The Gazette Sticks to Disinfo and PR

I emailed the Dalhousie Gazette (Samantha  Elmsley), the same campus newspaper which once mocked me, to publish an abridged version of my narrative on this page. She pretended I was dead and did not reply. I sent an email to several Dalhousie contacts about this disturbing silence. Here is the text:

I am a Dalhousie alumni, and I intend to publish my experiences at Dal (as well as some advice) in the next PRINT edition of the Dalhousie Gazette (see attached doc). I understand that some of this may not be palatable to Dalhousie University. But the Gazette is published by the DSU, which is supposed to represent us (if it really does).

I have contacted the Dalhousie Gazette, but they are pretending that I am dead.

I do believe we are exposing students with certain political/religious beliefs, in particular, international students, to VERY SERIOUS DANGER, including but not limited to stalking, electronic surveillance, eavesdropping, grade tampering, harassment, sexual harassment, being framed for terrorism, death threats etc. Add to that, the email and Internet service may be compromised.

Though we do want the money of students of all stripes, this place is downright dangerous to those who don’t fit in because of a small-town mentality of what goes in here stays in here, and a culture of surrogating oneself to the powerful. I am not saying that this can be changed. Even if the Christ was unlucky enough to show up here, you guys would hand him over to “authorities” pretending nothing happened, and the new job opening of “Judas” would probably get flooded with applications.

I am not asking you for favours. I am not trying to appeal to your morality when there may be nothing in there but dark emptiness. All I am asking you is to do the job you are paid to do. It is not possible to change evil that is so firmly rooted. But at least students can be warned of the dangers and thus be able to take some security precautions and protect themselves.

I finally get a vague reply on 27/11/2013 from the Editor in Chief Ian Froese saying that the Dalhousie Gazette’s editorial board has to approve the submission (they never did).

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