Is Dalhousie University Going “Black Op” on Whistle-blowers? Med Student Flees to Ecuador as Psychiatry being Weaponized to Brush Critics as Delusional

Last Updated on July 11, 2019 by Hamad Subani

Chris Hillier, Med student & victim of Dalhousie “Black Ops.”

When I first began documenting my persecution at Dalhousie University, I was of the opinion that such persecution would normally be faced by foreign students, Muslim students or students studying/investigating Conspiracy. But now a Dalhousie Medical Student named Chris Hillier has demonstrated that Dalhousie can go “Black Op” even on regular, everyday students studying tame service professions like Medicine. Based on the account of Chris, inadvertently crossing faculty members with Cabal connections, and standing up for yourself when you are treated unfairly, is enough to trigger the Department of Black Ops at Dalhousie. In other words, we are dealing with a trigger-happy Cabal which has backdoor access to the services of Canadian Intelligence and the Canadian Military, a Cabal which is clearly not used to being questioned or challenged in any way.

As I mentioned at the start of this book I am irrelevant. To focus on the messenger takes away from the message. However, I think when you’ve been under a credibility attack as I have been since filing the human rights lawsuit with Dalhousie it is important to show people the truth about who you really are instead of a discrediting narrative created.

Chris Hillier, 2018

On May 7th 2018, I received the following from Dalhousie Med Student Chris Hillier,

Hello, I am a medical student at Dalhousie with no criminal record and no history of violence. After filing a human rights lawsuit with the University I have been harassed by law enforcement and they have tried to frame me as a terrorist. I have had to leave Canada and I am now living under international protection from the government of Ecuador. I decided to write a book that I have not published yet regarding what happened to me with supporting written, audio and video evidence. I believe this would be of interest seeing as how they also tried to frame you. If you would like a free copy send along a hotmail or gmail address and I will ensure you receive a copy. Cheers, Chris.

We need to examine carefully, his version of the events leading up to this drastic choice.

You can view Chris’s LinkedIn here. You can find his Facebook account here: (mysteriously blocked by Facebook) new Facebook Account here: You may additionally contact him at or  A backup link for his book can be found here, and a 1.31 GB version of this book, which comes loaded with several audio and video recordings that support his claims, can be downloaded here. Note that his account of what took place begins at page 47.

Chris secretly left Canada one year four months before he would become a physician. No Medical student in his or her true mind would ever leave behind a hardly sought career in which they had invested a major portion of their life and resources, for the uncertainty of living in a poor and undeveloped country. To quote Chris,

I shut down my electronics and slowly pulled away from my friend’s house headed to the airport knowing I could never look back. I’ve never been an emotional man, but I cried on the drive to the airport knowing I wouldn’t hug my son before his first day of school, I wouldn’t experience the joy of watching him grow up, I wouldn’t see him walk across the stage on his graduation day and I would never be apart of his life in anyway, not even a distant memory. I reflected on how the 8 years of university (5 years of undergraduate work and 3 years of medical school) would be useless in a country where I can’t speak the language, but traveling to the US, England, Australia and New Zealand would not be a safe option. knowing it would never be safe for me to step foot on Canadian soil again and that there was a good chance I would die as a refugee in a foreign country.

We need to examine carefully, his version of the events leading up to this drastic choice.

Timeline of Events

This timeline of events is according to Chris, and as stated in his book, and occasionally supported by documentary/audio/video evidence). I felt it was necessary to recreate the timeline because his book was written in hurried circumstances.

Chris inadvertently trips up the Cabal at Dalhousie

Friction develops between Chris and the preceptor at his rotation. The Preceptor is an Almighty all-powerful Department Head. Reflecting on the incident, Chris later writes,

I had had some friction with Dr. Jackson in terms of a disagreement over a diagnosis that, in hindsight, I can see I could have handled in a way that deferred to his ultimate authority and responsibility but also maintained my integrity with regard to the patient. I am concerned that this incident also coloured his forward feeding within the rotation.

Around January 2017, Chris was failed the Internal Medicine rotation, and was asked to complete a remediation. He had scored 79% on the written exam though, and when the other evaluations of this rotation were later obtained, they were largely positive. According to Chris, confidential information related to Chris’ ADD, was passed to other preceptors managing other rotations. In one later case, a physician managing another rotation would enter information about Chris’ divorce and how it was negatively impacting him in his CARMS section (the part that goes to all schools when applying for a residency position). Chris had never informed the said physician about his personal life.

Around May 2017, Chris was failed another different rotation (with a different doctor). He had scored 85% on the written exam though. Later when he obtained the evaluations pertaining to this rotation, it was discovered that all the evaluations for this rotation were positive, but he was failed in the end of unit evaluation. Chris believes that at this point, a campaign of negative information was undertaken against him, and confidential information related to his ADD was being passed around. On 22nd June 2017, a remediation plan would be approved for this rotation.

Feeling mistreated, Chris made medical student mistreatment questionnaire with Google Docs (which would maintain the anonymity of participants). He posted it on the Dalhousie Facebook page. It was taken down in minutes. This seemingly innocuous act could have had far reaching ramifications. The Cabal at Dalhousie is not used to criticism, and they get easily triggered. Chris then applied for a review of the remediation decision and made a Complaint to Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME) and Student Affairs within Medicine. By now, the Black Dragon was breathing fire. The Cabal at Dalhousie would now transform what had started off as an issue between Chris and his preceptor into an all-out war.

Why would the Cabal at Dalhousie be triggered by a Complaint? It seems that after my case (and maybe several others), Complaints regarding mistreatment at Dalhousie are being scrutinized by authorities outside Dalhousie, and outside the province. It seems there was an attempt to prevent Chris’ Complaint from making it into the end of year Report on Mistreatment, which is important to the University accreditation process. It appears that this was more paramount than defending the preceptor.

A Cabal Operation Begins….

Anyone in Chris’s position could sense that far from being cooperative, the University was being hostile. Chris was unsure about beginning the remediation process because by then, other evaluations of his rotation had not yet been obtained (When they were obtained, they were largely positive). On March 27th 2017, Chris escalated his Complaint beyond the Faculty of Medicine, to Student Affairs (University) and to the President of the University. That same day, several simultaneous events unfolded.

Dalhousie Insists Chris is the Problem, and makes an allegation against his Mental Health

According to Chris, an allegation against his mental health was made that very day. He claims he received an email from Dalhousie asking him to come in for a mental health assessment with a Dalhousie psychiatrist associated with Student Affairs within Medicine as there were concerns that he was “delusional.”

Dalhousie Swoops in to Disrupt Chris’ Academic Life

Chris believes that by being tricked into clicking the email links, he was placed on a Terrorist Watch List, which gave The Powers That Be legal powers to spy on him.

Chris was pulled from clinic and was not allowed to write an exam, despite having never failed a written or clinical skills exam during medical school. It would be weeks before he returned to his normal schedule. Note that this was done before Dalhousie was able to make any assessment of Chris’ mental health.

Attempts to Frame Chris for Terrorism….Electronic Warfare and the emails from “ISIS”

You don’t want these people searching for you on LinkedIn…

Chris began receiving a series of fake emails in his Dalhousie account by someone using his wife’s name. The content of some of these emails directed him to click on hyperlinks, which led to what appeared to be terrorist websites. Chris searched for the owners of the email addresses. Some of the email addresses were linked to American Facebook accounts, and some of the Facebook accounts belonged to members of the military. Chris believes that by being tricked into clicking the email links, he was placed on a Terrorist Watch List, which gave The Powers That Be legal powers to spy on him. These emails would later mysteriously disappear from his Dalhousie email account. But he preserved them by forwarding them to another email account. While the emails originated from different countries, an analysis of the IP addresses revealed that they all passed through the ISP of Hewlett-Packard in Palo Alto, California.

Assuming the emails from “ISIS” were real, would that imply that Dalhousie (or the Cabal) can summon the services of ISIS?

Chris believes that the electronic harassment was carried on by the Montreal-based Calian Group and/or its partners. Dalhousie has links to Calian. Tony Griffiths, a former chairman of Calian, gave a talk at Dalhousie’ Rowe School of Business on 17th March 2017 (ten days earlier). Calian is also listed on the Maritime Resident Doctors website as a potential employer. They are described as one of Canada’s largest healthcare companies. Later on, firewall logs would reveal separate intrusions from Virginia, Seattle and Montreal. In addition, Chris’ LinkedIn revealed that private security companies and the Canadian Military were searching for him online.

This raises an interesting scenario. Assuming the emails from “ISIS” were real, would that imply that Dalhousie (or the Cabal) can summon the services of ISIS?

Dalhousie’s in-house Shrink equates Criticism with “Paranoid Delusional Disorder”

…….your function now seems compromised in my opinion.

