Was Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Redirected to Diego Garcia?

Last Updated on July 1, 2019 by Hamad Subani

It has now become fairly evident that the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing is not accidental. In fact, there is a strong possibility that the flight was commandeered to the US military base at Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. A bizarre “extraordinary rendition“?

Please note that this article is being expanded and updated regularly. I have decided to keep all the information in one place, as opposed to having it scattered across several different posts. So do check back. Also note that some commentators have posted very insightful information.

If you are a witness to what happened to MH370 and/or it’s passengers, or a government/intelligence insider, and have come in possession of information that definitely reveal MH370’s whereabouts, you could be eligible for a reward of up to $5 million, thanks to a fundraiser set up by friends and families of the victims. But be warned that any communication with this group is very likely being monitored by the Powers That Be. Before you contact them, deposit the same information in the form of a self-made video testimony with a trusted lawyer and inform him/her of your intentions. Make it clear that should anything happen to you, the testimony is to go public and is to be also be sent to the Malaysian embassy via registered post. Also deposit the same video testimony with several friends and family members.

Why did Flight 370 try to hide its whereabouts?

MH370 was a 777-200 service carrying 239 passenger and crew on a regular Kuala Lumpur to Beijing service. To recap, it left KL at 12.40 am, it disappeared as a commercial radar trace at 1.22 am close to the area where such radar visibility to the Malaysia air traffic control system drops off, and was never observed as entering Vietnam controlled air space on a path intended to cross that country to the South China Sea and continue past Hong Kong toward its destination. The transponders on Flight 370 was switched off immediately after it was outside the visibility of Malaysia’s air traffic control! To quote a poster GarageYears on a forum for professional pilots,

Turning off the transponder isn’t just a toggle or push-button, the switch is a rotary and you’d have to move it two positions to get it into the standby condition.

This could only have been done by a compromised crew, or by hijackers. To quote another forum member Tfor2,

1. It was a hi-jack (transponder turned off, no Mayday), and the plane was not under the control of the pilots. It flew to wherever was demanded, and something happened thereafter causing it to crash, probably from an effort to regain control (as with United 93 during events of 9/11). So it could be anywhere. An eye-witness will eventually come forward. 2. The most fearsome worry to come out of this is how come an aircraft can invade national territory without military or civil or satellite detection? This leaves a hole in the defense systems of all countries.

  To quote a professional A330 pilot,

I think the flight deck was compromised.

But that’s not the only sign that Flight 370 was trying to hide its whereabouts. Immediately after shutting off its transponders, Flight 370 made a U-turn and headed in the direction of Diego Garcia, crossing Malaysia in the process. If there indeed had been a massive technical failure, the crew would have tried to safely ditch the plane at sea, not return to Malaysia. And if there had been a cabin decompression, the plane would have slowly lost altitude, crashing into the Gulf of Thailand. Malaysia’s Air Force Chief General Rodzali Daud first raised the possibility that the plane had reversed course the very next day (9th March), and he was quoted by a Malay-language paper as saying the  jet had been tracked hundreds of miles from its intended flight path, over the  Strait of Malacca off western Malaysia, and up to 320 kilometres northwest of the  Malaysian state of Penang, after which it either disappeared or Malaysian radar lost capability to track it. It was clearly flying low, as if to avoid detection by radar.

After turning off its transponder, Flight 370 turned around and headed to the direction of Diego Garcia.
After turning off its transponder, Flight 370 turned around and headed to the direction of Diego Garcia.
A better representation of the flight path, although I don't agree with MH370 turning away from Indonesia at it's final point. I believe it crossed Indonesia.
A better representation of the flight path with radar hotspots, although I don’t agree with MH370 turning away from Indonesia at it’s final point. I believe it crossed Indonesia.

General Daud’s statement was clearly not expected, as all the concerned governments were vigorously pedalling the notion that the plane was lost in the Gulf of Thailand, and all search and rescue efforts got misdirected to the plane’s intended route. The Communist Vietnamese government even produced some eyewitnesses that testified seeing a plane flying low off their coast. There were repeated attempts to identify any piece of floating debris in the vicinity as that of Flight 370. When mainstream media picked up General Daud’s very credible statement, he was pressured into retracting it, and has now issued a formal retraction. America’s biggest trading client, Communist China, also expressed irritation at the Malaysian government over the “confusion.” It is clear that such misdirection could not have been possible without the involvement of highly placed Malaysian officials. Nevertheless, General Daud’s statement has altered the direction of the search, which now focuses on the Andaman Sea, instead of the Gulf of Thailand. It seems there were desperate attempts to keep the search away from the West Coast of Malaysia. For example, an oil rig worker on the Vietnam coast claimed to have seen a fiery object, but the report later turned out to be untrue. To quote,


To quote another poster Frenchwalker on the same aforementioned forum,

Just to point out on some of the information provided by the Malaysian military last night around its last know position, more so around the fact the the aircraft descended to around 3000ft would this simply be to maintain Visual Flight Rules , cloud base in Kuala Lumpur usually sits between 3000ft and 10,000ft   this would indicate the the person in command certainly had control of the Aircraft

A possible flight path of Flight 370, from where it was last observed on radar in Penang, to Diego Garcia.
A possible flight path of Flight 370, from where it was last observed on radar in Penang, to Diego Garcia.

 If the plane was headed towards Diego Garcia (which is under eight hours of flying time from Kuala Lumpur), it would have been captured on Indonesian radars as well, and it was likely to have crossed over Indonesia. But unlike Malaysia, Indonesia is a defacto Globalist client state, and would immediately cover up such information. Australia also has a sophisticated radar network, but we haven’t heard from them either.   Apart from radar, there is also other “live” data associated with commercial aircraft, which is not being discussed. To quote another user of the forum Davionics,

Why has nobody confirmed/announced if there were any transmissions sent via SATCOM? Seems to be the elephant in the room – the media currently appears to have an unhealthy tunneled obsession with; radar, ads-b, voice comms, gps, black boxes, etc.   Surely ACARS and engine telemetry data could shine a good dose of light on this incredibly sad fiasco.   Many aircraft today also have Panasonic Avionics high-bandwidth eXconnect GCS (Global Communications Suite) to augment SATCOM.

Investigators have now confirmed that such live data indicated that the plane continued to fly even after its last radar contact. The just won’t tell us when the data transmissions ended (which would indicate when the flight landed). To quote,

Throughout the roughly four hours after the jet dropped from civilian radar screens, these people said, the link operated in a kind of standby mode and sought to establish contact with a satellite or satellites. These transmissions did not include data, they said, but the periodic contacts indicate to investigators that the plane was still intact and believed to be flying.   Investigators are still working to fully understand the information, according to one person briefed on the matter. The transmissions, this person said, were comparable to the plane “saying I’m here, I’m ready to send data.”

And there is still no word about the signals from monitoring systems embedded in the plane’s Rolls-Royce PLC engines, which would have stopped when the plane landed.   Diego Garcia is the strongest US military-air force base in the Indian Ocean. It served as a forwarding base in almost all American conflicts in the Gulf and in Afghanistan.  It was also a transit venue for the infamous “extraordinary renditions.” It possesses formidable radar capabilities, as well as several airstrips. And large hangars that can hide aircraft. To quote a commenter on a pilot’s website who believed the plane was in Diego Garcia,

My speculation is of this being a super-duper, super-extraordinary form of rendition.

And most important of all, Diego Garcia has a staff who follow a code of not asking too many questions and keeping their eyes wide shut. Unlike Malaysia, there are no General Dauds in Diego Garcia, who would blurt out what they saw on military radar.

UPDATE: To give one example of this code of silence, when the Americans started building their base in Diego Garcia, they ordered some 2000 native inhabitants on the island out. The natives fearfully complied, after their pets were killed using exhaust fumes from military vehicles. The natives ended up living in the slums of Maldives, and are still not allowed to return. Those who stole  an entire island from its original inhabitants are certainly capable of stealing a jumbo jet. And those who were stationed on the base pretended not to notice the deportation of 2000 natives from island. I assume they would be equally indifferent to the landing of MH370 on the island.

Air Force One at Diego Garcia
Air Force One at Diego Garcia
An American aircraft carrier at Diego Garcia.
An American aircraft carrier at Diego Garcia.
American military aircraft at Diego Garcia.
American military aircraft at Diego Garcia.
Good Times?
Good Times?

Its Official: Diego Garcia is a Strong Possibility!

Assuming the plane landed, WNYC has produced a map showing all possible airports within the range of MH370, based on its last radar contact, and Diego Garcia is one of them!

The red dot on the extreme south-east is the Diego Garcia airport.

The Washington Post has published an infographic that puts Diego Garcia within four hours if its last known location, and they have taken the last known location as the place where the transponders switched off, not the place where military radars picked up the plane near Penang. If they had taken Penang as the last known location as far as radar is concerned, Diego Garcia would have probably been even closer.

Diego Garcia is now officially within four hours range of the place where the transponders shut off!
Diego Garcia is now officially within four hours range of the place where the transponders shut off!

All possibilities are being discussed, from the Gobi desert and Kazakhstan to Pakistan and Iran. Even though the geopolitics of the Indian subcontinent and the Indochina region has resulted in several nations carefully watching their radars for enemy aircraft on a fulltime basis. Somehow they all seemed to have missed the huge plane flying without a transponder identifying it. There is absolutely no mention of Diego Garcia, except for the Malaysian Transport minister, who claims he has no confirmation yet that it landed at Diego Garcia, even though his government is looking into “all possibilities.” A Pentagon official claims to believe that the plane crashed into the Andaman Sea, north of Diego Garcia (But obviously not at Diego Garcia).

