Are there References to the Bavarian Illuminati in Islamic Canonical Literature?

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The Illuminati as we know it today is a Western phenomenon. It is also a fairly recent one, with its official founding taking place in the year 1776 in Bavaria, Germany. Islamic Canonical Literature, namely the Quran and the Hadith, date back to 7th century Arabia. The possibility that they predict and describe a phenomenon that started being noticed approximately 1400 years later defy rationalism, unless you are a believer.

There are two main sources of Islamic Canonical Literature, the Quran and the Hadith.

The Quran

According to Islamic belief, the Quran is the word of God, as revealed to his Prophet, Muhammad. The revelations started when the Prophet began meditating in a cave, and continued throughout his life. His immediate followers memorized them, and a later Caliph had the revelations compiled together as a written book. Current versions of the Quran contain the exact same content as the first written version. For those who know Arabic, the vocabulary and syntax of the Quran is definitely not of human origin (although it is addressed to humans). Believers see it as a natural wonder, a miracle.

The Hadith

Since Prophet Muhammad epitomized Islam, it is only natural that his followers made note of everything he did and said. In the absence of recording devices or video, dedicated followers set out to compile all that they could gather on him after his death. They interviewed multiple witnesses who had seen/heard the Prophet when he was alive. These narrations are known as the Hadith. Unlike the Quran, the Hadith are not completely foolproof. Therefore a system was developed to classify certain Hadith as strong others as weak. Strong ones usually had multiple witnesses stating the same thing. Unlike the Quran, the Hadith are not considered as revelation. Their vocabulary and syntax is the common spoken Arabic of that time. Their author is the Prophet. But like the Quran, they do usually contain information that is not of human origin. While the Quran was a direct revelation meant for both the Prophet and his followers (which he was entrusted to convey it to humanity in its entirety), many things were also revealed to the Prophet privately to aid his mission as well as his own private understanding of Islam. And it was left to his discretion whether or not he chose to let his followers know about these non-Quranic revelations. The Prophet had to be judicious about what he divulged. He did divulge a lot of revealed information that would aid his followers in their understanding of Islam. As expected, this information never contradicts the content of the Quran, and is used to supplement an understanding of the Quran. But at the same time, he refrained from divulging revealed information that could stir squabbling, consternation and dissension among the weak minded. For example, he was revealed the names of hypocrites within his followers so that he could steer clear of their conspiracies, but he did not divulge these names to his followers. He was also revealed the meaning of certain mystery letters in the Quran, but did not divulge them for the rest of us, and with good reason.

The Muslim Antichrist/Dajjal

References to the Antichrist are not found anywhere in the Quran, as they are found in the Christian Bible. But we do find them in the Hadith related to Islamic Eschatology. He is referred to as the Dajjal, which approximately translates as “deceiver.” In the Christian Bible, the Antichrist is more on the lines of a scary monster, leaving little room for alternate interpretation. The AntiChrist/Dajjal of the Hadith is on the other hand, more open to interpretation. And it is one of these interpretations points in the direction of the Bavarian Illuminati.

While the Quran may seem to be bereft of any references to Dajjal, Several Hadith point to a chapter of the Quran. We are told that reciting the first and last portions of this particular chapter can protect one from the Dajjal (although there are no open references to Dajjal in it). This chapter, known as “The Cave,” is mainly about a small group of Christians who lived in Ephesus (coastal Turkey) in the mid third century. These Christians were of course, not like the Christians me and you know. They belonged to the now extinct sect known as the Essenes. They are considered Saints in Orthodox Christianity but “reformed” Christianity has done away with them completely. During that time, Asia Minor was under the rule of a viciously pagan Roman Emperor Decius. Fearing for the loss of their faith, these men went hiding in a cave. When they awoke, they found that they had been fast-forwarded to more than three hundred years later, and under the new Roman Emperor Theodosius the Younger, Christianity was now the state religion. This chapter is considered analogous to the time of Dajjal because it deals with similar themes of state control, persecution, intolerance for natural truths as well as God protecting his own ones through very unusual means. And therefore reciting the chapter has the effect of invoking protection through unusual means.

The entrance of the cave in question in Ephesus. Of course, this was after it was converted into a monastery-church complex. Although presently abandoned, the main cave does contain tombs of seven people.
The entrance of the cave in question in Ephesus. Of course, this was after it was converted into a monastery-church complex. Although presently abandoned, the main cave does contain tombs of seven people.

