Full Transcript of the Interview of Dr. Bryan Ardis in Watch the Water 2

Although released in May 2023, I have just finished reviewing the claims made in this revealing documentary today, and I believe Watch the Water 2 deserves a full, annotated transcript, with my own commentary. I had earlier recommended another Stew Peters documentary (Died Suddenly), but this one is far more advanced, and literally covers everything I have been following so far. In my opinion, this is as cutting edge as it gets. Some have dissed the claims as farfetched, but billions of dollars of American taxpayer monies combined with Phoenician bloodlust, and a hidden Phoenician aristocracy literally operating all industrialized Western nations (and China) can make anything possible.

This is the second version of the documentary. The first version was released in April 2022, and the message was not that refined. But now Dr. Bryan Ardis has presented a convincing case of the Covid-19 spike protein being based on the template of a toxin found in snake venom. He also expands this logic to explain why Nicotine and Ivermectin turned out to be highly successful antidotes.

Just to emphasize, there is no “real” snake venom being used, as the logistics of milking out such large quantities of it from snakes would be improbable. They are using mRNA technology (in the vaccines, mainly) to have your body synthesize a genetic copy of the venom, which they have deliberately mislabelled as a spike protein. And no, Covid19 was not a respiratory illness, which means you masked and locked down in vain.

Some have taken issue with the qualifications of Dr. Bryan Ardis. He is a former chiropractor, unlike the big guns in the Antivax Movement. But it seems those very big guns are ignoring his claims. Given that Covid19 was a multibillion dollar project, it is a given that an opposition group was assembled in advance, and only compromised people are being touted, to keep skeptics distracted, tired and misinformed rather than informed. Remember the 9/11 Truth Movement? Everybody was invited except those who claimed that there were no planes at all.

My own commentary is in this green color [or in block quotes like these ones in the transcript].

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So here we go….

On Screen date: Thursday 16th February 2023

Stew Peters: There’s gonna be a lot of people that are really threatened, really upset that we are here, but…..

Dr. Bryan Ardis: Thank You for helping me get the word out.

Stew Peters: Have a seat. [inaudible] Watch the Water, a tremendous success. Obviously blasted everywhere by the people that it threatened. You know…uhmm, I am still called venom boy. You know, I am everywhere, which I can understand, because how many hundreds of studies do we need to produce, peer reviewed papers and journals do we ought to provide to you….I will show you that everything that we just said, that you just revealed to the world, to try to save lives, is actually happening! We are being intentionally poisoned.

Dr. Bryan Ardis: Since Watch the Water, I just want to say Thank You, for helping me get out that message. Ah regardless of how people treated the message we put out, and the controlled opposition to try to keep that suppressed, it has reached millions and millions of people around the world. And I just want to give a huge shout out to you and the network for being able to, number one, find a way to make this emotional and powerful. Because it is a very powerful message that everybody should know and it should not be suppressed. Since that’s been released, everyday it is 10-12 hours of me actually looking into documentation, research studies, finding that this isn’t new. They’ve been working towards creating envenomation worldwide, finding ways to use venoms, and purpose them to be toxins, and at the same time purpose them to be cures, in the form of antiviral drugs and antiviral vaccines. From the very beginning, the individuals in Wuhan that got sick in the fall of 2019, when the Chinese doctors took the blood of everybody in the hospital, they ran their antibodies to see what are the antibodies directing themselves to….is it a virus? Is it a poison? What is it?

Newscaster in Newsclip: We are hearing about this outbreak being linked to snakes. How so?

Medic in Newsclip: So yeah, they’ve….Chinese scientists have anayzed the genetic sequence of the virus that had…and it really appears that snakes like the Chinese Krait and the Chinese Cobra may be the source of the deadly Coronavirus. They concluded this after identifying that the 2019 NCov was a mix or recombination of two Coronaviruses. One was known to infect bats but the other had origin that was unknown. After considering other animal hosts, Scientists concluded that it may have come from snakes.

Dr. Bryan Ardis: The genetic origin, they said, was that of the Krait snake’s venom. Second most likely origin was the King Cobra venom called Cobratoxin. That’s what they said. I didn’t publish that. That’s what they published. And then in April of 2020 French scientists in France, geneticists actually, took the spike protein and ran its gene sequence, and then published their findings. It turns out it was the King Cobra’s venom, called the Cobratoxin, was the actual spike protein. And they ran the sequence again and they found that it was identical to the Krait snake’s venom protein called Bungarotoxin.

Jean-Pierre Changeux; Zahir Amoura; Felix A. Rey; Makoto Miyara. A nicotinic hypothesis for Covid-19 with preventive and therapeutic implications. Comptes Rendus. Biologies, Volume 343 (2020) no. 1, pp. 33-39. doi : 10.5802/crbiol.8. https://comptes-rendus.academie-sciences.fr/biologies/articles/10.5802/crbiol.8/

Dr. Bryan Ardis: So here’s another country four months later running the spike protein, you are aware right, Covid19’s virus isn’t the deadly part of Covid, it is the spike protein.

Stew Peters: Covid19 is not a virus in fact at all.

Dr. Bryan Ardis: Right. Its actually simply venom. The farther you look into this, you know they’re actually replicating all the symptoms of Covid, telling the world that it is a virus, when in fact, every single symptom of Covid can be specifically pinpointed at a specific protein find in a venomous creature’s venom. 

Newscaster in Newclip: Losing the battle with Covid19. It’s like having rattlesnake venom running through your body. At least that is what researchers are telling us.

Dr. Floyd Chilton in Newsclip: We found evidence that there was an enzyme, a snake-like enzyme in the blood of people who were dying in extraordinarily high level.

Dr. Bryan Ardis: They actually told you in April 2020. This is not a respiratory pathogen. These spike proteins of venoms cross the Blood-Brain barrier and attack the Central Nervous System. The part of the brain stem which controls breathing, and it will make the individual hypoxic. They will actually start to have difficulty breathing with cough, they will have fevers, chills, malaise like you see with Covid. They think that this is a respiratory pathogen?

Stew Peters: I gotta ask. Uhm if this has been published, peer reviewed, if they from the very beginning have been saying this is what this is, why do we have “trusted experts,” the self-proclaimed inventor of mRNA technology Dr. Robert Malone, we do we have Dr. Peter McCullough, the Chief Scientist at the wellness company, why do we have Dr. Pierre Kory, why do we have Dr. Paul Marik, we do we have all these doctors, trusted experts, saying “protect yourself from a respiratory virus….this is what you need to do.” Why did they not subscribe to the Bryan Ardis truth, which is envenomation? Why?