Some conspiracy sleuths have also uncovered proof that no flights were scheduled for 3 days at Diego Garcia airport during the time MH370 went missing. All maintenance crew would likely have been on leave, so that the plane could be sneaked in undetected. On March 7th, the Facebook account of the Diego Garcia passenger terminal posted a notice that there would be no scheduled flights for the next 72 hours. This posting is still visible as of 11:38 AM 20th March 2014. The following is a screenshot.

No scheduled flights because a very important one is scheduled to come!

This little factoid was even tweeted about.

This was also posted to the wall of the US Navy Support Facility Diego Garcia because it concerned US Navy support crew in there. The same conspiracy sleuths insist that this post along with many other posts between March 6th and March 9th were deleted.

Why Malaysia?

The presence of a large number of Chinese passengers on board the doomed flight is being used to strain relations between Communist China and Malaysia, and it may contribute to a future deterioration of their relationship, resulting in increased justification of Chinese presence in the region, and maybe even future Chinese aggression. This may also help explain why a Malaysian plane was targeted, as opposed to an Indonesian plane (Indonesia is already in the hands of the Globalists, and therefore never gets any brinkmanship from Communist China, which is a creation of the Globalists).   Malaysia is probably the only country in the world whose recent leadership has openly criticized the IMF, Israel, the War on Terror and made claims that 9/11 was an Inside Job. Malaysia has a bustling economy, but the Globalists prefer plantation style economies, such as neighbouring Indonesia, which is completely under Globalist control. Since Malaysia cannot be subject to the so-called War on Terror unless they start openly supporting Al-Qaida, the only other alternative the Globalists have is to feed it to China, and the Panda will invite itself for lunch, Al-Qaida or not.   Mainstream media has repeatedly stressed at Chinese impatience with Malaysian “incompetence.” While it is true that the present mess would not have been possible unless many Malaysian officials were compromised, so were many officials of other governments involved in the search and rescue efforts. And despite such high level corruption, the deliberately concealed fact that the plane had reversed course and moved Westwards did come out, albeit in a muffled way. It is unlikely that such disclosure would have ever happened in any of the neighbouring Globalist-dominated countries.

Compared to Globalist dominated Indonesia, Malaysia has gotten away with prosperity. But for how long?
Compared to Globalist dominated Indonesia, Malaysia has gotten away with prosperity. But for how long?

Other Odd Ends

  • Initially there were reports of some passengers who did not board the plane, but then Malaysian authorities were forced to “retract” their statements. Passengers connected to the Global Elite usually receive advance warnings.
  • Flight 370 had 20 employees of Texas based Freescale Semiconductors. It is unclear whether or not the company counted the NSA among its clients. These 20 engineers were working on electronic warfare, and designing some kind of stealth plane invisible to radar! To quote Wikipedia on the company,

In the 1960s, one of the U. S. space program’s goals was to land a man on the moon and return him safely to Earth [Not Quite!]. In 1968, NASA began manned Apollo flights that led to the first lunar landing in July 1969. Apollo 11 was particularly significant for hundreds of employees involved in designing, testing and producing its electronics. A division of Motorola, which became Freescale Semiconductor, supplied thousands of semiconductor devices, ground-based tracking and checkout equipment, and 12 on-board tracking and communications units. An “up-data link” in the Apollo’s command module received signals from Earth to relay to other on-board systems. A transponder received and transmitted voice and television signals and scientific data.   […….] and Motorola’s MPC5200 microprocessor deployed telematic systems for General Motors’ OnStar systems.   […….] In addition, a recent ABI Research market study report states that Freescale owns 60% share of the Radio Frequency (RF) semiconductor device market.   […….] Also in 2011, Freescale announced the company’s first magnetometer for location tracking in smart mobile devices.

  • Confirmation of Iranian passengers travelling on false European passports. While they have been ruled out as hijackers, the Powers That Be sometimes do use Iranians for dirty work. There was also an attempt to portray them as favourably as possible.
  • If a missile destroyed Flight 370, the missile would have left a radar signature (Thanks to Mike Adams).
  • Boeing 777 commercial jets are equipped with black box recorders that can survive any on-board explosion, and they transmit locator signals for at least 30 days after falling into the ocean (Thanks to Mike Adams).
  • Many parts of destroyed aircraft are naturally bouyant and will float in water (Thanks to Mike Adams), and would have been noticed if there was a crash at sea.
  • Some relatives of passengers claim that calls placed to their cellphones are ringing! Passenger social media accounts on the Chinese social media QQ site show the passengers to be online!
  • Conspiracy Forums are abuzz with rumours of the plane being diverted to Diego Garcia.
  • America has jumped into the investigation, subtly suggesting that the captain went mad (The Iranians don’t seem to interest them). But that’s what they said about EgyptAir Flight 990, which was returning to Egypt with more than 30 military officers who had trained in America. They are mum about the radars at Diego Garcia picking up anything unusual.
  • The lyrics of Get It Started, a song produced by American rapper Pitbull (released 25th June 2012) have gained notoriety among the conspiracy crowd as having contained allegories to the plane’s disappearance. The music video is creepy, and shows people being watched and followed, as if some kind of intelligence operation is going on. The lyrics in question are: No Ali, no Frasier, but for now it’s off to Malaysia/ Two passports, three cities, two countries, one day/Now that’s worldwide, if you think it’s a game, let’s play, dale. The two Iranian men who boarded the plane using fake passports had purchased their tickets from a mysterious Iranian named Ali. According to those who are reading into this,  the two passports refers to the two men who boarded the plane using two stolen passports. The three cities might be Kuala Lumpur Beijing and…….. (hold your breath) maybe a city on the American East Coast where the plane was ultimately flown to (see next section). The two countries may be Malaysia and China, and it is clear that the whole operation was meant to create a serious rift between the two. The plane had indeed flown “worldwide” in a short span of time, and had the rift between Malaysia and China deepened, the consequences would have also been “worldwide.” Yes, we do think its a game dale, so lets play! Are the lines I am what they thought I’d never become….I went from eviction to food stamps a reference to “food-stamp” President Obama and his dark transformation?
  • Two “ex-Navy SEALS” SEALs have been found dead aboard the American ship Maersk Alabama in Seychelles, not far from Diego Garcia. It is unclear if this incident is related.
  • British satellite firm Immarsat claimed that it was picking up hourly pings from MH370 up to 7.5 hours after take off.
  • The pilot was, or claimed to be a fanatical supporter of Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim. He even attended Anwar’s trial just before flying. Anwar was being tried for sodomy. Anwar Ibrahim was an opponent of Mahathir Mohammad, and the latter was quoted as saying “He [Anwar] would make a good Prime Minister of Israel.” The Diego Garcia runway was later found among his favourite five runways in a flight simulator he used at home!
  • A story  originally posted by Jim Stone claims that on March 18th, one of the passengers (Philip Wood) posted a photo to 4chan using his iPhone (which he had hidden in his ass), in which he pleaded for help. The photo was black but its EXIF data (latitudes and longitudes) indicates he was in Diego Garcia.   Using some image editors, some concluded that it was a selfie of a hooded man in a dark room, but as one commenter on this website asked, why didn’t he use the flash in the iPhone 5C camera? I am still looking into this and don’t know what to make of it. April fools joke? I would have not bothered posting this except for the fact that Philip Wood’s wife has gone public claiming that the plane was flown to an undisclosed location and several governments were involved in the cover-up. It is unclear what she has to say about the 4chan message. Lets hope its not an attempt to discredit her.
  • Residents on a remote southern island of the Maldives reported seeing a low-flying jumbo jet on the morning of the disappearance of MH370. Maldives is north off Diego Garcia.
  • Airport security camera photographs of the two men travelling on fake passports have been shooped! The younger man (left) was identified as Pouiria Nur Mohammad Mehrdad, 19, said by police in Malaysia to be an Iranian asylum seeker on his way to Germany to meet his mother. The older man (right) remains unknown. But this still does not explain why the legs (and bag) of the older guy were shooped onto Mehrdad’s torso. There are also many other discrepancies in the passenger list, such as people who were reported to be on the flight now claiming to be at home.
Watch those legs and bag!
Watch those legs and bag!

From Diego Garcia to Where?


If suppose we are to assume that the plane was indeed diverted to Diego Garcia, it is reasonable to assume that the plane and its passengers would not be kept there indefinitely. If we are to follow the logic of some devoted conspiracy theorists who are pursuing this on other forums, the plane and its passengers would be flown to the Eastern mainland of the United States, over the Atlantic Ocean to escape scrutiny (and comparatively less distance than the other way around). Of course, the plane’s livery would be painted over. The plane’s wreckage would later be carefully deposited by (presumably by air) on a location far away from Diego Garcia. But why are we discussing this here? Because the same devoted conspiracy theorists who are pursuing this on other forums have pointed out that four days after the disappearance of MH370, a curious military exercise took place on the Southern-Eastern part of the United States coastline. Fighter jets were reportedly “escorting” a plane. To quote,

Members of the South Carolina Air National Guard are conducting an air defense exercise along the coast. Guard Senior Master Sergeant Edward Snyder says people might see fighter jets escorting a civilian aircraft Thursday over the North Charleston and Myrtle Beach areas.

