist who knew about the B-Thing in its early planning phase, later gave a detailed her account for Spike Magazine in the Spring of 2020. To quote,

Oddly enough, the helicopter and hotel photos were meant to serve as exhibition material for Gelatin’s show at Leo Koenig Gallery the following year. Whether by coincidence or some unnameable cosmic force, the opening day of the exhibition was 11 September 2001.

This is corroborated by an article that was printed in December 2001 in a special issue of Art Forum magazine.

The coincidences don’t end here. To quote,

On February 28, 2002, the International Foundation for Art Research (IFAR), hosted a symposium called September 11th: Art Loss, Damage, and Repercussions. The Director of Visual & Media Arts for the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Moukhtar Kocache, published an essay entitled The Artist Residency Program in the Twin Towers. Kocache paid his respects to what the foundation lost on 9/11. He then briefly discussed the enigmatic E-Team.

Remember the E-Team?[2]E as in Explosives? They did another project on the same North Face of the North Tower of the World Trade Center in March 2001. To quote them,

127 Illuminated Windows

E-Team (Franziska Lamprecht, Hajoe Moderegger, Daniel Seiple)

Light sculpture

LMCC World Views Short Term Project, North Face of 1 World Trade Center (Floors 89-95)

March 29, 2001

The name of our collaboration, E-TEAM, is generic. To illuminate it on the North face of Tower 1, World Trade Center, we would use the windows between the 89th and 95th floors like elements in an LCD. It would require 279 darkened and 127 lit windows, and the help of those respective offices. We contacted 14 businesses and provided them with floor plans detailing which blinds to open and close. The support we received from the offices and their employees was integral to illuminating our name.

Coincidentally, on 9/11, the first plane reportedly struck the North face of North Tower (also known as 1 World Trade Center), impacting floors 93-99.

Gelatin also gets tied to the only known footage of the first plane hitting the North face of the North tower. To quote,

On their website, Gelatin once featured a still frame of firefighters walking past gutless dummies in steel frames that match the dimensions of the WTC windows. The still image is from real footage taken by Jules Naudet. (9:09). Until recently, the Naudet film was believed to be the only footage of the first plane hitting the WTC. The film has been analyzed meticulously by thousands of internet sleuths and is widely believed to have been staged to look “accidental” or “lucky.” Thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request (NIST FOIA Release #25 42A0108 G25D18, Video #2 Collapse of WTC 2 & 1), the public gained access to additional footage of the same framed dummies (seen at 04:30), only this time they were located outside the WTC at ground level.

Framed Gutless Men artwork inside WTC on 9/11.

What exactly was the purpose of these window-sized dummies? Maybe they were an inside joke. To quote,

I think the Framed Dummies artworks (see below) in the buildings’ concourse and on an outside walkway (one set of them inside & one set of them outside) were yet another part of these possible sick jokes…artwork pieces esoterically referring to framing the Muslims (Gutless Men Carried It Out), who were often portrayed like this in the years right after 9/11…bad guys in the dark outfits…who were always ready to cut someone’s head off, when they weren’t training on their (playground) monkey bars.  It’s weird how we don’t see any of that anymore…I guess those images were determined to be firmly implanted.

What you have read above is publicly known and verified. The following is my opinion.

Is it possible to flesh out a coherent theory out of all these neat coincidences? Was a similar group of “artists” tasked with arranging the controlled demolition of the two towers? I don’t think so. Because the towers were built exactly for this purpose. In fact, they had entire sections that were hollowed out, missing actual floors (which would greatly help in a controlled demolition). However, at night, a computerized lighting system would randomly display lights on all floors to give the impression that each and every floor was occupied.

Hollow Towers?

Some believe that the command center for the controlled demolition (which featured excessive use of a thermite-like explosive) was the nearby World Trade Centre 7. This makes sense given the fact that World Trade Center would also mysteriously collapse once the towers fell.

