Just received an email from Dalhousie Alumni Engagement announcing that Dalhousie University President Dr. Richard Florizone will be stepping down as President in the new year. Looks like Dalhousie is due for a major diaper change following the failure of whitewashing the Dentistry scandal, the Masuma Khan affair and the Chris Hillier issue. We expect the next President to further streamline Cabal activity at Dalhousie.

Dalhousie University President Dr. Richard Florizone pimping the services of Dalhousie to the military and intelligence community at the Halifax International Security Forum (November 2017). Dalhousie University is now officially a partner of the Halifax International Security Forum, which is a military-intelligence think-tank headquartered in Washington DC. The Halifax International Security Forum has a summit every year in Halifax, which brings together up to 300 Cabal operatives delegates from 70 countries, who get to hobnob with each other in the judgement-free comfort of a truly Cabal city.

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