How ISIL undercuts Genuine Resistance to the Syrian Government

Last Updated on June 30, 2019 by Hamad Subani

Ever wondered why ISIL/ISIS is being indirectly nurtured by Western countries? Ever wonder why their “foreign fighters” seem to congregate in London, the epicenter of the former British Empire, before taking the flight to Istanbul and then being transported to the Syrian front? Ever wonder why Western countries are head over heels in welcoming mainly Sunni Syrian refugees, which ensures their permanent eviction from the Levant, and their termination as a viable opposition to the Syrian Government?

Statistics produced by the Violence Documentation Center in Syria show some interesting anomalies…

By early 2016, nearly 11.5% of Syria’s population was wounded or killed. In other words, this is a genocide of Sunni Syria for the sake of a Greater Israel/Greater Iran. But rather than have the Syrian Government go after its Sunni civilians with gas chambers and mass graves, a war has been stirred up, that helps paint the actions of the Syrian Government as reactionary and even justified. And Russia is there, who happens to be an expert in organizing genocides (Circassian, Daghestani, Tatar, Ukranian, you name it). Bashar al-Assad has no endgame other than to carry out this genocide for as long as the world lets him. He will then abdicate and/or fake his death.

It is only natural that the Syrian Government would face violent opposition. But with ISIL/ISIS around, anyone on their way to join the opposition (or even assist them peacefully or financially) can be arrested as a terrorist. And should opposition grow strong, Russia and Western countries can even bomb them, claiming that they were targeting Al Qaida and/or ISIS/ISIL.

And no, the Syrian Government need not be worried about being bombed or invaded like Iraq or Taliban Afghanistan. They have been given free reign to complete their business. Of course, there will be token bombings here and there, but no attempts at regime change, even if they use real chemical weapons (Saddam had fake ones).


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