On April 3rd, Chris attended a meeting with Dalhousie administration. Also in the meeting was Dalhousie’s in-house psychiatrist (and also Medical School Assistant Dean, Student Affairs and Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry) Dr. Joanne Macdonald. Dr. Macdonald wrote Chris an email-letter which he was required to send to his family physician Dr. Maclean who was to do an independent assessment. To quote from Dr. Macdonald’s letter,

The rationale of why a senior physician leader would target you, a Med 3 student, and influence others to so so, is not evident or likely. As you also heard from me directly I am concerned that this represents more than “a healthy skepticism” that you hold as a high value and is towards an ‘overvalued idea’ or ‘idea of reference” in mental health terms, the furthest extent of which is delusion. Your sleep deprivation, and the stress about the worry of victimization, your new family and son, implications for your future, all can lead to a state of overarousal that further can impact thought, sight and judgement. While you report that your recent responses reflect long held beliefs and personality traits, and not your illness, your function now seems compromised in my opinion.

To quote Chris on this alleged distortion,

Receiving a letter like this from a psychiatrist paints a clear picture of delusional disorder and clearly biases the evaluation. The only problem is that none of it was true as you will see in Dr. Maclean’s report and conversation only days later. Dr. Macdonald makes reference to me having thoughts of a conspiratory nature for simply filing a complaint of unfair treatment after I explained that I irritated a preceptor. She mentions that it is not evident or likely before any investigation despite me having signed documents from physicians demonstrating that objectively false information was being placed on my evaluation. Dr. Macdonald also states in the letter to my physician concern regarding my sleep pattern despite me explaining there was no change in sleep. Futhermore, in her letter she adds that I have increasing stress and demands which is a risk factor for delusional disorder despite me stating that this was not the case several times during our meeting. She adds to letter that my function is now compromised which would indicate that delusional disorder is present and is one of the 2 criteria for psychiatric hospitalization with the other being a threat to themselves or others.  However, I scored 79% on the internal medicine exam, a 4 and 9 point jump from my previous 2 exams in family medicine and psychiatry which I scored 75% and 70% respectively. This is clear evidence that my function was not compromised.

Dr. Macdonald obtained consent from Chris to contact his family physician, Dr. Maclean, and Chris reluctantly agreed. To quote Chris,

Dr. Macdonald later had a private 1 hour conversation where she spoke for 50 minutes trying to bias my physician to diagnose me with delusional disorder without even asking for his assessment.

…….the onus should be on them to look into issue before pulling me from clinic and saying I have mental health issues.

On 7th April 2017, Dr. Maclean conducted a two hour mental health assessment report, and his findings indicated that there was no evidence of delusional disorder, and he did not believe further psychiatric assessments were needed. He also indicated that confidential information related to Chris’ ADD was passed forward to him. This information was supposed to be only with the Faculty of Medicine, not the President’s Office which was now overseeing the situation. His assessment was conveyed to Dalhousie. In a private conversation with Chris, Dr. Maclean would elaborate. To quote Chris,

Dr. Maclean explaining that the onus should be on them to look into issue before pulling me from clinic and saying I have mental health issues. He continues by stating that putting anyone under the microscope will show traits, to expect me to disprove a diagnosis there was no evidence of was not reasonable.

In follow up, Chris was advised by Dalhousie that there was no mistreatment and they would not be following up further with regards to his concerns. Despite the fact that their initial position that Chris was “Delusional” had been completely refuted.

Dal Goes “Delusional;” Tries to disprove Chris’ ADD and instead tries to get a diagnosis for Paranoid Delusional Disorder (by hook or by crook…..)

It seems that Dalhousie wanted to fix him up with an assessor of their choice, who would deny an ADD diagnosis, thereby also denying accommodation for a learning disability. And it seems they were instead seeking a diagnosis that would paint him as delusional.

Dalhousie provided a remediation plan through the Progress Committee decision of August 9, 2017. Chris had until September 5th 2017 to appeal it. According to this decision, Chris would have to sign an “Education Contract” and undergo a “Psycho-educational Assessment” through a psychologist of Dalhousie’s choosing (an-in house shrink rather than his family doctor). Chris subsequently underwent assessments and all of them confirmed his ADD. He paid for them out of pocket (and their cost ran into thousands of dollars), even though Dalhousie had initially assured him it would be of no cost. It seems that Dalhousie wanted to fix him up with an assessor of their choice, who would deny an ADD diagnosis, thereby also denying accommodation for a learning disability. And it seems they were instead seeking a diagnosis that would paint him as delusional.

Chris drafted a letter to the Dean of Medicine, requesting clarifications and suggesting improvements to the remediation plan. He also stated that he would have no option but to appeal the Progress Committee decision if there was no cooperation from the Dean. Chris subsequently appealed.

Dr. Evelyn Sutton…if you see this face on campus, RUN!

Chris then made an accommodation request dated 5th September 2017. This was a psycho-educational assessment to better understand his learning needs with regards to the ADD. In his request, his family doctor who manages his ADD, states that the only issue Chris may face is that of adjusting to new environments, and he suggests that Chris be allowed to spend longer time on each rotation. This is clearly a very reasonable request.  But Dr. Evelyn Sutton (Associate Dean UGME) upholded the Progress Committee decision of August 9, 2017, overriding Quinta Adams (the person in charge of learning accommodations for Dalhousie School of Medicine) and Dalhousie’s own policies on accommodations for people with documented learning disabilities by denying to accept the aforesaid accommodation request. Chris was also pulled from another rotation (again) and prevented him from writing an exam (again). In an email dated 11th September 2017, she outlines her rationale that Chris cannot attend rotations without an accommodation plan in place, and according to her, an accommodation plan requires a psycho-educational assessment.

However, it seemed Dalhousie was not comfortable with Chris’ family doctor providing such an assessment. As of 12th September 2017, Chris’ family doctor was still not forwarded any specifics of the assessment required by Dalhousie. Chris requested Dr. Sutton to do so, who replied in a 12th September 2017 email that Chris has not yet signed the Educational Contract, and without that there could be no action on UGME’s part. And that Chris had filed an appeal last week, and thus everything was on hold until the Appeal was resolved. Chris countered that he had dropped off the signed contract on August 30th 2017.

Chris found himself locked out of his Dal Medix Account.

Chris found himself locked out of his Dal Medix Account. Thankfully, he had already downloaded and saved the other evaluations of his rotations, which greatly strengthen his case.

Dr. Evelyn Sutton was earlier in the news in September 2015, when another Medical student, Stephen Gregory Tynes allegedly told his shrink that he wanted to kill her and her daughter, who was also a student of the Medical School. This revelation by his shrink resulted in Tynes being immediately arrested. These charges were later dropped. To quote,

Another Dalhousie Med Student Stephen Tynes was accused of planning a massacre at Dal, seeking to kill Dr. Evelyn Sutton and her daughter, and has been subsequently accused of stealing a cat, killing a cat and now rape. Why can’t they make up their minds?

“We weren’t able to satisfy the court beyond a reasonable doubt that…the accused had uttered the words to the therapist with the intent that they be taken seriously or used to intimidate or to instill fear in the victim,” Crown Prosecutor Eric Taylor said outside court Monday.


In the peace bond hearing Monday, Tynes’s psychiatrist Dr. Terry Chisholm testified that, on July 29, he told her he was afraid of being too aggressive around other people.

The associate dean of the medical school, Evelyn Sutton, was working with Tynes on his re-admission application because he hadn’t completed second year classes. Sutton said she also confronted Tynes after other medical students complained about what they felt were inappropriate posts on Facebook. The content of the posts was not revealed in court.

Tynes said in a psychiatric meeting he was feeling angry and boxed in, Chisholm said.

During their next meeting in August, he told Chisholm that he was being treated unfairly and felt he could be forced out. She said he was quite upset and agitated.

Doesn’t this sound like a replay of what happened to Chris? Since then, Tynes been suspended from the Medical School, and has subsequently been accused of stealing a cat, killing a cat and now rape. He is confined to Truro and is prohibited from entering the Dalhousie campus. There is clearly much more to the story than what meets the eye. Maybe he is being “Black Op”d.

Dal Goes “Black Ops”

Attempts to Further Derail an ADD Diagnosis by Inducing Stressful Situations

On 27th September 2017, Chris received a voicemail from an RCMP Constable claiming that she was following up on the complaint of an attendant (not named) who alleged that he had drove off without paying for gas.

Chris had contacted the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission on 18th September 2017 with the intention of filing a Human Rights Case, since he felt he was being discriminated on account of his ADD. He continued to work on his Human Rights Case following September 2017, refusing to go through Dalhousie’s internal Human Rights Board. One day, he noticed that only files pertaining to this case were swiped from his computer.

