Conspiracy Theory Review-Analysis; Did Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 disappear by shadowing Singapore Airlines Flight 68?

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singapore-tailNine days after Flight MH370 vanished into thin air, IT professional and aviation enthusiast Keith Ledgerwood came up with an interesting observation. As we are aware, MH370 vanished after turning off its transponder, and this disappearance was covered in detail at Cabal Times. What if MH370 started shadowing the flight path of another Boeing 777 which still had its transponder turned on to escape radar scrutiny? After meticulously digging up all other flights in the vicinity, he arrived at the conclusion that MH370 was shadowing Singapore Airlines Flight 68 (SIA68) from Singapore to Barcelona. The following is a review of this gamechanging theory.

The Theory

For the record, Keith is not exactly into conspiracies. To quote Keith in his own words,

I am not a conspiracy theorist and live in a very factual, data-driven world 99% of the time. That said, I do find this scenario very troubling if it indeed pans out to be true as it has huge security implications for the world at large. I was directed by a reader to the book “Reamde” by Neal Stephenson who writes of this similar scenario to disguise the theft of an airplane!

Keith first charted the course of MH370, from the point where its transponder was turned off to the point where it was last seen on Malaysian military radar. In technical terms, MH370 was last seen on an airway dubbed “P628.” Pilots use navigational aids called waypoints. And on P628, MH370 was heading to a waypoint dubbed “IGREX.” MH370 should have been at the coordinates 1815UTC when Malaysian military radar lost contact of it.

Keith started out by searching which other planes had been at 1815UTC. And sure enough, another Boeing 777 was there!

MH370 had maneuvered itself directly behind SIA68 at approximately 18:00UTC and over the next 15 minutes had been following SIA68!

MH370 had maneuvered itself directly behind SIA68 at approximately 18:00UTC and over the next 15 minutes had been following SIA68!

To quote,

I investigated further and plotted the exact coordinates of Singapore Airlines flight number 68’s location at 1815UTC onto the aviation map. I quickly realized that SIA68 was in the immediate vicinity as the missing MH370 flight at precisely the same time. Moreover, SIA68 was en-route on a heading towards the same IGREX waypoint on airway P628 that the Malaysian military radar had shown MH370 headed towards at precisely the same time.

It became apparent as I inspected SIA68’s flight path history that MH370 had maneuvered itself directly behind SIA68 at approximately 18:00UTC and over the next 15 minutes had been following SIA68. All the pieces of my theory had been fitting together with the facts that have been publically released and I began to feel a little uneasy.

To quote elsewhere,

I know that supposedly at the last known military radar contact with MH370 at 1815UTC it was flying at FL295. It just so happens that SQ68, which was VERY close laterally to MH370, was flying at FL300 at 1815UTC. I find the alignment of altitudes to be more than a coincidence and believe that MH370 was already hard at work gradually stabilizing and merging the flight paths of the two airplanes together.

SIA68 proceeded across the Andaman Sea, the Bay of Bengal, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey and then to Europe. If MH370 was shadowing it, after 7.5 hours of flight time, MH370 would be in Turkmenistan, or somewhere at the northern border of Iran.

SIA68 proceeded across the Andaman Sea, the Bay of Bengal, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey and then to Europe. If MH370 was shadowing it, after 7.5 hours of flight time, MH370 would be in Turkmenistan, or somewhere at the northern border of Iran. The last satellite ping MH370 recieved would also put MH370 here (if it was indeed shadowing SIA68).

Keith argues that with MH370 having its transponder turned off, it could not have been detected sneaking up right behind/underneath/over SIA68. And having the transponder turned off means that while MH370 would be undetected to other airliners, MH370 could still listen to their transponders, giving MH370 an exact fix on the location of SIA68. The Boeing 777 utilizes a TCAS system (Traffic Collision Avoidance System) for preventing midair collisions. But this only detects other planes that have their transponders turned on. And therefore MH370 would be invisible to SIA68. On the other hand, SIA68, with its transponder turned on, would be clearly visible to MH370. And MH370 would use the very same TCAS system to sneak behind SIA68. To quote,

The system would have shown them the flight’s direction of travel and the altitude it was traveling which would have enabled them to perfectly time an intercept right behind the other Boeing 777.

Keith goes on to suggest that MH370 continued shadowing SIA68 across India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and probably landed somewhere north of these countries, while SIA68 landed safely at Barcelona.

