Is Pakistan Breaking Free?

Last Updated on June 23, 2023 by Hamad Subani

The recent ousting of populist Prime Minister Imran Khan, by the combined efforts of the Pakistani Military, the Pakistani Intelligence and the Pakistani Judiciary has many people pointing fingers, but at the wrong entities. There is America, the obvious suspect. Some are pointing fingers at China.

This tremor represents something bigger bubbling beneath the surface of Pakistan itself. While malicious foreign powers do play have always played a role in Pakistan, they can only operate as much as they get enabled on Pakistani soil. Who exactly are the enablers?

As I have pointed out elsewhere, Pakistan has a serious, historical, crypto-Jew crypto-Phoenician problem. And now, it has come to the point that the crypto-Phoenicians are battling it out with the Pakistani public in the streets! This is not as distressing as it sounds. The first stage of getting rid of them is knowing who they are. For the first time ever, they have taken off their masks and have taken the massive risk of publicly revealing themselves.

If we are to assume that roughly 0.5% of Pakistan’s population are non-Muslim pretend-Muslim crypto-Phoenician, that would amount to 12,47,884 people. Concentrate them in Islamabad, in the Military elite, in the Intelligence, in all important Government Ministries, in all relevant industries, in all relevant Media organizations, in all political parties, in all city elites, we get a venerable Deep State that can rule is ruling for Pakistan generations. Combining that with the fact that they have reduced the remainder of Pakistanis to poverty, illiteracy and de-industrialization, this could go on forever.

Crypto-Phoenicians love to be hide behind Intelligence Agencies, where they thrive on secret intrigues, surveillance, black budgets, lack of scrutiny, and cloak and dagger stuff, all at the expense of the taxpayer. 90% of the time, their targets are their own citizenry, whom they have to consistently monitor. Therefore, as a rule, in any nation, you are guaranteed to find them thriving in Intelligence Agencies. Pakistan’s ISI, which pretends to take credit for everything, from the fall of the Berlin wall, to India’s geopolitical woes, was actually built by an Australian Spook named Major General Sir Walter Joseph Cawthorn. It continued to operate under him long after the British left. He then returns to Pakistan as Australia’s ambassador to independent Pakistan in 1954. Maybe to continue streamlining its operations. And so, Australia has a strange, secret relationship with Pakistan’s cryptos. By the way, the logo of the ISI bears an eerie resemblance with Baphomet, a devil-entity worshipped by Phoenicians.

The Markhor, a species of goat native to Pakistan can be found on the official seal of the ISI (left). Conspiracy theorists have raised eyebrows at this strange choice, since it bears an uncanny resemblance with Baphomet, a Satanic deity found on Satanic symbols (right).
Meet Asad Durrani, a former director of the ISI. Following the 2008 Mumbai Terror attacks, there was an eyewitness who claimed that the attackers looked like white people. There were also rumors that the real attackers had disappeared into the very targets that they were attacking, such as the Taj Hotel and Nariman Point. In 2018, Asad Durrani “collaborated” with an Indian Intelligence counterpart, to produce a book. The intent was to clear the air regarding the attacks, with Durrani implicitly suggesting that the ISI was indeed involved! This is the equivalent of the CIA formally laying claim to the Kennedy assassination. And so, the ISI helps cover the involvement of Western Intelligence Agencies, as they can never be blamed for such “dastardly deeds.”

Of course, the crypto-Phoenician chokehold is not perfect, and Pakistan has had accidental leaders (1,2) who were not their operatives, whether you like them or not. But what’s the point of all this? I mean, creating and operating an “Islamic Republic” which aint Islamic, or even a Republic? This is a complex question, and the answer is also a complex one.

