Dal Med student blackwashed? Who took his seat?

Another Dalhousie med student has been arrested after allegedly planning a massacre at Dalhousie. To quote,

Another Dalhousie Med Student Stephen Tynes was accused of planning a massacre at Dal, seeking to kill Dr. Evelyn Sutton and her daughter, and has been subsequently accused of stealing a cat, killing a cat and now rape. Why can’t they make up their minds?

During his appointment with Halifax psychiatrist Dr. Terry Chisholm, Tynes told Chisholm that he was going to be expelled from Dalhousie’s medical school and was going to stab Dr. Evelyn Sutton, the associate dean of undergraduate medical education, and her daughter, Ellen MacDonald, also a medical student at the school, Const. Andrew Nicholson wrote in the search warrant, which was returned to the court Friday. “Tynes also related to Dr. Chisholm that he would find a gun and kill 10 to 20 people and then himself,” Nicholson wrote. “Dr. Chisholm informed Tynes that she would be contacting the police regarding his threats, at which point he left her office in an agitated state.”

Something does not add up about whats being reported.

  1. Why was the student being expelled?
  2. What exactly was his issue with Dr. Evelyn Sutton, the associate dean of undergraduate medical education, and her daughter, Ellen MacDonald? Dr. Sutton is the assistant dean of admissions at Dalhousie Medical School and head of the rheumatology division, while MacDonald is also a medical student according to her Facebook profile.
  3. Was his shrink really acting in good faith?
  4. If there was really indeed such a serious threat on campus, why weren’t students notified immediately?
  5. Is there any kind of connection between this case and that of another med student arrested for murder? Both seem to be early med students. Who will their seats be going to?

    Regardless of whats going on, Dalhousie is clearly not a safe place anymore. Update: Now, Tynes is being accused of killing a cat, stealing a cat and sexual assault. Is this organized blackwashing? Make up your mind.

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