Add to that, there is historical precedent suggesting that some very suspicious crashes at sea may have been more than just crashes. The following are some well known examples.

  • In 1983, KAL007 was headed to South Korea, with an American Congressman on board. The Congressman was on a mission to warn the South Korean leadership that the United States government had been compromised by the Soviets. The plane disappeared at sea. After the fall of the Soviet Union, there was some evidence that the Congressman was imprisoned in a gulag. The United States government didn’t seem to have a problem with this arrangement.
  • The 1998 crash of SWR111 in Canadian territorial waters. The plane was carrying diamonds, rubies, emeralds and other gems in its cargo hold, which were worth half a billion dollars. They were being transferred from a bank in America to a bank in Switzerland. None of these were ever recovered. It is possible that the plane was diverted to a Canadian airport. Also on board was Saudi prince Al-Saud Bandar, one of the richest men in the world. Only 60 No bodies were recovered. Update: Cabal Times has a special on the crash/disappearance of SWR111, thanks to insights gained from the disappearance of MH370. The similarities are baffling.
  • The 2009 crash of AF447 in the Atlantic Ocean.

A Tentative Theory of What’s Going on….

The most unusual aspect of this case is that the plane has mysteriously vanished, and the Powers That Be are well aware that such a scenario raises more questions than answers. It could be possible that The Powers That Be arranged to have the “wreckage” deposited along the plane’s intended route, diverting attention away from Diego Garcia. But in an unprecedented turn of events, Malaysian authorities started focusing on the Indian Ocean, with good reason. Therefore the Powers That Be are suddenly faced with the challenge of depositing another “wreckage,” in the Indian Ocean, in such a short period of time, in an area now subject to global scrutiny, and again, away from Diego Garcia. And therefore the unusual delay in presenting the wreckage.

The other alternative is that there was never intended to be any wreckage, and like another plane that vanished in Angola, the plane may be used in a future nuclear 9/11 to kickstart Globalist wars. Even if this is the case, the plane would still be diverted to Diego Garcia, and “retrofitted” in USA, because Iran simply lacks the technical knowhow.

For a number of reasons, I tend to believe that the pilot (but not necessarily the co-pilot) was involved, and that there were hijackers on board.

Update: Australia is now playing a major role in diverting attention away from Diego Garcia, by claiming to have picked up black box signals northwest of Perth. The absence of wreckage in the vicinity is being attributed to a “high speed vertical impact,” which is as scientifically credible as the Flying Spaghetti monster taking down the plane. If the plane did indeed crash in the area, then it’s flight path would have been picked up simultaneously by Australia’s sophisticated Jindalee Operational Radar Network. It would also have been picked up by Indonesian radar. There is reason why the Powers That Be are favouring this region as the crash site. The presence of deep underwater trenches will make recovery impossible, leaving only Powers like the United States with the capability to conduct a full “recovery,” if any.

Update: My theory has been partially vindicated. I had earlier stated that there were hijackers on board the plane, and that the pilot (but not necessarily the co-pilot) was involved. According to a new report, the co-pilot tried to make a phone call from his mobile phone AFTER the plane’s transponder was shut off. This was when the plane was flying at low level, to avoid detection by radar, back across Malaysia (near Penang) and towards Diego Garcia. Flying at such a low level inadvertently made cellphone reception possible, and perhaps the hijackers forgot to confiscate the cellphone of the co-pilot. Malaysian authorities are not revealing to whom the call was made or any other specific details, other than that the call was cut for unknown reasons. Maybe the pilot sitting next to him (who was compromised) intervened. And it still make the role of the pilot even murkier. To quote,

If Fariq was able to make a call, why was there no attempt by the pilot, Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, 53, to also make a mobile phone call?

Captain Zaharie’s links to a Malaysian opposition figure have been documented earlier in this article. The same report says:

An email received by the Mail recently suggested that the aircraft had been hijacked and that the pilots had  been ordered to fly around Malaysian and Indonesian air space while  negotiations were carried out.

Those negotiations, said the email – from a source in Malaysia which could  not be verified – demanded the dropping of a jail sentence imposed on  Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

The hijackers, said the email, gave government negotiators five hours to meet their demands or the plane would be destroyed.

If we are to lend credence to this theory, then there are two possible scenarios.

  1. The Powers That Be were desperate to free Anwar Ibrahim. The negotiations between the hijackers and the Malaysian government were conducted in secret, and Anwar Ibrahim was to be quietly acquitted later on. The plane and it’s passengers would be returned to Malaysia, and the hijackers would be quietly released later on as part of the conditions. But in case the Malaysian government didn’t baulk, The Powers That Be had a backup plane. The plane was turned in the direction of Diego Garcia once the hijack took place and once the transponders were shut off. In five hours, it would land at Diego Garcia, and the world would be misled into believing it had crashed en route to Beijing. If this was indeed the scenario, then The Powers That Be were confident that Malaysian authorities would baulk, and the necessity of faking a crash was unlikely. This could explain why attempts to plant a wreckage have been so sloppy and uncoordinated so far.
  2. The Powers That Be were desperate to free Anwar Ibrahim, but at the same time, they had no intention to return the plane or its passengers, even when their demands were met. The Malaysian authorities would fulfill their demands regardless, out of a combination of fear and hope, and due to the presence of compromised individuals in their government.
Did I hear someone say Diego Garcia?
Did I hear someone say Diego Garcia?

Update: HOLY COW! Obama is in Malaysia. This is the first visit by an American President in nearly half a century, and it seems that his “four country visit” was merely a diversion for visiting Malaysia! And he is deliberately avoiding opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim!, who has come under intense scrutiny from conspiracy theorists worldwide (Sorry Anwar bro, this just isn’t the time). When Osama Bin Laden ended up being killed in Pakistan in December 2001, America indirectly gave the Pakistani government nearly $2 Billion for postponing the news of his death until another 10 years (so that the so-called War on Terror could continue unabated). Now what will the present Malaysian government get for covering up MH370’s diversion to Diego Garcia?

What will the present Malaysian Government get for covering up MH370's route to Diego Garcia?

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Should the babies and infants captured aboard MH370 be entitled to Obamacare benefits?

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Sarah Bajc with MH370 passenger Philip Wood
Sarah Bajc with MH370 passenger Philip Wood

Update: Sarah Bajc, partner of American passenger Philip Wood, launched a campaign to collect $5m to reward any insider who comes forward and resolves the mystery. Several other people who have lost loved ones on the flight have joined her. Sarah Bajc had earlier gone public claiming that the plane was flown to an undisclosed location and several governments were involved in the cover-up. But never mind the lack of media coverage, because they are all “conspiracy theorists.”

Update: Another Malaysian Airlines Flight, MH17, has been brought down by a surface-to-air missile in an area held by pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine, killing all 298 people on board. Is this some kind of message to Malaysia, to threaten them against releasing any details of their investigation into MH370?

Update: According to Barry Chamish, there is something really fishy with the following image of MH17 taken at Amsterdam just before its final flight.

MH-17 at Amsterdam before its final flight.
MH-17 at Amsterdam before its final flight.

To quote Barry,

Why is Yaron Mofaz the son of Shaul Mofaz current Israel Opposition Leader & Former Minster of Defense, (who was not a passenger on the plane like Cor is said to be and is still alive today) taking a picture of MH17 in Amsterdam for Reuters just prior to the plane taking off and being “shot” down mid flight, becoming international news? Why is Yaron Mofaz’s image almost identical in time/position to the “said to be confirmed” victim Cor Pan’s famous last shot of MH17? Why is the media passing both images off as if they are the same image, when they are in fact not? WHY AREN’T PEOPLE GOING NUTS ABOUT THIS…???

Most of the passengers on board MH-17 were Dutch. The Dutch government has formed a formed a joint investigation team, which consists of Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and Ukraine. Suspiciously, Malaysia has been left out, because it was “their fault” for flying into a warzone. Even more suspiciously, these countries have a secret agreement to cover up inconvenient truths, should they arise.

Update: Thanks to General Daud’s statement on the plane flying towards the Indian Ocean in the days following the incident, we now have a tentative theory on how the conspiracy was conducted. In other words, the MH370 conspiracy serves as a template on how similar conspiracies were conducted in the past. This website now has a special on the alleged 1998 crash of Swissair 111, minutes away from a major Airforce base. Since the conspirators represent the same forces, there are too many baffling similarities (See Below link). It is important to note that that credit of what little we do know about MH370 goes to some very brave Malaysians, who unlike the Swiss and Canadian people (in the case of SWR111), did not cave in to international pressure. THANK YOU MALAYSIA!

Did Swissair Flight 111 land at an Airbase?

Click to go the SWR111 Special.
New revelations pertaining to the disappearance of MH370 are putting a new perspective on the 1998 alleged “crash” Swissair Flight 111 off the coast of Canada, minutes away from a major Canadian Airbase, CFB Shearwater. In the post, we apply everything we learnt from the disappearance of MH370 and subsequent redirection to Diego Garcia to the alleged “crash” of SWR111, and we learn that like MH370, SWR111 may have secretly landed (Click the pic for more info).

Update: The resources section below has been updated to link the official Malaysian Airlines websites on MH370 and MH17. I am particularly impressed with the official Malaysian government website on the MH370 investigation. They have even put up the satellite log data for everyone to see. In contrast, the Transportation Board of Canada’s investigation into SWR111, which cost US$48.5 million over five years, shamefacedly claimed that similar satellite data for SWR111 had been “deleted.”

