DDS Gentlemen Scandal Update

Dalhousie has released a 100-page task force report to pretend they care about the victims of the DDS Gentlemen Scandal. This isn’t as purely a PR stunt as the restorative justice hogwash was. Here are some gems from the same:

The report found faculty behaved inappropriately towards female students, making comments such as “She is hot” or “Not too hard to look at”.“In some respects, sexist comments had become normalized and went unnoticed,” the report states. “Students who attempt to call professors to account for inappropriate behaviour are ignored or told they are being unprofessional. There is very little evidence that faculty members are regularly monitored or held accountable for inappropriate behaviour.”

There was also a revelation in the report – the university admitted that a dentistry faculty member was fired two years ago because of sexual relationships with two female students.

Another faculty member told a female junior colleague that “he wouldn’t mind having an affair with her” while another is “widely known for looking at women’s breasts and not their faces”.

There was explicit graffiti in the Cavity, a well known student lounge in the dentistry school, that depicted a sketch of a man bending over and another man approaching him with an exposed penis. The caption reads “Oh (name redacted), I’m ready for you this time.”

In one stance, a staff member complained that a faculty member said things had changed in the dental school because “You can’t have oral sex with students anymore”. The report states female students had apparently requested not to be supervised by the male faculty member.

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