When the British-Phoenicians left British India in 1947, they had no intention to hand over these conquered lands to local rulers. Instead they had carefully groomed localized Phoenicians as leaders to pass on their power. This is true for all parts of the Subcontinent that were under British rule. But in the case of Pakistan, they had a bigger success in moving the newly founded Republic towards an autocracy (Originally, a Republic was not even on the menu. They wanted a crypto-Phoenician monarchy). In those early days, there were also attempts to foist subversive cults such as the Punjabi Ahmadiyyas/Qadiyanis (who have a pest-like relationship with mainstream Muslims) onto the very helm of the nation, a move that was opposed successfully by Maududi (they tried to hang him over that but they got cold feet*).  It is believed that the Ahmadiyyas then went underground and rumor has it that disgraced Chief of Army Staff Qamar Javed Bajwa is one of them. Nowadays however, the cryptos are all pretending to be Sunnis as it is more fashionable these days.

*Sadly, his movement in Pakistan seems to have lost its relevance. It may also be infiltrated.

Some say that the prevalence of the Military in Pakistan’s politics is because of the geopolitical situation with India. If that were indeed the case, then the military would be held accountable for any loss of Pakistani territory, and bad apples would be routinely hanged. In less than 24 years after the creation of Pakistan, Pakistan ended losing almost half of its land mass to the new nation of Bangladesh. It seems that the Globalists wanted to new nation there, and so they instructed the Pakistani Military and Intelligence to start undermining their own legitimacy by engaging in atrocious behavior! You would think that the Republic of Pakistan would hang all those involved. Instead, they produced a pithy report. It recommended a public trial of General Yahya Khan, 8 Lt. Generals and 2 Majors. Of course, none of this happened. As for the report,

Originally, it was thought that the Government of Pakistan had declassified the Report in 2002 and was made it available to the public as public domain whereas it was free to download on the internet. However, it was reported to be a “Supplementary Report” which was created after the prisoners of war returned after two years. The First Report has never been published nor is it accessible to anyone.

Unlike General Zia or Musharraf, Imran Khan was not an accidental leader of Pakistan. He was probably the only new leader to ascend democratically, through popular support. How would the crypto-Phoenicians let this happen? We do know that they did!

Those observing the early days of Imran Khan’s Presidency will notice that while he was indeed genuinely passionate about the future of Pakistan, he seemed to have been coached by the Military/Intelligence/Deep State/Phoenicians on critical issues. In fact, he was very protective of the Military and the Intelligence until it became obvious that they were coming after him. Here are some issues I took with Imran Khan (I don’t consider other candidates worthy of commenting on, so that does not mean they are better in any respect).

  1. Imran Khan knows very well that Osama was killed by a Pakistani long before, as well as the whole farce of the so-called War on Terror. He has even hinted that he knew many “state secrets.” But he still refrained from going public. It seems too many holy cows would end up getting sacrificed.
  2. In the beginning there was talk about bringing Aafiya Siddqui back to Pakistan. But it seems higher ups did not approve.
  3. Imran Khan’s talks on the Republic of Medina, while being spirited and genuine, avoided the topic of the legitimacy of British era laws in Pakistan. As we shall see later, there can be no Medina with them still in effect.
  4. Imran Khan’s silence on the Uyghur Genocide.
  5. Pakistan’s Covid-19 vaccination policy came straight out the WEF, and Imran Khan went ahead and pushed it, resulting in millions of Pakistanis now succumbing to heart failures, turbo cancers and sterilization. No consensus was established with medical experts. And neither were religious opinions sought. In surprising contrast, India adopted a more balanced approach.*

*While the Indian Center did indeed adopt a more reasonable approach and avoided making the dangerous mRNA vaccines mandatory, many Indian States, Indian Companies and Bollywood went into overdrive promoting the dangerous vaccines. As late as March 2023, Indian Cellular Companies, without permission of their customers, were inserting messages into call wait sequences. The messages, recited in the husky voices of popular Bollywood actors, urged the listener to head to the nearest vaccination center and get jabbed. Uber® India pushed vaccination on its drivers by displaying their vaccination status to customers who used their app.

