Don’t bark to the Master’s Voice

Rothschild Thugs / Shell Canada are officially active in Dalhousie. They just announced a $600,000 grant to Dalhousie University (In 2011, they had given $500,000). To quote,

The relationship between Shell Canada and Dalhousie dates back to the 1960s, and the university was an inaugural partner in the Campus Ambassador Program when it launched in 2005. Since that point, Shell has invested $1.9 million in experiential learning on campus.

A group of concerned students known as DivestDal tried their best to divest Dalhousie from oligopolies such as Shell. But predictably, the Dalhousie Board of Governors rejected Divestment. To quote,

“Dal’s president has shown that he’s willing to prioritize the interests of a rogue industry at the expense of a sustainable future for the community we love. If the Board of Governors thought we would go away after November, they were wrong.”

Note that Dalhousie continues to parrot its commitment to reducing so-called Climate Change while at the same time accepting big money from oil industries.

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