Did Swissair Flight 111 land at an Airbase?

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Reexamination of the Chronology of Events Shows that SWR111 Tried to Hide its Last Whereabouts

SWR111 flew on the night of 2nd September 1998. The following is the chronology of events with respect to the conspiracy angle we are pursuing.

20:18 UTC: Flight takes off from JFK Airport

20:33-20:47 UTC: Flight experiences an unexplained radio blackout. Maybe the captain was testing whether or not he could turn off the transponders successfully. Also, the Powers That Be like to add their signature to their activities. And the number thirteen represents the number of families that constitute the Western Criminal Elite. During this thirteen minute radio blackout, the the Flight Data Recorder recorded 11 microphone keying events indicating that the pilot was in radio contact with another Air Traffic Control (ATC) using VHF1. Since no civilian ATCs in area registered contact with SWR111 during this period, did the pilot make secret contact with CFB Shearwater during this period? The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) couldn’t leave aside the 13 minute gap as a mystery as it would only fuel more speculation. Instead, they came up with this:

The 13-minute gap in very-high frequency communications was most likely the result of an incorrect frequency selection by the pilots.

The ACARS system which logs flight information using satellites showed some anomalies, which could not be investigated further. To quote a footnote on page 182 of the TSB Investigation Report,

By the time investigators became aware of the aircraft communications addressing and reporting system anomalies and requested the data from the service providers, some of the service providers had already deleted the recorded data.

This is quite a shame. The Malaysian government on the other hand, with comparatively little investigative and monetary resources, has put up satellite logs pertaining to their missing MH370 flight online!

22:14 AT: The flight made a Pan-Pan radio call to the Air Traffic Controller in Moncton, Canada. ATC Moncton handles traffic for many Europe-bound flights. A Pan-Pan radio call is different from a MayDay call, and signifies a non-life threatening emergency. ATC Moncton gave the flight a vector to land at Halifax Airport, and the flight started descending. It seems SWR111 was not serious about landing at Halifax because at its rate of descent, it would have easily overshot Halifax Airport. This is later confirmed when SWR111 would make a u-turn claiming it needed to dump fuel. Captain Zimmerman put First Officer Low in charge of the plane and ran through a fire safety checklist which would later be a source of much controversy. Passengers were announced that the plane was making an emergency landing at Halifax due to smoke in the cockpit. It is unclear why ATC Moncton did not give a vector for CFB Shearwater, which was more closer to the shore given the emergency. Commercial pilots have landed at Canadian airbases in emergency situations.

22:18 AT: ATC Moncton handed over traffic control of the plane to ATC Halifax.

22:19 AT: The flight was 56km from Halifax Airport, but Low requested more time.

22:20 AT: Low informed ATC Halifax that he needed to dump fuel. ATC Halifax diverted the plane to St. Margarets Bay. This was supposedly meant to reduce the risk of fire when the plane landed. But was it neccessary to divert the plane to the sea? Halifax Airport is surrounded by woods, and the fuel could have been dumped overland just as safely. When asked about the amount of fuel on board, the Captain seemed clueless, possibly indicating a lack of seriousness. Was “fuel dumping” a pretext to get the plane closer to CFB Shearwater which is on the coast? Was there really smoke/fire on board? And the fuel supposedly dumped was never found in the Bay. To quote a 9th September 1998 item in the Halifax Herald,

No fuel dropped by Flight 111 has been found anywhere in St. Margarets Bay, an environment official said Tuesday. “Basically, there was nothing detected,” said Roger Percy, head of a regional environmental emergency team. Federal and provincial environmental experts have been testing water samples and aquaculture operations in the area since Friday. Two remote-sensing aircraft from Ottawa have also searched for any oil slicks in the area, Mr. Percy said.

22:24:28 AT: Low informs ATC Halifax that he must fly manually now.

22:24:45 AT: Low informed ATC Halifax that “Swissair 111 heavy is declaring emergency.” He would repeat the declaration and claimed that the flight was descending rapidly.

22:25:40 AT: The Flight Data Recorder which was later recovered mysteriously stopped recording at this point, even though the plane allegedly “crashed” six minutes later. Was this to cover up the diversion to CFB Shearwater? Was the Flight Data Recorder tampered with by the investigators? Interestingly, there was a secondary Flight Data Recorder, and it too has the last six minutes missing. The two black boxes were on different power supplies, and the idea of a complete power supply failure is debatable.

22:25:41 AT: The Cockpit Voice Recorder which was later recovered mysteriously stopped recording at this point, even though the plane allegedly “crashed” six minutes later. Was this to cover up conversations with the ATC at CFB Shearwater? Was the Cockpit Voice Recorder tampered with by the investigators? At this point, the transponder may have also been shut off, to hide the change in direction from Halifax Airport to CFB Shearwater.