The Hadith which describe the Dajjal are mostly strong ones, and there are several dozens of them. If you would like to read all of them, it is recommended that you go to Hadith database like this one and enter the search term Dajjal. Here is a common description of Dajjal. To quote

“The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) addressed us, and most of his speech had to do with telling us about Dajjal. He warned about him, and among the things he said was: ‘There will not be any tribulation on earth, since the time Allah created the offspring of Adam, that will be greater than the tribulation of Dajjal. Allah has not sent any Prophet but he warned his nation about Dajjal. I am the last of the Prophets, and you are the last of the nations. He will undoubtedly appear among you. [……….].

There are several other Hadith indicating that Dajjal is a singular man who would emerge in the end times. Here is one of the most common descriptions:

Dajjal is blind of one eye and there is written between his eyes the word” Kafir”. He then spelled the word as k. f. r., which every Muslim would be able to read.

And elsewhere,

[……….] He (Dajjal) will be a young man with curly hair and a protuberant eye; [……..]

Is the Dajjal an analogy for a Phenomenon? Muhammad Asad’s Theory

Muhammad Asad was among the first Islamic Theorists to break from the traditional interpretation of Dajjal.
Muhammad Asad was among the first Islamic Theorists to break from the traditional interpretation of Dajjal.

One of the earliest Islamic theorists to break from the traditional interpretation of Dajjal was  Austrian-Jewish convert Muhammad Asad (formerly Leopold Weiss; Foreign correspondent for Frankfurter Zeitung). In his autobiography The Road to Mecca (free copy here), He argued that Dajjal is symbolic of Western Civilization. This was in the years 1927-31. The Illuminati had gained a strong hold of Western industry and culture. But this was before the Second World War, and before 9-11. Clearly, Muhammad Asad was prescient. Here’s his explanation in his own words (The Road to Mecca, Chapter Ten):

-Is that so, О brother?’ asks the eager young beduin. ‘ls it true that though hast been a faranji thyself?’-and when I nod, he whispers, ‘Praise be unto God, praise bе unto God, who guidеs aright whomsoever Не wishes … Tell mе, brother” why is it that the faranjis are so unmindful оf God ?’

‘Тhat is a long story,’ I reply, ‘and саппоt be explained in а few words. All that I сап tell Thee now is that the woгld of the faranjis has become the world of the Dajjal, thе Glittering, thе Deceptive Оnе. Hast though ever heard of our Ноlу Prophet’s prediction that in later times ,most of the world’s реорlе would follow the Dajjal, believing him to bе God?’

And as he looks at me with а question in his еуеs, I recount, tо the visible approval of Shaykh Ibn Bulayhid, the prophecy about thе арреагапсе of that apocalyptic being, the Dajjal who would be blind in оnе еуе but endowed with mysterious powers conferred upon him by God. Не would hear with his ears what is spoken in the farthest corners of the earth, and would see with his one еуе things that are happening in infinite distances; hе would fly around the earth in days, would make treasures of gold and silver suddenly аррeaг from underground, would cause rain to fall and plants to grow at his command, would kill and bring to life again: so that аll whose faith is weak would believe him to bе God Himself and would prostrate themselves before him in adoration. But those whose faith is strong would read what is written in letters of flame оп his forehead: Denier of God -and thus they would know that hе is but а deception to test man’s faith …

And while my beduin friend looks at mе with wide-open eyes and murmurs, ‘I take mу refuge with God,’ I turn to Ibn Bulayhid:

‘Is not this’parable, О Shaykh, а fitting description of modern technical civilzation? It is “one-eyed”: that is, it looks upon only one side оf life -material progress -and is unaware оf its spiritual side. With the help оf its mechanical marvels it enables man to see and hear far beyond his natural ability, and to cover endless distances аt an inconceivable speed. Its scientific knowledge causes “rain to fall and plants tо grow” and uncovers цпsuspected treasures from beneath the ground. Its medicine brings life to those who seem to have bееn doomed to death, while its wars and scientific horrors destroy life. And its material advancement is so powerful and so glittering that the weak in faith are coming to believe that it is а godhead in its own right; but those who havе remained conscious of their Creator clearly recognize that to worship the Dajjal means tо deny God .. .’

– ‘Thou art right, О Muhammad, thou art right!’ cries out Ibn Bulayhid, excitedly striking mу knee. ‘It has never occurred to look upon the Dajjal prophecy in this light; but thou art right! Instead оf realizing that man’s advancement and the progress оf science is а bounty from our Lord, morе and more people in their fоllу are beginning tо think that it is ап end in itself and fit to be worshipped.’