Update: The Indonesian Embassy in Malaysia has denied a report that Indonesian Police Chief, General Sutarman said he and his Malaysian counterpart knew what happened to Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight MH370. Looks like the elephant in the living room can no longer be ignored.

Update: December 20, 2014 – Former airline boss and famous French author Marc Dugain argued Thursday that there had been a cover-up in the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, speculating that the passenger jet could have been hacked and then shot down by the US. Dugain, a well-respected French author, argues that the Boeing 777 carrying 239 people crashed near Diego Garcia, a British island in the middle of the Indian Ocean used as a strategic air force and intelligence base by the US military, in the six-page article in Paris Match. Here’s a gist of what Marc Dugain has to say:

  1. Dugain has already received a “friendly threat.” According to Dugain, a British Intelligence Officer cautioned him against the “risks” of investigating the flight’s disappearance and suggested that he “let time do its work” instead.
  2. When the pilot last said “Good night,” there was a certain mocking tone in his voice.
  3. Dugain says that data from UK-based Inmarsat is suspect and that it is close to Intelligence Agencies.
  4. Dugain believes that testimonies from witnesses at Maldives is being suppressed, and that an empty Boeing fire extinguisher was found on the beach two week after the incident.

Update: The Malaysian Government needs to be warned not to give too much authority to Australia over the search and rescue. Australia was involved in the cover-up, and their military radars probably saw everything. This nation of ex-cons played an important role in the Globalist conquest and enslavement of neighbouring Indonesia.

UPDATE: MH370, MH17, and now AirAsia Flight 8501…..Is Malaysia being targeted?

UPDATE: This is stuff from a link posted earlier that I had missed out on.

Peter Chong (left) with best friend Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, pilot of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane. He is pictured in a T-shirt with a Democracy is Dead slogan. Clearly, he had issues with the present Malaysian Government.
Peter Chong (left) with best friend Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, pilot of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane. He is pictured in a T-shirt with a Democracy is Dead slogan. Clearly, he had issues with the present Malaysian Government.
Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome aboard Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370. This is your Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, and it is a pleasure to serve you. People connected with the Criminal Elite often leave blatant hints of what they are about to do because they know they are above the law. Compare with below photo of convicted murderer Raffaele Sollecito.
Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome aboard Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370. This is your Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, and it is a pleasure to serve you. People connected with the Criminal Elite often leave blatant hints of what they are about to do because they know they are above the law. Compare with below photo of convicted murderer Raffaele Sollecito.
Convicted murderer Raffaele Sollecito posted this photo of himself dressed in protective gear & holding a meat cleaver and bleach just before the murder of Meredith Kercher. This was apparently some kind of Satanic ritual which is business as usual for the Italian Criminal Elite.
Convicted murderer Raffaele Sollecito posted this photo of himself dressed in protective gear & holding a meat cleaver and bleach just before the murder of Meredith Kercher. This was apparently some kind of Satanic ritual which is business as usual for the Italian Criminal Elite.
According to this graphic produced by DailyMail, some secret "sources" told Reuters that the plane flew westwards through specific waypoints. Waypoints are geographical navigational aids only used by professional pilots. The same article also suggests that MH370's rapid ascent just prior to its disappearance, in which the plane went over the maximum height allowed by the manufacturer, may have been a deliberate attempt to knock out passengers and crew.
According to this graphic produced by DailyMail, some secret “sources” told Reuters that the plane flew westwards through specific waypoints. Waypoints are geographical navigational aids only used by professional pilots. The same article also suggests that MH370’s rapid ascent just prior to its disappearance, in which the plane went over the maximum height allowed by the manufacturer, may have been a deliberate attempt to knock out passengers and crew.

Update: Some Good News. Malaysia Airlines is now tracking long-haul flights every 15 minutes after MH370 disappearance. To quote, “the systems on its Boeing 777 fleet had been upgraded to report the plane’s position every 15 minutes, and its Boeing 737-800 and Airbus A330 and A380 aircraft every 10 minutes.”

Update: A “media institute” that panders to the mainstream media does not want you reading this website. To quote,

The insatiable desire for information is partly because the situation is so mysterious. Couple that with the fact that the flow of new, credible details comes in the form of a drip rather than a firehose. Now mix it all together with fears of terrorism and airplane crashes and you have a perfect recipe for rumor and conspiracy theories.


Though I hate the rumors and overreaching on a story like this, I see the fundamentally human process driving empty quotes and unsubstantiated reporting.

This is how we cope with big, uncertain events: we grasp for ways to relate, to process them through our own lens. And when there is a dearth of information, we push, prod and search and speculate. We fill the empty air of cable news and conversation with anything.

In searching for answers, we reach for anything that can seemingly make sense of what we don’t know. We also engage in this process together, by sharing and communicating.

A little digging revealed that the “media institute” in question was founded by an editor of the St. Petersburg Times. To quote,

Poynter’s founding president was Donald K. Baldwin, another former editor of the St. Petersburg Times. Baldwin, a longtime colleague of Nelson Poynter’s [……………….]

Robert J. Haiman was Poynter’s president and managing director from 1983 to 1996. It was Haiman, former executive editor of the St. Petersburg Times, who moved the institute […….]

The problem is that the town of St.Petersburg in Florida is home to the CIA drug plane fleet. Here’s what an investigator has to say about the relationship between the St. Petersburg Times and the CIA drug trade:

Hometown paper of the drug trafficking organization (DTO) in question.

“A conspiracy theorist who runs a popular Web site continues to link both (Frederic) Geffon and (Brent) Kovar to the Mexico bust,” sneered St. Petersburg Times reporter Aaron Scharockman.

“The blogger calls the plane “Cocaine One” because of its presidential-looking paint job.”

 Apparently, that’s me to whom he’s referring

The St. Petersburg Times’ incredibly obtuse coverage of the scandal may owe something to it’s status as the hometown newspaper of the drug trafficking operation in question.

Still, the paper’s coverage illustrates one essential point about drug trafficking.

Everything operates on a sliding scale, depending on who you are, where you are, whom you know, whom you ask, and who you’re ‘with.’

The most important thing is, apparently, to be ‘with’ somebody.

The truth that really hurts is having a press that’s less free than Mexico’s.

It’s humiliating. And while certain elements of the American elite may profit from it…

Once again, the rest of us get stuck with the bill.

Germanwings Flight 9525

UPDATE: The alleged crash of Germanwings Flight 9525 bears an uncomfortable similarity with that of SWR111. Click here for our coverage of emerging anomalies.

UPDATE: Residents of Maldives are once again insisting that they saw MH370. This puts Mh370 very near Diego Garcia. To quote,

Fresh testimonies from a small island community in the Maldives has reignited reports that missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 could have crashed over 5000 kilometres away from the official search led by Australian authorities.

Locals from the island of Kudahuvadhoo, located in the southern area of the Dhaalu Atoll in the Maldives, reported witnessing ‘a low-flying jumbo jet’ on the morning of March 8 last year, when the flight disappeared while travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board

Like AirAsia Flight 8501, Silk Air Flight 185 may have also landed at an Indonesian military base.
Like AirAsia Flight 8501, Silk Air Flight 185 may have also landed at an Indonesian military base.

UPDATE: In an article, I explained how the alleged crash of AirAsia 8501 may have been linked to the governments of Indonesia and Singapore. Looks like these two Globalist controlled countries have been at it for some time. In 1997, we had the crash of Singapore based Silk Air’s Flight 185, which was en-route from Jakarta to Singapore. The pilot was an accomplished member of Singapore’s air force. As the fable goes, He left his seat and pulled the circuit breakers so that the Cockpit Voice Recorder and Flight Data Recorders stopped functioning, and the transponder was turned off. He then deliberately crashed the plane into a river in Indonesia. And why a narrow river of all places? Because that would help explaining why no bodies were ever found (The Captain had more likely landed the plane at an Indonesian or Singaporean Air Force Base, and the passengers are now prisoners, inclusing the famous model Bonnie Hicks). Some “wreckage” was deposited into the river to placate the press, but it was a fairly miniscule amount. The Flight Data Recorders were never found (how convenient).

UPDATE: Note that a slew of recent similar incidents are being investigated in a manner that rules out conspiracy, and all blame is being put on pilots. This is to pave the way for pilotless aircraft in the future, which means that incidents like MH370 will be happening whenever the Globalists feel like. No more need to put in compromised pilots and/or hijackers on board flights intended to be rerouted to military airbases. On the other hand, simple preventive measures, such as installing video cameras on the flight deck and in the cabin, are being stonewalled because they will create more workload on the conspirators (forging/tampering with Cockpit Voice-Recorders and Flight Data Recorders is one thing; forging/tampering with video is fairly painstaking). For an interesting discussion, scroll to the bottom of the Germanwings 9525 article.

UPDATE: A Malaysian Airlines plane almost crashed into a Kuwaiti airlines planes in Pakistani airspace. This could only have been accomplished with the complicity of Pakistani Air Traffic Controllers. Pakistan is a client state of America, and even kills its own citizens on America’s behalf.

UPDATE: Did you know that Diego Garcia was strangely unaffected by the 2004 Tsunami which devastated many coastal areas of the Indian Ocean? To quote,

The key United States military base in the Indian Ocean has been unaffected by the tsunamis which have devastated parts of Asia, The Washington Post has reported.