Dr. Bryan Ardis: It’s been very odd to me. What is why? It’s interesting because they refuse to talk to me about their why. They won’t meet with me, talk with me, they avoid the actual presentation on the stages….

Stew Peters: Wait a minute…the people that I just named specifically?

Dr. Bryan Ardis: Oh Yeah.

Stew Peters: Avoid you?

Dr. Bryan Ardis: Oh Yeah.

Stew Peters: But don’t you share a stage with them?

Dr. Bryan Ardis: They often will excuse themselves from the events when they find out that I am speaking, since Watch the Water dropped. Pierre Kory, Paul Marik…..

Stew Peters: Have you given them the data? Have you shown them the studies?

Dr. Bryan Ardis: Yes. I have actually presented it to them, given it to them. They still refuse to look at it I guess.

Stew Peters: What do you mean “Refuse to look at it?”

Dr. Bryan Ardis: Uh, they each….uh I have given it to them, told them to read it and get back with me. None of them have ever talked to me. Even the researchers I gave it to, “Here, look at this, and tell me where I am wrong and where these people are wrong in their peer-reviewed published publications.

Stew Peters: Isn’t a medical doctor’s job, by very definition, to research, to read, to review, to study, to diagnose, and to treat?

Dr. Bryan Ardis: That’s supposedly what they took on.

Stew Peters: So these people who are the leaders, a few of which we just mentioned, and I don’t care who you name, we want to know, we deserve to know who these people are……

Dr. Bryan Ardis: Yeah.

Stew Peters: ……have said to you I refuse to listen or review the paperwork. I just want to be very clear here….they refuse to even look.

Dr. Bryan Ardis: Oh I will tell you what Pierre Kory said. He said that I was a manic chiropractor and that my documentation was a waste of his time. He got into an hour and a half of watching my documentations, and it was a waste of his time. And he has never looked at it again. Really, the same information I gave all of you, with Watch the Water, releasing that to the world…I gave you all the information that actually substantiates all the claims. And it’s a waste of your time? Their behaviors show nothing but cowardice. If you are going to profess to be a leader of men and women in this country and trying to save their lives, why aren’t you looking at the actual weapon. All you who continue to deny wanting to talk about venoms being Covid, shame on all of you. If you would go back and look at the studies that were published in the April of 2020 they tell you are wrong about the target, the receptors they are actually targeting with the spike protein, they tell you its ACE2 Receptors is what you guys keep telling everybody, that’s not what it is. It isn’t Ace-2 receptors. If you think its ACE 2 Receptors, why was it published in April 2020 that ACE 2 Receptors are absent or devoid in the lungs themselves. If this is a respiratory pathogen how was it published in April 2020 that ACE 2 Receptors aren’t even in the lungs? That’s how this virus gets into your cells and causes a lung pathology and you are gonna say that the Receptors are ACE 2 Receptors, but they don’t exist in the lungs? Why do you keep preaching that this is a lung pathology?

Stew Peters: Why do they?

Dr. Bryan Ardis: Do you know the antidote we listed when I said “In April 2020, French researchers found the genetic sequence of spike proteins that causes disease to 28 different tissues in the body,” found by the Salk Institute, the Spike Proteins, not the virus, by themselves cause disease to 28 different tissues in the body.

He is referring to this research (which was also referenced earlier at Cabal Times):

SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Impairs Endothelial Function via Downregulation of ACE 2 Yuyang Lei, Jiao Zhang, Cara R. Schiavon, Ming He, Lili Chen, Hui Shen, Yichi Zhang, Qian Yin, Yoshitake Cho, Leonardo Andrade, Gerald S. Shadel, Mark Hepokoski, Ting Lei, Hongliang Wang, Jin Zhang, Jason X.-J. Yuan, Atul Malhotra, Uri Manor, Shengpeng Wang, Zu-Yi Yuan, John Y-J. Shyy

When they realized and published in April of 2020, that the Receptor targets on the cells was not ACE 2 Receptors, it was actually the Nicotinic acetylcholine Receptors, all throughout the body, the antidote from the very beginning of these researchers from April 2020 was everyone from around the world needs to start doing Nicotine substance studies. We don’t care if they use patches, we don’t care if they use Nicotine pouches, Nicotine gum, it doesn’t matter. A Nicotine agent will protect people from Covid. It is the perfect antidote….the targets [of the Spike Protein] are Nicotine receptors.

Newscaster in Newsclip: Now we are all under more stress, which means people who smoke might be lighting up even more. At first experts studying Covid19 thought smoking was a major risk factor. But now they are not so sure. 39 year [inaudible] Sara [inaudible] talked to local experts about a new study coming out of France.

Dr. Bryan Ardis: When you take information that’s published since April of 2020, and then our Governments, and then our Federal Health Agencies, and then our mainstream media lie to the whole world that smokers are at the highest risk for Covid…even today they say….

Newscaster in Newsclip: Data collected by French scientists suggests smokers are less likely to catch the Coronavirus. The expert we talked to said this is not the case.

Dr. Bryan Ardis: Fake. That is totally fake. That is not true whatsoever. The actual lowest demographic of people that are getting hospitalized or dying from Covid are smokers. It is less than 2% worldwide. In April of 2020, the researchers in France said we know that there is this respiratory virus going around the world right now. 95% of the people in hospitals should be smokers. But they are not. Its actually less than 5% at that point, in April of 2020. And they then said that it must be the Nicotine that is binding to these Receptors that the Spike Proteins are targeting. Venom Peptides target Nicotine Receptors. That’s what they do. And to help people understand this…..so this is the two terms. There is a term called Antagonist and Agonist. So Antagonist, obviously when any substance is an Antagonist, that it hits a cell, on the outside of it [the cell] that has a Nicotine Receptor that is called Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor. When an Antagonist hits it, it shuts off the cell’s function. So for example, if you have a nerve in your tongue that actually tastes….that’s its job as a sensory nerve. It’s designed to substantiate and determine taste. When a venom hits it or an antagonist, it shuts off that nerve’s function, which is to taste. And guess what happened with Covid. People lost their taste. If it actually hits…the venom hits, or an antagonist hits the olfactory bulb which controls smell, it will shut off that nerve’s function to smell. And you will lose your taste and smell. What about hearing? You get venom in your Central Nervous System, and it hits the nerves that control hearing, guess what people get? You shut that off and you get ringing in your ears. Tinnitus and deafness.

And there is an Agonist. An Agonist is what turns them [Nicotinic acetylcholine Receptors] on. Guess what is the perfect agonist, and has been the whole time, that they knew was the antidote to Covid.

