Free Trade as an Act of Vandalism

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This article is a review-analysis of Shelley Ann Clark’s book, the Sale of a Nation. Shelley was an executive assistant of the third top negotiator in the Canadian negotiating team that finalized the controversial 1988 Free Trade Agreement with the United States (FTA; Not to be confused with NAFTA). In retrospect, the aforesaid agreement turned out to be an act of deliberate vandalism against the Canadian nation.

 Free Trade as an Act of Vandalism

Informed readers know that both America and Canada, while outwardly different, serve the same New World Order in different ways. How did these differences come to be? And after so many centuries of being different, why is Canada being suddenly Americanized?

The creation of the United States and Canada was necessary for the Powers that Be to gain a foothold in the New World. They could not operate through the social and economic structures of American natives. There is reason why there were originally thirteen colonies, and why there are thirteen stripes on the flag of the United States (There are thirteen families that represent the Illuminati).  But the Powers that Be also had long-term plans. When founding fathers of America make cryptic phrases, referring to America having a “Manifest Destiny,” they are referring to an underground network of multi-generational secret societies, guiding the nation to be a sacrificial lamb for their Global New World Order.

The first settlers of the New World were religious cults. This was so that the Powers that Be could maintain control over them. But the vastness of the New World resulted in things slipping out of control. The Powers That Be could not rule the two nations directly, as they did in Europe. Rather, they created “pretendocracies.”  And the inhabitants were duped into taking ownership of the “destiny” carved out for them as their own destiny. A rubric for “free society” does exist and operate in these nations. But it is technically useless because of the unspoken corruption of secret societies.

Along the way, the inhabitants of these nations did make achievements in science, technology and economics by assuming that they were in a free society. They also firmly began to believe that they were in charge of their collective destinies. But gradually, the Powers that Be were regaining the control they had briefly lost. And slowly, the serfs vs. elite configuration of Europe has re-emerged.

The union of several states to form America can be considered a precursor to FTA and NAFTA several centuries later. Just like NAFTA, this union was met with fierce opposition, while the war with the British served as a pretext to carry out this union. There were attempts to force Canada into the union too (the war of 1812) but the union was rejected by popular demand (no thanks). Later President Lincoln (a renegade to the Illuminati) commenced industrialization, that prevented America from becoming another farmland continent (read:Australia). This also made the union more palatable to Americans.

Join or Die!

This is a well known political cartoon created by Benjamin Franklin in 1754. It called for the unity among the British colonies (Because the Powers That Be did not want their control to slip away). Later, the Powers That Be recycled the same cartoon to encourage the former colonies to unite against British rule. In the final phase, Canada and Mexico are expected to join the serpent, or else face annihilation.

Canada started to gain importance as a nation, emerging from its past as a cold, unexplored, wooded backwater. But there was little room for swerving away from “Manifest Destiny.” Imagine the shock some Canadians had in 1988 when they discovered that their elected Prime Minister had used a Free Trade Agreement to secretly merge Canada’s collective destiny with that of America.

Now that the deed has been done, lets analyze what Canada gets, were it to become part of the United States.

Whose America is it anyway?

In the 18th Century, an Indian king by the name of Tipu Sultan was facing a brutal struggle for survival against the British. He managed to find a copy of the American Declaration of Independence. After having it translated, he was so moved that he tried establishing contact with the United States. But he never heard back from the Americans (Napoleon on the other hand, sent a shipload of light cannons to Tipu). Which begets the questions, What is America? what does it stand for? and whose America is it anyway?

A quick look at American involvement in neighbouring countries (such as those of South America) shows that American neighbours are never at the receiving end of “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity” (Pssst “Fraternity” is a reference to Freemasonry but never mind).  Even though some South American citizens would not mind if their country was added to the American union as a new state.  But doing so would mean conferring rights and benefits to the citizenry of these countries. And the Powers That Be are in no mood to do so when they can turn these countries into thugocratic colonies of corporations. It has been theorised that the former Soviet Union was a long-distance colony of interests based in the United States. If this is true, it may explain how Castro has always escaped American wrath while operating only a few miles from Florida.