Diego Garcia, a British territory about 1,500 kilometres south of India, hosts about 3,200 US military personnel and civilian contractors and many US long-range bombers and Navy ships.

Lieutenant Colonel Bill Bigelow, a spokesman for US Pacific Command in Hawaii told the newspaper the US base was apparently safe.

“There are no reports of any damage there,” Lt Col Bigelow said.

In other news, The United States and New Zealand conducted secret tests of a “tsunami bomb” designed to destroy coastal cities by using underwater blasts to trigger massive tidal waves during the Second World War.

UPDATE: A mysterious user of the Chinese social media network Weibo apparently predicted the disappearance on AirAsia Flight 8501 almost two weeks before the plane went missing, urgently warning Chinese nationals not to use the airliner in dozens of posts. The report, carried by the Epoch Times, relates the story of how the individual “repeatedly warned people away from Malaysia Airlines (and) AirAsia.” “Do not become another victim of MH370,” warned the individual in a December 15 post, adding that AirAsia was about to be targeted by “powerful” forces which he referred to as the “black hand”. The user made a total of 39 posts on the subject which were viewed by 650,000 people. After flight QZ8501 disappeared, users returned to the threads to express amazement at the individual’s prediction, speculating that he was an “insider” of some kind or connected to the Malaysian or Chinese government.

Update: On 26 October 2012, a former Malaysia Airlines Boeing 737-4H6 ended up in Kemble UK for scrapping (so we are told). This is a 737, which is slightly different from MH370 (which was a 777). If things had gone according to plan, we would probably see this same fuselage split up into several sections and deposited at the South China Sea by a trawler, in the immediate aftermath. It would be difficult to distinguish it from the the fuselage of a 777 (the tail area would probably be severed to hide the shortness in length). Of course, it would not stand up to scrutiny, but again, either Vietnam or China would have jurisdiction over the investigation. And it this could be immediately presented to the media to quell any doubts.

In October 2012, a former Malaysian Airlines 737 was flown to Kemble for scrapping. Was its fuselage intended to be deposited in the South China Sea as part of the coverup?
In October 2012, a former Malaysian Airlines 737 was flown to Kemble for scrapping. Was its fuselage intended to be deposited in the South China Sea as part of the coverup?

Update: Australian aviation consultant Neil Hansford accuses the Malaysian government of a coverup. To quote,

He told Sky News: “I’m finding in any interviews I’m doing with Malaysians, there is a fair bit of spin, there’s a fair bit of denial of the boarding procedures and the manifest checking with the stolen passport list, and inconsistencies all the time.


“Nothing that I’m hearing is giving me any warmth about the two passengers with the stolen passports,” he said. “If they were heading for Germany, why would they be on a Malaysian aircraft going to China? It just doesn’t make sense.”

Update: The captain made a mysterious phone call just before takeoff. To quote,

[…….] investigators were reportedly trying to identify a mysterious phone call made by pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah while he was in the cockpit. It is not known who he rang or what was said, but officials believe the call, made minutes before the plane took off, could solve the mystery.

The call was made using a mobile phone number obtained under a false identity.

Update: Tomnod, a satellite imaging community, that started a crowdsourcing campaign to find MH370, produced this picture, which shows an aircraft like MH370, flying low over the jungles of North-East Malaysia. If this is really MH370, then my theory that MH370 crossed Malaysia again after disappearing is vindicated. It seems several villagers in north-eastern Malaysia have corroborated sighting of MH370 in this timeframe. Why has the MH370 search campaign been deleted from the Tomnod website despite the massive support it recieved?

Was MH370 picked up by a crowd-sourced search of satellite imagery? Could this be it flying low over North Eastern Malaysia after disappearing? If it is, my theory is vindicated.

Update: One of the passengers is drawing a lot of attention from conspiracy theorists. This particular passenger is New Zealander Paul Weeks. The following is some of the little bits of information we know about him.

Missing New Zealander Paul Weeks with wife Danica.
Missing New Zealander Paul Weeks with wife Danica.
  • Was a mechanical engineer.
  • He was enroute to Mongolia, where he had been employed by TransWest Mongolia since March 2014. This company has massive digging operations involving heavy hydraulic machinery. Are they involved in the secret excavation of the tomb of Genghis Khan, which supposedly had untold riches?
  • According to a TransWest Press Release, Weeks was on his way to work at the Oyu Tolgoi mine, which was financed by the notorious Rothschild mining syndicate Rio Tinto.
  • He worked as a design engineer at Victor Hydraulics.
  • He served as a vehicle mechanic in the New Zealand Army. This is according to his LinkedIn Profile. If he was a member of New Zealand Special Forces, I doubt it would be listed on his LinkedIn Profile.
  • There is another Paul Weeks in Seattle, who is also a mechanical engineer, who is an employee of Boeing corporation, and helps Boeing deliver aircraft such as the 777 (MH370 was a 777) to new customers!

To quote,

Just before he boarded flight MH370, he sent a text to his wife saying she and their children meant the world to him. Mrs Weeks received the text while he was waiting in Kuala Lumpur for the connecting flight to Beijing. “It just said he was missing us already – it was just a message to say he misses us and we were his world.

Shown with sons Lincoln, 3, and Jack, 1, Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 passenger Paul Weeks left instructions with his wife to give his wedding ring and watch to the boys 'if something should happen to me.'
Shown with sons Lincoln, 3, and Jack, 1, Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 passenger Paul Weeks left instructions with his wife to give his wedding ring and watch to the boys ‘if something should happen to me.’

Here is another narrative,

It may be their last gift from daddy.

Before taking off on the missing Malaysia Airlines jetliner for a new job in far off Mongolia, Paul Weeks took off his wedding ring and watch and handed them to his wife Danica.

“If something should happen to me then the wedding ring should go to the first son that gets married and the watch to the second,” Weeks said, the worried wife recalled.

[……..]Danica Weeks said her husband, a mechanical engineer, had just landed a “dream job” with Transwest Mongolia and had packed “lots of photos” of his family in his luggage.

Was Paul Weeks involved in some way, in the hijack/disappearance of MH370? Did he have an Intelligence background? Did he knowingly forsake his family for a new life and a new identity somewhere else? His wife told his child “You know Daddy has gone away … and on the way Daddy got lost’,” she said.

Update: Passenger Phillip Woods colleague, IBM employee Greg Candelaria was also booked on MH370 but decided not to go.

Update: Matthias Chang, a prominent Malaysian lawyer and author, who served as political secretary and adviser to former Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, has raised some interesting questions. To quote,

Why was there been no focus, especially by foreign mass media, on the intelligence and surveillance capabilities of Diego Garcia, the strategic naval and air base of the US? Why no questions were asked whether the flight path of MH 370 (if as alleged it crashed in the Indian Ocean), was within the geographical parameters of the Intelligence capabilities of Diego Garcia? Why were no planes deployed from Diego Garcia to intercept the “Unidentified” plane which obviously would pose a threat to the Diego Gracia military base?

Update: Yoichi Shimatsu has some new information on Freescale Semiconductors. To quote,

Among the 200-plus passengers bound for Beijing, the target group for the hijack is narrowing down to 20 tech employees working for Freescale Semiconductors, based in Austin, Texas. Among these programmers and systems designers are 12 Malaysians and 8 citizens of mainland China.


In February 2013, Freescale unveiled the Kinesis KL02, the world’s smallest microcontroller, measuring 1.9 mm by 2mm and containing RAM, ROM and a clock. The company brags that the device is so small that it can be swallowed for medical uses, such as releasing drugs according to prescription schedule or directing micro-surgery.

Tiny though it may be, the micro-controller is the key to next-generation warfare based on self-guidance, tactical versatility and hierarchy of commands, in short, an adaptive thinking weapon that can outsmart foes. Potential applications include:

– Drones smaller than a fly, either as remotes or autonomously, on surveillance missions or to deliver biowarfare packets, for example, lab-cloned viruses or toxic drugs. Their light weight means longer flying periods or even indefinite hovering time if solar-powered.

– Injectable implants to insert a human-machine interface, for example, a targeting system attached to the optic nerve, rendering Google glasses obsolete. Bionic implants could be implanted in nerves of the limbs to control battery-powered prosthetics, realizing the Pentagon’s dream of a human-centered robotic warrior, known to anime fans as “meka”.

– Maneuverable micro-satellites and mini-submarines that can be operated as drones or act independently to track and hunt larger weapons systems, spy satellites too small to be detected by ground telescopes, and orbiting warheads containing chemical, biological or nuclear materials.


The series code of Kinesis KL02 stands for Version 2 made in Kuala Lumpur, which is the capital of Malaysia. This core of America’s next-gen weapons systems was developed overseas, in a Muslim-preponderant country economically allied with China, Russia and Japan and often at odds with US foreign policy [….]

In the case of Freescale, the executive management and several veteran board members are connected with the Carlyle Group, which favors civilian commercialization of defense-related technologies to benefit its investment partners, including George Bush Senior and several retired defense secretaries.

On the other hand, Freescale is financially contolled by private-equity group Blackstone, with major investors including the Rothschild banking family and several of its business partners.


Thus, in November, just a few months before the MH370 hijack, Freescale seated a new member on its Board of Directors. Joanne Maguire is an executive with three decades of experience in the Lockheed Martin Space Division. She studied electrical engineering at University of Michigan and UCLA, where she earned her master’s degree. She was invited to the Harvard Program for Senior Executives in National and International Security. Caltech honored her with the Karmann Wings Award and she received the Peter Teets Award from the National Defense Industrial Association.

