Dal Presidents make more than the NS Premier

Former Dal President Tom Traves continues to be the highest paid at Dalhousie University, even in retirement! View the contract here. Here are some comments made by viewers on the CBC website:

HardTruth: The next time Dalhousie or any other university blames government funding for tuition increases think twice. Overpaid management (not just the president) overpaid profs who couldn’t teach their way outta a paper bag.

Tronald Dump @HardTruth: They are also shifting a lot of the teaching to part time profs who get paid close to nothing.

Morlock: Only look at the JOB, not the person. Premier of the Province – $202,000. President of Dal – $457,000. So the President of a University is worth 2.5 times what the Premier of the Province is????

big yellow dog: Lifestyle of the rich and famous……all paid for by the poor and lowly NS taxpayer.Nothing new here folks….move along……it’s the NS way.

Shaun Brown: Well, assuming 8-hour days, it’s really only about $2,821.00 per hour.

Tronald Dump: You walk around Dal these days it looks like an ESL school. My brother teaches there part time, makes nothing while this tapeworm makes a corporate style salary for doing nothing. He says the quality of teaching is going down because so many of the students don’t really understand english so the prof is forced to tailor the classes to them while the other students suffer. Trave’s is the classic example of what is happening to higher education. He shouldn’t have run a university he should have run a travel agency. Meanwhile his replacement blew a whack of money for p.r. white noise for the School of Dentistry boondoogle. Another corporate response. Rumour has it tuition at Dal this year for women is down 20%. Regardless of what Corzine does he still waltz off into the sunset with a sweatheart deal. Again, yet more evidence of corporate influence. These people, their tribe, their mentality and their very faces disgust me.

Citizen of NS: If any Dal alumni are reading this article about Tom Traves, they should keep their cheque books ‘holstered’ the next time Dal comes to them looking for a donation. If it were me being asked to donate to Dal, they would be getting a stern letter of ‘disappointment’, maybe even ‘disgust’, and not a cheque. And Dal gets approx.+ 50% of its annual funding from us taxpayers, so we have a right to be disappointed/disgusted as well.

So is Traves being paid more than the Premier of Nova Scotia for running an ESL-style University, focused on foreign students? Or is it his handling of certain “situations,” such as mine?

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