The collapse of the towers was sold to the gullible public as a consequence of “heated jet fuel” from the hijacked planes “melting the steel girders.” The problem is that nobody really saw the first plane hit the North tower. There was only one piece of footage, the Naudet film discussed earlier, which could have been shooped to show a plane.

The napalm-like fireworks which are associated with the impact of the second plane.

The second plane hit the South tower a mere 16 minutes later. In a busy city like New York, people don’t sit observing the skyline. Few would have personally seen this. Even fewer would have noticed the alleged first plane. But unlike the first plane, the second plane’s impact showed a vivid plume of explosions that were broadcast everywhere.

It looks like the second plane was shooped onto the explosion immediately. And this is evident because some of the shoops that were shown that day were incredibly shoddy. For example, in one of them, the nose of the gigantic plane inadvertently peeps out of the other side of the tower!

The “no-plane theory”, claims that this shot of the second impact, taken from a news helicopter, depicts a video composite of a Boeing 767 accidentally appearing from behind a Layer Mask. Apparently there were serious time constraints. Even if they had prepared a properly scaled plane Layer mask in advance, it had to placed onto the fresh footage within minutes so that it could be broadcast as live. No time for Jurassic Park®/Michael Bay® level CGI.

To quote,

Morgan Reynolds

Former chief economist within the Labor Department under the Bush administration, Morgan Reynolds, argues that no planes were used in the attacks. Reynolds claims it is physically impossible that the Boeing planes of Flights 11 and 175 could have penetrated the steel frames of the Towers, and that digital compositing was used to depict the plane crashes in both news reports and subsequent amateur video. “There were no planes, there were no hijackers”, Reynolds insists. “I know, I know, I’m out of the mainstream, but that’s the way it is”.

Apparently, the “no plane theory” was actively suppressed at 9/11 conspiracy websites, indicating that many such websites were being run by the Phoenicians. To quote,

Some truth movement veterans have repeatedly refuted the “no-plane” claims. In fact, discussion of no-plane theories has been banned from certain conspiracy theory websites and advocates have sometimes been threatened with violence by posters at other conspiracy theory websites.

There have also been other attempts to dilute the “no plane theory” with other ridiculous theories, such as the planes being cruise missiles disguised as planes, or planes being flown by remote control!

But what if there was no impact by flying objects that day? That would make everything a lot less complex for those running the conspiracy. Think of it. No crisscrossing across different jurisdictions. No need to physically involve the FAA, NORAD or the Air Force (Just make sure they read their scripts). No need for real hijackers. Just some sinister-looking and obnoxious “Arabs” enrolling in flight schools and acting suspicious. In short, the entire circumference of the conspiracy could be restricted to the World Trade Centre area of New York, which would make things a lot less easy for the conspirators.

The demolition of the towers had been planned out decades ago. And it went without a hiccup.

There was only one “grey area” which required the expertise of professional artists. And that was marrying the demolition of the towers to the pixelated planes.

Of course, I am not implying that the beautiful and upstanding people involved with the E-TEAM and Gelatin were involved. But their hijinx were publicized before 9/11. Lets assume they ended “inspiring” another group of professional artists linked to the conspirators.

The professional artists had these specific tasks:

  • Create realistic-looking gash resembling a flight impact on the North Face of floors 93-99 of the North Tower (Also known as World Trade Centre 1), which bellowed smoke.[3]As expected, firefighters did show up when the first “impact” happened. Some of them stumbled onto the elaborate network of explosives intended for the demolition. This even made it to some mainstream news outlets. But they would not live to stand by their claims following the ensuing demolition.
  • Create another realistic-looking gash resembling a flight impact on floors 77-85 on the South Face of the of the South Tower (Also known as World Trade Centre 2), which bellowed smoke.
  • The gash on the South Tower overlapped with a huge display of napalm-like fireballs/fireworks, onto which UAL 175 would later be shooped. This was not necessary for the North Tower because nobody was watching the first impact.
  • Despite the large amount of smoke generated in the above three events (as well as the napalm-like fireballs in the last of the above three events), care was to be taken not to make things too hot or fiery inside, as they did not want to inadvertently trigger the demolition itself. That would be done only after people watched the spectacle for a good one hour and 45 minutes. It had to be seared into their memories to make them ready for war.
  • Until the demolition, “live” television broadcasted video and images of people trapped inside the buildings, and even some falling to their deaths.[4]That of course does not mean that no one died on 9/11. Many people incidentally died, and some were deliberately placed in the vicinity to be killed, such as FBI agent John O’Neill. But the death toll was exaggerated. The families of some of the fake victims (sometimes referred to as vicsims for victim simulation) even tried to wring money out of the Saudi Government. Had they succeeded, this money would have found its way back to the American Deep State. 
    • Was this really “live” television, or was it filmed/created in advance by the “artists?”For maximum effect, the windows would have to be removed or partially shattered for these people to be visible. We have seen earlier that our artists had become experts in removing these heavy and permanently sealed windows using suctions cups and professional tools.One such person depicted on 9/11 was Edna Cintron, who is depicted waving for help. Some believe that she appeared earlier in the Gelatin video at exactly 9:11! She is seen in standing in the makeshift balcony (if that is her).
    • On 9/11, the silhouettes of many people were also seen behind intact windows. People could be “placed” behind intact windows (although they would be less visible) by clothing the “framed gutless dummies,” which were built to exactly fit into the window frames! This further supports the theory that the towers were more or less empty of real people.
Was this “live television” or was it shot/created in advance?

Since we are assuming that the demolition of the towers was independent from the gashes that initially appeared on the towers (as well as fireballs that supposedly came out of the gash in the South tower), we can assume that the “artists” had their very own mechanism for triggering these three events.

They would be triggering these three events from outside the World Trade Center, wirelessly. But through trial and error, they had to minimize the chances of glitches. There could be no possibility of error while the whole world was watching.

These three events (the two gashes that appeared on the towers, as well as the fireballs that came out of the gash on the South tower) took place on the uppermost floors of the towers. It would be difficult to trigger them wirelessly from the ground. Therefore our “artists” pushed the buttons suspended right in front of these floors… a helicopter (Recall “news” helicopter that was up in the vicinity even before the attacks).

A sketch from Gelitin’s B-thing project showing a cross section of the World Trade Center with the improvised balcony, and a helicopter hovering. ©Gelitin/Gelatin. Fair Dealing. Was a helicopter used to wirelessly activate the “gashes” on both the towers?

To minimize interference, the wireless receivers in the towers had to be placed on these upper floors outside the building structure. Were there makeshift balconies holding such equipment in both the towers? It is unlikely that anyone would have noticed, just as they had failed to notice in 2000.

A sketch from Gelitin’s B-thing project showing detail of an improvised balcony built into the window of the World Trade Center. ©Gelitin/Gelatin. Fair Dealing. Were such balconies in place on both towers on 9/11? Had wireless receivers been installed on them?

Maybe no one personally saw the first plane impact. But wasn’t everyone observing the towers when the second plane impacted?

No one personally saw the second plane impact either. Those that claim they did should be treated with suspicion.

We are told the second impact took place at 9:03 AM, a mere 16 minutes after the first impact. Around this time, most New Yorkers had reached their offices and workplaces and settled down for work as far as the World Trade Centre area is concerned. Remember that this is a busy, greed-driven city where every minute is recycled for profit. It was a Tuesday, not a weekend. People weren’t sitting in parks observing the skyline. Maybe the bums were but nobody is interviewing them.

After the first impact, everybody did not come out to see for themselves. They did what they always do….turn on the TV and let the TV dictate their reality. They soon saw the pixelated plane on “live” TV coverage of the second impact. Philosophically, the plane existed as pixels only on tubes and monitors.