Around this time, emails in his Dalhousie inbox also started disappearing. Voicemails from his VOIP phone suddenly became inaccessible. By September 23rd, the harassment was escalating. He had his vehicle vandalised. Tantallon RCMP pulled him over six times for no apparent reason (but never issued tickets which would serve as proof of the incidents).

Chris’ iPhone showing logins into his Apple account from other locations, and from devices he does not own.

On 26th September 2017, Chris purchased some gas from an Ultramar in Dartmouth. He paid for it, and has a credit card statement to prove so. On 27th September 2017, he received a voicemail from a Constable Veckeman of the RCMP claiming that she was following up on the complaint of an attendant (not named) who alleged that he had drove off without paying for gas.  He has a video of this voicemail playing. Constable Veckeman then showed at his doorstep. Chris’ online bank account had been mysteriously “unlinked” from his bank account, preventing him from getting an online credit card statement.  But luckily, he was able to furnish the receipt. This was one day prior to another “Psycho-educational Assessment” with Dr. Corkum, which if shown positive for ADD, would mean that Dalhousie had to arrange an accommodation for Chris. It seems this was to stress him before the assessment, so that an ADD diagnosis would not succeed.

Chris also discovered a monitoring software (more specifically, a mouse tracker) installed on his computer. This was confirmed by independent technicians. He also started discovering that there had been multiple logins into his iPhone’s Apple account from Upper Tantallon, Annapolis Valley, Woodside and Montreal. He notifies the RCMP via email. They ask him to file a Complaint with the local detachment. Chris owns an iPhone 7 and a laptop. Some of the logins were from an iPhone5S and an iPad. On 12th December 2017, Chris would receives a notice from Apple saying that they blocked his iCloud account. This is usually done on an automated basis if there are suspicious logins into an account from multiple locations. On 2nd March 2018, a former Canadian Special Forces Psy-ops team leader bumped into Chris at a bar, and offered to help him with computer forensics if Chris gave his laptop to him. This soldier seems to have been aware of Chris’ situation, and acknowledged that Psy-Ops had taken place against him, but the Psy-Ops had been halted for now. Chris has included screenshots of this soldier’s bio, and indeed he was a Psy Ops Team Leader for the Canadian Forces (October 2008 – September 2011) in the Halifax Area. He is currently a Recruiting Sergeant for the Department of National Defence and a Small Arms Instructor for Canadian Forces. After Chris avoided giving his laptop to this man, the soldier made his Facebook profile invisible to Chris, although previously they had friended each other on Facebook.

What does a Canadian Special Forces Psy-ops team leader do in his spare time?

ADD Diagnosis Superseded by the Intervention of the Mental Health Mobile Crisis Team

The final day of his psycho-educational assessment with Dr. Corkum was scheduled for 28th September 2017. The diagnosis was later revealed to be attention deficit disorder with non verbal learning disorder. There was no mention of paranoid delusional disorder. While Chris would learn this later on, it seems the Powers That Be received immediate knowledge of this, which is evidenced by what unfolded later that day. They had to quickly establish a case for paranoid delusional disorder as soon as possible, and they would do so through additional Black Ops. Here is his account of what transpired later that day:

The final day of my psychoeducational assessment with Dr. Corkum that was scheduled for September 28, 2017 I was approached at home by constable Mark Taylor of Halifax regional police, Erica Veckeman of Tantallon RCMP and a plain clothed female. They showed up in a civilian van stating that “my ex Cheryl called concerned that I was paranoid” the previous night. I have never dated nor do I know any Cheryl. Dalhousie later used this information as a reason to not use Dr. Corkum’s recommendations and diagnosis of my ADD stating that I was “delusional” even though Dr. Corkum had not reported any findings of delusional disorder in her psychoeducational assessment.

[……]I decided it was not in my best interest to fight back but still ended up being slammed onto the ground banging my head in the process. I sustained lacerations, bruises and three displaced ribs during the assault.

On my way to the hospital I requested to call my attorney to safeguard the laptop but was denied. It wasn’t until several hours later that I was permitted to call an attorney. I also asked to charge my phone after Constable Taylor returned it to me dead with missing photos of the monitoring software from my laptop.

Chris’ Facebook. The language has been changed to Arabic. And Multiple logins continue from other locations, and from devices he never owned.

His Laptop would be confiscated that day and he would be locked up. This laptop had forensic evidence of a monitoring software and the unauthorized logins into his Apple account as well as important emails. Even while Chris was locked up and had no access to computers or his phone, his Facebook mysteriously changed to Arabic language, and there were multiple logins into his Facebook account from devices he did not own. Chris now had the evaluations of the rotations in which he was failed. He intended to submit them in his appeal of the remediation plan. But since he was locked up, he could no longer send his evaluations to the Progress Committee for their Second meeting. He requested the email contacts of Progress Committee members, but was denied them.

The Mobile Crisis Team forced him to take a new psychological assessment without his ADD drugs, and diagnosed him of delusional order. Who called Mobile Health Crisis on the 28th of September 2017 remains a mystery. To quote Chris,

Mobile Health Crisis, along with police, show up in this civilian van!

So who called mobile health crisis? They claimed it was my ex the night before but she confirmed that they called her explaining they received anonymous calls stating people were worried about me. This is a great way to start getting people worried and creating the narrative of a pseudo collateral history that would lead to a diagnosis of delusional disorder. If someone called me from mobile crisis saying a friend of mine had their family and friends anonymously calling in worried about them the natural response is one of concern. By convoluting the cause and effect they create a collateral history consistent with a psychiatric diagnosis. It functions very smoothly and efficiently like a very well oiled and finely tuned machine.

Instead of being triaged and seen in psych emerg by Dr. Bhalla who was the attending psychiatrist when I arrived, I was placed in a private hall with constable Taylor for a couple of hours. I was seen by a resident physician that stated she would need to call Dr. Aylott (Dalhousie) to determine if I needed to stay for a 72 hour assessment. Dr. Aylott who I did not see that day recommended I stay for a 72 hour assessment. However, instead of admitting me to 6 lane the short stay unit to have my assessment done, which as I understand is typical procedure that I was instead admitted directly to 7 lane the long stay unit.

I was admitted under Dr. Donna Davis, a friend of Dr. Macdonald who immediately stopped my ADHD medication and provided me with my first diagnosis of paranoid delusional disorder, the same diagnosis her friend and Dalhousie employee Dr. Macdonald alleged that was refuted by an independent assessment by a physician months earlier.

They would claim an anonymous call came in and would physically take my phone away leaving me with no way to communicate what had been and was about to be done to me. Dr. Davis stated that I did not have capacity to make treatment decisions and I was forced to take medication (olanzapine), an atypical antipsychotic that causes memory loss, depression and is cognitively dulling. I thought this was preposterous as I could site the side effect profile of the different medications along with the risks and benefits of each as well as the risks and benefits of not taking the medication. I was forced to take the medication so I contacted an attorney to arrange a meeting with the capacity board to determine that I did indeed have capacity to make treatment decisions. Several weeks later the day before the capacity board meeting Dr. Davis cancelled it acknowledging that I did indeed have capacity. It is months later and I am still forced to take this medication which impairs function by dulling cognitive abilities and causes depression.

By the time Chris was fully discharged, his laptop had disappeared. And he lost custody of his son. Needless to say, what began in January 2017 took a serious toll on his marriage, which was destroyed in the course of events. He could no longer attend rotations at Medical School, nor get accommodation for his learning disability. His career at Dalhousie Medical School had been had been completely routed.

Continued Persecution and Relocation to Ecuador

CSIS assures plausible deniability.

Is the Dalhousie Vice President of the Student Union still being watched by the Cabal?

After being discharged from hospital, Chris sought roommates online for renting a place. One woman from Kijiji agreed to move in with him. She claimed to be the mother of two RCMP officers, who would subsequently show up and harass Chris. She also once stated to Chris that she and her “friends” were keeping a close eye on Masuma Khan, a VP of the Dalhousie Student Union, who irked the Cabal by standing up for the rights of the indigenous people. Be careful Masuma! This woman didn’t pay her rent and instead gifted away property worth $700 to her family. Keys for the mailbox went missing. For Chris, the living arrangement was full of drama and gas lighting. This woman also seemed to know extremely private information about Chris. Chris was forced to move out after she didn’t pay the final month’s rent.

On 23rd October 2017, Nova Scotia Legal Aid informed Chris that they would be closing his file because he was in hospital.

One of Chris’ new “girlfriends” turned out to be a psychologist working for Calian!

