Did Swissair Flight 111 land at an Airbase?

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Interesting Passengers on Board

Assuming that SWR111 was targeted solely because of its passengers, all of its passengers deserve a close look. Here are just some of the few who stood out as either notable or interesting, even if they happened to be ordinary everyday people. There may be many more targeted individuals, and the official list can be found here. Also included are some victims whose families were later noted for their activism. It is important to note that The Powers That Be usually target multiple people at the same time. And tricking multiple targets to board the same flight is not that hard. For example, employees of organisations can be provided with prebooked tickets. Others can be invited to attend meetings, conferences, events etc. by luring them with free business class tickets.

Prince Bandar bin Saud bin Saad (I) Al Abd al-Rahman al-Saud

The 45 year old prince was not from the ruling branch of the Saudi Royal family. He had lived in the United States for eight years and was travelling to Geneva to visit his father who was undergoing medical treatment. He was also a former Air Force pilot. After his alleged “death,” his family paid a visit to Halifax, and bequeathed the local Muslim Community some property which has since then become the site of a school and a mosque. The school features a placque dedicated to the memory of the prince.

Note that some conspiracy theorists confuse him with another Prince Bandar, who was the notorious Saudi ambassador to the United States, and is still alive and walking.

It is unclear why the elimination of this particular prince was neccessary. It could be related to an internal power struggle in Saudi Arabia. Or it could be related to some members of the royal family inadvertently thwarting 9/11 by trying to poison Osama Bin Laden.

He is succeeded by a son named Mitib.

Joe LaMotta

Son of former middleweight boxing champion Jake LaMotta.

Dr. Jonathan Mann

Dr. Jonathan Mann and his wife, Mary Lou Clements-Mann were both high profile figures in the fight against AIDS.
Dr. Jonathan Mann and his wife, Mary Lou Clements-Mann were both high profile figures in the fight against AIDS.

The former director of the World Health Organization’s AIDS Program was traveling with his wife, Mary Lou Clements-Mann. She was a member of the US Centers for Disease Control Advisory Committee on the Children’s Vaccine Initiative and the World Health Organisation’s steering committee for HIV vaccine development. The UN claimed that 7 of their staff members were on board.

Mann had resigned from his position at the WHO in protest against the the actions of the then WHO director-general Hiroshi Nakajima and his handling of the AIDS crisis. Mann is credited with having made the AIDS issue into a global, human rights issue.

Some see AIDS as some kind of biological weapon of the Criminal Elite, aimed at population reduction, especially among the African people. They usually follow the reasoning British writer Edward Hooper undertook in his book, The River. Strangely, the state-owned Canadian Broadcasting Corporation did a documentary on it, then pulled it offline, even making it unavailable for purchase. Interestingly, Edward Hooper’s website lists Dr. Jonathan Mann as one of the many protagonists in the Origin of Aids Debate.

An estimated 36 million people have died from AIDS.

Pierce J. Gerety, Jr

The UNHCR Director of Operations for the Great Lakes Region of Africa was on some kind of mission to prevent the Second Congo War from taking place. This war would claim the lives of 5.4 million people.

Klaus Kinder-Geiger

Klaus Kinder-Geiger was a particle physicist who had worked on the Large Hadron Collider.
Klaus Kinder-Geiger was a particle physicist who had worked on the Large Hadron Collider.

A physicist who worked on the only operating particle collider in USA located at the Brookhaven National Laboratory. By 2005, this secretive project cost American taxpayers 1.1 billion dollars. Klaus is also considered to be one of the brains behind the Large Hadron Collider.

Per Spanne

Another physcist who was involved in particle physics at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility. Like Klaus Kinder-Geiger, he too was now working at the Brookhaven National Laboratory since 1996.

Victor Rizza

Professor of Biological Chemistry at the faculty ‘of Medicine of Catania. He was also the owner of a biotechnology company.

Per Spanne was another particle physicist on board.
Per Spanne was another particle physicist on board.

Elahah Mehrarabansamit

Iranian citizen.

Zhora Froghi

Afghan citizen

Mahmood Diba

Iranian-American dual citizen. He was the cousin of Empress Farah Diba, the wife of Iran’s last Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi. His wife, Dr. Leila Diba was formerly the Hagop Kervorkian Curator of Islamic Art for the Brooklyn Museum, and is a recognized art historian on Iran. The Pahlavi family of Iran has seen several suspicious deaths, presumably because of the current Iranian regime’s secret relationship with the West.

Pierre Babolat

Head of the Babolat Sports Equipment Company.

