How they play the Lawyers….

I had a particular lawyer in mind to represent me against Dalhousie. I had found him after a lot of effort. But after I contacted him, he informed me he could be of no help. Apparently, Dalhousie University had already sent big business to his legal firm, and this would create a conflict of interest. If you happen to be a lawyer in Halifax, why don’t you offer to represent me? Maybe your firm too will get big business from Dalhousie? Now the lawyer in question is a Dalhousie University Order in Council Appointee. And a senior partner at this law firm happens to chair the Board of Governors of Dalhousie University. Oh my bad luck!

Prior to this lawyer, I had discussed my situation with a self-appointed leader of the local Muslim community (who later turned out to be a conman…..yes everything in Halifax is bogus) and a lawyer who identifies as Muslim. Both of them ghosted me. Several years later, the said “leader” was organizing the construction of a community center in Halifax. It is rumoured that approximately $60 million disappeared from donations collected locally and abroad. While investigating this, I find the bogus Muslim lawyer deeply involved with a front company that on one hand was overseeing the construction, and on another, was going on an acquisition spree of commercial properties across Halifax. Under normal circumstances, Revenue Canada would have intervened. But looks like these people were being paid for their um… “services” by none other than the Criminal Elite. Apparently, this is how they “pay” their people.

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