On January 10th 2018: Chris’ girlfriend was approached by two people while dining at Jack Astors on Bayers Road. They described private information that Chris had previously discussed with another person over email and text. They also encouraged her to break up with Chris. Other women entering his life seemed to have a connection to Military or Intelligence. One of them tried to gaslight Chris into believing she had seen a rat turned out to be a psychologist at Dalhousie, as well as a psychologist with Calian at the Canadian Forces Base at Gagetown. She was then working as a psychologist for the Canadian Forces (Chris has included a screenshot of her LinkedIn profile after he discovered it).

A freedom of information request Chris sent to CSIS on 6th February 2018 requesting information on his persecution was returned with the evasive “we neither confirm nor deny the existence of the requested information.”

Fearing continued retaliation, Chris left Canada. He was fully aware of what happened to Stephen Gregory Tynes who seemed to have crossed the same Dr. Evelyn Sutton, and he clearly told me over private chat, that the same fate awaited him in Canada. He made the initial mistake of going to London, only to face more stalking and harassment there. But on 29th March 2018, Chris was granted entry into Ecuador, where he resides at the time of publishing this article. Who knew that choosing Dalhousie would result in an aborted Medical degree, being tainted as “Delusional,” being framed for terrorism, getting divorced, losing custody of a child, and fleeing overseas?

When I first contacted Chris over Facebook Messenger (He was in Ecuador), I noticed the next day that I had been somehow blocked from contacting him or even viewing his profile. I posted this observation to a little blurb made for Chris on Cabal Times, and the next day, everything was normal. Chris informed me that his Facebook was acting weird lately, such as enrolling him in Arabic language groups and crypto-currency groups without his permission. This has only intrigued me even more with his case. Remember that Dalhousie is a Cabal without borders.

Important Lessons to be Learnt

While these lessons may be specific to Dalhousie, similar Cabals are noted to flourish in other Universities as well.

  1. Based on my personal experience at Dal, I was under the impression that I was targeted for my research interests, and it was independent-minded people, foreign students, Muslims, Palestinians etc. who had a greater propensity of being targeted at Dalhousie. But Chris’ experience shows that even if you are none of the above, you will face the wrath of the Cabal if you trip them, even unknowingly or inadvertently. Making a normal Complaint of unfair treatment is enough to rattle them.
  2. Based on the number of anomalies emerging from the Dalhousie Medical School, the Cabal at Dalhousie is clustered at the Medical School. It’s not that they like to treat people with Compassion or fight diseases. Rather, they love the prospect of juggling money. An institution like Dalhousie can gobble up more than CAD $222 million of taxpayer money a year (2017-18 figure) while returning little, and a lot of this ends up in the Medical School. It is money like this which attracts the families of the Halifax Criminal Elite to flood all fatcat positions in Dalhousie administration, generation after generation. The result is a University with a lot of taxpayer money being splurged on fatcat salaries, supporting the families of the Halifax Criminal Elite, their children and even their grandchildren. They may make a building or two (and name it after Cabal operatives), they may renew facilities, equipment etc. but top-tier administration left at the disposal of sneaky, prurient, criminal-minded and lowly people. They see Dalhousie as their little Israel personal fiefdom, and their biggest priority is guarding their turf from everyday people. Filing a Complaint about systemic issues can seriously rattle them, because such Complaints, if ending up in the year-end reports, may affect accreditation, opening the doors for regime change.
  3. Be warned that should you submit any documentary evidence of mental health issues or learning disabilities to Dal, The Cabal will gleefully pass it around in their circles like a box of chocolates, with no respect for your confidentiality.
  4. Be warned that any documentary evidence of mental health issues or learning disabilities will be weaponized and used against you, should you trip the Cabal.
  5. Any request made by Dalhousie for a mental health evaluation should be treated as a huge red flag. If they insist on their in-house psychiatrist carrying out the evaluation, this is an even bigger red flag. This could be a sign that that you are being targeted. Lawyer up immediately.
  6. Be warned that many shrinks in Halifax have links to Dalhousie. They will jump at the opportunity to discredit you if the Cabal makes a friendly request to them. Chris got lucky that his family doctor had integrity.
  7. Never use your Dalhousie email for private correspondence. Back up and save all emails already in that account, because they will start disappearing if the Cabal comes after you.

My Déjà vu

To quote Chris again,

So who called mobile health crisis? They claimed it was my ex the night before but she confirmed that they called her explaining they received anonymous calls stating people were worried about me. This is a great way to start getting people worried and creating the narrative of a pseudo collateral history that would lead to a diagnosis of delusional disorder. If someone called me from mobile crisis saying a friend of mine had their family and friends anonymously calling in worried about them the natural response is one of concern. By convoluting the cause and effect they create a collateral history consistent with a psychiatric diagnosis. It functions very smoothly and efficiently like a very well oiled and finely tuned machine.

Chris is explaining how the Cabal initiates whisper campaigns against targeted individuals. In the case of Chris, it was effective because his family was already distanced, and his spouse already had issues. And most important of all, Medical Students, by the very nature of their work, have comparatively large social circles. The bigger the social circle, the more effective the whisper campaign.

But in my case, I had no social at circle at Dalhousie or in the local Muslim community. I wasn’t interested in dating and never entered into a relationship while at University. This was because I viewed the opportunity to attend University as my biggest priority. And I had busied myself, learning new things every day, many of which were extra-curricular. When I was targeted, I noticed numerous attempts to forcibly create a social circle and relationships for me. In the beginning, it was quite amusing. The main actors were people from the local Muslim community.

One such couple showed up when we first moved to Halifax. I later learnt that this couple would “check out” new residents on behalf of Intelligence. Their commitment to Islam appeared to be bogus. The husband would invite himself to all important Muslim gatherings and events. He also became a financially contributing board member for several mosques. Yet, I could sense a reeking disdain for religion in him. It also made no sense why a Jewish Member of Parliament would be holed up in their home for hours. As I later learnt, this couple were operatives of the said MP. The wife became overly friendly with me. Yet, I found her obnoxious. She had a certain manliness about her, which I disdain in females. She was known to brainwash young females with feminist ideas. But what was weird was that she was a complete acolyte of her husband, and I assumed her feminism was bogus. She was also rumored to be a homosexual, and would specifically target married Muslim women. This did not make sense either. Dating websites were available back then, and I did not understand why she would limit her pool to Muslim women, especially when there is a realistic possibility of drama and even violence from the families of such women. As I would later learn, even her homosexuality was bogus. She would target women whom Intelligence was targeting. And her home had secret cameras fitted everywhere. She was trying to get them into compromising positions, so that they could be blackmailed by Intelligence and used against their families.

When my persecution at Dalhousie began, I noticed the face of the wife on the front cover of the Dalhousie Gazette. As I would later learn, members of the Cabal flaunt their operatives to each other through such means. This could have also been an internal signal that my “fix” had been found. Soon enough, another young female, whom I had known as a really close “friend” of the wife (despite the wife being decades older) started intruding into my life. In the beginning it was just pleasantries….her English was bad, and she needed help on University assignments etc. But then she began making all sorts of advances. What was really weird was that she was careful never to leave behind any evidence of her advances (even though she was unmarried back then). I began noticing a pattern….she would mysteriously show up in stores, parking lots and places where I happened to be. She would hint that she wanted my friendship in every way, and that she wanted me coming to her home. But at the same time, she was extremely careful never to leave behind any evidence of her involvement. Her emails to me would instead try to shame me and warn me not to pursue her. I refused to have any of it, and in preparation to rubbish the forced relationship, wrote her angry emails where I clearly stated that I did not want to be a part of her masquerade, or whatever she was trying to accomplish. She instantly forwarded these emails to several people, including members of my family, and gave them the impression that she never knew me, and that I was stalking her. This further strengthened my resolve to break all ties not just with her, but also with her loser family, who had a disturbing tendency of getting high on drama.

As I mentioned before, back then I had no social circle in the local Muslim community. I attended Friday prayers at the mosque not because I liked the sermons, but out of religious obligation. Imagine my horror when the preacher, a self-imposed leader of the Muslim community in Halifax, started dropping hints about my issues with this girl. He was trying to convince me that I was at fault and that I should make amends with her out of religious obligation! I had zero faith in this preacher’s credibility. He seemed to believe that taking control of charitable institutions through malevolent techniques also imbued him with religious understanding (which was definitely not the case). A little investigation revealed that another female “disciple” of the couple had taken up residence in the Preacher’s home. Intelligence was calling the shots now.