Stephanie Shaw

British passenger. Daughter of Ian Shaw, a successful British businessman. His brother Sir Jack Shaw was the former governor of the Bank of Scotland. Ian Shaw was one of the few who expressed disapproval against Lloyds attempt to salvage the crash site for missing gems.

Tara Fetherolf

American passenger. Daughter of Mark Fetherolf, who has been associated with the swissair111.org website and forum.

Raymond Romano

American passenger. His wife, Lynn Romano went on to create the International Aviation Safety Association in March 1999

Dr Roger Williams

A recognised expert in the field of cardiovascular genetics.

Norman Scouler

Chief executive of an electrical firm, Sylvania Lighting International.

Yves de Roussan,

Joined UNICEF in 1987 as a program officer and was the Regional Advisor for Eastern Europe, the Baltic countries and the former countries of the former Soviet Union since 1997.

Ingrid Acevedo

Director of Public Relations for the US Committee for UNICEF, she had received Hillary Clinton in Geneva in January 1998.

People who almost boarded SWR111

Marc Rosset

The Swiss Tennis player had reservations for SWR111, but decided not to board the plane, even though he had lost in the first round and was out of the US Open.

Nino Leonardo Sanna

A rare picture of the elusive Nino Leonardo Sanna, fished out by Giovanni De Stefano
A rare picture of the elusive Nino Leonardo Sanna, fished out by Giovanni De Stefano

In June 2012, conspiracy writer Giovanni Di Stefano came up with an interesting story about a SWR111 would-be passenger named N. Sanna. According to Giovanni, the official number of people killed is 229, but the official record still states 228-229, because Sanna “boarded” SWR111, only to mysteriously back out and disappear. The TSB Report says 229 in its final report. Bu

t it is unclear what the preliminary reports said. And it is unclear what the initial reports of the now defunct Swissair said. Interestingly, when the Captain of SWR111 was asked by ATC Halifax how many people were on board, he kept silent.

There is confusion about his nationality. He is an Italian, but was listed as a Swiss national. And Giovanni states that he sometimes travelled on a UN passport. Sanna was some kind of mysterious businessman,

In 1990, MGM-Pathé Communications was founded in USA  by Italian financier Giancarlo Parretti through his purchase and merger of MGM/UA Communications Co. and Pathé Communications. The company soon became overshadowed with fraudulent schemes. This is where Sanna gets mentioned as one of the curious characters involved in an emergency fund-raising effort for the venture. To quote a 1991 LA Times article,

Those recruited for the emergency fund-raising effort included Italian businessman Nino L. Sanna, who has been linked to the disappearance of the $500,000; Joe Kelso, a self-styled financier with reported ties to the CIA, and members of the Knights of Malta, O.S.J, a New York organization unrelated to the 11th-Century order of knights affiliated with the Vatican.


Petrucci and Sanna could not be reached for comment, and Clark declined to discuss his dealings with Parretti. Several people who met Kelso have said they believe him to be the same Joe Kelso named in a Penthouse magazine story last November as a sometime associate of the CIA and who surfaced briefly in Oliver North’s diary.

Giovanni claims that Sanna was a friend and guest of Turkish-Cypriot Tycoon Asil Nadir, who seems to enjoy the protection of the MI-6 when it comes to his activities in Britian. According to Giovanni, Sanna then moved to China and soon emerged as a dealer of Chinese arms. Giovanni claims that Sanna got a an order for a shipment of $6 million worth of arms to Osama Bin Laden, but tried to cheat Osama Bin Laden. We now know that Osama was batting all along for The Powers That Be. And therefore this might not have been a good idea for Sanna, who thought he enjoyed the protection of Western Intelligence Agencies.

If Sanna was indeed a passenger, and if indeed he had inside information on Osama (which he likely divulged to Western Intelligence Agencies), it was neccessary to eliminate him. 9-11 was in the works, and such information could be used to establish complicity of Western Intelligence Agencies,

But it seems Sanna being no stranger to intelligence operations, got spooked by something, and at the last minute, changed his mind about continuing his journey on board SWR 111. Maybe it was the free tickets. He may have ran to the Italian Embassy. His current whereabouts seem to be unknown. According to Giovanni, none of the bodies/DNA recovered belong to him. But the official list does mention him, as a Swiss citizen though. It is understandeable that even if Sanna escaped, it was neccessary to cover up his escape and deem him dead.