The FTA will not turn Canada into Pinochet’s Chile. Americans are willing to make exception for their special neighbour and instead offer something similar to being granted American statehood. This would be like the shotgun wedding of Hawaii to the American Union.

But wait a minute.

The America Canada will be united with is not the America of The Great Gatsby. It is the America of the Hunger Games.

How Canada stands to lose

Outwardly, America pretends to be anti-socialist and free-market oriented. Government is not expected to interfere with the lives of people, especially in issues such as healthcare (Leave that to Kaiser Permanente).  The irony is that America is home to the CIA and the NSA, some of the biggest and most intrusive government institutions in the history of humanity. Add to that NASA, which has spent more public money ($750 billion) on footage of moonwalks and researching death rays than the money required to put all Americans on welfare.

Canada, on the other hand, is a welfare state. The most visible downside of this is the government playing “Robbing Hood” at the food store and the pumps (Sales Taxes). The government also operates corporations (called Crown corporations) in the private sector. But when some of these corporations become profitable and relevant, they are secretly pimped out and sold to select private interests. For example, once upon a time, the Canadian government was profitably supplying clean, unlimited and efficient nuclear energy throughout the world through its famed CANDU reactor technology. But that was until this government division was acquired by the Rothschild thugs at SNC-Lavalin. This is a corporation that was on the ground, rescuing Gaddafi’s son in Libya. At the same time Canadian fighter jets were bombing the regime from overhead. The Powers That Be are OK with the production of thousands of nuclear warheads. But the staged accidents at Chernobyl, Three Mile Island and Fukushima were meant to remind us never to pursue clean, unlimited, and efficient nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. It is no surprise that CANDU is being slowly run into the ground. Perfectly timed scandals sink any of their attempts to export nuclear technology. The latest labour dispute involves hiring of temps for sensitive positions. And the Rothschilds would be more than happy if the world looks up to their filthy, polluted Alberta oil sands for its energy needs. Similarly, the Canadian government once operated a retail gas station chain (Petro Canada), whose presence helped regulate the market from price-fixing by private chains. Petro Canada also ended up being swallowed by the Rothschilds. Now, Canada’s gas prices jump at any global turbulence (even though Canada is supposed to be self-sufficient when it comes to oil).

Employment Growth by Industry Sector in Canada

Employment Growth by Industry Sector in Canada. Sources: (1997-2007) Statistics Canada, Labour Force Survey and System of National Accounts; (2008-2017) Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, Policy Research Directorate, 2008 Reference Scenario. AAGR: Average Annual Growth Rate.

The Free Trade Agreement of 1988 was designed to transfer Canadian public enterprises to select corporations. But unlike the case of CANDU and Petro Canada, this time the Powers That Be have opened the party to American corporations as well. It is important to note that American corporations already operate in Canada. The FTA was designed to give them access to Canadian public enterprises and public Canadian natural resources, which are off-limits even to Canadian corporations. Though these corporations are unlikely to misbehave as badly as the United Fruit Company did in South America, they represent a cabal which has stripped America of its industry and manufacturing, and destroyed jobs by the tens of thousands. A merger between USA and Canada also implies that Canada will inherit the US dollar, as well as the US National debt, which is upwards of $16 Trillion. Most of this debt was created to finance wars outside North America, such as the World Wars.

Apart from the economic aspect, there is a political side to the FTA as well. America has an insatiable appetite for gunfodder. Even illegal immigrants are being bussed into the frontlines. The FTA was designed to create economic conditions that would allow America to extend political control over Canada and Canadians.