Even if suppose people came out and started observing the skyline, those in the vicinity would not be able to see much unless they craned their necks at unnatural angles,[5]The footage of the second impact comes mainly from “news helicopters” which were flying high above. and happened to be looking specifically at the South Face of the South Tower, provided the view was not blocked by other skyscrapers. Even if they were looking at exactly that, the “napalm clouds” which characterized the second impact helped obscure things.

When I visit non-Western countries, people often ask me how most Americans could be so stupid, despite good literacy levels and access to information. The answer is that from a very tender age, they are conditioned into seeing their self-worth in terms of pay-grade, seeking to trade every minute of their existence for what their lucrative market/economy offers. Most of them therefore have absolutely no time for real discussion, introspection or reflection. When they come back from work, they unwind maybe for two hours max in front of the TV. And despite the plethora of “news” channels, each and every one of the channels carry the same propaganda. Of course there are some “conspiracy theorists” with their own radio shows like Alex Jones, but back then only people in Austin seemed to know him (and listening to him actually made people raise eyebrows at you). In hindsight, it seems that while Alex Jones was selling the conspiracy angle (“The government allowed 9/11 to happen”) he was still peddling the event as real!

With that being said, remember that 9/11 was organized to ready the American public for war. On the other hand, nations like UK, Australia and Canada joined the war without the necessity of any 9/11’s on their soil, and without the slightest introspection about the event. Their citizenry is way more illiberal, slave-like, bigoted and regressive than USA (although outwardly it doesn’t look as such). Going further back into history, their citizenry never needed any “Lusitania sinkings” or “Pearl Harbors” to get marched into World Wars like USA did. They just trudged into them like slaves, long before these events happened.

So we went to war with Afghanistan over Pixelated planes? I want my money back

No refunds.

It may sound ludicrous but following the war in Afghanistan, they went to war with Iraq over non-existent chemical weapons, which is equally ludicrous.

Wait a minute…didn’t something hit the Pentagon?

It wasn’t a plane. And it wasn’t a missile either. Its not that hard for the Military to stage a small-scale demolition in one of their restricted areas. Especially if they have to destroy records in the Pentagon pertaining to $2.3 trillion in public funds. If they can make $2.3 trillion disappear, this must be child’s play.

Despite hundreds of security cameras in the vicinity, the only footage that got out shows some object hitting the Pentagon, which appears to be aimed at confusing and befuddling the conspiracy crowd (Was it a plane or a missile?). A conspiracy research group known as the Pentacon decided to look elsewhere. During their investigation, they felt that that the downed streetlights on a street adjacent to the crash site appeared to have been dragged and placed there (as opposed to being knocked down by the hijacked plane) and the vehicles that had stopped appeared to be props. They contacted Christopher Landis, the Operations Manager for Safety Service Patrol at the VDOT (Virginia Department of Transportation). He was responsible for road safety, road closures and maintenance of light poles. Landis was kind enough to give Pentacon the entire Ingersoll photo collection* (Jason Ingersoll was at the Pentagon Navy Annex when 9/11 happened and snapped the most famous high resolution photos of the attack on the Pentagon, although only a few have been made available). On November 16th 2006 (approximately 2.5 months later after supplying Pentacon with the photos), Landis reportedly committed suicide. Pentacon found it very suspicious.

Staged? Note plate1-665. 5+1 gives another 6, as in 666.

But what about the Claims of Osama Bin Laden?

When the tide began turning against the Soviets in Afghanistan, the Phoenicians used the CIA to plant many bogus leaders in Afghanistan to take control of the jihad. These were:

  1. A crypto named Ahmed Shah Masud
  2. Burhanuddin Rabbani
  3. Gulbuddin Hekmatyar
  4. Osama Bin Laden

These folks were expected to become the new rulers of Afghanistan. But the unexpected rise of the Taliban resulted in the first three being removed from the equation. Osama Bin Laden lingered on by showering the Taliban with gifts and dollars. However, his status in Afghanistan was still that of an official guest. This is why he refrained from immediately claiming credit for 9/11 (he would get extradited). He had professed his innocence to the Taliban, and they had rightly demanded that USA present a case for his extradition. It was only after the Taliban got significantly weak that Osama started claiming credit for 9/11. 