Back to the unanswered question, why exactly did the Phoenicians allow a populist to take center-stage in Pakistan when they already had it going great with buffoons like Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari? The answer is that they had carved an exclusive role for Imran Khan. He was going to be the last Prime Minister of Pakistan, leading the nation into its last battles with India! Of course, this does not mean he was a warmonger. In fact, he showed great resilience for peace later on. But when pushed into the corner, he would fight. You will now understand why other candidates, such as the rolly-polly Nawaz Sharif or the rascally Asif Zardari could not carry out this role. Nobody would take them seriously, and some would (rightly) see the war itself as rigged. And they were too timid to be around when actual bombs started dropping. Nawaz Sharif is known to take the plane to London whenever he runs out of Botox. Asif Zardari (as Prime Minister) was exclusively transported in a helicopter during the so-called War on Terror (He was scared shitless of roadside bombs).

And since Imran Khan naively trusted the Military/Intelligence (initially), he would be legitimizing their suicidal strategies, while keeping them safe from scrutiny. Of course, crypto-Phoenicians in the Pakistani establishment would never be harmed by Indian forces in the aftermath, as Indian crypto-Phoenicians would always ensure their safety/escape (as they did in 1971). It’s a small world at the very top. In another paper, we discovered that a Chief of the ISI and several notable Indian media bigwigs share the exact same birthplace in Punjab. Yet nobody pointed at obvious links between these Spookish people.

Why would the Phoenicians want to organize a deathmatch between India and Pakistan? To start with, its not the first time they have tried. There was a similar plan in motion when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. But it seems Rajiv Gandhi, for reasons best known to him, refused Indian support (He got blown to bits).

Readers know that Phoenicians are sanguine people who love violence, especially when they get to control it secretly, from the sidelines (this trait of theirs is actually mentioned in the Quran). But that’s not all. A major war in the Subcontinent would once again, “open up” the region to other Phoenician powers. Right now, they just can’t just invite themselves over like the British did two centuries ago because there are already nation states in existence, which while not being very powerful, are still preventing fragmentation. A major war in the Subcontinent would once again open up the Subcontinent to intervention of the following powers:

  • Modern China, a truly Phoenician project. It is no coincidence that earlier Pakistani leaders unnecessarily entered into an alliance with China, allowing them to extend their influence deep within Pakistan. It seems China would assume a formal role in the region once the Pakistani state (and its military) were no more, courtesy of India.
  • USA, and its NATO allies. Remember that they never leave once they invite themselves. Just ask the Philippines.
    • Projects tied unofficially to USA, such as Al Qaida and ISIL.
  • The UN (when the dust would settle).

Earlier, I had informed readers of a mysterious Reddit post, dated 1st May 2014 detailing an apocalyptic nuclear war that would be fought between India and Pakistan, beginning on 12th January 2019 and concluding on 26th March 2019. I now have reason to believe that this was exactly the intended timeline. Note that it closely tails the beginning of the Covid-19 project (You can’t run two major projects at the same time).

Would it be a real nuclear war? Noted conspiracy theorist Miles Mathis has long argued that nuclear weapons are fake, which would imply their use against Japan in World War II was also fake. I am late to join this bandwagon, but even back then, I did find it odd that the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were so quickly rebuilt on the very same “radioactive” soil. In retrospect, it seems that Japanese leadership (yes, they got infiltrated by Phoenicians a few centuries ago) was also participating in this farce. The purpose of which was to convince Japanese commoners that there was no future other than playing surrogate to USA for all time to come, and that they were to be grateful that USA was allowing them to sell pickups, TVs, toasters and video game consoles in their lucrative market (instead of Japan building an Empire in Asia). A quality contributor to the Miles Mathis website who goes by the name Lestrade/Unpopular Opinion has since then implied that both Indian and Pakistani nuclear weapons are fake. However, in the event of war, the Phoenician media on both sides could easily convince their respective populations that nuclear weapons had indeed been used. And the unnecessary evacuation of cities would end up creating a more horrific crisis than the actual use of such weapons.

What I have learnt by observing the Phoenicians is that their timelines are set in stone. They don’t really care how messy or imperfect the plot is, but the timeline cannot be revised, because doing so messes up other projects down the pipe. They are not perfectionists, and they would rather prefer to throw up everything in the air and see what sticks to the ceiling than do nothing. And so, they proceeded with Imran Khan as the populist Prime Minister of Pakistan, knowing well that he would only be useful as long as he trusted/obeyed his handlers.