I was following things in 2020, and these three phenomenon, loss of smell, loss of taste and Tinnitus were the most commonly reported side effects not just of Covid19, but also of those who received the vaccine. In many cases, it would start with the reception of the vaccine. You can still read these accounts on the Covid Long Haulers Subreddit.

Stew Peters: Nicotine.

Dr. Bryan Ardis: Nicotine. The whole time.

Stew Peters: Do you remember when Fauci….you probably all remember, ahh, Fauci said now would be a great time to stop smoking…now would be a great time to give up Nicotine? Did he know?

Dr. Bryan Ardis: Oh they knew. For sure.

While Fauci was merely discouraging smoking, in the June of 2021 (the height of the Covid19 crisis), Health Canada made a desperate attempt to ban all flavored vaping products, which would leave users with just the regular tobacco and menthol (which are too boring for teenagers).More here.

Stew Peters: I mean all of a sudden, everybody is getting sick. If we were quarantining, if we were separated, if we were wearing masks, standing within six feet of anybody else, how was it spreading? How were people getting sick? If you are going to make a massive amount of people around the entire globe sick, if you were going to do that, and at the same time you were going to lock them down in their homes and in their apartments, where they can’t go outside…..they are inside, what’s the only thing all governments in industrialized nations….what do they have control of, going into your home, while you are locked down in there?

Stew Peters: Water.

Stew Peters: Could they have stepped up the toxicity of the venom in water, and I know we have a lot to cover, they could have but they intentionally left it diluted?

Dr. Bryan Ardis: The fact that all industrialized nations were only looking for Covid in wastewater? That bothered me because they were saying wastewater as it leaves your town…..and they were sampling it with PCR tests for Covid…they were saying as it leaves your town, we can predict an outbreak in your town….7-10 days later after we find you have Covid in your wastewater. What?

Stew Peters: So everybody is complicit? They are all in on it? People at your Water Treatment Facilities, they know what you are doing? Nobody is saying anything? Why are you the only one that’s saying this is happening?

Dr. Bryan Ardis: Yeah everybody. Its come to my attention very recently that there is a company called the Carus Company, C A R U S, that actually maintains all the proprietary blends for water treatments of the water we drink in our country and our Government actually handles that contract. In their proprietary blends, you can actually see…for our water treatment that we drink, and we shower in….in their proprietary blends, they include a protein called Ecarin, E-C-A-R-I-N. That is a snake venom component that elicits blood clotting. Its in their blends. That we put in our water. What was a side effect pf Covid? Blood Clotting! Ecarin initiates rapid blood clotting. Its actually a venom protein from the [Indian] saw-scaled viper. It’s also a part of a funded research project to create a self-assembling hydrogel called SLac, and they use this self-assembling hydrogel using Ecarin from the saw scaled Viper, to initiate rapid blood clotting. And then they infused it with a second venom from another snake called the eastern brown snake, its Latin name is Pseudo Naja Mini, false Cobra. Eastern Brown snake’s venom protein they add to this hydrogel, they call it Slack or abbreviation, SB50, is infused with Ecarin from the saw-scaled viper snake to initiate rapid blood clotting. And then they introduce what’s called Textilinin. Textilinin is the protein from the eastern brown snake that prevents your body from allowing Plasmin, that every medical doctor should know, plasmin breaks down blood clots in the body from being formed. God put it inside of you to protect you from blood clotting. Its stroking out….the actual Textilinin, protein from the eastern brown snake, prevents your body’s Plasmin from breaking down the blood clots. And its published by them. We have created a self-assembling nanoparticle hydrogel that causes rapid blood clotting….rapid blood clotting, and it is resistant to plasmin being able to break it down, Warfarin from being able to break it down, which is Coumadin, a blood thinner, and its [the Hydrogel] is Heparin resistant. And what did you find in every ICU with Covid-19 patients? That they were Heparin resistant. Why? They had Ecarin in their body and Textilinin.

Stew Peters: Is that’s what’s causing these white fibrous things that embalmers are finding?

Dr. Bryan Ardis: 1000% that’s what’s causing it.

Stew Peters: So finally we know what’s causing it. Why would nobody test these things by the way?

Dr. Bryan Ardis: Yes, very interesting. This is why when I do my presentations, I keep telling my people…..all you have to do is to go test for Ecarin and Textilinin if you see elevated D-Dimers for the absence of it. And I want to explain something to people. When Watch the Water dropped, a lot of people called me, to actually have Zoom® calls with me and all the medical experts around the world and scientists around the world. It was like they had to have an intervention with me, wrangle me in, like we got it……get this guy under control. And it didn’t work because this is what I would say: “Go ahead and unleash on me what your concerns are, before I lay this out for you.” And I would just sit there confidently and do it, with everybody you’ve already named, and they would go like this: “Number One:…..even Steve Kirsch, Number One: Dr. Ardis, you can’t swallow snake venom. When it hits your stomach acid, it actually denatures it and it won’t make it into your intestines and get into your blood stream. You can’t swallow venom.” I’d go like this: “Really? Really?.” And with all the medical doctors on there, I would go like this: “So we can’t swallow snake venom and get it past your stomach acid to get it into your intestines to get it into your blood stream, to make you sick, or change your physiology?” [They would say] “Nope.” [I said] “Really? How many medical doctors are on this call, raise your hand.” And they raised their hands and I’d go “Great. How many of you have prescribed a drug called Lisinopril for high blood pressure in the last 40 years?” Just so you know there is over 20 million Americans waking up every morning and swallowing Lisinopril that medical doctors are prescribing them. Do you know that in 1981 Bristol-Myers-Squib patented Captopril that is inside Lisinopril to lower your blood pressure? And that its made from snake venom, from a viper in Brazil? And they are prescribing a dried, powdered form tablet of snake venom for you to swallow to actually relax your muscles with a paralytic venom that paralyzes muscles, to relax your muscles, of your blood vessels and your arteries to lower blood pressure. I said. “How many of you know you are prescribing an ACE inhibitor that’s actually made from venom…snake venom. And every morning 22 million Americans are putting it in their mouth, and swallowing it, and its going past their stomach into their intestines. They have known how to get….the pharmaceutical industry has known for years how to get venom past the stomach acid into your body to create changes to your physiology. And what we screamed out in the Watch the Water documentary was “You need to go look for venom. They are poisoning us.” You need to look at the water. There is no part of me that questions whether or not they are poisoning us in water. If you want to make sure that your family is going to stay healthy, you got to make sure the air you breath, the water you drink and the food you eat is clean. They know water systems. Since 2006 its been published…….our water systems in all industrialized nations are a source of bioterrorism. To create global attacks and poisonings, and they published in 2006, biological peptides that can be used as a terrorism weapon in water systems. They disclose all venoms. Snail venoms, sponge venoms. conotoxins, snake venoms, botulism. They actually put it in the paper.