YES, I TНlNK ТО MYSELf, Western man has truly given himself up to the worship of the Dajjal. Не has long ago lost аll inпосепсе, аll inner integration with паtuге. Life has become а puzzle to him. Не is sceptical, and therefore isolated from his brother and lonely within himself. In order not to perish in this loneliness, hе must endeavour to dominate life bу outward means. Тhe fact of being alive can, bу itself, по longer give him inner security: hе must always wrestle for it, with pain, from moment to new moment. Because hе has lost аll metaphysical orientation, and has decided to do without it, hе must continuously invent for himself mechanical allies: and thus the furious, desperate drive of his technique. Не invents every day new machines and gives еасh of them something of his soul to make them fight for his existence. Тhat they do indeed; but at the same time they create for him ever new needs, пеw dangers new fears -and ап unquenchable thirst for newer, yet artificial allies. Нis soul loses itself in the ever bolder, ever mоге fantastic, ever more powerful wheelwork оf the creative machiпе: and the machine loses its true purpose -to bе а protector and enricher of human life –апd evolves into а deity in its оwп right, a devouring Моlосh of steel. Тhe priests аnd preachers оf this insatiable deity do поt seem to bе aware that the rapidity of modern technical progress is а result not only оf а positive growth of knowledge but also of spiritual despair, and that the grand material achievements in the light of which Western mап proclaims his will to attain to mastery оvег nature аге, in their innermost, of а defensive character: behind their shining facades lurks the fear of the Unknown.

Western civilization has поt bееn ablе to strike а harmonious balance between man’s bodily and social needs and his spiritual cravings; it has abandoned its erstwhile religious ethics without being аblе to produce out оf itself апу other mогаl system, however tbeoretical, that would соmmend itself to reason. Despite аll its advances in education, it has not bееп ablе to overcome mаn’s stupid readiness to fall а ргеу to апу slogan, however absurd, which clever demagogues think fit to invent. It has raised the technique of ‘organization’ to а fine art -and nevertheless the nations оf the West daily demonstrate their uttег inability to control the forces which their scientists havе breathed into being, and have now reached а stage where apparently unbounded scientific possibilities go hand in hand with world-wide chaos. Lacking аll truly religious orientation, the Westerner cannot morally benefit bу the light of the knowledge which his uпdoubtedly great sсieпсе is shedding. То him might bе applied the words of the Когап:

Their раrаblе is the parable оf people who lit а fire: but when it had shed its light around them, God took аwау their light and left them in darkness which they cannot see -deaf, dumb, blind: and уеt they do not turn back.

And yet, in the arrogance of their blindness, the реорlе оf the West аге convinced that it is their civilization that will bring light and happiness tо the world … In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries they thought of spreading the gospel of Christianity аll over the world; but now that their religious ardour has cooled so much that thеу consider religion по more than soothing background music -allowed to ассоmрапу, but not to influence ‘real’ life -they have begun to spread instead the materialistic gospel of the ‘Western way of life’: the belief that аll human problems сап be solved in factories, laboratories and оn the desks of statisticians.

And thus the Dajjal has соmе into his own …

My boldened text in the quote above outlines Muhammad Asad’s perception of the Bavarian Illuminati then at work in Europe. Of course he can discern something bad brewing, but he can’t put a finger at it. Conspiracy literature was definitely not mainstream then. A few years later, The Illuminati’s Grand Project of the Second World War broke out in 1939. Muhammad Asad’s parents were rounded up and murdered in the Holocaust. Muhammad Asad, by virtue of being a journalist in Lahore, escaped the fate of his parents.

Shortly after Muhammad Asad arrived at these conclusions in the deserts of Arabia, World War II broke out, vindicating the idea that a malignant criminal elite was operating at the heart of Western Civilization. This War only served to advance Illuminati interests.
Shortly after Muhammad Asad arrived at these conclusions in the deserts of Arabia, World War II broke out, vindicating the idea that a malignant criminal elite was operating at the heart of Western Civilization. This War only served to advance Illuminati interests, and became the foundation for all present conflicts.

Further Interpreting Dajjal using Muhammad Asad’s Analogy

Hadith related to the Dajjal can be interpreted using Muhammad Asad’s analogy. Readers need to be warned that for the purpose of this interpretation, I am being fairly selective, finding Hadith that can fit into this analogy, and ignoring ones that don’t.

