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Last Updated on June 30, 2019 by Hamad Subani

No one is responsible for the country in which he/she is born. I cannot see a mandated love for ones country due to the accident of birth alone. One should learn the real history of his nation of birth so as to live in a sane manner in it or even decide to leave it if a more suitable can be found. What is missing concerning patriotism, as most of us understand it, is that everyone’s first loyalty should be to the God who creates us all. If we happen to be born into a godless nation, or one that turns godless, why should we give it loyalty?

A comment left by Tony B on Henry Makow's website, 8th September 2018

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  1. Exposing the OthersNo Gravatar says:

    Nationalism keeps us from seeing the real world.

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