Shelley briefly touches upon the impact of FTA ever since it was ratified. There is no denying that it has played a key role in the decline of industry and manufacturing in Canada. Current Labour Market Research reveals that manufacturing is facing negative growth, as Canada moves towards a paper-pusher service economy. While some of this can be attributed to the global phenomenon of relocating manufacturing to South East Asia, American corporations are the most notorious drivers of this phenomenon. What little industry remains in Canada revolves around pre-existing natural resources (the Saudi model of development, except that the Saudis are more generous in compensating their citizens), and Canadian innovation, such as Blackberry and Bombardier are exceptions rather than the rule. A drive into the once lush Canadian countryside now reveals derelict homes and abandoned barns, as the countryside is being abandoned for the city.

One key area where Canada is currently losing is in reciprocity. While American companies and American goods now have free access to Canada, Canadian companies and Canadian goods (in particular softwood lumber) have faced all sorts of undue restrictions in USA. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that in international trade, America has been more favourable towards China, Chinese goods, and Chinese companies than Canadian ones.

While Canada stands to lose immensely, this is a win-win for America only when it comes to economic and natural resources. But when it comes to human resources, America may be inheriting the problems that characterize Canadian society. Now I am not saying that American society is better or worse, what I am saying is that both societies aren’t exactly compatible. While Canadian society has many good qualities, there is also a loserish quality, which can be attributed to certain groups, and these groups are not exactly compatible with their American counterparts south of the border.

  1. Canada has a sizable population of drug addicts. Following a union with America, this group is unlikely to embrace the American drug culture, which is too violent and venal for them. They prefer the safety of prescription drug abuse etc. They may go extinct and this may be a good thing (or maybe not). Lets hope they read this article and oppose the union.
  2. Canadian soldiers can enlist and fight for anything that offers a dental plan. This is good news for Blackwater. But they lack the self righteousness of their American counterparts, and thus for the Powers That Be, they aren’t exactly that useful (They are only taking chances at dodging bullets to get out of debt and retire comfortably). And unlike American soldiers who can silently rot away while suffering from things such as Gulf War Syndrome, Canadian soldiers are more likely to band together and sue.
  3. Canada does have a carpetbagger class, who are enemies of industry and innovation. Following a union with America, they are likely to move their accident-injury-attorney offices south of the border, and pretty soon, their legal offices will outnumber Kwik-E-Marts, sending insurance rates through the roof. Thanks to them, Canadians already pay more for automobile insurance than Americans!

Interesting Revelations

The Canada-US FTA was pushed by Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, a man whose smoothness evoked that of a used  car salesman. Mulroney was so Americanized that a prankster managed to raise the American flag at one of his later birthdays. The pressing of the FTA seems to coincide with the arrival of larger movements aiming at a North American Union, the most prominent being NAFTA. Interestingly, Al “I INVENTED THE INTERNET” Gore was rooting for NAFTA on the American side.

Shelley Ann Clark was the executive assistant to the third top Canadian negotiator during the Free Trade Agreement, Germain Denis. She believes her appointment to this position was no mistake. They seemed to mistake her for one of those “careerist” women that populate Canadian bureaucracy. The premiers of Canadian provinces were given tampered versions of documents to sign on, documents which misled them on enormity of concessions being granted to America. Shelley was able to reconstruct some of untampered documents from memory, and her reconstruction reveals an unabashed gradual takeover of Canadian public enterprises and natural resources by America. A merger with the United States was scheduled for 2005. Under orders, Shelley became party to the tampering of the FTA documents and the destruction of evidence. But then, she blew the whistle.

There are way too many interesting revelations in her book, and I highly recommend reading it. But here are some revelations my readers may find interesting.