22:25:50-22:26:04 AT: The plane suddenly reappeared on radar screens indicating the transponder had been turned on once again. Strangely, it was now at 9700 feet, even though Low had claimed earlier that he had descended to 5000 feet. A good guess is that now, its direction had changed from Halifax Airport to CFB Shearwater. Maybe because having the plane “crash” with the transponder shut off would look very suspicious. It is unclear why Low avoided sending a voice message to air-traffic controllers via the international radio distress frequency of 121.5, which in most planes, runs on battery backup. No Mayday call was ever made.

22:31 AT: The plane allegedly crashes into the sea. We can assume that the plane once again turns off its transponder and heads straight for CFB Shearwater while maintaining a very low altitude. We do know that ATC Halifax could no longer track it if it flew below 183 metres, which is dangerous. But this may not have been neccessary if ATC Halifax was compromised, which is the more likely answer. Supporting the conclusion that ATC Halifax was compromised is the fact that there were three different times reported regarding when the flight lost radar contact (22:18, 22:30, 22:48). The reason for this progressive increase in time from the initial reports may have been to calibrate the loss of radar contact with the point the Flight Data Recorders and Cockpit Voice Recorders stop recording.

???: After the plane lands, it supposedly moves into a massive hangar and the hangar doors are shut. After the passengers and crew are made to disembark, and after precious cargo is unloaded, the plane is destroyed in a controlled environment.

???: We are told that the plane’s “crash” generated some minor siesmic event at 22:31:22. But this could have also been accomplished by an underwater explosion. To further lend credence to the theory that SWR111 had crashed at this time, a buoy was later discovered to have been clipped by SWR111 by one of the locals. But this was later dismissed when the investigators found damage to the buoy as non-recent. Who then damaged the buoy?

???: All the debris is gathered and quietly dumped at the crash site by ship at night. There were several navy ships scouring the area, so just another ship that appears to be anchored stationary over the crash site would not attract much attention. An exclusion zone was already set to protect the site so that curious locals could not take a peek at what was going on. Police had already warned “treasure hunters” against diving in the area. The exclusion zone was removed on 1st November 1999.

4th September 1998: Swisair released 213 names of passengers from 215. The reason given was that relatives had not been as yet informed. But this could have been to cover up the fact that one alleged passenger, Nino Sanna, did not board the plane. This will be discussed later.

The movie Grounding is about the hostile takeover of Swissair following the crash of SWR111 and the impact of the destruction of a national icon.
The movie Grounding is about the hostile takeover of Swissair following the crash of SWR111 and the impact of the destruction of a national icon.

4th September 1998: Attempts are made to rule out terrorism. To quote, “Roy Bears, a Canadian aviation safety investigator, said the circumstances surrounding the crash point away from terrorism as a possible cause.”  And to quote the same source, “Canada’s Southam newspaper group reported Friday that the Federal Aviation Administration issued a directive in 1996 about a wiring problem with the MD-11. The agency said the flaw could lead to a fire and impair the pilot’s ability to control the aircraft if it was not corrected, according to the report.” Weren’t these statements being made too early?

6th September 1998: The flight data recorder is recovered by Navy divers from a Canadian submarine. It is important to note that these devices emit tracking beacons, and therefore their disappearance would raise too many questions.

11th September 1998: The Cockpit Voice Recorder is recovered by Navy divers from a Canadian submarine. It is important to note that these devices emit tracking beacons, and therefore its disappearance would raise too many questions.

2nd October 1998: The Transportation Safety Board of Canada initiates a heavy lift operation to retrieve the major portion of the wreckage. This would eventually be completed in December 1999.

Swissair would go bankrupt due to over-expansion and liability claims. But what is strange is that the airline surrendered all of its aircraft to certain Swiss Banks (such as the Rothschild associated UBS) which restarted the airline as Swiss. These banks seem to have some connection to the Federal Reserve. Was this sudden takeover of Swissair in response to some company officials not playing along with the coverup? After the takeover, the airline’s URL was changed from swissair.com to swiss.com, and along with this change, several online notices issued by swissair regarding key developments in the search and recovery have disappeared.

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    Tom Juby is back with a game-changing account of what transpired during his tenure with the RCMP at CFB Shearwater. Cabal Times has published an in-depth review here. Please read it. This book is of monumental importance for those looking for answers, because probably no one got as close to the investigation as Juby did, while maintaining the integrity to tell their story.

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    I used to work with Giovanni Di Stefano. What do you suppose happened to the Malaysian Airlines flight that disappeared….

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