Lee YJ, Cowan A, Tankard A. Peptide Toxins as Biothreats and the Potential for AI Systems to Enhance Biosecurity. Front Bioeng Biotechnol. 2022 Mar 8;10:860390. doi: 10.3389/fbioe.2022.860390. PMID: 35356782; PMCID: PMC8959115.

We know all of these can be utilized around the world to cause massive pandemics. As a terrorism weapon in our water system. OK they’ve known that this whole time. And then everything we show you is published by somebody in multiple countries around the world, confirming venom is in the Covid-19 patients, causing all their long hauler Covid symptoms. It wasn’t an airborne pathogen. Can they use venom and aerosolize it? Yes! Are they doing it? I don’t know.

Just another beautiful day in the USA!

But they already know that they can. The United States Department of Justice published in 2012…..look it up, look it up, it says Conotoxins; potential weapons from the sea.

Anderson,P. D.and Bokor,G., 20133136842, USA, 3, (3), Los Angeles, Journal of Bioterrorism and Biodefense, (120), OMICS Publishing Group, Conotoxins: potential weapons from the sea.

Conotoxins found in Covid-19 patients blood and feces [entering these terms into a search engine produces thousands of results]. 15 different cone snail venoms inside Covid patients’ blood and feces confirmed in Italy and by Dr. Chetty in South Africa. And it stays on the US Department of Justice website right now. It says that there is so many conotoxins around the world that can be utilized as an aerosolized terrorism weapon. And when people inhale it, they will develop respiratory failure and die. Oh my god that sounds like Covid. This is in 2012. 2015 the World Economic Forum actually has on their website “How killer snails will improve the state of the world?” That’s the title of the article. Its all about cone snail venoms. Conotoxins. World Economic Forum. “How killer snails will improve the state of the world?” It was 2015. Published on September 11th by the way. Five years later there is a Pandemic declared and the venom found in the Covid 19 patients is Conotoxins, killer snails venoms…..this is much bigger than you realized. I do believe….most of the symptoms of Covid come from Cobrotoxin, Bungarotoxin and Conotoxin snail venom. Sea snail venoms.

Here is the WEF article he is referring to.

That is confirmed again just last month in South Africa in all long hauler Covid patients. And all venoms, all venoms do, all of them…are synthetically manufactured around the world into a live [inaudible] freeze dried powdered form. All venoms are water soluble and they publish that. And you and I can actually go home right now and order every single venom protein online, that they found in Covid19 patient’s blood and feces. In June of 2020, you could purchase every single one of those proteins by name from the animal source, and you know what they actually offer you? They actually offer you when you go to buy their products….go to gentuar.com G-E-N-T-A-U-R .com. Every single side effect of Covid19 and the vaccines, they are identifiably caused by venoms from venomous creatures, every one of those venoms can be purchased online.

Stew Peters: Myocarditis?

Dr. Bryan Ardis: All of them.

Stew Peters: Infertility?

Dr. Bryan Ardis: All of them.

Stew Peters: [inaudible]?

Dr. Bryan Ardis: All of them.

Stew Peters: Blood Clots? Loss of Taste? Loss of Smell? Headaches, Lethargy, Long Hauler….

Dr. Bryan Ardis: And as a summary, if you want to fast forward to what is coming, all future of medicine, for all of Pharmacia….Big Pharma, the entire goal moving forward is actually giving human cells, in our bodies, the instructions to make venom-based drugs for them so they don’t have to manufacture it. They don’t have  to have a factory, employees, they don’t need to warehouse it….They are going to be able to inject you with the instructions. That’s what the suggestion of mRNA technology is. Getting your body to make the spike proteins….the spike proteins are venoms. Ace inhibitors are venoms. These are blood pressure managing drugs. They in the future believe that they can get all of you, and your God-created DNA to make something the serpent makes, or venomous creatures do that mammals don’t do on their own. CRISPR technology that we spent billions of dollars on…

 Stew Peters: Yeah.

Dr. Bryan Ardis: The whole premise is delete genes out of the human genome…

Stew Peters: Yes.

Dr. Bryan Ardis: …..that cause diseases and insert snake venom genes. That’s what it is. We are investing billions of dollars into the technology supposedly to delete disease-causing genes out of your genetics and insert snake venom immortality/rebirth/regeneration genes from the serpent. That’s what CRISPR technology is.

The word CRISPs and the word CRISPR is snake venom components. They are called CRISPs.

To quote

CRISPR technology is nothing more than deleting and inserting venomous genetics. That is the entire….the entire pharmaceutical industry is moving that way. This is one of the reasons why they want to do booster shots every six months. They want to be able to inject us with the instructions for our bodies to make their drugs for them. They are all venom-based. My concerns over why the vaccines have snake venom in it is because the two people credited with creating the Covid19 mRNA shots, their names are Drew Wiseman and Katalin Karikó at the University of Pennsylvania. So in every one of their damned studies since 2009, being paid for by Anthony Fauci and the NIH to do mRNA gene therapy…..that’s the funding declaration on their studies….”We are funded by the NIH NIAID Department, Anthony Fauci’s Department to do mRNA gene therapy. Every study since 2009, 2011, 2012, 2015….every single one of their damned studies says that in order to cleave…cut RNA or DNA, they use snake venom phosphodiesterase….five words…three words…. snake venom phosphodiesterase….to cleave the RNA or DNA to insert the mRNA for our gene therapy. OK. I don’t know how to be more clear….when I say I am worried that there is snake venom in the shots….why don’t you go look at the recipes of the researchers who created the shots. Stew, the damned words “snake venom” is in the paper. We use snake venom phosphodiesterase. Why is it that these people wont look at it? Why wont medical doctors look at it? Why do they refuse to look at it? I have no idea. But what did Charles Hoffe MD out of British Columbia Canada say two summers ago? He said I ran the mRNA injected patients blood and I wanted to see why is there so many complaints in them of [inaudible] Tachycardia, all kinds of problems. Every mRNA injected patient for Covid, 60% of all of them had elevated D-dimers. And he said everyone needs to be running this test on Covid vaccine injected patients….this elevated D-dimer test tells you that there is clotting going on everywhere in the body. This is where the term “the clotshot” came from. Was because Charles Hoffe said elevated D-dimers are showing up in 60% of my mRNA injected patients. I was like elevated D-dimers? I don’t even know what that is. I called several cardiologists. They hadn’t heard of it either. Hadn’t seen that btest since Board exams in Med school. So this isn’t a very common test. They had to go look it up. I looked it up. I wanted to know if Charles Hoffe MD is telling the world to go do elevated D-dimers, what is it that medical doctors are trained, or lab technicians are trained to look for when you see elevated D-dimers on a test. Cause I had never seen the test. So I went online and looked it up….”How are elevated D-dimers interpreted?” Medscape.com in 2019….updated it again in 2022, has one article on how to interpret elevated D-dimers. And there is five bullet points.

