Gaddafi is a secret darling of the West

Last Updated on July 1, 2019 by Hamad Subani

With the war unfolding in Libya, it came as no surprise that the West gravitated towards supporting the Libyan rebels. But discerning readers will note that Gaddafi has in the past, enjoyed the secret gratitude of the Powers That May Be, who are based in the West.

Lets start with little known facts about Gaddafi’s origins. To quote the Israel Today magazine,

Last week we reported on Gaddafi’s suspected Jewish heritage, citing an Israeli television interview last year with an Israeli Jew of Libyan descent who claims to be Gaddafi’s cousin. If that family connection is true, the Libyan dictator would be legally entitled to safe haven in Israel under the Law of Return, since he is technically Jewish.

Gita Boaron, a Jewish resident of Israel, has even gone on TV claiming to be Gaddafi’s aunt.

Currently, Gaddafi’s African paramilitary mercenaries are sourced by an Israeli firm. In Gaddafi’s Libya, following the Islamic religion even passively is grounds for arrest. While Gaddafi can superficially be an Islamist, his attitude towards the religion reeks of extreme hostility, which is usually witnessed in members of the Western elite. Not surprisingly, he tried to fashion his country on the principles of communism and started a cultural revolution to purge Libya of its native values. This is all too similar with “leaders” that popped up in the Soviet Union, China, Cambodia and Cuba. On 27th February 2011, Al Jazeera showed footage of Gaddafi palace captured by the rebels. The palace had a stock of Arabic books on the Talmud, Kabbala, black magic, witchcraft, summoning the devil and sorcery. All of these themes are fairly typical to the Sabbatean strain of Judaism.

Then there is Gaddafi’s career. At one point, he pursued “further studies” in Europe, specifically in Britain. It may be never known who his Western counterparts were in this phase of his life.

Similarly, there are unanswered questions about the coup that brought him to power, and abolished the Senussi dynasty. The United States discouraged British Intelligence from intervening against Gaddafi, because they claimed he was sufficiently anti-Marxist.

The Fifth Horseman

It appears that Gaddafi was meant to fashion Libya as a reactionary Muslim power, superficially Islamicized, and ready to participate in the prescribed “Clash of Civilizations” agenda when the time came. For example, elitist authors  Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre portrayed Gaddafi as trying to detonate a nuclear bomb in Manhattan, in their 1980 novel, the Fifth Horseman. It appears that since then, Iran has assumed the role of the Fifth Horseman, and Gaddafi has become more or less redundant. Interestingly, Libya secretly supplied Khomeini with soldiers during the Iran-Iraq war.

For those in the know, the Lockerbie bombing of 1988 was an inside job. Juval Aviv, a private investigator hired by Pan Am, came to similar conclusions, in fact this is what protected Pan Am from liability. While there is no space for a full discussion of what might have happened, some of the passengers that died should provide sufficient clues. There is blatant evidence of cover-up, in particular, the scandal involving an iron fisted Wikipedia moderator. In her earlier life, this moderator is said to have derailed the Lockerbie investigation of ABC reporter Pierre Salinger, presumably in behalf of British Intelligence. She infiltrated Salinger’s investigation, claiming to have lost a near one in Lockerbie. She did lose a boyfriend in the disaster. But her hook-up with this passenger could also indicate prior knowledge, for the purpose of later infiltrating the families of the victims, who are still seeking answers. American professor Ludwig De Braeckeleer, investigating the Lockerbie case on his own, found this moderator using her moderator privileges to make sure the Lockerbie article on Wikipedia implicated Libya, not Western Intelligence Services. She had a particular obsession with discrediting the Salinger investigation.

Remains of Lockerbie

In the popular context, Western Intelligence agencies don’t do such horrible things and it is impossible to picture Western Intelligence Agencies being dragged to court for their misdeeds. Therefore, there was an urgency to find a non-Western scapegoat. What is puzzling is that Gaddafi not only stood up to the offer, but allowed all suspicion to be outsourced to his country. Unlike the Taliban, who were eliminated without the chance of their involvement in 9-11 being proven, Gaddafi only had to suffer a few theatrical missile attacks. In October 2008, Gaddafi would pay $1.5 billion in compensation to the victims of Lockerbie and other bombings. These payments were necessary to buy the silence of the families of the victims, as their insistence for justice would only unravel the involvement of Western Intelligence. Here we have Gaddafi covering up for Western Intelligence Agencies.

In 1998, foreign medical workers were caught infecting over 400 Libyan children with HIV at a Benghazi hospital. A real dictator victimized by the West would spare no effort in arranging public executions of all those involved. Instead, Gaddafi tried his best to whittle down the issue. The Libyan magazine that brought the issue to light was shut down. Eventually, all of the foreign medical workers were released. They left Libya on a French plane, accompanied by the former wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

The so-called foreign aid workers who infected over 400 Libyan children with HIV.

There is also other evidence of the Libyan government enjoying secret preferential treatment in the West.

  1. The Gaddafi family freely maintains assets in Western countries.
  2. Members of the Gaddafi family freely travel to Western countries. For example, Gaddafi’s son gave a lecture at the London School of Economics. He was given a Ph.D degree by them. Gaddafi addressed the students via satellite uplink. Currently, Tony Blair’s Stepford wife, Cherie Blair is suing the Daily Mail over allegations that she went on a hunting trip with Gaddafi’s son. It has now been revealed that Tony Blair paid six secret visits to Gaddafi after he left Downing Street. Even Prince Charles was in touch, using his son, Prince Andrew as a go-between.
  3. Libyan Intelligence freely operates in Western countries, and monitors Libyan expats. They have been involved in dozens of assassinations.
  4. Western firms freely do business with Libya, even when it was under sanctions. As of now, eight giant Hercules aircraft sit outside the Lockheed Martin plant Georgia, USA. They were commissioned by Gaddafi but delivery has been put on hold for the time being. However, Gaddafi did take delivery of several American made Toyota Tundras, customized with bulletproof glass and armour, courtesy of Texcalibur Armor of Houston.
The perks of being the son of a hated third world dictator…..even if you have so many enemies in your own country that you need to go around in an armoured convoy, you can always count on having a “regular” good time  in the West (provided you got the cash).