A little more about Osama Bin Laden. He is not a Saudi but a Yemenite from the Kindi clan. The Kindi clan (along with the Himyar) is host to powerful crypto-Jews who were trying hard to gain control of the entire Arabian Peninsula, but the advent of Islam threw a big wrench into that. Therefore they have a historical animosity with Muslims, and often show up in Phoenician ops directed against the Islamic world. In an earlier book, I discovered that barbarian Genghis khan relied on a “Muslim” spy named Jafar. In some historical manuscripts, Jafar is also noted as “Kindah.”

Osama Bin Laden
Osama’s creepy brother Salem Bin Laden. Salem Bin Laden helped the Reagan administration funnel $34 million to the Contras through Saudi Arabia. Back in the 70s, Salem was briefly married to Caroline Carey, whose half-brother Ambrose is the son of the Marquess of Queensberry (British cryptos). Osama bought his way into the Afghan jihad by offering money and inducements, such as missiles and weapons, arranged by brother Salem’s Western accomplices (read: CIA). In February 1985, Salem, met with Reagan and briefed him on Osama’s activities in Afghanistan. In 1988, Salem invested in Harken, a little-known company that was run by George Bush Jr. Shortly after, Harken won major contracts for oil business in Saudi Arabia. In the 1990s, George Bush Sr. and James Baker visited the Bin Ladens when they were prospecting for business in Saudi Arabia. On May 29th 1988, Salem Bin Laden faked his death. We are told that the microlight he was flying hits power lines in Texas. Or did he fake his death as he drawing attention to the Bush family’s connections to the Bin Ladens? It is easy to parachute from a microlight at the last moment because it is open to air. And microlight crashes are not investigated by the Federal Government. Osama’s father also allegedly died in a plane crash. On July 31st 2015, Osama’s step-mother, his half-sister and her husband faked their deaths in another plane crash in the UK. It is more likely that Salem Bin Laden is now a US citizen, living under a legal alias in some “Witness Protection Program.”
A painting found in Pedo-king Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion. The Bush family had formal business ties with Osama Bin Laden.
A movie from 1987 about a little-known person who suddenly becomes a public enemy (like Osama Bin Laden). “Squeeze” is also a subtle reference to USA getting squeezed for Phoenician ops.
Morocco, a Muslim-Arab country has a Satanic Pentagram on its flag!

It is important to remember that Arabs, Sephardic Jews, many crypto-Jews, and Phoenicians are all Semitic people. And so are most of Greeks, most Corsicans, most Sardinians, most Portuguese, a good proportion of Italians and a good proportion of Spaniards. In other words, Phoenicians can easily move around them (and manipulate them) without worrying about their physical appearances arousing suspicion. So now you know why the Arab world is in such a tragic state.[6]The Arabs had once conquered the Phoenician stronghold of Spain and created a vibrant and sophisticated civilization there, only to be infiltrated and imploded, and driven out 700 years later.  It seems that the Phoenicians are so comfortable with their “Arab” personas that there are probably more of them in the Arab world than in USA. It is estimated that 90% of Arab countries are run by Phoenicians. When I began researching crypto-Phoenicians in the Indian Subcontinent, I was surprised to find many of them hiding behind legit Arab groups such as the Quraish, Syrian-Christians and Memons. It helps distract from the Oye Vey factor.

With 9/11 approaching, the Taliban was marked for destruction. Because they were posing an existential threat to a neighboring project, the so-called Islamic Republic of Iran. In the long term they could also pose a threat to Pakistan which is also somewhat of a project. With the Taliban removed from the equation, the so-called “War on Terror” could no longer be justified. And this is where Osama Bin Laden comes into the equation. Osama Bin Laden was tasked it stretching his guest status in Afghanistan to create a miniscule organization called the Al Qaida, which would serve as a fake enemy, taking credit of pretend terrorist incidents worldwide and thereby allowing the so-called “War on Terror” to continue infinitely. Since most of the Western populations are dumb-clueless, Western militaries would greatly strengthen Al Qaida by bombing/fighting other groups that were competing with Al Qaida, while pretending that they were fighting Al Qaida. When Western forces would leave, Al Qaida would be in charge of large swathes of territory in Afghanistan.