To quote from the Medscape article,

Elevated D-dimer levels reflect ongoing activation of the hemostatic and thrombolytic system, providing clinical utility in the following:

  • Evaluation of thrombus formation
  • Ruling out DVT (discussed further below)
  • Monitoring anticoagulative treatment (a decreasing value indicates effective treatment)
  • Disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC)
  • Snake venom poisoning

The first four describe different types of blood clots in the body….Blood clot, blood clot….go look for this  blood clot, go look for this  blood clot in the brain, the lungs, in the legs…that’s what they describe. If you see elevated D-dimers, go look for blood clots. [inaudible] of the five bullet points that they tell all medical doctors to go look for when they see elevated D-dimers, there is only one listed that could cause the elevated D-dimers….blood clot to show up. And it says “snake venom poisoning!” So when I see that, I am like…its actually published….the medical doctors who were refusing to look at this stuff, Stew…..it says in their own publications…..you, M.Ds, when you see elevated D-dimers, go look for snake venom poisoning. Why did they refuse to do that? Why did they refuse to acknowledge snake venom could be a part of Covid, or the Covid shots? Elevated D-dimers? You are supposed to go look for it. All I did then was go “If snake venom could be causing blood clotting that Charles Hoffe is saying is causing elevated D-dimers in his mRNA injected patients, I want to know, did the researchers who created the Covid19 mRNA shots….all I did was find out who were they. Its Drew Wiseman and Katalin Karikó at the University of Pennsylvania. Do not be confused by any other person claiming to have created the mRNA shots. It is Drew Wiseman and Katalin Karikó. Katalin Karikó has been working on this technology since 1978.

I am happy to inform readers that I was the first person to transcribe the gamechanging interview of Dr. Charles Hoffe dated 6th July 2021. This was done with a Christian News Network and was rather obscure back then, and I felt the need to spread the word. What struck me as highly original and gamechanging was his use of D-dimer tests, and his suggestion that Covid19 vaccines were triggering something on a vascular level (he did not make the connection to venom), as opposed to “respiratory illness.” I knew back then that Hoffe was getting somewhere. What a gamechanger.

Stew Peters: Not Dr. Robert Malone?

Dr. Bryan Ardis: No. Katalin Karikó, since 1978, with Drew Wiseman’s help at the University of Pennsylvania. They are the one’s who created the shots. They are the ones whose names are on the patents. They are the ones receiving the royalty cheques for these Covid19 shots…saving the world supposedly. Not Robert Malone. But I want the world to recognize….there are public concerns that I have, that’s in your face….snake venom….you need to go look for poisoning of snake venom with elevated D-dimers…this is what they are reporting….great! So I go and look….who created the shots? Drew Wiseman and Katalin Karikó. Any medical doctor at home or layperson can go like this….. Drew Wiseman and Katalin Karikó on any Internet search…. Drew Wiseman and Katalin Karikó and snake venom. You are going to see all the studies. From 2009, 11, 12, 15…where they were creating the mRNA technology using snake venom. Another part of this disgustingness people need to know…in every one of these research papers they say they use snake venom phosphodiesterase to cleave or cut your RNA and DNA. But they also use RNase. And there is multiple forms of RNase that they use. I don’t know if you notice but RNase are venom components from snakes that destroy RNA. And they are using it in gene therapy. There is nothing that was either created by God or evolved by evolution that’s more toxic to living cells than the biologicaly weapon…sorry the biological weapon of venom, in all venomous creatures. They are utilizing this toxin and poison that destroys organisms…living cells….they are using it to damage or cut up your cells, believing that they can dissect your genetics, your nucleus of your cells, get into your DNA, cut it and insert mRNA of their choice. That’s why I am concerned Covid19 vaccines have snake venom in it. Because in their recipe for designing the shots, they used the word snake venom, and then elevated D-dimers….medical doctors are supposed to be looking for snake venom. Why aren’t you all looking for that?

Do you know that I have heard medical doctors reporting all over the world, that they are seeing HIV-like markers in the blood of their patients after the Covid-19 shots? Not that they have HIV but all the immune deficiency markers like low T-cell counts, other problems…they are reporting that they are seeing six to eight Immune Deficiency markers in the blood of patients after you are getting the Covid-19 shots, that mimic what you would see with the HIV patients. But they don’t have HIV. Do you know that they are proposing antiviral vaccines, and they have patents for them, all made from venoms?

The quote on the screen is from here

Scorpion venoms, snake venoms, the proposed venoms are antiviral, even for HIV. And then this quote every time shows up. “Snake venom components are homologous to HIV-1’s glycoprotein.” I need to make sure the world hears this. All medical doctors, all lay people at home. These snake venom components they are patenting right now and already own patents on to make substitutes for antiviral vaccines. These snake venom components they are using, to make antiviral vaccines. They publish….snake venom components are homologous to HIV-1’s glycoprotein….the spike protein on the outside of HIV.

Do you know what the word homologous in science and research means? I had to look it up. What does homolohous mean? Do you know it means similar in evolutionary origin? Ok let me read this back to you. Snake venom components are similar in evolutionary origin to HIV-1’s glycoprotein. Just switch it around. HIV is similar in origin to snake venom components. Are you hearing me?

Recall that a young Fauci’s career began with the advent of AIDS. He was the leading AIDS researcher in the 80s. Fauci was the main architect of President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). Nobody knew what a problem HIV would balloon into until eight years had passed since the introduction of the virus. Here is an enlightening (but lengthy) Reddit post on other uncanny similarities between HIV and effects observed by Covid19 patients/vaccine recipients:

They are finding all around the world, immune deficiency markers that are looking identical to HIV. They know snake venom components are homologous to HIV. If you want to know the truth, I believe the spike protein on HIV is also venom based, has been introduced into this world through vaccines. The snake venom component…they are calling it a virus….what is the Latin historical definition of the word virus? Everybody in the world… what is the Latin historical definition of virus? And what’s the one language, and one industry that still uses Latin as its primary language? The Pharmaceutical industry and medical industry. Why do they continue to use Latin? What is the Latin historical definition of the word virus?

Here is the etymology of the word:

Note that the Wikipedia page for virus has scrubbed the reference to venom. Phoenicians prefer to use Latin in Sciences because it helps hide their wordplay, which is their main tradecraft.

