Did Swissair Flight 111 land at an Airbase?

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CFB Shearwater is tucked on the coast of the Atlantic.
CFB Shearwater is tucked on the coast of the Atlantic.

Suggestive evidence that  Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was redirected to Diego Garcia keeps growing stronger. New revelations pertaining to the disappearance of MH370 are putting a new perspective on the 1998 alleged “crash” Swissair Flight 111 off the coast of Canada, minutes away from a major Canadian Airbase, CFB Shearwater. In the post, we apply everything we learnt from the disappearance of MH370 and subsequent redirection to Diego Garcia to the alleged “crash” of SWR111, and we learn that like MH370, SWR111 may have secretly landed.

SWR111 was on a routine flight from New York to Geneva on 2nd September 1998 when the pilot reported smoke on board, and diverted the plane towards Halifax International Airport near the Canadian shore.  While Halifax International Airport was not far from the shore, there was another airport right on the shore, and right on the path SWR111 would take if it  intended to land at Halifax. That was the Canadian Airforce Base at Shearwater, with a runway big enough to handle massive military cargo planes. SWR111 allegedly crashed into the Atlantic Ocean, at a visible distance from the Canadian shoreline, five minutes away from CFB Shearwater.

Of course, this possibility has been raised before. To quote user “Cacophonix” of The Professional Pilot’s Rumour Network,

Could, might… have landed?

There is good reason to wonder if pilots could have landed safely at Halifax even if they had chosen not to dump fuel and proceed direct… at or above MMO/VMO.

There was/is a military field at Shearwater but it is likely that the pilots did not factor that into their planned alternates…

But it was only after the disappearance of MH370 that such a scenario could be properly reconstructed.

Before we begin a detailed analysis, lets summarize the differences as well as the similarities with the MH370 disappearance conspiracy, which was detailed earlier on this website.

Differences and Similarities to the Disappearance of MH370


In the case of MH370, the objective was to threaten the Malaysian government into dropping the jail sentence on a foreign-backed political opponent. While some of the passengers may have been put on the plane by the Powers That Be for the purpose of imprisonment or elimination (such as the employees of Freescale Semiconductors), the possibility that the plane and its passengers would be returned to the Malaysian government was open, had the negotiations between the Malaysian government and the hijackers succeeded. In the case of SWR111, many of the passengers seemed to have been handpicked for that flight because they were targeted individuals, and it was clear to the planners that the plane would officially “crash” right from the beginning. Unlike Malaysia, Switzerland is completely under the control of The Powers That Be and their banking institutions. And they do care a lot about it, even protecting the tiny little nation from two vicious World Wars, even though it was located in the geographic center of them. And therefore there was no point in using a missing plane to make the Swiss government catapult to certain demands. Therefore SWR111 was only about targeting some of the passengers that had boarded the flight and stealing precious cargo that had been put on board, presumably with the foreknowledge that it could never be recovered.

In the case of MH370, The Powers That Be were betting on the Malaysian government caving in to the hijackers’ demands, and the plane being eventually returned to Malaysia. Depositing a “wreckage” on the ocean floor was Plan B. But when things didn’t go according to plan, a wreckage had to be presented. And the hastily assembled “wreckage” was intended to be deposited in the South China Sea, far away from Diego Garcia to avoid any suspicion. But things got further complicated when a Malaysian General pointed in the direction of Diego Garcia. Now, the “wreckage” had to be deposited in the Indian Ocean.  But what if it had already been deposited in the South China Sea? Therefore a crazy theory was concocted that the plane had crashed near Australia (once again, far away from Diego Garcia) in a place so deep that the wreckage cannot be recovered.

In the case of MH370, Malaysian Airlines does not appear to be party to the conspiracy, and they never settled for the prescribed story that the plane had crashed into the South China Sea. Therefore, tremendous effort was made to put Malaysian Airlines at fault, and to highlight its alleged mishandling of the situation. In the case of SWR111, Swiss Air was highly commended for its handling of the crisis, even though their silence on several unanswered questions is disturbing. But again, this is a code of silence which is a cultural speciality. Swiss banks never disclose the details of their clients, even if their clients are bankrupting and robbing entire nations and continents. And even if their clients are storing in Swiss bank vaults, golden teeth taken from the ashes left at Holocaust crematoriums. In short, they are armchair practitioners of “clean corruption.”


The pilot, Urs Zimmermann
The pilot, Urs Zimmermann, was an instructor on flying the MD-11.

In the case of MH370, the pilot (but not necessarily the co-pilot) seemed to have been certainly  involved in the conspiracy. The Powers That Be usually leave nothing to chance, and a hijack alone would have brought unpredictable results. In the case of SWR111, the pilot and the co-pilot, Urs Zimmermann and Stefan Löw had to be involved, for the sake of discussing the conspiracy angle. Even if we leave out the conspiracy angle, the pilot’s actions in response to “smoke in the cabin” have been strongly debated in aviation circles. Both the pilot and the co-pilot were extremely well qualified, and they both also served as instructors for flying the MD-11 aircraft. The MD-11 is considered to be very reliable in aviation circles.