As for the female who tried her best to target me, she was rewarded for her “services.” One day, while walking past the ISANS office, guess whose face I notice plastered over a large window advertisement. She was now supervising one of their programs. She had a medical degree from a college in another part of the world, a degree which is treated as garbage in Canada. And her college has been bombed out. Soon enough, she had her foreign degree recognized in Nova Scotia (a rare accomplishment in which connections play an important role) and she is currently practicing. Despite never being a bright student and struggling with the English language. She was a textbook narcissist, and could not move a bone in her body unless she could get something out of someone. She lacked the empathy to treat people. I wouldn’t trust her to treat a dog. I can only imagine what would happen if someone being targeted by Intelligence ends up becoming her patient. But her family is giddy with her success story, and since I facilitated the jackpot, I keep getting warm smiles from them, despite my attempts to snub them at every turn.

Selected Quotes from the Book

If police, military special forces and intelligence agencies continue running black operations with no transparency or accountability this will be the greatest terrorist threat to public safety.

Chris Hillier on our Looming Societal Failure.

However, I am proposing that perhaps the brains of large connected organised criminal enterprises that former presidents recognized the power of but were unable to specifically identify exist in Universities. If you were to draw a mind map as I did, it is easy to see what connects politicians, executive bankers, media, intelligence agencies, military officers, pharmaceutical industry, psychiatrists and the department of justice. They are all trained at these institutions and maintain social connections with other alumni. I’m not suggesting this is a secret society that meets wearing hoods and holding candles, but is simply the result of social networks forming where influence is used to help achieve the interests of an individual or organization.

Chris Hillier on why the Cabal is based in University itself

There is currently no way to communicate covert harassment without being diagnosed with either delusional disorder or paranoid schizophrenia. There is no consideration as to the possibility that this is happening. This poses a diagnostic challenge for psychiatrists as they are not present to witness the harassment and most psychiatrists know nothing about the programs mentioned above which are just scratching the surface. During medical school training we are taught not to focus on challenging the views of someone expected to be delusional (which would involve considering the evidence) but instead to focus on how the patient feels for a diagnosis. In fact, they admitted and treated many people that did describe the programs above when they were occurring.

I propose one way to sort this out is by considering the response to treatment. For example, atypical or second-generation antipsychotics are antagonists of dopamine and serotonin receptors thereby blocking the pleasurable effects on these neurotransmitters. If someone’s dopamine levels were too high, they would be restored to a normal level and the psychotic symptoms will go away. In contrast, if the person was not psychotic and had normal dopamine levels they would experience depression and the pseudo-symptoms would not go away be the harassment is occurring.

Some things that suggest there is an abnormally high number of cases of these conditions being diagnosed in our country include: Delusional disorder Persecutory type 48% is more than 4 times as common as the next most common type of delusional disorder which is jealous type which is significantly lower at only 11%.

In non-western countries the people of high ses [Socioeconomic status] are more likely to develop schizophrenia but in Canada and the US the opposite trend is true, and this could be accounted for by the conditions created by having their lives and finances destroyed by covert harassment.

Chris Hillier on how Psychiatry has been rigged to the detriment of the persecuted.
A Graphic Chris posted to his Facebook page

Since 90% of the files were destroyed during MK Ultra and only 10% were revealed to the public we may never know the true heinosity and purpose of all the subprojects. However, I believe the implications of the research goes well beyond interrogation techniques and the findings are being applied to targeted citizens across the nation. For example, the organized stalking campaign reproduces the signs and symptoms of both delusional disorder and paranoid schizophrenia. Except for these individuals the harassment doesn’t stop with medication where as symptoms should normally resolve. However, one must consider the possibility that since the CIA were studying how to reproduce symptoms and signs of diseases that this was possibly a medication induced effect. Materials that were studied in MK Ultra which can produce the signs and symptoms of his condition include LSD and bulbocarpine. Today people with paranoid schizophrenia often receive CTO’s which force them to take medication.

Chris Hillier on the role of MK-ULTRA in undermining genuine Psychiatry

When that didn’t work for them, their tactics became horrifying. They demanded that I be sent to an inpatient psychiatric unit in another country. It wasn’t a medical opinion. I wasn’t anybody’s patient. It was their demand.

Dr. Gabrielle Horne, another persecution victim, on the Toxic Research Environment of Halifax and how she too, was accused of being mentally ill, 11th March 2018

I’ve know Chris for over 17 years. We’ve worked together and I trust him with my life. What is happening to him is crazy. Please read and share.

Brent MacDonald, Canadian Soldier and friend of Chris, 28th May 2018


Towards the end of his book Chris hinted that his persecution may resume in Ecuador, given the fact that Western Intelligence Agencies are active in that region too. (He had discovered that a new girlfriend had two Facebook profiles). We can only wish him well. A recent Facebook message hinted at the same. To quote,

Well I guess someone didn’t like the previous post of the girl I live with having 2 profiles, Patricia alexandra Roman Celleri and Valentina estefania Rodriguez Zambrano because it immediately disappeared. Perhaps it was the part or picture of the RCMP bear I found buried away, that she was unsure of the name of the person from Montreal that gave it to her. It also may have been the fact she said she knows no Zambranos but I found 14 in her friends list. She also has a US visa. She keeps asking me to go to Miami, home of US SOCOM south that handles Latin america, definitely not going there, no chance of me breaking my asylum conditions, either way I guess I can’t post pictures.

Following up on Chris’s Facebook, it seems that he is being swarmed by strangers who are inviting themselves into his new social networks and Facebook Groups, where he was looking to create new friends in Ecuador. They are going around claiming that he is a crazy, a bot, a criminal etc. What is most shocking is that some of these Facebook strangers appear to be Nova Scotian. I identified atleast one Nova Scotian Facebook user who was previously associated with infiltrating a Facebook Group for the Loretta Saunders murder case. Check the screenshots below.

Comment posted on the page detailing my own issues with Dalhousie

On 25th July 2018, a former med student posted this on the page that details my own issues with Dal.

I was a student at Dal Med Class of 2015. A student in my class Zach Dewar was convicted of stealing narcotics and sedatives from NS ambulance. Dal Med allowed him to continue his studies-he graduated in 2016 and is now practicing medicine in the States. He also had his criminal records cleared by the NS courts. As a point of interest, most of my classmates were related to practicing physicians in NS and my class (Halifax Campus) had only 4 students of visible minorities. One of them was a student from Saudi Arabia where Dal makes an obscene amount of money from allowing these students to come. But not female Saudi students!

The commenter is referring to the case of Zach Dewar. To quote,

A medical student and former paramedic who stole morphine from Emergency Health Services two years ago has been handed a conditional discharge.

Zachary Ewan Dewar, 27, was sentenced Monday in Nova Scotia Supreme Court in Halifax. Dewar had pleaded guilty in July to charges of illegal possession of morphine, theft under $5,000 and mischief. The crimes were committed between Jan. 1 and Feb. 14, 2013.

Dewar was working as a paramedic and was in his second year of medical school when officials with Emergency Health Services discovered someone had been tampering with vials of morphine, Justice Peter Rosinski was told.

Surveillance cameras were set up in the ambulance bay and Dewar was filmed in the area where the drugs are stored.

Emergency Health Services officials called in Halifax Regional Police, who started their own surveillance and caught Dewar stealing the drug on one of his days off.

To cover his tracks, Dewar had tried refilling the vials of morphine with another substance and had glued the tops back on, the court was told.

Emergency Health Services fired Dewar, but his family, the Dalhousie medical school and Doctors Nova Scotia have remained supportive of him, the court was told.

Although he is an addict and had gotten hooked on Dilaudid, Dewar has tried to turn himself around since his arrest.

So the Dal Med School is ready to support a thieving addict, but will go black ops on a genuine student with a documented learning disability. Connections are all that matter here.

Major Update: Chris Hillier releases a new, updated version of his Ordeal

On 22nd March 2019, Chris Hillier contacted me through his new Facebook account and sent me an updated version of the original document that details his ongoing ordeal. You may download and read it here. Please start reading from page 36. Here are some selections.

This selection is a rather educated analysis of how persecution by Intelligence Agencies is designed to simulate conditions of mental illness in the victim, so that he/she may be easily discredited (Emphasis mine).

Zersetzung or black psyops are so subtle almost the only way to prove it is occurring is by electronic evidence, videos, audio, etc. and calculation using mutually exclusive and non mutually exclusive events. There is often a triggering event such as whistle blowing that precedes Zersetzung. Zersetzung is not uncommon. Today 1 million people in the U.S. alone are being vigorously harassed and tortured using psyops tactics; in the HRM assuming numbers are similar this would result in about 1 thousand individuals being harassed by the intelligence agencies and special operations; most don’t even know it is happening and incorrectly attribute it to bad luck. It has allowed a genocide of whistle blowers, human rights and peace advocates to be carried out

The CIA previously studied how to reproduce the signs and symptoms of medical conditions, how to administer drugs such as hallucinogens covertly and studied schizophrenia in several subprojects during MK ULTRA. Top scientists including Carl Rogers; an individual that specialized in personality development were involved. The president of both the American and Canadian Psychiatric Association (Donald Ewan Cameron) was also involved. The CIA control the top of these organizations and influence diagnostic criteria (a checklist that all psychiatrists use in the DSM). Determining the checklist and indoctrinating ALL psychiatrists to follow it gives the illusion of independent assessments when reality someone under the influence of the CIA created it. There is no neurochemical imbalance or area in the brain that can develop a lesion for someone to think the CIA is after them. However, one of the first things I learned during my psychiatry rotation is that the pathognomic finding of delusional disorder or schizophrenia is when someone complains the CIA is harassing them and not to consider the evidence because these “delusions” are so fixed.