Really? So HIV, its glycoprotein, is homologous, similar in evolutionary origin to snake venom components? Do you all want to know why you are seeing immune deficiency markers in all your patients after you get the Covid19 injections? They are injecting you with snake venom components! Its in their damn studies. The recipes for researchers and scientists that create vaccines and drugs….the recipes are found in the research studies. Why don’t you all go look at the research studies they are using RNase and snake venom to do mRNA gene therapy. Why don’t you go look at the creators websites, their recipes, their research studies, to try to understand why are we seeing these massive blood clots around the world in people who are dying, who are getting the Covid shots. Why are we seeing Immune Deficiency markers identical to HIV? You think that any of these doctors know that HIV is identical to snake venom components? Do you think they know that?

Stew Peters: I…it doesn’t appear that they do. They are not interested into looking into it.

Dr. Bryan Ardis: Most are not. And that’s been very very disgusting because they can’t explain the injuries. They are just quoting data that is being reported back to agencies. Wouldn’t it be great to actually go look and see what might be causing this stuff? Everyone who has a loved one, who has lost a baby, during a pregnancy and received a Covid19 injection, I could tell you what caused it. I could tell you what to go look for. No one else can tell you. But I will tell you. It is published that there is a component of snake venom called L Amino Acid Oxidase (LAAO). That is an antiviral component from the snake venom. It also inhibits Syncytium formation. That’s what they publish in their papers. You know what Syncytium does? When a woman gets pregnant, a sperm goes into an egg and actually fertilizes an egg. The egg’s gonna float up to the uterus and implant itself to the uterus wall to start developing a placenta. They call it implantation. Syncytium on day 4 is what starts the implantation of the egg to the uterus wall. Syncytium does this. Its like the Velcro or the glue to the uterus. Syncytium then tells the females body to start making a cell called the syncytiotrophoblast. Syncytiotrophoblasts connect the placenta to the uterus wall and secret something to maintain the pregnancy called HCG and Progesterone hormone. You kill Syncytium, you kill the formation of syncytiotrophoblasts. The entire pregnancy is dependent on syncytiotrophoblasts releasing HCG and Progesterone the whole time. The moment you stop making it, Progesterone or HCG, Syncytium starts pulling apart from the uterus wall and guess what happens to the blood supply of the baby.

Stew Peters: Its cut off.

Dr. Bryan Ardis: Its cut off. Guess what happens to the baby.

Stew Peters: Death.

Dr. Bryan Ardis: Its dead, and now your body is going to release it as a miscarriage. They know…snake venom components they propose to be antiviral inhibits Syncytium formation. You destroy Syncytium at any point in a pregnancy….first trimester, second trimester, third trimester, you will miscarry it. And they know it will do this. They publish that it does this. Everyone at home, if you have lost a baby or if you are having the inability to get pregnant, and you’ve got the Covid19 shots, or in my opinion, have gotten it during your teenage years, gotten the Gardasil® shot or the HPV shot, I would be very concerned if you are having trouble with fertility. I am talking all couples around the world. If you were vaccinated at any point before adulthood or during adulthood, and now you can’t get pregnant, or if you have gotten pregnant and lost your baby after getting the Covid19 shot, every single one of you, OBGYNs everywhere around the world, please start asking, and pulling, and writing a prescription for and requesting a test. Its called L Amino Acid Oxidase Assay test. It could be as simple as a urine test, you could just provide urine for the test, or blood plasma or serum, from your patients to determine….do they have elevated L Amino Acid Oxidase? If you do, how did it get there? That is a snake venom component that inhibits Syncytium formation. I personally believe that they’ve already known that they could create massive amounts of infertility using snake venom components and the vaccine agenda. So please around the world, if you are struggling to actually maintain pregnancy…..you all know this….if you go to fertility clinic cause you can’t get pregnant, what’s the one hormone they keep you on the whole time to maintain your pregnancy synthetically. They give you Progesterone because you aren’t making it. They’ve published….they know how to shut off Syncytium’s production to lead to Progesterone being made during pregnancy. And the moment you lose Progesterone, you cannot maintain a pregnancy. You can’t even get pregnant. You can’t implant the egg into the uterus without it. Syncytium drives that. They know how to cause miscarriages with venom, and they publish that these same venoms are antiviral by nature, and should be made into antiviral drugs and antiviral vaccines. That is published. They also know that they can cause blood clots with the snake venoms, which they also say are antiviral by nature.

Stew Peters: So recently you were on stage at an event. And I believe you had vials with blood clots….or….I guess that’s what we are calling them, these white fibrous things that are killing people and causing them to die suddenly.

Dr. Bryan Ardis: I took those blood clots with me up on stage, and I just held it up to the audiences and they filmed it. And I said these are the blood clots Richard Herschman brought to me. I have actually found out how it is that they can create these fibrous clots. I know how they can do it. Because as they describe the fibrous blood clots that can create these two snake-venom infused hydrogels, funded by our United States Department of Defense [these clots are referred to as “self-assembling nanofibers” in literature pertaining to the hydrogels]…  “How to create rapid blood clotting in the human body, that is resistant to being broken down by Plasmin, Warfarin or Heparin.”

He refers to this 2015 article. To quote,

He also refers to this paper pertaining to Ecarin’s resistance to human blood clotting agents and this one pertaining to Textilinin’s interaction with human plasmin.

And they published…”We use two snake venoms”….Ecarin from the saw-scaled viper snake initiates the rapid blood clotting and Textilin [derived from brown snake venom] to prevent the body from breaking down the blood clot, and make it resistant to these two drugs, Heparin and Warfarin. The reason why the Italy study was so important, that confirmed all the types of venom found in Covid19 patients. In every single one of those proteins isolated from the venoms they found….every single one of them describes the symptoms you see published about Covid, including the blood clotting.

Brogna C, Cristoni S, Petrillo M et al. Toxin-like peptides in plasma, urine and faecal samples from COVID-19 patients [version 2; peer review: 2 approved]. F1000Research 2021, 10:550 https://doi.org/10.12688/f1000research.54306.2

And this one as well.

Now early on with Covid, they were reporting in May of 2020, the blood clotting is resistant to Heparin in Covid patients. 

White D, MacDonald S, Bull T, Hayman M, de Monteverde-Robb R, Sapsford D, Lavinio A, Varley J, Johnston A, Besser M, Thomas W. Heparin resistance in COVID-19 patients in the intensive care unit. J Thromb Thrombolysis. 2020 Aug;50(2):287-291. doi: 10.1007/s11239-020-02145-0. Erratum in: J Thromb Thrombolysis. 2020 Jun 22;: PMID: 32445064; PMCID: PMC7242778.