In the case of MH370, the pilot had already practiced landing at Diego Garcia using a flight simulator. It is unclear whether the pilots of SWR111 had any experience at landing at CFB Shearwater, although they would have if thats where the plane landed.

The Co-pilot Stefan Löw
The Co-pilot Stefan Löw, was also an instructor on flying the MD-11.

In the case of MH370, Diego Garcia became the elephant in the living room. The Western media pretended that the possibility of the plane having landed at Diego Garcia was too remote to even consider. At the same time, they repeatedly discussed the possibility of the plane ending up in Afghanistan and even in Kazakhistan. There was complete silence over what the air traffic controllers at Diego Garcia saw on their special radars, which seem to scan the entire Indian Ocean. In the case of SWR111, we see the same treatment of CFB Shearwater. Nobody asks why the plane was not diverted to to CFB Shearwater which was more closer than Halifax airport (because that would draw unwarranted attention towards it). Nobody asks what the radar operators at CFB Shearwater saw on their special military radars, which unlike the radar at Halifax Airport, could still pick up the path of SWR111 even if its transponder was shut off. Strangely enough, we are told that another Canadian Airforce Base on the other side of the Nova Scotian peninsula, CFB Greenwood, monitored SWR111 till its last moments. To quote a 23rd September 1998 article in the Halifax Herald,

Controllers at the military base weren’t tracking the commercial jetliner the night of Sept. 2, but the base computer recorded the events. That tape, which has been turned over to the Transportation Safety Board of Canada, gives a blow-by-blow of the now-familiar moments.

It shows Flight 111 on a cruise south of Liverpool at 9,900 metres, then a rapid descent to about 3,000 metres and a turn left, and a manoeuvre southward to dump fuel over the Atlantic.

At an altitude of 2,880 metres, Flight 111’s transponder signal, or secondary radar, disappeared from Greenwood’s screen, Maj. Milligan said.

All that was left was a radar blip, or primary radar signal, devoid of the digitized information that a transponder gives on a plane’s altitude and flight path.

For about five minutes, Greenwood’s radar recorded “intermittent hits” from the MD-11 jet.

“Then there was nothing,” said Maj. Milligan.

Five minutes was more than enough for the plane to start landing at CFB Shearwater. There is no word on what ATC Shearwater recorded that night. It is likely that like ATC Greenwood, ATC Shearwater had a radar range of 370 kilometres.

And speaking of transponders, MH370 first officially disappeared when its transponder was manually shut off (a rather difficult feat). In the case of SWR111, it seems the pilot first tested shutting off the transponder for thirteen minutes, and later on, shut the transponder for good when the plane diverted towards CFB Shearwater. After MH370 shut off its transponder, it flew at treetop level until it was out of Malaysian airspace to avoid radar detection. When SWR111 shut off its transponder for the last time, it was observed at treetop level as well.

In the case of MH370, all other flights to Diego Garcia airport were cancelled that day so that MH370 could be snuck in with a minimal number of airport staff getting to witness the event. In the case of SWR111, the diversion took place at night. And it was a fairly cloudy, misty, night. It would be interesting to check the status of airport staff at CFB Shearwater that night.

When the Powers That be divert a plane, they leave nothing to chance. And make sure the pilot, the hijackers as well as some additional passengers are part of the conspiracy. This also helps later when the families of victims file collective lawsuits and raise questions. Pilots and passengers who were part of the conspiracy get to walk away with a new identity and a new life in some other part of the world. And their families, while continuing to maintain secret contact with them, hijack meetings, discussions and organisations involving the familes of the genuine victims. The Powers That Be are thus able to control the debate on what happened under the guise of aggrieved family members. This is likely to have happened in the case of MH370. In another case, the 1988 Bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, a strange character became romantically involved with one of the passengers just prior to his taking the ill-fated flight. This character later started acting as if she represented all the victims of the bombing. Playing the victim card, she infiltrated the ABC News Investigation of the bombing which was conducted by Pierre Salinger. Salinger had travelled to Libya and interviewed two suspects. His office in the UK was raided by British Intelligence, and the tapes were confiscated. Salinger blamed the same character for the raids, and locked her out of his office after she started spreading malicious rumours about him. After Salinger’s death, the same character emerged as a Wikipedia bully, controlling the narrative of the Flight 103 page. In the case of SWR111, I was surprised to find that some of the more activist family members of victims all seemed to wholeheartedly agree with the Canadian investigation, and one group was even lashing out against retired RCMP Sergeant Tom Juby who raised the possibility of a bomb being on board.

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  1. Hamad SubaniNo Gravatar says:

    Tom Juby is back with a game-changing account of what transpired during his tenure with the RCMP at CFB Shearwater. Cabal Times has published an in-depth review here. Please read it. This book is of monumental importance for those looking for answers, because probably no one got as close to the investigation as Juby did, while maintaining the integrity to tell their story.

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    I would like to thank Hamad Subani, for being one of the finest human beings, I've ever 'met'. I put that in quotes, because I have never actually met this person IRL.

    I really appreciate your post & your thoughts. I'd like to see more Posts from you in coming days.


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    I used to work with Giovanni Di Stefano. What do you suppose happened to the Malaysian Airlines flight that disappeared….

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