[…………] He will start by saying “I am a Prophet,” and there is no Prophet after me. Then a second time he will say: “I am your Lord.” But you will not see your Lord until you die. He is one-eyed, and your Lord is not one-eyed, and written between his eyes is Kafir. Every believer will read it, whether he is literate or illiterate [………]. (Sunan Ibn Majah 4077)

Dajjal will slowly start to usurp humanity’s leadership by compromising religious and political leaders all across the world. Once compromised, these leaders will make their followers subservient to Dajjal. The system of subservience created will demand total devotion and dependence, thus becoming a false “god” for its followers. Obviously there will be no room in this system for worshipping the real God or following the real Prophet. It is unlikely that Dajjal is a singular human with the word unbeliever scrawled on his forehead. That would be self-defeating. Rather, it represents an ominous system, comprised of nations, populations, technology and surrogate people serving it. And every believer can figure that out after a little digging.

[…….]”Lo! Indeed your Lord is not blind in one eye, and indeed he [Dajjal] is blind in one eye; his right eye is as if it is a floating grape.”(Jami` at-Tirmidhi 2241)

The reference to a floating grape (or a grape ready to plucked from its cluster on account of it’s attractiveness) further fits into Muhammad Asad’s analogy, as Dajjal will offer attractive developments in technology and advanced material standards of living. He will promise heaven on earth. And speaking of one eye, there is a single eye on the American one dollar bill (on top of the pyramid). As well as several other places.

Here's a close-up of the same.
Here’s a close-up of the same.

And where does this eye come from? The Bavarian Illuminati. To quote,

The Illuminati, founded by Weishaupt in 1776, adopted as their Seal “a 13-layered unfinished pyramid with the capstone missing. Hovering above is a sun-rayed triangle, as if waiting to be lowered to complete the structure. In mystery religions the triangle symbolizes power, such as a throne or kingdom, and is sometimes pictured as a horn. The triangle is also a symbol of the dwelling place of the pagan higher power, representing a mountain top in hilly country, a pyramid in Egypt, or a ziggurat in Mesopotamia. The ancients called the ziggurat Hill of Heaven, or Mountain of God.” (Daniel, Vol. I, p. 163)

Weishaupt also placed in the center of this hovering triangle a man’s eye. The eye represents the Illuminati’s own spying system. The eye also represents the Priory of Sion, who also adopted the symbol from the Egyptians (the All-Seeing Eye of Horus), with the triangle representing the power of the Merovingian thrones. The unfinished pyramid with 13 steps represents the work assigned to the Knights Templar. According to the author of Scarlet and the Beast, the symbolism suggests that “the Templars have been given the task of building a world government under the watchful eye of the Priory of Sion. When Sion, protector of the Merovingian thrones, lowers the sun-rayed Merovingian capstone in place, the world government will be complete. It is notworthy that as a part of the Year 200 celebration there were originally plans to lower a gold capstone atop the Great Pyramid.

The Bilderberg Group is considered to be one of the more prominent public face of the Illuminati (Click the image for a high resolution version)
The Bilderberg Group is considered to be one of the more prominent public face of the Illuminati (Click the image for a high resolution version)
The 2015 Bilderberg Conference will take place from June 11-14 at this pyramid shaped hotel in Austria. This hotel is located near the Austrian border. On the other side is the German province of Bavaria! And the town of Bavaria is two hours away. Adam Weishaupt would be proud!
The 2015 Bilderberg Conference will take place from June 11-14 at this pyramid shaped hotel in Austria. This hotel is located near the Austrian border. On the other side is the German province of Bavaria! And the town of Bavaria is two hours away. Adam Weishaupt would be proud! A full list of attendees can be found here. They will be discussing artificial intelligence and the US elections, among many other topics.

Going by this explanation, Dajjal is a both system and also a bloodline. Right now the Kings of the system are secret, but maybe later circumstances will force a Merovingian King to come out in the open as the head of the system.

The Day of (Judgment) will not be established till there is a war between two groups whose claims (or religion) will be the same (Sahih al-Bukhari 3608)

The Dajjal appears as Judgement Day looms, and one of the signs we are getting close to the timeframe of Dajjal is probably the aforementioned war. Note that the above war does not refer to Muslims explicitly. It could refer to the Second World War, which was fought mainly between Christians (whose religious doctrine was almost identical). While the War was fought over trivial things (nationalism, economic theories, race), it was an Illuminati undertaking, and it helped set the stage for Dajjal.

