Did Swissair Flight 111 land at an Airbase?

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A Very Thorough and Expensive Cover-up


A curious statement on the first page of the TSB’s much vaunted report runs as follows. It aptly summarizes what the TSB accomplished

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) investigated this occurrence for the purpose of advancing transportation safety. It is not the function of the Board to assign fault or determine civil or criminal liability.

In other words, “We are no longer in the truth business.”

Each piece of the debris was brought to……(hold your breath) CFB Shearwater! where the plane was reconstructed on a wire mesh by more than 350 investigators, and where Medical Examiners identified human remains.  Choosing this location helped in keeping the investigation completely secret. The air traffic control transcripts were released within days of the crash in 1998, and the air traffic control audio was released in May 2007. The The Cockpit Voice Recorder recording and transcript have not been publicly disclosed. The investigation became the largest and most expensive transport accident investigation in Canadian history, costing US$48.5 million over five years.

The investigation completely ruled out terrorism. There was absolutely no mention of the passengers, or their profiles in the TSB Report. Neither was there any mention of the precious cargo, or whether or not it was acually loaded onto the aircraft, or whether or not it was recovered. To quote,

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police found no evidence to support the involvement of any explosive or incendiary device, or other criminal act in the initiation of the in-flight fire.

The investigation concluded that there was an electrical fire right above the cockpit which spread because flammable materials were used in the insulation. But an electrical overload which had supposedly started the fire should have tripped the circuit breakers, and the circuit breakers were not tripped. Recovered fragments of the plane showed that the heat inside the cockpit became so great that the ceiling started to melt, though it was unlikely that this could take place in a span of 6 minutes, which is the time period between the last ATC call and the crash.

To quote Dean Andromidas of the Executive Intelligence Review,

The wreckage of the aircraft was so compact that it not only covered an area almost smaller then the area of the aircraft itself, but parts of the tail section were found mingled with the nose section. All parts of the cockpit that were retrieved had been burned at a very high temperature, much higher than that of any normal electrical fire, or than the heat of the plane’s burning insulation (as has recently been suggested) could possibly have reached in the five minutes before it struck the water.

Rather than the wreck consisting of different pieces of fuselage, it was merely a pile of compacted debris (which of course, makes dumping easier and less conspicuous).

Since there was no logical explanation of the plane suddenly changing direction  away from Halifax and towards CFB Shearwater, the investigation claimed that the rapid spread of fire disoriented First Officer Low.

Neither could the investigation explain the lack of intact bodies. Only one body was recovered intact (allegedly). Another 90 “bodies” were “identified” using DNA analysis of tissue and bone fragments which amounted in quantity to less than one bag. Family members were asked to contribute DNA for the purpose of matching. Another contradicting claim is that investigators found some passenger prepared for the crash and wearing life jackets. While this would help support the theory that SWR111 crashed at sea, it is unclear how such a claim could be made in the absence of bodies. According to Giovanni De Stefano, in the case of TWA 800, the passengers’ bodies were found strapped to their seats, and ultimately, the remains of all 230 victims were recovered and identified. To explain this disappearance of bodies from the wreckage of SWR111, the investigation claimed the SWR111 hit the water nose down at 560 km/h, resulting in immediate disintegration of all bodies. This theory is fairly speculative. Similar baloney has been used to explain why there was no bodies or debris at the site of the disappearance of MH370. On the article on the disappearance of MH370, one anonymous commenter claimed to have been there when attempts were being made to recover bodies from SWR111, and he claims that absolutely no bodies were recovered. Lynn Romano, who lost her husband Raymond Romano on SWR111 had this to say about the RCMP’s DNA Analysis:

The case of the September 11th terrorist atrocities in New York, an abandoned 3000-acre landfill on Staten Island, N.Y., known as Fresh Kills, became the country’s largest DNA lab. The Department of Forensic Biology in the Office of Chief Medical Examiner (OCME) in New York search for the tiniest remnants of human tissue, teeth and even hair to aid the identification process. The OCME extracts the DNA from each of the remains recovered, and those extracts are then shipped off to the DNA typing and profiling labs.

Each of the remains recovered. Each.

So why were the same standards not applied in respect of the two hundred and twenty-nine people who perished aboard Swissair 111? Why was it decided that once those on board were identified and the more significant remains were typed and profiled were the balance of human remains worthy only of a mass grave?

Then there is the very curious case of the wedding ring of the same Raymond Romano. To quote,

[……..] Her husband’s wedding ring, inscribed with the words ‘Love Lyn 10/3/81’ was to become the subject of a bitter battle with the Chief Medical Examiner.

Lyn knew the ring would be recovered in spite of those who counselled that it would never be recovered. When it was recovered, it seemed that finding it was the easy part. Getting the Chief Medical Examiner to part with it was another matter entirely.

In his wisdom, the Chief Medical Examiner had deemed that the ring was evidence and accordingly it could not be released. Suffice it to say, Lyn made her position equally clear:

‘If need be I’ll bring CNN with me when I head to Nova Scotia and I’ll “chain myself” to Shearwater’s fence. If necessary I will rent an apartment in Halifax and be away from my family for six months if that’s what it takes.’

Several members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police were instrumental in ‘assisting’ the Chief Medical Examiner to reconsider and the ring was returned to its new owner.

Why was the Chief Medical Examiner reluctant to return personal effects to families of the victims? (In this case, only caving in after a victim’s wife threatened to chain herself to the gate of CFB Shearwater). What happened to the remaining personal effects of victims whose families weren’t so insistent? How did these effects survive the alleged fiery crash? Or were they not being returned because their condition could yield evidence debunking the alleged fiery crash?

After the alleged “crash,” two memorials were built on either side of the coast. These two points and the “crash site” form a triangle, which is a well known esoteric signature of The Powers That Be. More esoteric symbols and formulae related to SWR111 can be found on this website.

A smalltime manufacturer who had retrofitted the first class and the business class seats with in-flight entertainment systems was scapegoated whereas the manufacturer of the aircraft, Boeing, was kept distanced from scrutiny.

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  1. Hamad SubaniNo Gravatar says:

    Tom Juby is back with a game-changing account of what transpired during his tenure with the RCMP at CFB Shearwater. Cabal Times has published an in-depth review here. Please read it. This book is of monumental importance for those looking for answers, because probably no one got as close to the investigation as Juby did, while maintaining the integrity to tell their story.

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    I would like to thank Hamad Subani, for being one of the finest human beings, I've ever 'met'. I put that in quotes, because I have never actually met this person IRL.

    I really appreciate your post & your thoughts. I'd like to see more Posts from you in coming days.


  3. Tina says:

    I used to work with Giovanni Di Stefano. What do you suppose happened to the Malaysian Airlines flight that disappeared….

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