  • The real documents of the FTA have never been revealed to the public. Currently, they are being stored in an underground bunker outside Ottawa. They were moved from the Archives Canada building next to the parliament on grounds of “National Security.”
  • Contrary to popular belief, Canada did the heavy lifting in getting the FTA ratified. The Americans only had to sit back and pen their demands. They had such strong faith in the traitorship of their Canadian counterparts. President Reagan never bothered to show up for the ratification.
  • In Soviet Canada, newspaper clippings disappear from Library Archives!
  • The Powers That Be were worried about Quebec opposing and derailing the merger of Canada and the United States. They plan to deal with it by separating Quebec from Canada beforehand, so that Quebecers don’t jeopardize the American takeover (Independent Quebec will be swallowed up later). Recent staged events, such as an Anglophone shooting at a Quebec nationalist rally give credence to this. It also means that the rest of Canadians (excluding natives Americans) are apathetic enough  to lie down and roll over in front of anyone who waves a big stick, be it Americans, Russians, Chinese, E.T. or even Osama Bin Laden. Imagine what would happen if Osama made it big in Alberta before the Rothschilds did.
  • The name of the Trilateral Commission is derived from an underground movement to reduce Europe, North America and the Far East (Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and Singapore) into three single countries. And therefore, trade, currencies, economic systems and other areas are being harmonized within each of these three blocs.
    The entry of American financial institutions (such as American Express) after 1988 was largely the result of the FTA.

    The entry of American financial institutions (such as American Express) after 1988 was largely the result of the FTA.

  • Canadian water resources have been earmarked for diversion to the United States.
  • American ownership in the Canadian financial sector, Canadian mining, Canadian healthcare was to be steadily raised every year. NAFTA was meant to further supplement the FTA. The entry of American financial institutions (such as American Express) after 1988 was largely the result of the FTA.
  • A financial crisis was to be engineered so that America would bail out Canada (and “buy” Canada in the process).
  • Shelley claims that the founder of the Council for Canadians abandoned her after they made the mutual discovery that FTA documents had been hidden on grounds of National Security.
  • There were quite a few people who could corroborate Shelley’s account. All they had to do was to tell the truth when asked. But they chose not to. And there were some among the Canadian negotiating team, who later adorned the front covers of Business magazines as emerging Business leaders. Treason doth prosper.
  • Women in Canadian bureaucracies are expected to provide sexual favours. The more compromised they are, the higher they can go.
  • When Shelley’s Lawyer approached the provincial Premiers who had been misled on the FTA agreement, none of them showed any interest in finding out what had transpired. This of course, cannot be attributed to the influence Mr. Mulroney. This can be attributed to a pre-existing network of secret societies that dominate public institutions in Canada. Apparently, there are real-life gargoyles at Parliament Hill.

Lessons for Future Whistle Blowers

Shelley belongs to a generation of Canadians who had a lot of faith in the system. Shelley avoided making copies of the secret FTA documents even though she had complete access to them. Her defence is that any illegal action on her part would allow her enemies to make a Bradley Manning out of her. It is clear that she did not make copies (If she did, they would probably be on Wikileaks by now).

But this also means no one other than the conspirators will ever see those documents again, unless someone else managed to copy them. It remains debatable whether playing by the rules is a good idea when the opposing side has no rules. While there was a hypothetical danger of breaking the rules, playing the rules has not made Shelley any safer.

The Art of Obfuscation

Potential whistleblowers should also read the book to understand the art of obfuscating and covering up damaging information. For example, Shelley was facing sexual harassment from her boss. While this is relevant, it dwarfs in comparison to the tampering of the FTA documents she was witness to. The Prime Minister intervened when Shelley blew the whistle. But only with respect to the sexual harassment. The media too, grudgingly and half-heartedly reported the story. But their main focus was the sexual harassment charges. And the tampering of the FTA documents was reduced to a footnote.


Shelley’s book is one of two things.

It could be a wake up call for Canada. And we can hope that what happened was the result of public ignorance, not apathy. Or it could be Canada’s obituary. What if Canada (and its citizens) are now collectively for sale?. And if that’s the case, they cannot be helped. In the past, Canada has participated in large scale projects of the Powers that Be, such as the World Wars, and this is not a good portent of things to come. Stupid flourishes here too. But at the same time, the merger with the United States appears to have been delayed. And while there are many who are for sale at in Canada, it is heart-warming to know that not everybody is for sale.