[…………..]’Part of his Fitnah will be that he will command the sky to rain, and it will rain, and he will command the earth to bring forth vegetation and it will do so. And part of his Fitnah will be that he will pass by a clan and they will disbelieve in him, so all their flocks will perish and none will be left. And part of his Fitnah will be that he will pass by a clan who will believe in him, so he will command the sky to rain, and it will rain, and he will command the earth to bring forth vegetation and it will do so, until their flocks will come back in the evening of that day, bigger and fatter than they have ever been, with their flanks stretched and their udders full of milk […………..]. (Sunan Ibn Majah 4077)

Environmental Engineering?  GMOs? Chemtrails? Weather Modification Technology? Consider the following from  “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025,” a Research Paper Presented To Air Force in 1996.

“…significant beneficial influences can be derived through judicious exploitation of the solar absorption potential of carbon black dust” [William M. Gray et al., “Weather-modification by Carbon Dust Absorption of Solar Energy,” Journal of Applied Meteorology 15 (April 1976): 355]. The study ultimately found that this technology could be used to enhance rainfall on the mesoscale, generate cirrus clouds, and enhance cumulonimbus (thunderstorm) clouds in otherwise dry areas.

…if we are fortunate enough to have a fairly large body of water available upwind from the targeted battlefield, carbon dust could be placed in the atmosphere over that water. Assuming the dynamics are supportive in the atmosphere, the rising saturated air will eventually form clouds and rainshowers downwind over the land.

Numerous dispersal techniques [of carbon dust] have already been studied, but the most convenient, safe, and cost-effective method discussed is the use of afterburner-type jet engines to generate carbon particles while flying through the targeted air. This method is based on injection of liquid hydrocarbon fuel into the afterburner’s combustion gases [this explains why contrails have now become chemtrails].

To date, much work has been done on UAVs [Unmanned Aviation Vehicles] which can closely (if not completely) match the capabilities of piloted aircraft. If this UAV technology were combined with stealth and carbon dust technologies, the result could be a UAV aircraft invisible to radar while en route to the targeted area, which could spontaneously create carbon dust in any location.

If clouds were seeded (using chemical nuclei similar to those used today or perhaps a more effective agent discovered through continued research) before their downwind arrival to a desired location, the result could be a suppression of precipitation. In other words, precipitation could be “forced” to fall before its arrival in the desired territory, thereby making the desired territory “dry.”

The above was a description of techniques used to create rainfall, as well as to deny rainfall to targeted areas. Note that this technique is dependent on using aircraft. And these aircraft would be spraying chemtrails. And chemtrails are already a reality in the United States. To quote Scott Stevens,

It is not the generation nor persistence of the trails that interests me, it is that other aircraft, some leaving trails and others not, INVESTIGATE how other previously left trails have deformed. That deformation reveals that something meteorological is occurring at that PRECISE location. This simple observable FACT, tells all that some aircraft are not up there flying cargo from point-to-point, but are doing atmospheric surveillance.

Chemtrails are already a reality in Western Countries. In the case of USA, they have been linked with droughts affected farmlands.
Chemtrails are already a reality in Western Countries. In the case of USA, they have been linked with droughts affecting independent farmers.

To quote the same research paper “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025,”even further,

While most weather-modification efforts rely on the existence of certain preexisting conditions, it may be possible to produce some weather effects artificially, regardless of preexisting conditions. For instance, virtual weather could be created by influencing the weather information received by an end user.

Nanotechnology also offers possibilities for creating simulated weather. A cloud, or several clouds, of microscopic computer particles, all communicating with each other and with a larger control system could provide tremendous capability. Interconnected, atmospherically buoyant, and having navigation capability in three dimensions, such clouds could be designed to have a wide-range of properties… Even if power levels achieved were insufficient to be an effective strike weapon [if power levels WERE sufficient, they would be an effective strike weapon], the potential for psychological operations in many situations could be fantastic.

One major advantage of using simulated weather to achieve a desired effect is that unlike other approaches, it makes what are otherwise the results of deliberate actions appear to be the consequences of natural weather phenomena. In addition, it is potentially relatively inexpensive to do. According to J. Storrs Hall, a scientist at Rutgers University conducting research on nanotechnology, production costs of these nanoparticles could be about the same price per pound as potatoes [Ibid, Hall].

Weather affects everything we do, and weather-modification can enhance our ability to dominate the aerospace environment.

The US Army has already alluded to this approach in their concept of “owning the weather.” Accordingly, storm modification will become more valuable over time [Mary Ann Seagraves and Richard Szymber, “Weather a Force Multiplier,” Military Review, November/December 1995, 69].