The remainder of Afghanistan was to be gifted to Ahmed Shah Masud. Osama Bin Laden would be moved into the Northwest Frontier Province of Pakistan. The Allied Coalition would follow, and soon enough, Pakistan would end up being run by the US military. Now some Indians were gleeful about this. But there was no intention to destroy or dismember Pakistan. Before they would leave, they would start building up Pakistan (and Al Qaida) for an apocalyptic War with India.

In the beginning, the Phoenicians were ecstatic. They even named the so-called War on Terror “Operation Infinite Justice,” thinking that they could extend the scam indefinitely for decades to come, to not just Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, but even to the Middle East. While Western populations fell for it hook, line and sinker, the plan ended up seriously floundering in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

  • The Taliban, realizing that Ahmed Shah Masud was being maneuvered in by the Allied Coalition, had him assassinated in a suicide attack.[7]Western media actually backdated his death to imply that the Taliban had foreknowledge of 9/11! Without him, the Taliban easily regained in Afghanistan.
  • The crypto Nawaz Sharif was expected to be running Pakistan during 9/11. He would ensure that Pakistan would be turned over to the American military. However, just before 9/11 he got ousted in an accidental coup. While the new President Musharraf had his faults, he did his best to save Pakistan, given the circumstances.
  • Osama Bin Laden was secretly moved into Pakistan, but in late 2001, he got killed by a Pakistani. This act alone was the biggest undoing of the entire conspiracy. And from then onwards, his video statements had to be shooped (note wobbling head). Musharraf almost blew the lid on this but was cornered after repeated assassination attempts. And thus the Phoenicians got to continue the so-called War on Terror for many more years. After Musharraf was ousted, there was a fake raid on Abbottabad where Osama would be fake-killed in 2011.

Realizing that the plan was seriously floundering, the Phoenicians decided to invade Iraq before the momentum completely died out.

Further Setbacks to the Bin Ladens and Yemenite Cryptos

The Bin Laden family soon fell from grace in Saudi Arabia. They were dismissed from their contractual role in the maintenance of the Holy Mosque in Mecca.[8]The Bin Ladens took up this role for the purpose of stirring trouble. Following the 1973 Saudi oil embargo on USA for supporting Israel, an attempt was made to stir up things in Saudi Arabia by propping up a fake Mahdi at the Grand Mosque in 1979. This group of rebels seemed to be using vehicles of the Bin Laden group.

Following 9/11, there was a big effort to use the Kindis based in Yemen (and other affiliated cryptos) to stir up trouble against Saudi Arabia. But when they started hurling missiles at Saudi infrastructure, Saudi Arabia and its allies started bombing Yemen. The good news is that many crypto-Kindis were killed. The bad news as that many are still alive and walking, so expect more trouble from Yemen once again (in the near future).

FBI agent John O’Neill managed to make some serious inroads into the Kindi-Al Qaida network in Yemen but was derailed by the American ambassador to Yemen. He was given a new job as the head of security at the World Trade Center! His first day of work was 9/11 and he got killed in the demolition.
Canadian Jihadist CSIS terrorist Beverly Geisbrecht/Dulcy Israel tried bombing an America-bound civilian plane in 2010, while operating in Yemen, in cahoots with the cryptos of Yemen. She had built a small army of them.

Many fake Muslim charities in the West rushed to support Yemen. It is unclear where the support was going. To the civilians or the Kindis? But the same charities don’t seem to care about the Uyghur Muslims in China.

But what about the Four “Hijacked” Planes and their Passengers?