These people get locked up and drugged against their will with antipsychotics which increase the risk of suicide. Some of the drugs used today were studied by the CIA during MK ultra.

For example, chlorpromazine is a treatment option for “schizophrenia” and bipolar disorder. The psychological effects were studied in subproject 38 of MK ultra. It has a tremendous depressant effect by blocking pleasurable neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine and lowers energy preventing ability to function. These people are already depressed so this is a very dangerous practice. CTO’s can be issued using forced restraint on patients that prefer not to take the medication because it makes them want to kill themselves. Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder have the highest suicide rates among mental health conditions. The reality is we do not measure neurotransmitter levels so we don’t know if it is high. In fact it rarely is.

Schizophrenia is largely an environmental condition despite emphasis on the genetic component in medicine. Monozygotic concordance rates in medical texts show 40% (less than half). If you review the literature and consider only high quality studies this number drops to 25% suggesting the 3 quarters of cases schizophrenia are based on environment. I believe more than half of these cases are induced by bullying, harassment and torture in the form of psyops by the intelligence agencies.I have never seen nor have I talked to anyone that has seen a single note where a physician concluded the individual was being harassed by the intelligence agency. One million people are being “vigorously harassed” the the CIA, FBI, CSIS, RCMP, special operations and other groups today. Assuming similar numbers in Canada that would equate to 1,000 people in a city the size of Halifax and 10,000 people in a city the size of Toronto. Wasting tax dollars to harass individuals to cover up for crimes carried out by the federal and corporate mafia.

Psychiatrists lack of knowledge and willingness to turn a blind eye to CIA corruption to maintain their comfy lifestyle at the expense of their patients enabled these programs to continue on a large scale. They don’t think of themselves as cooperating with the mafia because no one specifically asked them to comitt a crime. They are after all just doing what they were told, where did I hear that before….oh yeah…every genocide ever. Their lack of advocacy against the intelligence agency during zersetzung in Germany and cointel pro led to massive human rights abuses including torture and murder that has continued today on a global scale.


Psychological operations specific tactics involve destroying all family and social support networks, launching economic warfare to make the individual homeless, daily harassment and relationship/employment sabotage, encouraging the individual to break laws in return for food that the individual can no longer afford all in an attempt to change public opinion of that individual. One goal of psychological operation is discrediting but the ultimate goal which is never discussed in articles is that the individual is tortured to point they commit suicide or carry out a mass shooting preferring to be murderer rather than endure more torture.

This is our fault because we knew it was coming but we didn’t do anything. We all need to take responsibility. Corporate media journalists are afraid to report or run discrediting stories such as the moron at Global that ran a story gang stalking possibly being carried out by aliens instead of the corporate and federal mafia carrying out psyops. I think everyone that heard the story is a little dumber because of it. The story was so biased and ill informed I am assuming he is collaborating with the intelligence agency because I don’t think it’s possible to be that stupid. I assume this because of how clearly biased, discrediting and full of lies the story was that Pinocchio’s nose would have grown just reading it. There are some very good journalists that are concerned about writing about the topic for fear of being labeled a conspiracy theorist and it hurting their reputation. There are government documents online and many other forms of evidence so please don’t let this horrific abuses continue because you value your reputation over human rights.

Psychiatrists are the biggest disappointment in my opinion. It would not be possible to carry out this program if they advocated against these crimes.However, it’s easier to pretend it’s not happening, if you acknowledge it you have to act. Almost all psychiatrists (even after showing them government documents) will never conclude that the CIA was harassing their patient in their notes. Instead they play their “expert” role (as delegated by the CIA as a thank you for their cooperation with the torture and murder of innocent civilians) by revictimizing the victim by giving them a discrediting diagnosis so no one believes them which enables the torture to continue. Don’t forget to give them a depressant drug to increase the chance they kill themselves. If that doesn’t work the lowering of energy so they can’t work of function and become homeless should help. However, they may have a partner to support them so it’s a good thing drugs in this class also cause sexual dysfunction to end a marriage or prevent a relationship from occurring. Well it’s not like you pulled the trigger or sabotaged the relationship after all, you just helped torture them to the point they preferred to kill themselves than endure a lifetime of torture. Good job psychiatrists, keep doing what you’re told and don’t question the guidelines or advocate against the intelligence agency and you’ll always be considered experts.

Chris describes how Intelligence fronts posing as extremists tried to recruit him in South America.

There is an article in the reference section on how right wing extremist groups dox and harass people and you can also find this information on their message boards (the 4th reich, charlottesville 2.0, etc). In my own experience I had a group of german extremists (nazis) that thought I was a jewish extremist in Quito, Ecuador and a man named [REDACTED] from Belize that said I was being punished for being disobedient to god. He tried to recruit me the same way as Canadian special forces [REDACTED] did, by offering me protection. Jason told me he was with a group called soldiers of the cross and said “we do gods work” “we are the unseen forces”. I asked him to elaborate and he described zersetzung.

Chris believes something is going on at the Truro Prison

[REDACTED] is a nurse at a local prison. She previously lived in Seattle and was married to a marine. She often talked about new drugs and I believe she may be connected to the CIA assisting with switching medications for experimental purposes inside the Truro prison.

Chris gives further info on Persecution Operations in Canada. What is most important is that he refers to a sexual assault case that took place at Dalhousie University, but which got covered up.

The things they are doing to people in this program to force them into suicide or carry out a violent act are horrific. As a tip when you search these things or acts of corruption go to google tools and search the last hour. After that the intelligence agencies have removed moved of it. Here are a few I have come across online related to zersetzung:

A man that was told he was the child’s father. He paid child support for 18 years and became attached to his son. It was not his son and she told him about this shortly after the child’s 18th birthday. She emotionally abused the man for the entirety of her their relationship even after their separation.

Another man was told he was not the father but actually was.

A man was shot with substance from a water pistol that left a permanent scar on his face (the book is available online and entitled “A life ruined by zersetzung in Canada”.

Sexual assaults. I saw one woman (a Dalhousie student) admitted to the psych ward in Halifax that claimed she was sexually assaulted by someone that she said “had connections”. I never understood why she was being admitted but this is political psychiatry.

Innocent people framed as pedophiles (project pedophile) see article below -intellihub cointel pro and project pedophile. This happened to 7 people in BC recently under RCMP investigation. They all killed themself. An investigation was done the RCMP were found not guilty.

drugging people to discredit them (the CIA is infamous for this). Operation Climax is one example of this. The men were more than drunk then brought into brothels.

A man was informed by a physician he had HIV but did not (he believed it was to make him “flip out and kill people”). It’s possible it was a false positive.

In a separate incident a man was drugged and had sex with a prostitute that infected him with HIV.

Chris describes his own ordeal in Canada and then South America, where he would face mystery illnesses after sending out mass emails

Many people report feeling as though they are experimented on. In my own experience on 8 different occasions days I sent out mass emails I was stopped in the street by a stranger and asked how I feel. No hello, No hi, just how do you feel. On all 8 occasions I became extremely sick. It started with a prodrome of itchy feet and hands that spread proximally and was followed by an intensity of vomiting and diarrhea that make gastroenteritis seem mild. The CIA studied staph aureurs toxin for this purpose in subproject 105 of MK ultra. On other days mass emails were sent out my body would “coincidentally” break out in itchy skin lesions. The CIA studied harassment techniques such as using allergy inducing substances during subproject 87 of MK ultra. These symptoms occurred 11 times across continents and only on days I sent mass emails.

He further describes various mind games he was subjected to.

Recently, there has also been a new term coined in the psychiatric community called Truman Show Syndrome (another mass delusion lol) because of the large number of people reporting being under surveillance 24/7. In reality, One million people are on the US watch list alone and are under surveillance but this is not covert surveillance. They want you to know they are watching to induce feelings of paranoia and hopelessness, both goals of psyops. For example, across 13 countries when I would go to coffee shops they would play my playlist of the songs a listened to the previous day. Not one or two songs, a play list I created of 14 songs in the exact order I listened to them. They have done this repeatedly in different countries because it sends a message. The statistical peobability playing the exact same 14 songs in the exact same order is almost infinity. It is not reasonable to conclude that this is coincidence. Taxi drivers do this as well although you may only hear a few songs. Considering the corporate mafia own basically all the private security companies and their cameras whic are everywhere you are on under surveillance 24 hours a day. I challenge you to write down when you are not on camera for 3 days and if that is ever the case.