We said: ‘How fast will he move through the earth?’ He [The Prophet (ﷺ)] said: ‘Like a rain cloud driving by the wind.’ (Sunan Ibn Majah 4075)

This needs no commentary, but maybe a picture will do. Remember that this was said in the 7th century, when there was no concept of human aviation.

This future (2024)Russian Air Force Transporter dubbed the PAK TA will fly at supersonic speeds (up to 2,000 km/h) and will boast an impressively high payload of up to 200 tons. It will also have a range of at least 7,000 kilometers.
This future (2024) Russian Air Force Transporter dubbed the PAK TA will fly at supersonic speeds (up to 2,000 km/h) and will boast an impressively high payload of up to 200 tons. It will also have a range of at least 7,000 kilometers. It could also seat a Merovingian King in comfort.

Then he will pass through the wasteland and will say: “Bring forth your treasures,” then go away, and its treasures will follow him like a swarm of bees.  (Sunan Ibn Majah 4075)

This could be a reference to advanced mineral-mapping technologies, such as those currently used in Afghanistan by American interests.

The US Government had brought in geologists to evaluate Afghanistan’s mineral resources using advanced satellite imaging. The iron, copper, gold, lithium, and rare earth elements present are worth something in the neighborhood of $1 trillion. This is a country whose GDP has recently climbed to $30 billion.
The US Government had brought in geologists to evaluate Afghanistan’s mineral resources using advanced satellite imaging. The iron, copper, gold, lithium, and rare earth elements present are worth something in the neighborhood of $1 trillion. This is a country whose GDP has recently climbed to $30 billion.

The Last Hour would not come until the Romans would land at al-A’maq or in Dabiq. An army consisting of the best (soldiers) of the people of the earth at that time will come from Medina (to counteract them). When they will arrange themselves in ranks, the Romans would say: Do not stand between us and those (Muslims) who took prisoners from amongst us. Let us fight with them; and the Muslims would say: Nay, by Allah, we would never get aside from you and from our brethren that you may fight them. They will then fight and a third (part) of the army would run away, whom Allah will never forgive. A third (part of the army) which would be constituted of excellent martyrs in Allah’s eye, would be killed and the third who would never be put to trial would win and they would be conquerors of Constantinople. And as they would be busy in distributing the spoils of war (amongst themselves) after hanging their swords by the olive trees, the Satan would cry: The Dajjal has taken your place among your family. They would then come out, but it would be of no avail. And when they would come to Syria, he would come out while they would be still preparing themselves for battle drawing up the ranks […………..] (Sahih Muslim 2897)

But wasn’t Constantinople (Istanbul) already captured by the Ottomans centuries ago? Isn’t it already in Muslim hands? It looks like it was taken away from them after World War I, and is currently in the hands of a crypto-Jewish sect that runs modern Turkey. And the Byzantine royal bloodline (presumed extinct) has also returned from the shadows. This would explain why modern Turkey would be comfortable with Western forces entering Northern Syria. Also note that Dajjal openly emerges for the first time ever after Istanbul is captured by Muslims. History shows that control of this city was a very high priority for the Western ruling elite. For example, they organized the destruction of the Islamic World three times in the past (via Mongols) just to keep it in their hands.

The Dajjaal will come to this pond in Marriqanaat – a valley in Madina – and most of those who go out to him will be women, until a man will come to his mother in law, his mother, his daughter, his sister and his aunt, and will tie them up strongly for fear that they will go out to him. (Reported by Ibn Umar, Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal,  5099).

Wow, Dajjal is a pretend-feminist, and under the guise of liberation, lures unsuspecting women to isolate themselves from their families and enlist in his devious cause. This also helps breaking up the family units of his opponents.

[………….] He [Dajjal] will emerge from Al-Khallah, between Syria and Iraq, and will wreak havoc right and left. [……] (Sunan Ibn Majah 4077)

The Dajjal would be followed by seventy thousand Jews of Isfahan wearing Persian shawls (Sahih Muslim 2944).

[………..] The Dajjal shall emerge from a land in the east called Khurasan. He is followed by a people whom appear as if their faces are shields coated with leather (Jami` at-Tirmidhi 2237).