While Keith does not mention Iran, it is plausible that SIA68/MH370 brushed the northern border of Iran with Turkmenistan.  If MH370 did indeed land in Iran, the two Iranians on fake passports, as well as the high-tech employees on board would suddenly make sense (Iran does need military tech, desperately).

An animation of the initial shadowing can be found here.

Additional Notes

Keith also believes that MH370’s sudden left turn immediately after turning off it’s transponder was indeed nefarious. To quote,

It has been my theory all along that this initial turn was a nefarious act. If you look at a charting of the exact point where the transponder was shut-off and the left-hand turn was initiated you see that it lines up EXACTLY with the airspace control border of Malaysia and Vietnam.

While coincidences do occasionally happen – this in my opinion isn’t one of them, especially now that there are seemingly confirmed reports that the FMS programmed route had been changed prior to the last ACARS report at 1:09AM(1709UTC).


MH370’s transponder was shut-off and the left-hand turn was initiated exactly when it lined up with the airspace control border of Malaysia and Vietnam!

Keith believes that it is possible to fly 777’s in close formation. They both would be on autopilot, following preprogrammed routes. In fact, the Captain of MH370 could have programmed the same route of SIA68 into MH370’s Flight Management System. He would only have to maintain a higher altitude. And wake turbulence would not be a factor if MH370 was positioned above SIA68. Such a position would allow MH370 to always keep an eye on SIA68 while avoiding being noticed by SIA68 passengers and crew. However, Keith does agree that SIA68 would experience “altimeter interference.” Here’s how Keith explains how MH370 could have avoided radar detection.

Based on several conversations I’ve had with various radar techs and experts as well as my own research, I expect that Primary Search Radar would likely have shown ONE single primary return so long as the two planes were within 500meters of each other. As distances from radar sites expanded, this tolerance can actually open up to almost .5NM!

Certainly India / Pakistan have additional tracking radar capability well beyond their PSR used by civil and military defense, however I believe that in this case there would have been no reason to activate such military tactics to investigate SIA68.

Keith could have also tallied Immarsat/Satellite Pings of both the aircrafts, but so far, only that of MH370 has been released to public. Keith did contact Chris McLaughlin of Immarsat. McLaughlin insists that “Doppler Shift” of the pings rules out a northern route as that taken by SIA68 and that only a southern route (towards Australia) is only worth focusing on.

 Where I Concur

I agree that MH370 tried to hide itself by shadowing SIA68, in the manner Keith has discovered. And that this shadowing began exactly at the point Keith has described.

Where I Differ

That MH370 flew on top of SIA68 during the shadowing

This would be inconsistent with other findings that indicate MH370 was hugging the ground and engaging in complex low altitude manoeuvres such as terrain masking to confuse military radars. It is more likely that MH370 flew directly below SIA68.

That SIA68 did not know

I doubt that SIA68 would not know that MH370 was shadowing it. The shadowing would have to be actively coordinated between the two planes, like a military formation.

I base this on some historical facts.

Singapore is to Malaysia what Israel is to the Muslim Middle East. The British took the most strategic area of Malaysia, transplanted Chinese locals, and then broke it off from Malaysia to create a city-state. Thanks to researcher Fritz Springmeier, we know that Singapore is under control of the Li family, which according to him, is the same Illuminati bloodline that runs Red China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Malaysian owned AirAsia Flight 8501 allegedly crashed at sea on 28th December 2014, in the same year that Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 mysteriously disappeared. It was enroute to Singapore, and there is some indication that it landed at an Indonesian island after being misguided by Indonesian Air Traffic Control.

In 1997, we had the crash of Singapore based Silk Air’s Flight 185, which was en-route from Jakarta to Singapore. The pilot was an accomplished member of Singapore’s air force. As the fable goes, He left his seat and pulled the circuit breakers so that the Cockpit Voice Recorder and Flight Data Recorders stopped functioning, and the transponder was turned off. He then deliberately crashed the plane into a river in Indonesia. And why a narrow river of all places? Because that would help explaining why no bodies were ever found (The Captain had more likely landed the plane at an Indonesian or Singaporean Air Force Base, and the passengers are now prisoners, including the famous model Bonnie Hicks and Singapore citizen). Some “wreckage” was deposited into the river to placate the press, but it was a fairly miniscule amount. The Flight Data Recorders were never found (how convenient).

That MH370 shadowed SIA68 all the way to the Northern border of Iran or Turkmenistan

I believe that the purpose of the shadowing was to evade the military radars of Malaysia, as well as those of Thailand, which is not completely under the control of the Globalists. And indeed, along with Malaysia, Thai military radar did claim to briefly intercept MH370. Once this evasion was accomplished, MH370 headed straight south for Diego Garcia, possibly within range of Indonesian military radar (but this wasn’t an issue because Indonesia is already in Globalist hands).

