On Convocation Ceremonies

Katie George-Jim, an Indigenous member of Dalhousie University’s board of governors claims to have encountered the most overt instance of discrimination in her life during a seemingly regular meeting of the board. We now know only because she spoke up. Imagine what students go through.

Katie George-Jim, an Indigenous member of Dalhousie University’s board of governors says she was subjected to institutionalized racism at a recent meeting, prompting a later apology from the board’s chairman (Lawrence Stordy). The meeting took place on 27th June 2017. Following the President’s report, there was time allotted for suggestions, comments and questions. Katie George-Jim drew attention to the proposed revision of the Ceremonial Mace. The Ceremonial Mace is a decorated staff that is used during the Convocation Ceremony. It features cryptic symbols used by the Powers That Be, Masonic emblems and the court of arms of the Dalhousie family, all intended to celebrate Dalhousie’s Criminal Cabal heritage. Cabal operatives love to flaunt these things before the gullible citizenry, as some kind of inside joke. Now that Dalhousie is airbrushing its Cabal heritage and pretending to be more inclusive, they have even claimed to be open to new ideas for redesigning the mace. Katie George-Jim sits on a committee that oversees the intended redesign of the mace. Katie George-Jim’s suggestion was shot down, and the Chair patronizingly reminded her that Board meetings were only to discuss institutional level problems. The meeting was not paused, and disturbingly, other participants did not seem to be concerned at all. To quote Katie George-Jim, “This incident was probably the most overt form of discrimination I have ever felt in my life.” On August 31st 2017, Katie George-Jim penned down a 6-page reflection on what had transpired.

University Convocation ceremonies are based on Masonic initiation rituals. You are being initiated into the lowest wrung of a Criminal organization, without even knowing it. The hats and the gowns are exactly the ones worn in Masonic Halls. And this is why trivial elements of the rite, such as the mace, have all these cryptic symbols on them And this is the reason why Dalhousie, while publicly calling for a redesign of the mace, is actually very hostile to the idea of a revision. Even if they do redesign it, I guarantee that the Masonic emblems on it will not go away. If this skullduggery disgusts you, do what I did. Avoid attending the convocation ceremony, and instead request the Registrar to mail your degree. This has to be done in advance. (Update: the mace design has recently been “revised”).

This episode demonstrates that Dalhousie’s attempts at diversity and inclusion are meant to be nothing more than window dressing. They are looking for compromised individuals who smile for website photographs and press conferences rather than real representatives of different cultures and ethnic groups. Not surprisingly, board members representing other groups were also present at this meeting, and they have preferred to either remain silent or to contradict Katie George-Jim. Even if genuine inclusion and diversity are attained in Dal governance, the situation would still be just as hopeless. Because real decisions pertaining to this University are made in the lodges of secret societies. There is no attempt to introduce female empowerment, inclusion and diversity in these secret societies and fraternities because these are cabalist people who are into extreme faggery brotherly love, and have no use for females and minorities.

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