The very first found protein identified from the snake [should be venom] of the Malayan krait snake in the Italy study in the blood and feces of every Covid patient was a Kunitz-type serine protease inhibitor. That’s what Textilinin is. It blocks the body’s ability to break down blood clots. And its resistant to Heparin and Warfarin. Finally I could see how they created blood clotting in Covid patients….how they would mimic the exact same action in the human body…..when you inject patients with snake venom. Now you are seeing it in people who are dying. Embalmers can’t get fluid into their bodies without removing these massive blood clots. If you test the damn blood clots for Ecarin and Textilinin, you will find it positive. And when you do, you now know how they created this.  

Mike Adams reviewed that [the clots] with Mass Spectrometry and published……we cannot call these blood clots anymore. The components of these blood clots aren’t even human. The metal and mineral load components and percentages don’t match human blood.

It isn’t a natural process. In nature, these two separate snake venoms are not together as one. We have to take them, make them and inject them into somebody. That’s the only way its going to get there, unless I physically had to get bitten by these two different snakes. Its insane. They are synthetically manufacturing venoms all around the world. Just January 28th of 2023, few weeks ago, Dr. Chetty MD out of South Africa….is working this entire time. I have been on Zoom® calls with this guy for three years now. As we are learning about Covid, how to treat Covid, the success they are seeing in South Africa…..Dr. Chetty is a great, honest ethical human being. He has done phenomenal work. He stated in an interview on January 28th 2023 that in long hauler Covid patients that are coming to his clinic from around the world, they couldn’t get them better with traditional therapies they found worked with other Covid patients. So they ran fecal tests on them to find out is there anything in their body we are unaware of, that would keep these people sick with long hauler Covid symptoms.

Dr. Shankra Chetty MD on Video: It was at that point we realized that we need to look at stool samples. We need to….it was found in sewage. And I could not understand why a virus found in sewage was not tracked backwards to the gastrointestine where it arose, and to figure out what it was doing there. And so we managed to contact Carlo Brogna [of the aforementioned Italian study] who has done some very interesting work on Coronavirus. Uh, what he very basically discovered when looking at stool samples was that the virus was replicating, somehow, in these stool samples, and the stools had toxins, protein-based toxins in them. Uh, he found with incubation of the supernatant of this sample, on fresh uninfected stool, that the viral title rose exponentially, and the toxins as well, and so he proved bacteriophage activity…..that this virus has the ability to affect the bacteria of your gut and he found toxicities there…..toxin-like peptides, which were akin to many different kinds of snake venoms, sea-snail poisons, uh starfish poisons, and it’s a wonder how those got there.

On month after this video, Dr. Shankra Chetty was “charge-sheeted” by South African Health authorities.

Dr. Bryan Ardis: They synthetically manufacture venoms in bacteria called Ecoli, Yeast cells, and in mammal cells, all around the world. And I have been screaming to the world, if you want to know how to solve the long-hauler Covid patients and the exaggerated, horrific outcomes of the vaccine injured, you need to test them all for bacteria and yeast infections. Because once you introduce venom into an environment where those are, they are designed to replicate and manufacture venom, in its presence. Its called genetic engineering. They also call it biological engineering…..how to get microorganisms like bacteria and yeast and mammal cells, to replicate and manufacture venom they are not designed to manufacture on their own.  Human beings weren’t designed to manufacture venom. Venom is toxic to us. Why are we injecting people with the instructions to do that? That’s all what mRNA technology is. To clear this up, mRNA technology is solely how to get cells in the human body to manufacture venom. That’s it. You all can call it anything else you want. You can call the spike proteins spike proteins if you want to, it doesn’t change the fact that they are venom proteins.

Venom is a 2018 Marvel movie in which a snake-like creature seeks out human parasites, and rots their internal organs. It is followed by a 2021 sequel (which coincides with the Covid19 project) which has the tagline “Let there be Carnage.” This is a sick Phoenician pun.

Yuval Noah Hariri, an Israeli writer associated with the World Economic Forum, in an interview with CNN on 26th November 2019. Transcript here.

Stew Peters: This is the hardest part for me to wrap my head around and I don’t think it can be attributed to laziness. There is more to it than that. Why wont they look at it?

Dr. Bryan Ardis: Ignorance is not always bliss, people. Especially when you are going to claim…..you are going to claim…..you are a savior of men and women, and a leader of men and women to help them save their lives……you are not gonna go look at the weapon. You are not gonna do that. You are not gonna try to understand why it is hundreds of thousands of people around the world have reported to me all of their long-hauler Covid symptoms disappeared in 45 minutes to three days using Nicotine gum. Have you heard Pierre Kory talk about that? have you heard McCullough talk about Nicotine? Have you heard Paul Marik talk about it? have you heard Steve Kirsch talk about it? have you heard Stephanie Sinnet talk about it? Have you heard anybody talk about it? Not a damn soul. Really? Why do you refuse to go look at the weapon and its target? Go look at the damn weapon. The weapon is venom. I don’t know how to make this more clear to you. They are envenomating us and they are poisoning us with venoms. And they are calling them respiratory side-effects, respiratory illnesses. They are not. The venoms mimic respiratory virus symptoms. There’s four things they publish. That if you put in the human body, or in a petridish with venom, it completely detoxifies the venoms.

Stew Peters: And they are?

Dr. Bryan Ardis: And they are Glutathione, Acetylcysteine, Vitamin C and EDTA, which is a heavy metal detoxing agent. It completely inhibits venom. In April of 2020, they said, these spike proteins are venoms that target Alpha 7 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors, causing all the Covid symptoms. This is a Central Nervous System disease. Not a respiratory illness. This is what they said. They said you know what’s interesting about these Alpha 7 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors that these venoms target? They said around the world in April 2020, Ivermectin reports are coming in……Ivermectin is saving people with Covid around the world. They said what’s amazing about Ivermectin is that it is a positive allosteric effector of the Alpha 7 Neuronal Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor.

Krause RM, Buisson B, Bertrand S, Corringer PJ, Galzi JL, Changeux JP, Bertrand D. Ivermectin: a positive allosteric effector of the alpha7 neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptor. Mol Pharmacol. 1998 Feb;53(2):283-94. doi: 10.1124/mol.53.2.283. PMID: 9463487.

It binds to the same receptors Nicotine does. And they said this is how its working.

No, they said….the target is Nicotine Receptors.

I have been advocating Ivermectin since Covid19 started (because I was aware of its success in India). Note that Ivermectin is not available over-the-counter in almost all Western countries. Doctors prescribing it can get their licenses revoked. Even the drug monographs that Doctors consult, such as those produced by the Canadian Pharmacists Association started inserting warnings that it could not be used for Covid19!