What I have learnt by observing the Phoenicians is that their timelines are set in stone. They don’t really care how messy or imperfect the plot is, but the timeline cannot be revised, because doing so messes up other projects down the pipe. They are not perfectionists, and they would rather prefer to throw up everything in the air and see what sticks to the ceiling than do nothing.

On the Indian side, preparations were made more than a decade in advance. For example, there used to be regular train service between India and Pakistan. It was blown up in 2007, and evidence pointed to a Phoenician stronghold in Central India. Similarly on the Pakistani side, Indian soldiers would disappear near the Line of Control, and their mutilated bodies would be found later.

As the timeline lurched forward, it was necessary to drum up anti-Muslim hate in India. And the first step was getting rid of the Congress Party leadership which they did in 2014.* It seems that their candidate for the new BJP leadership was not Modi but a person who would later become a  controversial Chief Minister of a North Indian state. But with time running out, they decided to “deal” with Modi instead. Around this time, there was a protracted project, run out of the Pentagon, involving hundreds of Indian media entities, Bollywood, Whatsapp® accounts and newspapers to drum up anti-Muslim hate. The best way to figure out what the Phoenicians are up to in India is to take a cursory look at Bollywood releases (Just don’t watch them or your brain will turn into mush). In this period, you will find numerous releases based on Desi Rambos fighting in Pakistan (they never fight the Chinese though). There are a large number of dumbasses in India who believe fighting Pakistan is similar to a cricket match, and all they have to do is gesticulate and cheer for their side to win.

*Needless to say, the Congress was badly infiltrated by the Phoenicians at this point. What sums this up perfectly is the fact that Rahul Gandhi was a WEF Young Global Leader in 2005! Now the WEF is known for extending invitations to the influential. But unless Rahul Gandhi publicly denounces them, we can’t really tell what is going on.

There were of course, some other “side-projects” on the Indian side as well, which involved highly questionable macro-level financial decisions. For example, there was a ham-fisted attempt to turn India into a Chinese-style digital economy overnight. I happened to be in India at that time and recall poor banana vendors being thrust with POS terminals (which they soon discarded). Whoever came up with all this probably never stepped foot in India. Just don’t expect to find any answers, because the then Finance Minister, a shady lawyer, conveniently passed away.

The 14th February 2019 Pulwama attack was supposed to be India’s 9-11/Pearl Harbour/Gulf of Tonkin/Reichstag Fire, followed by all out war with Pakistan. But it seems that Modi, for reasons best known to him, did not persist. Globalist frustration with him is captured on the covers of the Economist® Magazine. Then Modi threatened Indian Kashmir’s quasi-sovereign status. The Phoenicians never intended for Kashmir to be part of India (or Pakistan). It was just unintended happenstance, as they wanted it to be an independent country.  This move of Modi alarmed them. Around this time, Henry Kissinger actually flew in to have a word with him. President Trump would follow in early 2020 (a visit which would strangely coincide with horrific communal riots in Delhi). It was at this point that the Phoenicians gave up on Modi. Realizing that the Pentagon project of furthering anti-Muslim hate was still feeding the BJP, the plug was pulled on it. I noticed many strange things around this time. For example, I had suspected that a prominent Reddit user (who contributed to several hateful Indian online communities) was a Western person, based on his use of language. Around this time, he deletes his account and goes offline. I also noticed the hosting of several Indian hate sites getting cancelled around this point. Someone was pulling the plugs.

With the possibility of an Indo-Pak war shelved, there was no point for allowing Imran Khan to continue in Pakistan. By this point, Imran Khan had begun unfolding some serious macro-level corruption done by his predecessors. One tell-tale sign of Phoenicians is their ability to make public funds disappear. I am not talking about bank robberies or corruption in contracts. I am talking about a significant portion of the GDP of Pakistan being stashed in offshore accounts and in some cases, being used to buy real estate in London. Once Imran Khan started uncovering this, it is logical that the entire house of cards would collapse, as almost all Phoenicians are involved in this. Once their links to each other would some to light, the entire Pakistani Deep State would end up going to trial. The scale of this theft is so big that the Phoenicians have had to instead gaslight generations of Pakistani people that their poverty and economic woes was because of their beliefs and backwardness, rather than outright Phoenician theft.