It is also implausible that MH370 could have safely landed in Northern Iran or Turkmenistan. To quote,

This theory faces one glaring problem: where do you land a 348-ton aircraft that requires an 5,000-foot runway in one of the more remote regions of the world?

And do countries like Iran have such sophisticated knowhow of how modern aircraft work?

Both Pakistan and India have sophisticated military radars. Whether or not the shadowing would work in their airspace is a matter of speculation. Both Pakistan and India also feature fairly crowded skies. Two 777s flying closely in formation could have been visually noticed by other aircraft and/or their passengers. This is not the type of risk Globalists usually  undertake.

That Satellite Pings may help corroborate this theory

Even if the satellite data on MH370 is accurate, I doubt Immarsat is interpreting it correctly. They are using a phenomenon called “Doppler Effect” to place the location of the pings as far away from Deigo Garcia as possible. At the same time, they are placing the tentative location in an area which is a fairly remote part of the ocean, so that no witness accounts will emerge.

That this feat was to the sole credit of the Pilot and/or the Hijackers

Remember that along with shadowing, MH370 was also simultaenously engaging in several different technological and electronic subterfuges. Such a complex and coordinated management of the disappearance would require insider information from within Boeing itself, as well as its engineers. For example, how did the pilot of MH370 know the exact height at which the plane’s passengers could be knocked off without disturbing the structural integrity of the plane? How did the pilot engage in shadowing while successfully avoiding catastrophic wake turbulence? How did the pilot engage in terrain masking at low altitudes?

And how can we explain the fact that MH370 even seemed to be skilled in evading military radar? According to Simon Hardy, a senior Boeing 777 captain with a major commercial airline, MH370 dodged in and out of Malaysian and Thai airspace to confuse radar controllers. To quote,

Captain Hardy said the flight did something ‘quite remarkable’ by flying in and out of the airspace of Malaysia and Thailand eight times noting: ’I’ve never seen anything like that but it is a good way to cause confusion between the controllers.’

To quote,

Taking this aircraft, whoever did it, would require inside knowledge, a professional’s skill at piloting a Boeing 777 — and a complex motive. Anyone like this, the reasoning goes, would have a destination in mind. Intending suicide or ransom, he could have gone to Beijing as scheduled or returned to Kuala Lumpur without attracting notice, or even gone to any of the cities of Southeast Asia or Australia. He could have simply crashed into the sea. But instead, he did something that required him to fly to the west.

Would someone with a scheme like this have collaborators on the ground? And if so, would they have the resources to service a modern jetliner and, presumably, fly it again under conditions of absolute secrecy on a scale that would make this one of the most brazen crimes in history?


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  1. naveen jacobNo Gravatar says:

    there is something people can learn: How lying has now entered the realm of science , technology and it is disguised as suicide by hijacking the place for a political cause.

    the mh370 plane has been stolen by iran or china, as china is building their Comac aviation jet. check the website. they are using the same Boeing engines which is made by GE and it subsidiary in Canada. So China wants to get their hand on this technology.

    this stealing patents, just plain dacoity is also the manner in which the Iranians have also got the Nuclear technology to enrich uranium 235 isotope
    (check the correct number) to put it to military use . so the question iswho helped Iran loot nuclear reactors? The Americans who helped Iran steal nuke tech is George Bush-CIA cabal. they are able to spark-of a war and create tension across the region. This is big money is it not? this way they can suppress commodity prices or do whatever they want.
    The present iran regime are brainless barbarians killing iran’s in the Iran-Kurdish region who are transporting food/supplies from across the border n bad weather. Such barbarians can leanr science?

    If iran did indeed independently developed Nuclear technology of enriching uranium then they are so advanced they should be able to manufacture Jet plane engines, develop cure for cancer. as these all in the realm of nuclear physics of atomic nature. understanding atoms and the molecules, gases, chemistry. So that prove MH370 hijacking/disappearance is simple dacoity.

  2. David BruceNo Gravatar says:

    Is it possible MH370 entered Israeli airspace and landed somewhere in Israel? I am intrigued because it is becoming obvious that MH370 and MH17 were the same plane. Could serco have been the agent behind this, as they control the Schipol Airport in Amsterdam

  3. 0jrNo Gravatar says:

    Coincidence? Rothschild Inherits Patent After 4 Co-Owners Disappear On Flight 370… Read More:

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