Stew Peters: Venoms being used as a treatment, or venoms being used as a cure-all are different than venoms being used as a weapon. Which one is it?

Dr. Bryan Ardis: It is my belief and my awareness that there is a depopulation agenda in place. Between now and the year 2050, that has been pushed forward and accelerated with this pandemic, to get as many people as possible vaccinated, not only does the vaccine agenda scream depopulation, but the Remdesivir® hospital protocols, where Anthony Fauci, NIH, the FDA all said there is only one drug you can treat Covid19 patients in hospitals with, and if you prescribe anything else doctors, we are gonna take away your licenses, and punish you. There is only one drug Remdesivir® that can be used in every hospitalized Covid19 patient. What screams depopulation more than this? Why would these Centres for Medicare and Medicaid services offer every hospital a 20% add-on bonus if they would just use Remdesivir® on everyone 60 years old and older? Not 20% add on bonus for Remdesivir®. Why do they, to this day, offer a 20% add-on bonus for the entire hospital stay if you just could use Remdesivir®, on every patient, 60 years and older? For 26 years, I have heard that the baby boomers, this aging generation is gonna put a strain on Social Security and Medicare. They are gonna go bankrupt eventually. You know what I see? I see CMS and our Government willing to bribe hospitals to take the elderly out. To me, it is a culling of the elderly. Nothing screamed murderous intent more than the hospital protocols and the incentivization by CMS on the elderly in America. For a drug we knew, we were lied to, was not safe and effective. At all.

Stew Peters: In the water, you acknowledged it was diluted, uh, aerosolized in the things we consume, drink, eat. It was diluted. What about the injections? They are taking it and putting it directly into you?

Dr. Bryan Ardis: Alright, so its diluted in water. If you think its in the air, its also diluted in the air. You can’t not dilute something in the water. So you are going to get it in diluted form of these venoms. Obviously. But when you put it into a syringe, and you can put billions of spike proteins in there. And inject it inside of you, that is way more than you can get from a glass of water or in your shower. It is injected directly inside of you. Now you have billions of spike proteins, venom peptides now in your body, or you are injected with a billion mRNA, Lipid-nanoparticle wrapped mRNA instructions for your body to make venom peptides called spike proteins, it is a way more dangerous outcome with the vaccines to introduce spike proteins, or venom peptides, or instructions to make it in the form of mRNA. It is always going to be way more dangerous injecting it inside your body.

Stew Peters: People were upset with you. People were upset with me, after Watch the Water. Venom Boy they won’t talk to you semantics, you are not using the right word, they won’t look at it because you are the manic, retired chiropractor. People are upset with you. They are mad. They are mad at us, both of us. Conspiracy theorists….its all over the place. Why aren’t they looking at the people who created the weapon. Why aren’t they looking at the weapon itself? You want to be angry at something, or someone, why is it us? Whats…whats the answer to that question? These MDs, these people….you all know who I am talking about……have huge tours, patting themselves on the back, consuming all types of alcohol, dance parties, giving away wards to each other, recognizing each other, patting each other on the back, but yet refuse to look at the weapon. What victory is it that they are celebrating exactly?

Dr. Bryan Ardis: I actually say this all the time. These individuals who are reluctant to look, they must have started speaking out for a different reason than I do.

Stew Peters: Why are the masses looking at these people as the trusted group of healthcare providers, the heroes?

Dr. Bryan Ardis: I have no idea. I really have no idea. As this year is gone on, I lose more and more faith that appeared…wanted me to be a part of saving humanity with them, as more now, its unfortunate, the celebrityism, the platforms they have grown, financial rewards of their businesses, I have no idea. I do not know why on earth, a healthcare professional of any kind, I don’t care what your licensing is, why does he refuse to go look at this information?

Stew Peters: What motivates me I think is probably the same that motivates you. None of this can be built by man. This message can’t be delivered by a retired chiropractor, and a former bounty hunter and rapper who complains, and yells and screams on the Internet. This is one hundred percent divine. This is one hundred percent supernatural. This is one hundred percent God. So I don’t care what these other people, these doctors, these heroes….I don’t care what motivates them. I don’t care why they wont look. I just want to thank you. For your courage and for your bravery.

Dr. Bryan Ardis: I will relentlessly attempt to try to make sense of your symptoms, your illnesses, your diseases, being perpetuated intentionally around the world. And help to disclose to you those things found in nature God put on this earth to save you. Because he knew there would be evil men in this world who would try to hurt us. And to drive our families apart. And here they are. And here they are.

Stew Peters: Thank You!

Regarding Stew Peters last comment, yes, the conspiracy is indeed built by a singular group of men, over several generations. People and even health professionals are in denial, because that would mean they would also have to admit that there is a hidden aristocracy running all Western countries for generations, which has now gone to war with the rest of humanity. They don’t have the background and information to understand this. But you can start by reading this original expose by Miles Mathis. As for MDs who are running like headless chicken, remember that many people become doctors for anything but science (societal expectations, money, peer pressure etc.) Very few know how to actually process completely new information, which heightens their denial. Dr. Bryan Ardis on the other hand, while not even being an MD, has used his excellent abilities to give us this gamechanger.


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  1. CelaNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Hamad,

    This is a discussion between Dr Ardis, Dr Cowan and Dr Kaufman where the venom idea is challenged by Cowan and Kaufman at quite a basic scientific level:


    Ardis appears to be way out of his depth and can’t respond to their simple questions.

    On a related note, have you should look into the fundamental validity of germ theory and virology—it is a flimsy house of cards.

    You wrote: “Remember the 9/11 Truth Movement? Everybody was invited except those who claimed that there were no planes at all.”

    Well, it is the same story with the Covid Truth Movement. Everybody is invited except those who claim there is no virus at all (whether natural or “lab-leaked” “bioweapons”). Viruses and bacteria have never been shown to cause disease or be contagious.

    Dr Tom Cowan’s book (The Contagion Myth) is a good introduction. PDF: https://aim4truth.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/The_Contagion_Myth_Why_Viruses_Including_Coronavirus_Are_Not_the_Cause_of_Disease_by_Thomas_S._Cowan_Sally_Fallon_Morell.pdf

    Key names & sites:

    Dr Tom Cowan (on Bitchute)
    Dr Andrew Kaufman (on Odyssee)
    Dr Sam Bailey (on Odyssee) (+ Dr Mark Bailey)
    Dr Stefan Lanka (proved in German Supreme Court that there is no pathogenic Measles virus)
    theperthgroup.com (Demonstrating the lack of evidence for a pathogenic HIV virus since the 1980s)


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