It was arranged to have Imran Khan visit Russia on the eve of its invasion of Ukraine. The real purpose was to reciprocally, get India back into Ukraine-NATO-USA camp, as Modi had gone bitter with USA. What is sad is that Imran Khan belligerently obliged to do this visit, just as his handlers said, without questioning its relevance to Pakistan. While he was away, plans were finalized for his ouster. A cover story was made back in Pakistan that USA was ousting him for cozying up with Russia (no, it was the Pakistani Deep State, maybe with some American help). When he returned, the very Supreme Court that gleefully made him step down suddenly could no longer decide when to have a re-election (which he would win). He has since then faced an assassination attempt, and is facing the full wrath of the Pakistani Deep State on a daily basis.

How Pakistan can Still Break Free

As seen from the above, the biggest weakness of the Phoenicians is their insatiable appetite for thievery of public resources. It is rumored that they come out of the womb stealing stuff. There are other signs to pinpoint some of them as well:

  • They are hyper-worldly people, who live their lives surrounded by armies of obedient, brainwashed servants, soldiers, bureaucrats etc.
  • There are Spookopolis’ out of which they have been operating from generations.
  • Their women lack feminine grace and would rather mutate into bullish men, just so that they too can join the thievery and rapine of their hyper-worldly male counterparts. As a side effect, their male counterparts become gay. This masculation of their women gets sold as women’s liberation, despite the fact that not all women go to such lengths out of hyper worldliness.
  • They spend time “debunking conspiracy theories.” They also get admitted into UN affiliated organizations.
  • They get published, awarded and invited to address Western parliaments. Malala’s attempted murder by a “Taliban gunman” sounds more like another script for the BBC for the fake War on Terror. She has completely “recovered.”
  • They seem to be willing to sacrifice all of Pakistan to keep Indian Kashmir disputed.
  • They are totally apathetic to the misrule and destruction of the province of Sindh. Rumor has it that they want to create a separate country there.
  • They gaslight Pakistani people into believing that their poverty and poor development is the result of their own beliefs and culture, rather than outright theft. In fact, their main beef with Imran Khan was that he began calling them thieves.

And as seen from our previous discussion, the biggest ally and protector of the Phoenicians is the British derived Legal System (and most of its enforcers).  The British Legal System was designed to protect the Phoenicians. There is no quest for truth or justice in it, both of which are reduced to abstract and subjective terms. They then fill up this void with all sorts of rules and procedures, which require buying the services of a lawyer to decode. Since there is no agreement on what justice is in the first place, they instead place emphasis on established legal precedent, which means the bigger your Case Law Library, the better case you can make up. They also create a ponzi scheme of lower judges, middle judges, higher judges and supreme judges, so that those with the resources can shop around. In some parts of the world, they even drag randos from the street to “vote” on a verdict. There is reason to believe that these random “jurors” are not so random in select cases, which is a great way to rig trials.

Sharia has been absent from most of Pakistan for more than two hundred years, which is why Pakistan still grapples to make sense of it. There are of course, regions in the Northwest Frontier Province of Pakistan that were never under full British control. They practice a legal system called Jirgah, which at times, does accommodate Sharia. While you may only hear negative PR about them, the fact remains that this system, while not exactly as graceful as Sharia, does indeed fulfill an important prerequisite concept of Sharia, that human communities on their own, are fully capable of administering their affairs, without the interference of the ponzi scheme of State machinery, which would otherwise allow some Phoenicians in Islamabad to become the ultimate arbiters of Justice in the region. The fact that these people, administer justice on the street level, entirely on their own, has terrified the Phoenicians in Islamabad so much that during the fake War on Terror, rascally Prime Minister Asif Zardari arranged for American teenagers housed in air-conditioned trailers at the Rammstein Airbase in Germany, to use American drones for target practice on the citizenry of this province. Realizing the fun would end once the Americans would leave, Pakistan soon developed its own drone to continue targeting the citizenry of the region. In other words, the Phoenicians are in a perpetual war with the Pakistanis of this region.