Jews in Iran? Yup, they are currently running the show in that country, and have done so for centuries in the past. They are the secret ruling elite whose bootlegged Chevrolet® Camaro’s can be occasionally seen roaring down the roads of their impoverished countryside. Of course, their relationship with America goes way deeper than their appetite for Camaro’s. Do their faces (or the faces of their roughneck soldiers) look like shields coated with leather? I don’t know. Some anti-Shiite Sunnis take this even further and claim that the Dajjal will usurp the position of the last Shiite Imam who is currently in another dimension.

Then Gog and Magog will emerge and they will, as Allah describes, “swoop down from every mound.”[21:96] The first of them will pass by lake Tiberias and drink from it, then the last of them will pass by it and will say: “There was water here once.” (Sunan Ibn Majah 4075)

Magog is sometimes identified with the lands currently under control of Russia. Russia is already involved in the Syrian conflict and has built a huge naval base on its coast. According to Islamic eschatology, the aforementioned event will take place immediately after Dajjal is destroyed by Muslims (with the aid of Muslim Prophet Jesus, who will reappear around this time). In other words the Gog and Magog emerged when things became very desperate for Dajjal. They are his secret allies, and always have been.

[……………] Part of his Fitnah will be that he will say to a Bedouin: “What do you think, if I resurrect your father and mother for you, will you bear witness that I am your Lord?” He will say: “Yes.” Then two devils will appear to him in the form of his father and mother and will say: “O my son, follow him, for he is your Lord.” And part of his Fitnah will be that he will overpower a single soul and kill him, then he will cut him with a saw until he falls in two pieces. Then he will say: “Look at this slave of mine; I will resurrect him now, then he will claim that he has a Lord other than me.” Then Allah will resurrect him and the evil one will say to him: “Who is your Lord?” and he will say: “Allah is my Lord, and you are the enemy of Allah, you are Dajjal. By Allah, I have never had more insight about you than I have today.” [………] (Sunan Ibn Majah 4077).

I clearly don’t know what to make of this . It could be related to advancements in medical sciences.

There will be no part of the earth left that he does not enter and prevail over, except for Makkah and Al-Madinah [………]. (Sunan Ibn Majah 4077).

Let him who hears of the Dajjal go far from him for I swear by Allah that a man will come to him thinking he is a believer and follow him because of confused ideas roused in him by him (Sunan Abi Dawud 4319).

Again, it would be rather difficult for a single human, or a even a single force, to prevail over almost all of earth, or influence people so pervasively, unless he/it is assisted by some kind of monster of a system, or better yet, an entire civilization that has a highly developed culture and media, that is commandeered by the likes of the Illuminati. We are talking of the New World Order here, and it will have its tentacles everywhere. Will that be through the Internet, which is sprawling everywhere? Will Dajjal have an ear as well as an eye in every home thanks to Cloud Computing and new “smart” homes that are always connected to the Internet? Interestingly, Facebook® which is the most pervasive threat to personal privacy and clearly has links to the CIA is now pioneering an initiative to bring the Internet to poor countries which lack basic infrastructure. Do they really care about the poor? Apparently, the CIA is falling behind in countries not connected to the Internet.

As I said earier, there are also Hadith that describe Dajjal as a man, a human being with curly hair. Will he be the bloodlined “King” of this hideous system, representing a hidden line of Kings that have presided over the West for generations? Or are these Hadith intended to comfort people that at the end of the day, he too is a human, albeit an evil one. That there is nothing supernatural or extra-terrestrial about him (contrary to his claims). And the systems he has created can be easily dismantled and destroyed by rightly guided human beings?

Why there is still Hope

So far, we have assumed that while Dajjal can be a singular human, a bloodlined King of the Illuminati who is forced to come out in the open, he is nothing without his huge supporting system of countries, economies, intelligence networks, surrogate populations, manufactured cultures and media machine.

Muhammad Asad’s analogy of Dajjal as an institutionalized and sophisticated system is best vindicated by the Following Hadith:

The Messenger of Allah said: ‘I know what the Dajjal will have with him. He will have two flowing rivers, one that appears to the eye to be clear water, and one that appears to the eye to be flaming fire. If anyone sees that, let him go to the river which he thinks is fire and close his eyes, then lower his head and drink from it, for it is cool water […………..]. (Sahih Muslim 2934 b)

Here’s is another variant of the same,

Nobody asked the Prophet as many questions as I [Al-Mughira bin Shu`ba] asked regarding Ad-Dajjal. The Prophet said to me, “What worries you about him?” I said, “Because the people say that he will have a mountain of bread and a river of water with him (i.e. he will have abundance of food and water)” The Prophet said, “Nay, he is too mean to be allowed such a thing by Allah”‘ (but it is only to test mankind whether they believe in Allah or in Ad-Dajjal.) (Sahih Bukhari Book: 93, Hadith: 7208)

We are talking economic theory here. America has indeed developed the highest standard of (material) living of all time. Take a look at this chart, and read this article of mine to better understand it.