Only time will tell.

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7 Responses

  1. Darin GNo Gravatar says:

    When I read the reference to Canada’s “filthy Alberta oil sands” I realized this lady has no idea what she is talking about, so I stopped reading. Our oil sands represent the cleanest and most ethical supply of petroleum on the planet. What you all see in the MAINSTREAM MEDIA (open pit mining/tailings ponds etc) account for a tiny fraction of of how we ACTUALLY extract the other other 90% of our oil sands oil….which is separate from conventional oil production. Besides which, the pits and ponds are being phased out completely and land is being reclaimed to the extent you’d never know they were there in the first place.

    If anyone cares to dig into it a little bit and see for yourselves how things are ACTUALLY done up here, there is a wealth of accurate and up to date information available.

    For one, just Google SAGD – Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage – and you’ll see. And as well, our oil sands account for a tiny fraction of Canada’s total “air pollution”, which is incorerectly used as the “go to guy” as a supposed measurement of a countrie’s pollution contribution. And further to that, Canad’s total contribution GLOBALLY amounts to a whopping 2% or less. It’s PEANUTS.

    Want to keep relying on truly disgusting OPEC oil? Then continue condenming our oil sands. At a bare MINIMUM, our oil doesn’t have a measurement of BLOOD attached to each produced barrel – OPEC nations can not, and will not, say the same.

    There is a spill the size of the EXXON Valdez spill of years past each bloody month in places like Africa and Russia and do you ever consider that? Probably not, because your mainstream media doesn’t want you to know about that, as it is trendy and profitable for certain people and groups to continue BASHING Canada.

    Wake up and see for yourselves. The world needs our oil sands. AMERICA needs our oil sands. Otherwise, you can continue to buy your oil from Saudi Arabia and other places where they still stone women to death in the streets….and so on and so on and so on.

    Jesus I’m tired of the misinformation and false beliefs regarding our oil sands. Just ask Leonardo Dicaprio, he’ll tell all you need to know about us HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….what a farce.

    • Hamad SubaniNo Gravatar says:

      So OPEC oil involves blood? Its their oil, and therefore blood isn\’t involved (everybody is happy). However, there are exceptions. When NATO took over Libya recently, that country\’s oil output now involves blood and war. It is true that Canada\’s oil sands don\’t have any blood attached to them, but Canadians don\’t have any to give/shed either.

  2. Concerned says:

    Mulroney shut down many CFB locations in Canada. Why? To save money.Hardly. Mike Wilson spent money like crazy after raising taxes under the guise of reducing the deficit.
    Next closed were the railways. This transformed transportation of goods to highway trucks using how much more fuel? Mulroney and Wilson were appointed to Board of Directors of how many International Oil giants? And paid how much? Who knows.
    But makes one who questions such things wonder. Others are simply sheep ready to walk over the cliff following the herd.
    No name given,but you know this is being monitered by someone

  3. John BeattieNo Gravatar says:

    A fantastic expose by Shelley Anne Clark. Some day she will be recognized as our current Laura Secord.

  1. January 13, 2014

    […] Elsewhere on this website, we have documented that The Powers That Be are not particularly enthusiastic with Canada continuing as a nation state in present times, and they instead want to merge Canada with America. Powerful mining companies in Sudbury and elsewhere were expected to ultimately merge in the 60′s. But since this would mean more autonomy and economic clout to Canada, this development was abruptly cancelled. Attempts to merge were blocked by mysterious hostile takeover bids (hello Toronto Stock Exchange). In 2006, a Brazilian Company took over Inco, while a Swiss Company took over Falconbridge and Norenda. While this change in ownership was a big loss to Canada, the Rothschilds did not necessarily lose control as they had links to the foreign companies as well. And operating as foreign companies gave them even more impunity. […]

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