Then there is the pre-9/11 Taliban,* which did develop a rather effective model of street level justice, but America bombed them to the stone age over some street theatre in New York City. We saw the Phoenicians running Pakistan gleefully rushing to assist the foreigners in this farcical invasion. Saudi Arabia does present a model of street level justice but on a rather rudimentary and symbolic level. Iran brags of Sharia but I won’t be even go there.**

*I tend to treat the post-9/11 Taliban as an unknown quantity.

**Iran is a more advanced Phoenician project than Pakistan. This is because they were able to coopt Shiite Islam as a project in itself. This repulsed so many Iranians from religion that they became the most Westernized people in the Middle East. But the Phoenicians still went ahead and imposed their interpretation of Shiite Islam on them, because Iran would thus get to play the Islam card and interfere in the Middle East. In reality, as the recent headscarf protests demonstrate, the Iranian people are still largely non-religious. This is an interesting paradox, as their leaders tend to be beak-nosed Phoenicians with flowing beards and turbans.

Of course, some other non-Muslim cultures also developed similar appreciation of street-level justice. Consider the frontier culture of the American Wild West. Even after Americans were brainwashed into “not taking the law into their own hands,” they continued to romanticize this phenomenon through movies, usually featuring a cowboy setting things right in a rickety frontier town. But in present Hollywood movies, only a corporate overlord (Tony Stark, Bruce Wayne) get that privilege, which indicates a quantum shift. Similarly, the Panchayat Raj system has persisted in India only because Gandhi championed it. But Bollywood countered. One of the recurring themes of post-independence Bollywood movies aimed at oppressed peasants, was to not get too emotional and take things into their own hands, and to instead trust the Kanoon.

Sharia also has a very distinct affinity towards localization. That is, even ten Muslims living in a remote mountain village, can administer it among themselves, without any involvement of any other local authority. And should they fail to do so, then they have failed as Muslims. They are not expected to pass the buck to “higher authorities.” In fact, some scholars believe that the requirement for a local moon sighting before the declaration of Eid in a Muslim community is to strengthen an independent, localized perspective in the community.

Sharia is also focused on intentions rather than actions. In British derived legal systems, a long list of acts and actions get to be monopolized by the State. For example, in some Western societies, the state has exclusive monopoly over violence. And everybody else should just wait for the cops to arrive, even when they are subjected to violence. And their courts simply don’t have the time to evaluate or analyze intentions. In contrast, Sharia allows for the full abrogation of human-made norms and laws if there is a fair intention.

Returning to Pakistan, the question is, who will bell the cat? Of course, the Phoenicians will never allow a formal instatement of Sharia in “The Islamic Republic” of Pakistan because it cuts into their authority. But what if people started believing that it is they who are in charge of administering justice in their respective areas, and not some Spooks in Islamabad? Some fear this will give rise to religious opportunists such as this abomination. But people like him play nice with the Spooks at Islamabad, and get high on Marriott® dinners and donations. He would rather lock himself in the washroom than amputate the hand of a member of the Clifton crowd. Sharia is about making the right enemies, a lot of them, and opportunists want no part of that.

Some fear the fate of the non-Muslim minorities of Pakistan. What most people don’t know is that the Quran awards different tiers to different groups of non-Muslims. There are those who are at peace with Muslims, who are to be given exactly that. In fact, direct and indirect taxes are to be returned back to them if their protection cannot be guaranteed. The ones against which war is commanded are obviously those pretend Muslims and crypto-Phoenicians arranging and facilitating assassinations and drone attacks on innocent civilians.

Some fear the fate of the 12,47,884 or so crypto-Phoenicians running Pakistan. But once a single one of their thieving hands are cut, the rest will flee to their mothership of UK. Many even have dual British citizenship, and even have their stolen assets parked there. The British-Phoenicians would happily adopt them. That is their real home.


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