If Giovanni is right about a plan to eliminate Sanna, it is important to understand this in the context of 9/11. People who understood the links between Osama Bin Laden and Western Intelligence Agencies, especially people who were likely to spill the beans for personal gain had to be eliminated.

Richard Tomlinson

MI-6 whistleblower Richard Tomlinson had a reservation for SWR111. Who arranged for it? (Protip for Edward Snowden: Never undertake scheduled travel).
MI-6 whistleblower Richard Tomlinson had a reservation for SWR111. Who arranged for it? (Protip for Edward Snowden: Never undertake scheduled travel).

To quote Dean Andromidas of the Executive Intelligence Review (EIR Volume 25, Number 41, October 16, 1998)

On the evening of Sept. 2, off the coast of Nova Scotia, 229 people died when Swissair Flight 111 crashed into St. Margarets Bay. OnSept. 3, within hours of that disaster, EIR’s Wiesbaden office received a phone call from one of our most reliable sources. “Did you know that Richard Tomlinson was booked on Flight 111?” the source asked. “He’s not dead. He never got on the aircraft.” Richard Tomlinson is the former agent of MI6, Britain’s foreign intelligence service, whose revelations over recent weeks have been making headlines in the international press. He recently testified before Judge Herve´ Stephan, the judge in Paris whois investigating whether Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed where the victims of a traffic accident or an assassination plot. He told Judge Stephan that Henri Paul, the security driver who died in the crash, was in fact a stringer for British intelligence. He has elsewhere revealed that MI6 has been paying a high-level German official of the Bundesbank, Germany’s central bank, perhaps millions of dollars since 1986 for the most sensitive economic intelligence from the world’s third-largest industrial economy. Information so sensitive that, if it proved true, could destroy not only Britain’s relations with its European allies, but the entire euro currency project as well.

Richard Tomlinson’s Wikipedia bio does mention him moving to Switzerland in October 1998. The attempt to get him on board SWR111 may have been made a month earlier. The Swiss later expelled him in June 1999, indicating that they weren’t serious about granting him asylum (but they were probably serious about getting him on board).

Tomlinson had long been threatening to publish a list of undercover MI6 officers. On May 12th 1999, EIR published a list of the real names of 115 British MI6 agents, a list supposedly supplied by Tomlinson. The British Government tried very hard to prevent the list from disseminating across the Internet, with comical results. Here’s the list. Was this list connected to the fate of SWR111.

Interesting Cargo on Board

Apart from several notable people on board, the plane was also carrying some highly precious cargo. It is unclear whether this cargo was attached to any of passengers or whether it was merely being transported to Geneva through the flight. Maybe those aware of the fate of the flight decided to make their hands full. The following are some highly precious cargo items that the flight was carrying.

  1. Two paintings, including Le Peintre (The Painter) by Pablo Picasso.
  2. A consignment of watches weighing two kilograms.
  3. 50 kg of paper currency from a U.S. bank.
  4. Half a billion worth of diamonds, rubies, emeralds and other gems in a stainless steel tube.
This Book accompanied the Diamond Exhibition.
This Book accompanied the Diamond Exhibition.

To quote,

Very little is publicly known about the gems. Three days before the crash, a popular exhibition, The Nature of Diamonds, closed at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. At least one piece from the exhibit was being shipped aboard the Swissair flight on Sept. 2.

Whoever had lent the item to the museum did not want any other information disclosed.

A total of one kilogram of diamonds and 4.8 kilograms of jewelry was being shipped on the plane. Jewelers regularly used the airline to transport gems.

The gems were insured by Lloyds of London, which paid out $300 million to the unidentified owners (their then value). Lloyds also applied to the Nova Scotia government for a treasure trove license so that it could salvage the crash site. While it had the complete right and obligation to do so, it suddenly backed out claiming that some relatives of the victims saw the crash site as “sacred.” Would an insurance company back out that easily? Or were they being discouraged because there was nothing down there?

Here is what one Nova Scotian wrote on a message board

I live in East River, which is not far as the crow flies from the “crash site”. I can only tell you what i saw in the days following the incident. Just down the road from me several hundred yards is a Union Hall, for the Union members of a local paper products plant. Within days this hall was being used by the RCMP to temporarily house their personnel. I have lived in NS for a lot of years and this was the first time I ever seen RCMP carrying automatic weapons. I seen this several times as i have to drive by there to go to work. I thought at the time that seemed to be over-kill to me. It leads me to believe that they were very concerned about the crash site security. Were they concerned about the possibilty of the diamonds still being on the flight? Were they concerned about looters (not just diamond looters)? It just seemed really like over-kill to me.

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