The planes did take off, but somewhere on the way, they quietly landed at airbases and NASA facilities, and were kept in enclosed hangars. They were then pushed back into service a few days later. Do you really think people as stingy as the Phoenicians would keep such expensive equipment locked up when it could be making money for them every minute?

Was UAL Flight 93 pushed back into $ervice?

To quote[9]You can further explore these rabbit holes here, here, here and here. Friedman also recorded the nose number which identifies the plane. His log was available online at but even the Wayback Machine has not archived it! an early version of Loose Change,

It’s an interesting postscript that Flight 93 was spotted on April 10th, 2003 at Chicago’s O’Hare by David Friedman, a United Airlines employee who records all of his flights. The tail number, N591UA was spotted on Flight 1111, a United Airlines 757. And according to the FAA, both N591UA and N612UA, Flights 93 and 175, are still valid. But Flights 11 and 77 are listed as destroyed. Not to mention that they were not even scheduled to fly on September 11th.

The passenger lists were faked. Many of the passengers were Phoenicians who wanted to retire from their public lives and needed a new identity. Some were fake passengers. Even the actual number of fake hijackers was limited, the rest being cobbled up from flight school students who were still alive and walking in Arab countries.


Just in case you were thinking that the 9/11 Investigation could be reopened, there is nobody near the White House who could do that. One person who definitely was part of what was going on that day was New York mayor Rudy Giuliani. He happens to be Donald Trump’s most trusted confidante. No wonder Trump never doubted the official story of 9/11. And neither (as President) did he prevent Fauci from mandating vaccines and lockdowns. Some people see Trump as the lesser evil, because even as a Republican, he did not get America involved in war. But that may not be the case when he comes back. And remember, there will no longer be a Democrat Party to oppose him.

Predictive Programming for 9/11 aimed at children. This is the cover of a kids magazine published in 1976, featuring art by Where The Wild Thing’s Are’s Maurice Sendak. CTW supposedly stands for Children’s Television Workshop. But backwards…

1 Gelatin happens to be an explosive used in blasting, as in Gelatin-B, but never mind.
2 E as in Explosives?
3 As expected, firefighters did show up when the first “impact” happened. Some of them stumbled onto the elaborate network of explosives intended for the demolition. This even made it to some mainstream news outlets. But they would not live to stand by their claims following the ensuing demolition.
4 That of course does not mean that no one died on 9/11. Many people incidentally died, and some were deliberately placed in the vicinity to be killed, such as FBI agent John O’Neill. But the death toll was exaggerated. The families of some of the fake victims (sometimes referred to as vicsims for victim simulation) even tried to wring money out of the Saudi Government. Had they succeeded, this money would have found its way back to the American Deep State.
5 The footage of the second impact comes mainly from “news helicopters” which were flying high above.
6 The Arabs had once conquered the Phoenician stronghold of Spain and created a vibrant and sophisticated civilization there, only to be infiltrated and imploded, and driven out 700 years later.
7 Western media actually backdated his death to imply that the Taliban had foreknowledge of 9/11!
8 The Bin Ladens took up this role for the purpose of stirring trouble. Following the 1973 Saudi oil embargo on USA for supporting Israel, an attempt was made to stir up things in Saudi Arabia by propping up a fake Mahdi at the Grand Mosque in 1979. This group of rebels seemed to be using vehicles of the Bin Laden group.
9 You can further explore these rabbit holes here, here, here and here. Friedman also recorded the nose number which identifies the plane. His log was available online at but even the Wayback Machine has not archived it!

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  1. Pierce ScrimNo Gravatar says:

    Vacated towers with hardly any floors were taken down by controlled demolition on restricted premises behind a military smoke screen while the public was shown computer animation as live news of a plane flying into a software-generated high rise.

    How so many cannot see through such obvious Deception By Image- and Media Fakery is a sign of mental enfeeblement. (JFK “assassination”, Apollo “moon landings”, school- and street “shootings”).

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