During my stay at Casa Immigrantes in Palenque Mexico, a place for immigrants and refugees run by the church and infiltrated by the mafia (who are very religious) one of the workers would come around after lights out and apply the rapidly flashing light to my face and everyone would laugh. One evening as I layed on the floor after lights out he stood above me and placed the flashing light on his face. These things make you feel like you’re in a horror movie.

Another objective you will find in the psy op manual on Wikileaks is to lower morale force the individual to choose between choosing between a lifetime of torture, suicide or carrying out a violent act to be murdered. Destroying my career and family wasn’t enough. They took my home, vehicle about 35,000 dollars in items at a Uhaul stroge facility (at least according to an email I received). Some of these items were only sentimental but were taken anyway. For example , after they destroyed a happy marriage in only a couple of months and arranged it so I would never see my son again my only memories of him were in a book I had and on facebook which were taken and shutdown respectively. After economic sabotage (another psy op objective) and making me homeless I had developed blisters on top of blisters on my feet and my skin was extremely chaffed because they stole all my socks. After several months I finally had enough money to buy 3 pairs for 45 pesos (about 2 dollars). Although they were locked up the next day all 3 pairs were gone.

I continued regular physical activity because I know it is a protective factor for suicide. One day I came home and the handle had been cut off. The next day someone asked to borrow it and they returned it with the other handle off. I continued to use just the band without handles until it was stolen from inside the locked facility 3 days later at the United Nations High Commissioners Emergency Shelter in Belize where I had been hidden. I sent out a video to thousands of people showing the drilled out lock and vandalism to my room.

They have starved me since that time. A little over 2 months ago I was a very lean 192 pounds. On March 13th, after going several days at a time without food I weighed in at 165 pounds. A loss of 27 pounds. My physical health continues to deteriorate rapidly but not fast enough for Dal, the Canadian government and the CIA who desperately want to bury the crimes they committed with me. Without money for a hair cut or food has resulted in me looking like the hypothetical offspring of Gandalf the grey and Golam. Not helpful for morale.

Starving people and offering them money is how they control them. Some the people I have been harassed by have so emaciated they look like Skeletor with skin. It is a sin what they are doing to these people. They offer them a little bit of change to harass people and if they don’t they don’t eat. They don’t need to put a gun to their head. I was always strongly opposed to the propaganda (and now laws in Canada that include receiving a fine for stopping in a motor vehicle to give a homeless person money). People like [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] (a CIBC employee that I met after this all started) would get angry with me for giving them change and would say things like they’ll just use it for drugs. I was repulsed and disagreed but now realize that in many cases they are right. However, this is organized.

For example, when I was homeless in Belize I was continually offered drugs saying it will help. I was also encouraged to sell drugs. I said I’m not interested but was encouraged anyway. One man said “You’ll never be allowed to work, it’s the only way you’ll survive….and so what if you get caught, you go to jail. You’ll get a roof over your head and three squares a day, that’s better than what you have now”.

They would also say and do hateful things to try and provoke an incident to discredit me. Sometimes someone would approach me hollering and rip a button of one of my few remaining nice shirts (as they did in the video I sent out entitled a typical 48 hours in my life”. Fernando Venegas (a taxi driver in Managua, Nicaragua that as you will see later informed me of blood debts and that when I paid the bank off I could have my family back) and I were talking and I told him that I don’t understand how people could be so psychopathic that they could destroy a family and take a dad away from his son. He said “Just because you’re not there doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a dad, who knows, maybe he loves his new dad more….just joking man (as he laughed).” I have always walked away but somedays wish I just let them murder me because I don’t think anyone cares enough to help me.

Being a non smoker, non drug user that drinks alcohol about 2 times per year I refused but you are always being pressured into adopting bad habits that you will later regret and breaking the law. A conversation I had with another another man (a co worker of [REDACTED] in a group of 9) at Casa de immigrantes in Palenque Mexico involved me telling him about covert harassment. He said “Man you need to just leave bodies everywhere, a blood bath, then no one can deny it happened”. This was encouragement to carry out a violent act of terrorism. I said I still had faith that someone, somewhere would do the right thing….a journalist, my wife or one of my friends/colleagues. He said “dude I hate to break it to you, but you don’t have any friends, it sounds like no one gives a shit about you. You said it’s been almost 2 years and no one has done anything to help. I hate to be there bearer of bad news but that’s the reality”. Several men within the group would try to get me project my negative feelings for the CIA and Dal onto my wife. They would say things like “she was the one behind it”. One man said “if my wife took my home and kid I would blow her fucking head off.” I don’t blame Koleen. Her only fault is naivety, I still love her and Luke very much and think about them both every day and every night. She doesn’t believe psyops are real despite a government manual on Wikileaks and an abundance of evidence of how it was carried out on me/us. In Glenn Greenwalds article on the JTRIG deception unit the intelligence agencies identify and exploit fracture points in relationships to achieve isolation of the target. We had a solid relationship and almost never argued before March 27 2017 but there were a few. I believe many of these people were either Mafia or federal agents.

For example, it would bother me when work documents and my keys were removed from my desk. This started happening on a daily basis. At the time I never knew about psy op and concluded it was Koleen which caused tension in our relationship. This tactic has also been used by various groups in the past such as Charles Manson’s group the creepy crawlys (which may have been the product of CIA torture). They enter your home and move things around to make you feel as though you are losing your mind or to let you know there is nothing you can do about it. You can call the police but DITU will intercept the call and you will escorted to the psych ward by a CIA asset within the RCMP and drugged against your will. There is nothing you can do. They have stold me on a weekly basis.

Another fracture point was that I was not as helpful with house chores I was putting in about 100 hours a week between the hospital, clinic and classes/studying (because of my two learning disabilities). They exploited this by repeatedly destroying my study documents’ checklists and research forcing me to increase that to about 120 hours per week leaving less time to help Koleen. In hindsight I regret this. At the time I justified it by thinking it was short term pain for long term gain. I could give Luke all the opportunities I never had and could give Koleen anything she wanted. I spent 10 years working 2 jobs before I had enough money to start my undergraduate degree. I didn’t want Luke to have to struggle like I did.

Perhaps the most effective strategy the using is by using the online world to create problems in the real world. For example, I sent out evidence of fake messages from Facebook. One in particular that comes to mind was the first night Koleen and I had separated. I couldn’t sleep and spent the entire night thinking about Koleen and Luke. I sent her a message in the middle of the night saying that I missed them both and that I think it was a mistake for us to separate. The response I received was “no you were right. To be honest I stopped having feelings for you a couple of months ago but didn’t want to say anything.” I was devastated. My heart sunk in my chest and I remember feeling nauteous. You can imagine how doing this like this would manipulate feelings toward someone and would change real life interactions as they were now framed in this context. At the time I had no idea they were sending out fake messages and thought she was just being mean. I now believe she never received my message that night and she never sent that message to me but I am unable to ask her as I have been isolated for over a year. My phones were stolen by police and shut down, email, facebook and even bank accounts have been shut down. I have tried to reach her over 100 times in the past year from public phones. The calls are being intercepted by DITU.

Through manipulating emotions they made a woman that once loved me and wanted to marry me absolutely hate me by triggering arguements in the real world. Koleen wanted to marry me for 7 years. Immediately after our separation I regreted it. Shortly later I spent everyday for weeks traveling around to different jewelry stores to pick out the perfect ring. After sending her a picture of it (an aweful way to propose, but my proposal was sabotaged a few days earlier) the response I received was “it’s ugly”. This was not the same woman that wanted to marry me for 7 years. I later received an email stating she was applying for sole custody of our son and was changing his name from Hillier to Jensen. She absolutlely hated me. This is what black psy ops does. It leaves you isolated. The last time I had a friend was Bill Kidney in February of 2018. All future attempts have been sabotaged by smear campaigns despite being in foreign countries where I no know one.

After I hadn’t eaten for 3 days I was approached on a bench by an individual that gave me 20 pesos and said he had a job for me and to meet him on the same bench tomorrow at 5. I agreed without knowing what the job was. The next day he advised me it involved bumping into the lady he showed me a picture of and spilling a drink on her “accidentally”. I refused. He said “you already agreed”. I said to a job not harassment and assault. I never gave him his 20 pesos back and considered it an asshole tax. A few days later as I was watching a futbol (soccer) game in the park the young goal keeper broke his wrist during the game. That same individual set it in place, he had medical training. Although he did it without pain meds and against the boys will who was held down by people against his will and screaming in pain during the process.