Stephen Allen Schwarzman, the chairman and CEO of the Blackstone Group. He and George W. Bush were both in the Skull and Bones society. Including Freescale Semiconductors, there were 26 high-tech employees from five major technological communications / military contractor companies. The four other companies were China Telecom, Business Machines Corp., International Business Machines (IBM), ZTE Corp., and Huawei Technologies Co. In December 2010, ZTE sold systems for eavesdropping on phone and Internet communications to the government-controlled Telecommunication Company of Iran. At least one ZTE mobile phone (sold as the ZTE Score in the United States by Cricket and MetroPCS) can be remotely accessed by anyone with an easily obtained password. To  quote a source on Huawei,

Huawei China-based telecom company with military ties has two employees on the manifest list, but declined identifying them. Not surprising considering its past spying for Chinese military, according to US officials. Huawei had to ”exit the U.S. market” last year after Congress’s House Intelligence Committee accused it of spying in the U.S. for China’s military. Based in Shenzhen in China’s Guangdong province, Huawei is the world’s largest telecommunications equipment maker, employing 140,000 people world-wide. It’s a chief competitor to US-based firms like Cisco Systems, that’s seen Huawei eat into its market share, especially in developing markets. The committee investigated Huawei in 2012 due to: 1) it potentially including surveillance back doors in telecommunications equipment sold to the U.S. and 2) its CEO Ren Zhengfei having been a military technologist for the People’s Liberation Army, the military of the Communist Party of China (CPC). At the same time, the committee investigated ZTE, noting “companies around the United States” had experienced “odd or alerting incidents using Huawei or ZTE equipment.”

Update: Remember that the British satellite firm Immarsat supplied data about the pings? Here’s how they did it (or so they say).To quote, “In a press statement this afternoon, Prime Minister Najib Razak said that, using a type of analysis “never before used in an investigation of this sort.” Imagine the room for coverup and misdirection.

UPDATE: MH370 Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah is actually related to opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim!!! To quote,

The ‘fanatical’ pilot aboard the missing Malaysia Airlines plane is related to Malaysia’s jailed opposition leader, it was revealed today. After previously denying he recognised the pliot’s name, opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim admitted that Malaysia Airlines MH370 Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah is related to his son-in-law. ‘I am not denying that he (Zaharie) is related to one of my in-laws and that I have met him on several occasions,’ he said. He also admitted Zaharie is a close friend of PKR supreme council member and Subang MP R. Sivarasa. He added: ‘To politicise this is not right. We should respect the family’s rights and pray for them instead of prosecuting him before the investigation is completed.’ Anwar further admitted that Zaharie was a staunch opposition supporter and that he had met the pilot on a few occasions at party functions. He said: ‘I am not one to hide my associations with others. I have met him once or twice but I do not remember how many times.’

Anwar Ibrahim, flanked by William Cohen and Paul Wolfowitz. Why does the CIA always tend to recruit homosexuals?
Anwar Ibrahim, flanked by William Cohen and Paul Wolfowitz. Why does the CIA always tend to recruit homosexuals?

Lets hope no other pilots are related to Anwar Ibrahim. It has also been revealed that Captain Shah’s wife and three children moved out of the family home the day before the plane went missing.

Update: MH370 used the complex procedure of terrain masking to hide its trail To quote,

The missing jet was deliberately dropped to a height of just 5,000ft to avoid commercial radar after it turned away from its routine path, it was claimed today. Investigators have told Malaysian newspaper the New Straits Times that the Boeing 777 could have flown low over the Bay of Bengal, avoiding radar in a number of countries. On military radar, investigators told the New Straits Times, the aircraft would have registered as just a blip. But the stresses on the 200 ton aircraft flying at that height would have been enormous and highly dangerous for the structure. Investigators said they believed whoever was controlling the plane had flown close to land, or over it, in what is known as ‘terrain masking’ – using the surrounding landscape to keep out of sight of radar. The technique is used by pilots of military aircraft to fly to their targets without detection – but it is dangerous and in the dark it would be extremely difficult, calling on great skills. Maneuvering a large aircraft like the 777 in this way would be a feat judged to be almost impossible, but investigators say they are certain that the aircraft did drop to 5,000ft or possibly lower, in what is thought to be an attempt to avoid commercial radar.

How terrain masking supposedly works.
How terrain masking supposedly works.

There have even been eyewitness reports of the plane flying unusually low back towards Malaysia after its disappearance. To quote,

At least nine people – fishermen, farmers and villagers – have made reports to police about seeing lights in the sky and some said they heard the loud noise of an engine. These accounts appear to match the conclusions of investigators who say the jet flew low after making a sharp turn and heading west from its course over the South China Sea.

The two Iranians who were allegedly on board with fake passports
The two Iranians who were allegedly on board with fake passports. Who is the person in the middle with an obscured face? The Balotelli lookalike?

Update: Some discrepancies regarding the two Iranian passengers. We were originally told that (source):

  • They reached Kuala Lumpur via Doha using Iranian passports – not reported stolen – under the names of Delavar Seyed Mohammad Reza, aged 29, and Pouri Nour Mohammadi, 18.
  • They then switched to stolen Austrian and Italian passports to board Beijing-bound flight MH370. One of them had family in Amsterdam and sought to reunite with them.
  • Passports are generally screened against Interpol’s stolen passport database. Why weren’t any alerts triggered?
  • Thai police said a suspected Iranian people smuggler “Ali” had booked the tickets for the two men on flight MH370 through travel agencies in Pattaya, a seedy seaside city renowned for its flourishing sex industry. He booked through phone and the tickets were paid in cash by a friend of his.
Italian soccer player Mario Balotelli.
Italian soccer player Mario Balotelli.

The flights were booked under the names of Luigi Maraldi, an Italian, and Austrian Christian Kozel, who had their passports stolen in Thailand in the past two years.

  • When asked about these individuals travelling with fake passports, Malaysia’s civil aviation chief Azharuddin Abdul Rahman said one of them was black, and not Asian! This could explain why earlier photos of both of them showed digital manipulation (scroll way up). The torso of one was pasted onto the torso of another. To quote, “Asked by a reporter what they looked like ‘roughly’, he said: ‘Do you know of a footballer by the name of (Mario) Balotelli? He is an Italian. Do you know how he looks like?’ A reporter then asked, ‘Is he black?’ and the aviation chief replied, ‘Yes’.” How did one of the Iranians get switched with a black man?
  • Why haven’t Malaysian authorities released footage of the security screening of these two gentlemen?
  • singapore-tail
    Did Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 disappear by shadowing Singapore Airlines Flight 68?

    Nine days after Flight MH370 vanished into thin air, IT professional and aviation enthusiast Keith Ledgerwood came up with an interesting observation. As we are aware, MH370 vanished after turning off its transponder. What if MH370 started shadowing the flight path of another Boeing 777 which still had its transponder turned on to escape radar scrutiny? After meticulously digging up all other flights in the vicinity, he arrived at the conclusion that MH370 was shadowing Singapore Airlines Flight 68 (SIA68) from Singapore to Barcelona. Here is a Cabal Times review of this gamechanging theory.

    Update: As we are aware, after disappearing, MH370 crossed Malaysia again, flying low with its transponder turned off. The region it crossed in particular was Penang before heading to Diego Garcia. Was this Captain Zaharie’s emotional ‘last farewell’ fly-past of his home, which is situated on the island of Penang? According to Simon Hardy, a senior Boeing 777 captain with a major commercial airline, this was exactly what Zaharie was doing. To quote,

    Captain Hardy said the flight did something ‘quite remarkable’ by flying in and out of the airspace of Malaysia and Thailand eight times noting: ’I’ve never seen anything like that but it is a good way to cause confusion between the controllers.’ After flying along the border the passenger jet performed a sharp u-turn towards Penang, one of three turns made in quick succession. ‘It took me months to work out what this was. ‘The clue was Ayers Rock,’ he said referring to the giant natural feature and landmark in the heart of Australia. ‘I have done the same manoeuvre there, to look down and get a great view. Somebody was taking a last emotional look at Penang.’ He explained: ’I thought of this at 5am, went downstairs and researched where the air crew were from.’ Noting that pilot Shah was from Penang while co-pilot Hamid was from Selangor, he said: ‘Someone did a nice long turn and looked down on Penang. It’s perhaps the only clue to the perpetrator.’

    Update: In an 18th May 2014 blog post, Mahathir Mohamad eluded to the possibility of CIA involvement in the disappearance of MH370.

    Indonesia OFFICIALLY unimpressed by Cabal Times’ coverage of MH370

    Cabal Times’ theory on the disappearance of MH370 was published on 12th March 2014. On 17th March 2014, nine days after MH370 had disappeared, a major Malaysian newspaper Utusan, ran a story on the possibility of of MH370 being redirected to Diego Garcia. They hinted at the possible culpability of Indonesia in the coverup. Now Indonesia is OFFICIALLY unimpressed by Cabal Times.

    Update: Diego Garcia does have a prison facility. It was supposed to be a secret. To quote,

    Lawrence Wilkerson, a senior US official during the Bush administration, revealed in an interview to Vice News in January that, according to his sources, the island was used as “a transit site where people were temporarily housed, let us say, and interrogated from time to time.”