Richard J. Maybury, Whatever Happened to Justice (Placerville: Bluestocking Press, 1993), 221. Copyright © Bluestocking Press, All Rights Reserved. Reproduced for strictly academic / educational use under the Fair Dealing provision of the Copyright Act.

The mountain of bread, or the river of clear water, is indeed the very same promise of a higher standard of living, which is a fairly attractive proposition for citizens of poor countries that face the onslaught of wars cooked up by the Illuminati. It could also be the prospect of migration to countries/areas controlled by the Illuminati. Countries under Illuminati control tend to destroy the family unit, resulting in depopulation. The Powers That Be prevent an operational crisis by importing people from poorer countries, who in a generation or two, also succumb to same dysfunctionalism.

The problem is that the Illuminati/Dajjal can’t deliver. And neither do they intend to. What most people don’t know is that after America was taken off the gold standard in 1970, the American Economy became a tool for the Powers That Be to further their interests, particularly military ones. Americans are no longer making new things. They are made in China. While the American economy specializes in the production of debt. Highways, healthcare and wage rates may be better than anywhere else. But money no longer goes that far when it comes to spending. Independent farming is almost extinct and therefore food prices are high, while processed foods make you sick. You may work in a comparatively good looking environment with all sorts of machines, but as an employee/slave, you are expected to serve the machines, and you just can’t catch up with them. The illusion of comfort persists, but you probably putting yourself through more stress than a forager in a very poor country. But since all those around you are already under the spell of the Illuminati media machine, you too eventually succumb. While it is true that things were great once upon a time, all that is left is smoke and mirrors. And a massive surveillance state that controls everything, even what you think.

The same may be true not just of America and Western countries, , but of all other countries which follow the Illuminati formula of using fiat currency as opposed to currency officially backed by metals of value. Let us look at the aforementioned Hadith again,

The Prophet said, “Nay, he is too mean to be allowed such a thing by Allah”‘

In other words, Dajjal/Illuminati is already broke, no matter how persuasively its horrendous propaganda machine blares the opposite message for its followers. But convincing others is not as easy as it sounds.

And of course, there will always be the option of migration or flight. This may not be a possibility in the West, where every square inch of land is under the watchful eyes of The Powers That Be. But Thankfully, the world is still a big place.

Soon the best wealth of a Muslim will be the sheep which follows in the mountain peaks and places where rainfall is to be found, fleeing with his religion from the tribulations (Sunan an-Nasa’i 5036)


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  1. MuhayatNo Gravatar says:

    Do you have any e-book about assad’s theory?, thank you

  2. uhffduefNo Gravatar says:


    could be responsible for making europe a zoo of multicoloured animals

    germany is officialy an islamic territory

    • Hamad SubaniNo Gravatar says:

      Sadly, Europeans continue to live in a controlled environment. And sadly, the only exposure to “Islam” they will have in their lifetimes are fake terrorist events and hordes of unruly migrants from countries where Islam has dissipated from public life, Illuminati controlled countries such as Morocco, where most of these migrants come from. Would this happen to genuine “free” people? And yet, out of pride, they will not wake up, and prefer living in a circus. The previous circus performance was the Cold War, and before that, the two World Wars. All of these projects were resounding successes for The Powers That Be.

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    Salam o alaikum brother Hamad! I really enjoyed you take and analysis on this subject of Dajjal/eschatology. I am wondering if you and Sheikh Imran Hosein, whom I consider as my teacher, are working together. Or if you too are aware of each other’s work. While Sheikh Imran is considered the for runner in this topic, I can see how he can still benefit from some points highlighted here. And you too can benefit immensely from his insight, for certainly Allah the almighty has blessed him with both eyes to see–I certainly can tell you as well are blessed equally madhallah! May Allah reward you for your effort! Wassalam o alaikum.

    Your brother,

    Sardar Nasim

    • Hamad SubaniNo Gravatar says:

      I am aware of Sheikh Imran Hosein’s Youtube Channel, and there is a lot I agree with him on, as well as some stuff I don’t agree with him on. He may be too apocalyptic for some, but again, in my opinion, that’s better than living in a false sense of security. But no, we are not working together. Neither did we ever have any contact whatsoever.

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