On the Islamic Precept of “Surrender”……..

Last Updated on June 30, 2019 by Hamad Subani

James Altucher is a blogger best known for his pieces on improving online productivity. A recent post of his had the rather politically incorrect title of “Six Ideas From Islam I Use To Find Success.” While vehemently denying any full fledged commitment to Islam or any association whatsoever, it seems Altucher has coopted some truisms from it, sharing his own unique interpretations with the rest of us. What I found most interesting was his take on the very word Islam, which classical Islamic theorists equate with “surrender.”

To quote,

“Islam” means “surrender”.

I think it is beautiful an entire religion is named after “surrender”.

Surrender to what?

That’s already thinking too much. I am a small tiny being with a gigantic star 96 million miles away keeping me alive.

And a billion years of DNA carving me into a biological tool that could survive for 100 years, give or take, on this planet.

We are surrounded only by stories, then skin, then cells and blood and air. And 97% of the matter in the universe is a total mystery to scientists and philosophers.

Surrender allows the unknown to happen as humbly as possible. Success is when we are ok with the unknown we invite in.


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    Visit Tolu Islam website for books(pdf) on subject.

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