Fake Deaths, Fake Submersibles and the fake wreck of the Titanic

Miles Mathis has updated his Titanic paper, in which he had earlier claimed that the sinking of the Titanic probably never happened, and that there was probably no wreck at the bottom of the sea. The recent Titan submersible incident/hoax also seems to be intended to draw attention to the assumption that there is indeed a wreck there, and that its not a good idea to explore it.

I would like to draw attention to one of the victims, a rich Pakistani (who also happens to be a Maltese double citizen). He heads two of the biggest fertilizer companies in Pakistan (which seem to be gifted to his family by American corporations). Here is his bio on the WEF website:

In other words, a certified spook. It is important to note that the Hussain Dawood Pledge served as an enabler for the Covid-19 hoax (and later, the dangerous mRNA vaccinations) in Pakistan.

Who exactly are the Dawoods? We are told they are Arab-Memons from Gujarat, who migrated to Pakistan at the time of the Partition. But again, that is usually the cover story used by crypto-Jews of Iraqi origin, who also initially settled in Gujarat.

So why would he and his son fake their deaths? Things are changing in Pakistan, and there is growing resentment against dual citizens siphoning off the country’s wealth to overseas havens.

Time to say goodbye?

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