Was Canada involved in a Libyan Coup?

In news that you never heard of, we learn that the Libyan husband of Canadian Jewish liquor heiress Sara Rosner Bronfman (and NXVIM Sex Cult Financier) tried to overthrow the Government of Libya in September 2017! What is even more bizarre is that the group they chose in Libya to be their welcome party were either Islamists or fake Islamists.

Now think of that slowly. Non-Muslim Jewish people, players of the liquor industry, and financiers of a Sex Cult using Muslim “hardliners”? It doesn’t get more bizarre than this.

You can read more in this excellent article by Frank Parlato.

Lets discuss the implications.

If suppose Sara Bronfman is either directly or indirectly involved in any coup, so are sections of the Canadian Government, their Intelligence (CSIS) and their military. Don’t forget that Canada was at the forefront of the NATO overthrow of Gaddafi. Of course, I would never defend him. He comes from the same ancient families, but had grown too uncontrollable and despondent.

If fake Islamists are involved with this troupe, then we can only suppose that the Canadian Criminal Elite, CSIS etc. have very deep roots in Islamic extremist movements. Time for Muslims to wake up to the wolves in turbans. This is a conclusion I have repeatedly vouched for on this site.

Interestingly, their man in Tripoli, Bashir Garira, was shot after the welcome party failed. Looks like some Libyans are indeed woke.


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