In my previous article on the crisis in Egypt and Tunisia, I suggested that these revolutions were staged by Western Intelligence. But why would Western Intelligence target Libya, which was already under their indirect control? There are two possible theories:

  1. Gaddafi had become redundant as a “Fifth Horseman.” The time was ripe to replace him with operatives straight out of Western think tanks (El Baradeis’). Based on an analysis of the rhetoric, it appears that Britain was most actively pursuing the anti-Gaddafi line. They even sent an Intelligence team to make contact with the rebels on March 6th 2011.  If the British were indeed involved in the festering of the crisis, they may have miscalculated. Unlike the people of Egypt who have been conquered and colonised by every regional power, the Libyan people know how to fight on their own. They have little use for controlled “social media” uprisings as those in Egypt. For example, Gaddafi has faced sizable resistance including assassination attempts, unlike other Arab dictators. As recent as 1990, Libyan veterans of the Afghan jihad against the Soviets launched a civil war against Gaddafi. This was promptly covered up by the International media. Following 9-11, this group was banned as being linked to Al-Qaeda in Western countries, much to the relief of Gaddafi. Going back earlier to World War I, The Italians were forced to retreat out of Libya under heavy counterattack. A viewing of the film Lion of the Desert is a must see for those interested.
  2. The revolution in Libya was an unintended spillout of the fake revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia, which quickly grew out of control, becoming a genuine uprising. For example, there are rumours that the same British Intelligence unit mentioned above was involved in setting fire to an ammunition dump the rebels had captured. The Powers That Be did their best to delay the creation of the no-fly zone, using the Japanese tsunami crisis as an opportunity to conduct a media blackout of the uprising. But Gaddafi failed to take back control during that window of opportunity. Further delaying the no-fly zone would only expose Western hypocrisy to the entire world. It is interesting to note the number of American military pundits who showed up on talk shows to demonstrate that a no-fly zone was unfeasible. In addition, Gaddafi’s “suicidal” stance speaks more of his assurance  on his secret connections to the West. It does not betray the attitude of a cornered and abandoned leader.

Of these two explanations, I am currently in favour of the second one. It remains to be seen how things will play out. It is likely that the West will try to leave Gaddafi intact. If Gaddafi has to be removed, he will be, complete with a fake execution and a secret transit to Europe.

How will coming events unfold?

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7 Responses

  1. jaiNo Gravatar says:

    the way he was murdered points out that gaddafi might be a son of the soil..also he was providing all civil amenities to his citizens free of cost……i dont know what to say…

  2. AndrevNo Gravatar says:

    They don't seem to have any interest in doing so at all.
    Makes one wonder what the percieved benefit of having chaos unleashed across the middle east is.
    No doubt the people of Southern Italy are pleased about the influx of migrants, drugs and guns the replacement of Gaddafi with a bunch of gangsters has opend them to though, so there's always a bright side.

  3. Hamad SubaniNo Gravatar says:

    ­Information pointing to the existence of such documents was revealed late last year by Franco-Lebanese businessman Ziad Takieddine. He’s currently facing corruption charges and is under investigation over allegations of his involvement in a money laundering operation between France and the Middle East, in which he is believed to have been involved for 20 years.

    “I can provide you with details of the financing of Nicolas Sarkozy’s campaign,” Le Parisien quoted Takieddine as saying. He told the judge the sums involved would exceed €50 million, as Sarkozy’s 2006-7 campaign was “abundantly” financed by Tripoli. The payments continued after Sarkozy's victory, Takieddine added.

  4. Hamad SubaniNo Gravatar says:

    Gaddafi-era Libyan oil chief found floating dead in the river Danube…The former Gaddafi confidant, who was also close to Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam, was privy to potentially damaging information including oil deals with Western governments.

  5. Hamad SubaniNo Gravatar says:

    The government of the late Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi agreed to fund French President Nicolas Sarkozy's 2007 election campaign with an estimated $66m, a French news website has reported.

    The Paris-based investigative website Mediapart on Saturday published what it said was documentary evidence of the illegal campaign funding.

  6. Hamad SubaniNo Gravatar says:

    One of the people accused in an alleged plot to smuggle members of Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi’s family to Mexico was with an SNC-Lavalin executive when police took her into custody, CBC News has learned.

    According to a spokeswoman for the Canadian engineering firm, Stephane Roy — who oversaw billions of dollars worth of projects in Libya — was present in Mexico City on the invitation of Canadian Cyndy Vanier, one of the accused in the case. Roy met with Gabriela Davila Huerta, another of the accused, on Nov. 11 when she was arrested.

    SNC-Lavalin has spent more than a decade in Libya constructing water projects, a prison and an airport in deals worth billions of dollars. The company acknowledges it has had close business dealings with Saadi Gadhafi, the son of the former dictator, and has in the past paid for many of his bills, including hotels, security and transportation when he travelled to Canada in 2008.

    Interestingly, Canada was at the forefront of getting rid of Gaddafi. Looks like they duped him.

  7. Hamad SubaniNo Gravatar says:

    Why did New York Times try to cover up the bisexuality of Gaddafi's son, Saadi?

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