    Update: An unofficial report into the crash of MH17 by a group of aviation experts was leaked onto LiveJournal. It claims that there is a strong possibility that MH17 was downed by an Israeli made Python air-to-air missile. The authors have made a very convincing case. As if in response, New Corp Australia released a video around the same date in which Ukranian rebels discuss shooting down a Russian Sukhoi aircraft that allegedly shot down MH17. The pilots of the Sukhoi aircraft allegedly ejected after it was shot down and teams were sent to arrest them. I believe the Python missile makes a more convincing theory.

    Update: The Chinese government is cracking down on Chinese families of MH370 victims. To quote,

    Families complain of harassment by local communist party officials, several have been detained by Chinese police for holding meetings and some say they have been barred from speaking to the international media.

    I have earlier contended that Singapore, and its parent country, China, may have been indirectly involved. Note that China was very vocal in bashing Malaysia and its management of the crisis before the Diego Garcia conspiracy theory surfaced. Now that Malaysia can no longer be blamed, they are going silent.

    Update: What apparently appears to be a part from a Boeing 777 wing (marked BB670) has shown up on the shore of Reunion island. If indeed this belongs to a Boeing 777, things may get interesting. What is odd is the location, which is towards the West of the Indian Ocean, off Africa (and not far from Diego Garcia). The official search mission made us believe that the plane crashed on the East of the Indian Ocean, towards the Australian coast. A CNN pundit has already chimed in, claiming that the Ocean currents may have carried MH370 debris from the Australian coast to the coast of Africa. But wait a minute…didn’t they try to convince us that there was no debris because the plane hit the ocean at a vertical angle obliterating everything?

    Does this wing part belong to a Boeing 777/MH370?
    Does this wing part belong to a Boeing 777/MH370?
    The location of this wing part. Note how far it is from the official search area.
    The location of this wing part. Note how far it is from the official search area.
    But its not that far from Diego Garcia (2378 km, as the crow flies).
    But its not that far from Diego Garcia (2378 km, as the crow flies).

    Update: Australian Transport and Infrastructure Minister Warren Truss is already gushing that the piece of wreckage found on the coast of Reunion will put an end to Diego Garcia Conspiracy Theories. He also stupendously insists that the Australian search for MH370 on the other side of the Indian Ocean was the correct crash site, not deliberate misdirection and grandstanding by the Australians. To quote,

    Truss said that if the two-metre long piece of wreckage found on the French territory was indeed from MH370 it would eliminate some of the “rather fanciful theories” about what happened to the plane.

    “[If proven] It establishes really beyond any doubt that the aircraft is resting in the Indian Ocean and not secretly parked in some hidden place on the land in another part of the world,” he said.

    “So it removes some of those theories but it doesn’t provide a great deal of help in specifically identifying where the aircraft is at the present time.

    “We are confident, on the basis of continuing refinement, continuing assessment of the satellite data, that the search area is correct.”

    Discerning readers will note that even if the full wreckage is found, a safe landing at Diego Garcia cannot be ruled out. More questions will arise as to how the wreckage got there. Swissair 111 secretly landed at a Canadian base, yet the wreckage was compacted and deposited in another harbour for misdirection.

    If the wreckage is indeed from MH370, we can safely assume that the crash site is also nearby. If that is the case, then military radars on Diego Garcia would have full details of what transpired. Why haven’t we heard of them ever since this incident happened? Mainstream media sources are pretending that Diego Garcia does not exist.

    UPDATE: Malaysian PM confirms wreckage is from MH370!

    UPDATE: Malaysia’s transport ministry said a search team on Reunion island found new pieces of wreckage (airplane window parts, seat cushions and aluminum material from an aircraft). 

    Mainstream Western Media is still sticking with the theory that the original crash site is on the Australian coast, and that “ocean currents” carried the wreckage of Reunion Island. If that is really the case, why wasn’t any wreckage reportedly found on other nearby islands such as Diego Garcia?

    This dopey map of ocean currents was produced by the BBC to explain how wreckage may have drifted from the alleged crash site off the coast of Australia. If this really is true, why hasn'y any wreckage been found on other nearby islands, such as that of Diego Garcia.
    This dopey map of ocean currents was produced by the BBC to explain how wreckage may have drifted from the alleged crash site off the coast of Australia. If this really is true, why hasn’y any wreckage been found on other nearby islands, such as that of Diego Garcia? Or on the more nearby coasts of Malaysia and Thailand?
    A Tentative Theory of Whats Going On....

    In an attempt to hurriedly close the chapter, MH370 is getting the same treatment Swissair 111 got. We are told that SWR111 allegedly crashed off the coast of Canada whereas it is more likely to have landed at a Military Base. The plane was destroyed in a controlled environment using explosives, and traces of explosives were later found all over the wreckage. The debris was compacted and dispersed at the alleged crash site using a trawler. Passenger bodies were not found (because they had deplaned and were imprisoned). Similarly, MH370 likely landed safely at Diego Garcia. The passengers deplaned. The empty plane was destroyed in a controlled environment using explosives, and now the “wreckage” is being dispersed to console people, but the bodies of passengers will never be found. Here are a few questions for the discerning:

    • Like SWR111, this wreckage is unlike that of a real crash at sea, in which the plane fuselage would be largely intact, and would sink to the bottom with the passengers strapped to the seats. The plane wouldn’t neccessarily disintegrate as if it were made of wood. We are being treated to “bits and pieces” just as we were with SWR111.
    • Could “ocean currents” really have carried the debris so far away? Why didn’t the same “ocean currents” carry the debris to the much nearer coasts of Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and Thailand?
    • Was the original crash site really off the coast of Australia as we were told? Or had the satellite data been tampered with?
    • If the crash site is actually nearby, it is clearly well within the range of the military radar at Diego Garcia! Will we be hearing from them?
    • Is it a coincidence that Reunion island is owned by the French, and they will get to do all the laboratory tests on the wreckage?
    • The present French political leadership is involved in several false flag events. An aircraft also went missing recently. But it was meticulously covered up as a plane crash. Is this why their “expertise” is being called upon?

    Update: Why is the widow of the MH-17 pilot not being permitted to see his corpse?

    Update: If indeed the debris at Reunion was deposited by ocean currents, the debris would have ended up further north towards Diego Garcia. To quote,

    The fact that the debris was found on Réunion itself provides a hint as to where the plane went down. The island lies on the far side of the Indian Ocean from the suspected crash area, a distance of some 2,500 miles. The ocean’s strongest east-to-west current, the South Equatorial Current, runs about a thousand miles north of where searchers are currently looking. Should the search area be moved up?

    Update: I am introducing my readers to a pilot and technology blogger, Jeff Wise. I don’t agree with his thesis that Putin/Russia was behind the MH370 disappearance and that the plane landed at Kazakhistan. But I do find some of his findings extrememly relevant. For example, he points out that the MH370 satellite reporting system was not turned off, but rebooted! He believes that when the MH70 satellite reporting system was rebooted, it started feeding spoofed data to the satellites, and this could be the only explanation for the mysterious reboot. I do believe his writings are definitely worth following. Here is his theory in a nutshell:

    For a long time, I resisted even considering the possibility that someone might have tampered with the data. That would require an almost inconceivably sophisticated hijack operation, one so complicated and technically demanding that it would almost certainly need state-level backing. This was true conspiracy-theory material.

    And yet, once I started looking for evidence, I found it. One of the commenters on my blog had learned that the compartment on 777s called the electronics-and-equipment bay, or E/E bay, can be accessed via a hatch in the front of the first-class cabin. If perpetrators got in there, a long shot, they would have access to equipment that could be used to change the BFO value of its satellite transmissions. They could even take over the flight controls.

    I realized that I already had a clue that hijackers had been in the E/E bay. Remember the satcom system disconnected and then rebooted three minutes after the plane left military radar behind. I spent a great deal of time trying to figure out how a person could physically turn the satcom off and on. The only way, apart from turning off half the entire electrical system, would be to go into the E/E bay and pull three particular circuit breakers. It is a maneuver that only a sophisticated operator would know how to execute, and the only reason I could think for wanting to do this was so that Inmarsat would find the records and misinterpret them. They turned on the satcom in order to provide a false trail of bread crumbs leading away from the plane’s true route.

    It’s not possible to spoof the BFO data on just any plane. The plane must be of a certain make and model, equipped with a certain make and model of satellite-communications equipment, and flying a certain kind of route in a region covered by a certain kind of Inmarsat satellite. If you put all the conditions together, it seemed unlikely that any aircraft would satisfy them. Yet MH370 did.

    Update: According to an expert, the barnacles found on the wing piece on Reunion Island indicate that the debris was floating on the ocean for a few weeks, and the debris was discovered on the coast of Reunion Island within a few days of washing up on the coast. But another French expert has contradicted. To quote,

    According to a Toulouse aeronautics expert who requested anonymity, the element of the wing would not have floated for several months at the water’s surface but would have drifted underwater a few meters deep. According to Jean-Paul Troadec, former chairman of the Bureau of Investigation and Analysis (BEA), the state of flaperon, even if it is not intact, indicates that there was no violent impact with the ocean surface. “If this had been the case with the MH370, one would expect much smaller debris than a flaperon,” said the expert.

    Update: According to former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad (who believes the CIA was involved in the disappearance of MH370; scroll up for details), current Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has been bewitched by “RM,” which is probably a thinly veiled reference to Najib’s wife Rosmah Mansor. And “RM” has in turn been bewitched by Indonesian shamans/black magic practitioners! Is this an indirect reference to Najib aiding the coverup of MH370 on behalf of interests linked to Indonesia? Mahathir Mohamad has called for Najib to step down and attended a rally organised by the yellow Bersih movement. Najib is facing corruption allegations involving the the transfer of $700 million to his bank account.

    Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed and founder of modern Malaysia has called for current Prime Minister Najib Razak to step down. Mahathir Mohamed has hinted that Indonesian interests exercise some kind of intangible control over  Najib.
    Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed and founder of modern Malaysia has called for current Prime Minister Najib Razak to step down. Mahathir Mohamed has hinted that Indonesian interests exercise some kind of intangible control over Najib. Indonesia is a Globalist colony.

    Update: French authorities have confirmed that three numbers found inside the flaperon match those of MH370. They claim that the flaperon was manufactured by a Boeing subcontractor in Spain, who confirmed. But this is not without controversy. To quote,

    The story briefly faded from the public eye. Then, on August 21, the French news outlet La Depeche ran a report citing sources within the investigation to the effect that the technical examination of the flaperon had ended without the hoped-for evidence being found. A few days later, Le Monde ran a report which echoed the Times’ earlier reporting: “maintenance work that Malaysia Airlines has indicated it carried out on the flaperon does not exactly match that observed on the discovered piece.”

    There are even more visual discrepancies, when the MH370 flaperon is compared to photos of the same part. Clearly somebody is lying. This ripped flaperon is being used to advance the theory that the plane was ditched at sea (and the flaperon tore apart when it hit the water). But this theory is fairly flawed. To quote,

    As I pointed out in the original post, an inherent problem with the ditching scenario is that it is an intentional act that dooms the pilot to a prolonged death. Indeed, while pilot suicides are rare, ditching suicides are so far unknown. It woud be like committing suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge while wearing a parachute.

    Update: An interesting anomaly in the MH370 radar data. To quote,

    In the Factual Information, it is stated that Indonesian military radar recorded MH370 as it traveled toward IGARI but not as it traveled back over Malaysia [after turning off the transponder]. One explanation is that Indonesian radar site was powered down after midnight, local time.

    Or maybe Indonesia was complicit.

    Update: Computer simulations by a German oceanographer, combined with information on the barnacles, shows that the flaperon came the eastern equatorial Indian ocean (read: Diego Garcia), not the current search area. To quote,

    Now computer calculations by German oceanographer suggest that perhaps the search for the Malaysia Airlines aircraft has been carried out in the wrong area. Until now, says Andreas Villwock of the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research in Kiel, it’s been assumed that MH370 had crashed far south of the equator at 35 degrees latitude. Computer models by his colleagues show, however, that the debris “probably comes from the eastern equatorial Indian Ocean,” far from the nothern end of the current search area.

    Update: Supposed Mh370 suitcase found.


    The Official Malaysian Government Website on the Investigation of MH370. Satellite log data can be found here.

    Malaysian Airlines page on MH370

    Malaysian Airlines page on Mh17

    Professional Pilots Rumour Network (Note that this is a fairly technical forum, and conspiracy theories are being deleted)

    Twitter search for #MH370 and #Diego Garcia

    Reddit search for MH370 and Diego Garcia

    A Malaysian Source (Regularly Updated)

    Maps of the supposed flight route.

    CNN coverage (Warning Disinfo)

    Several aggregated newsfeeds

    Coverage on the Wall Street Journal (Warning Disinfo; This publication is associated with the Rothschilds)

    A continuously updated Timeline of events courtesy the MI-6 Guardian

    Full passenger manifest

    Sarah Bajc’s twitter account

    Sarah Bajc’s Facebook Page

    Tonnes of Data on the Aviation Herald

    The best collection of Conspiracy Ramblings related to MH370 (Aangirfan)


    Where do you think MH370 is?

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    261 Responses

    1. FoxNo Gravatar says:

      while we’re at it. Could be in Diego Garcia’s underwater facility. http://www.adguk-blog.com/2014/04/diego-garcia-has-underwater-base.html

    2. HMSGNo Gravatar says:

      I have two observations on the “shooped” common portion of the pictures of the 2 men with fake passports. First: To my mind, the bag, the legs and (the positioning of) the feet, all put together, conform fairly well to the shape of the Malaysian peninsula (including peninsular portions of Thailand and Burma) if you cut off the map horizontally north of Bangkok, say, along the latitude 14 degrees North. Also, please note that, the “shadow” in the picture on the left, DISAPPEARS when the “shooped” portion merges with the picture on the right. Translate this to the map and you will see that the “Question Mark” (the last known radar position of MH370, at approx Longitude 100 East, Latitude 5 North) lies in this “SHADOW”! Perhaps, MH370 treaded time to shadow Singapore Airlines flight SIA 68 to eventually DISAPPEAR into the SHADOWS, from this point.

    3. Gary PriceNo Gravatar says:

      On Monday June 1 2015 (today) I did a ‘Google Maps’ viewing, and also ‘Google Earth’, and all of the military aircraft that are normally stationed there are either scrubbed off the page or have been re deployed elsewhere.
      Check it out.

    4. Frank PNo Gravatar says:

      There were 10 or 11 tech workers from a firm in Austin. They were headed to China. They would not discontinue their trip with the urging of the US gov. so the US decided to end it for them!

    5. Niell says:

      Why don't the government go and check Diego Garcia. If there's nothing to hide there

    6. Niell says:

      Why don't the government go and check Diego Garcia. If there's nothing to hide there, there shouldn't be a problem on trying to investigate if the plane landed there, I have an Intel that says they are changing the outer looks of the plane so that it can take off without suspicion but on what happened to the passengers, I have no idea.

      • AnonymousNo Gravatar says:

        You cant just “check” Diego Garcia. Especially based off a theory. Thats a U.S forward Installation. Theres no reason to allow it. Even if someone elses radar says they last saw it flying 50 miles from Diego Garcia, the U.S is under no pressure to release any information it has. Think about it. Is any government going to allow their military bases to be searched? Or let alone state what or what they can or cant detect or what they do or do not know? Cmon man

    7. Humdinger says:

      If MA370 was headed for Diego Garcia, why would have it flown over the Maldives? I think if eye witnesses really saw the plane flying South-East from Kuda Huvadhoo, then it probably landed in Addu, not Diego Garcia that is an additional 750km south from Addu.
      The Maldives does not cooperate with any Anti-Terrorist activities, and in fact would like to see the great Satan (USA) destroyed. Before anyone was looking in the Maldives they could have removed the plane's black box and dropped it in the ocean East of Australia. Then the Maldives secret police just deny the sightings, to discredit the claims. Once the plane was in the Maldives it could have been stripped and sent off to Iran for future 911 style attacks. Hmm I wonder if Asia Air 8501 also had enough fuel to fly to Addu?

    8. Hubba Bubba says:

      yeah proof the flight ma370 is on a secret naval base in the Indian ocean—————–&gt ;https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2RMqViKohg

    9. GeorgeNo Gravatar says:

      Check out David Wilcock's series on Flight 370 at divinecosmos.com Well researched and presented.

    10. JulNo Gravatar says:

      Now we know where this plane is. It is on the land of Ukraine.

    11. Tony GlazierNo Gravatar says:

      Oh dear!

      So many of these comments and theories are not technically likely if the real situation is considered.

      First the secondary radar transponder was turned off. There are two effects of this. This means ATC cannot identify a primary radar reflection and secondly it much reduces the range at which the ATC can "see" a plane.

      Second, that transponder plays a major part in operating the ACARS anti collision system as it provides the altitude of the other planes. So turning it off greatly increases the chance of a mid air collision. But I will accept that in the middle of the night in that area the skies are pretty clear.

      Next so many comment on radar not seeing planes. Those people don't realise that radar only operates line of sight. The curvature of the earth limits radar coverage and particularly at low altitudes. That's why bombers used to fly low to remain under enemy radar.

      Then we have the satellite communications. The data was turned off! That needs significant looking up how to do it and most pilots would not know that in their head as its not normally ever done.

      The BBC Horizon program included a little snippet of new information I have not seen elsewhere. This is that a few minutes after the last satellite pinged the plane the data transmission restarted but very soon stopped before it was completed. Their suggestion was that if the plane was in the throes of crashing and had perhaps rolled the equipment could somehow have been reset.

      I don't know where the plane is. As an engineer, I don't guess but only consider the data available which we all know.

      The confused data given out is in my view explained by a small country like Malaysia being inexperienced with these situations and being frightened to release information. It has reflected very badly on the Government there. The airline has also experienced a significant reduction in bookings too.

      Tony Glazier

    12. StRiKe311No Gravatar says:

      The 2 seal's that were found dead'were guarding 2000 pounds of lead batteries,which got transported to a (plane) ,I ask you what do'es lead shield ladie's and gentlemen ,with 2000 pounds of cell batteries you can make a nice (box) by (concentric) stacking,This info is easily obtained,why this mean's of transport,half life break down,can be seen from the (sky),The trident group will aknowledge the content's the seal's were guarding,But why you ask,That remains for you to see.

    13. claireNo Gravatar says:

      checked with someone stationed there…he has not seen anything suspicious…back to the drawing board

    1. July 22, 2014

      […] was dispersed March 8 on a trip from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Evidence has been put together that MH370 may have been directed to Diego Garcia. Diego Garcia houses a US air force base where in the 1970′s 2,000 islanders […]

    2. August 16, 2014

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      Was Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Redirected to Diego Garcia? | Cabal Times

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