For example, they don’t want you to know they are bullying me (a non political guy that has never attended a protest or even voted) so they spent 2 years torturing me. Then I wrote a book and created a you tube channel saying what they done to me.

It’s helpful to know the CIA and the mob (mafia) operate like a flash mob. They try to control every interaction in your life and make it a bad interaction. There is no chance of ever having a good day because you are surrounded by creeps waiting to sabotage you. They do not need to control the whole world but they can control your whole world (for the most part). In Louis’s Mini Mart in Gauyaquil the entire store changed over and a flood of people came in about a minute. People ran in changing cashier shirts at the counter, the number of cashiers increased dramatically to remove legitimate witnesses and leave only mafia witnesses, all identifying information was removed (individual with western union personal info taken down), name tags were removed and placed in pocket, new armed security came in, and the video tape was taken by officer Torres.

The corporate mafia is massive. The CIA has at least one person in many corporations, if not they can easily insert someone by controlling human resources. Using mass surveillance, when you use a service (like try to hire a lawyer) you will be greeted by their individual. They try to control every interaction you have and do an extremely good job of this. They control your whole world but not the whole world.

Chris lists some of the evidence he has gathered since this started happening

CIA Amazon data sites on my network before they were published on Wikileaks

harassing phone calls from RCMP

videos of harassing calls and messages

foreign logins to facebook from places I have never been or was not at during the login time (ie. Montreal, South Carolina, etc) from a variety of devices I do not own

internal and external Vandalism to my vehicle

evidence of sleep deprivation in form of bombs going off night after night in variious countries between 1 and 5 am

evidence of break in and vandalism at the UNHCR emegergency shelter in Belize

video with terrorist interrogator discussing bomb thrown at my window

bruises and black eye after one of the assaults by people dressed as police but without name tags

written witness testimony of one of the robberies by police in Venezuela

and a whole lot more

fake bills and tax audits

and more…

He also lists some additional disturbing incidents which were not previously disclosed.

Bomb thrown at me in Caracas Venezuela desbris flew into my right eye impairing my vision

drugged and put into discrediting and dangerous situations

interrogated at airport in guayaquil They had also contacted interpol

Had a boa constrictor placed in my bed while I was asleep at Bella’s Hostel in Caye Caulker Belize

gun pointed at me

He also details issues he had in gaining asylum in South American countries.

The fact that Chris’ classmates at Dalhousie Medical School, the student body at Dalhousie and the Student Union have conveniently forgotten Chris and pretend that he never existed shows the extent of their ethically challenged flakiness.

I received international protection from the government of Ecuador and was placed at the UNHCR emergency shelter in Belize (one requirement is to be a registered refugee). A woman showed up in Belize that had recently been working in Washington DC and stated I am not permitted to apply for refugee status because I applied on the 17th day. The deadline was the 16th day. I called a few days after I arrived but was asked to be patient and it was recommended I come in on the day I did. I met with asylum access 16 times in Palenque and 2 times in Mexico City. 4 times a week in Palenque 20 to 30 people would fill out a single page to apply for refugee status. I was told that my case was special because it usually involves people from central and south america not the USA. I was told to wait but insisted at the 14th meeting assuming the same strategy would be applied to stall me out. An hour after that meeting a letter from the Canadian government showed up in Palenque requesting they knew where I was was (despite no electronics-could only be physical surveillance because my phones, email and facebook were shut down and they stold my laptop cord) and wanted me returned home. I was never permitted to apply for aslyum in Mexico. It was insisted I only apply to Comar for refugee status. Many NGO’s that help refugees have been infiltrated by the CIA and mafia. Many refugee application locations have SONY smart TV’s. If you are not familiar with the Wikileaks Vault 7 files the CIA infects these with the weeping angel virus so when it is turned off it turns into a camera. I asked a lady working at the refugee facility if she was aware of that. She said “that is private information sir, if you don’t like the rules I’m going to have to ask you to leave”. I was in no way rude just concerned about privacy. Special forces guarded the facility and asked me for the serial number from my laptop or they would not allow me access to the facility to apply for refugee status. No one has asked for evidence despite me asking who to send it to multiple times so they can evaluate my case. Asylum access was helpful in Ecaudor. As I approached my second renewal I was obstructed from entering the facility by a police officer. I went to asylum access shortly after that and the office was empty. The officer “conveniently” parked across the street advised me they closed. I could never reach them by phone.

The document ends with a rather cheeky multiple choice test, True or False test, and a Fill in the Blanks test, which are not reproduced due to their length. They are still worth a read.

The fact that Chris’ classmates at Dalhousie Medical School, the student body at Dalhousie and the Student Union have conveniently forgotten Chris and pretend that he never exi

sted shows the extent of their ethically challenged flakiness, and shows how students or future doctors produced by Dalhousie are largely incapable of taking a stand on ethical issues. Such robots are however, destined for great careers in the Military, the Intelligence, Banks or at SNC Lavalin.

Update: Chris is back in Halifax

Based on his Facebook Feed, it appears that Chris has made it back to Halifax. His future in Medical School remains uncertain, and he would appreciate any help.

While Chris’s decision to flee to Ecuador may appear to be unwise in retrospect, I believed it saved him from iminent arrest and detention in Canada. While Ecuador could not provide him with a new life or even refuge, it did give Chris the ability to get his story out without direct retaliation from The Powers That Be in Canada. Once his story was out, it became difficult for The Powers That Be to retaliate, as they did not want to vindicate him.

I was closely watching Chris’s Facebook feed when he was abroad. When his Facebook account was closed and his videos stopped, I feared for the worst, and contacted the Canadian Embassy in Belize and the SOS service for Canadians abroad, requesting that they do a welfare check. While I did recieve an automated email acknowledgement, they never followed up with me, which is very strange.


5 Responses

  1. Chris HillierNo Gravatar says:


    It is Chris Hillier. I have not been ignoring your messages my facebook, email and phones have been shut down. My 2 laptop cords were stolen. I was placed in the United Nations High Commissioners emergency shelter in Belize. The shelter was broken into after I arrived and had the locks drilled out. I had to sell clothes to make it to a refugee shelter in Mexico. The recent Wikileaks map of CIA Amazon locations correlates with my network protocol analyzer.Specifically it is the Clandestine services special activities division working with US SOCOM and others. They are running a blacl psy ops suicide program that use principles of psychiatry and psychology to maximize risk factors amongst other things. They are likely behind the TI (zersetzung{psyops) program and the world needs to know. I have lost 21 lbs in 2 months due to food insecurity and have slept on the ground, plywood, etc. I have no money left after 2 years of economic warfare so this will likely be my last correspondence. I have files and a youtube channel. The files have been sent to the following people so perhaps they can share them as I do not have your email. Mike Macgillivary, Colin Boyd and Adam Hinchey are more likely to assist if you decide you want to see them. I wish you the best and appreciate you posting the article, it´s rare to find someone to have the courage to speak out honestly as you have and I genuinely appreciate it. Current suicide research funded by the DOD is being carried out at Nock labs at Harvard.

    • Hamad SubaniNo Gravatar says:

      This message was indeed from Chris. The Youtube links contain his videos. I hope this isn’t his last message. I have kept persuading Chris to contact the Canadian Consulate. But they have scared him so badly that he refuses to entertain the idea. He believes that he will meet the same fate of Dal Medical student Stephen Tynes once he reaches Canada.

      Update: His Facebook has indeed been blocked. I have downloaded all three videos on his Youtube. In case his Youtube Channel is locked, you can get them from me.

      In one of his videos, he says that it will be his last video and he will not last for long. He says that if he gets killed, he wants to be cremated, and if any money comes out of a legal case against Dalhousie and/or the Canadian Government, it should go to his son Luke.

      It is important to note that it is unlikely that he will commit suicide, and instead it will be made to appear as such. Well done, Dalhousie.

  2. CherylNo Gravatar says:

    Same thing happened in San Francisco to a dental student who refused to do complex dental work on a low income volunteer. He complained that the students were compelled to do dental work on a very large number of low income volunteer patients, and the work was above their skill level at times. He said patients were being seriously injured. The SF university began a harassment campaign, they also sent him to a psyche ward, where he was given false diagnoses; the university sued him for libel, they expelled him in his last year. He hired a lawyer and was trying to fight back.

  3. Interested personNo Gravatar says:

    why Has this never been reported by any major newspaper ? I don’t understand

    • Hamad SubaniNo Gravatar says:

      The Dal Gazette should have, and I even tipped them off. But not a word. Anywhere. If we were in a free country this wouldn’t be happening. The Silence is Deafening.

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