Sh** Starts Here


Sometime back, the Irvings started gloating over how their generational shipbuilding mafia business was contributing to the economy through a “Ships Start Here” Campaign. They stopped doing that. Here is the reason why:

Representatives from the federal government have recently made comments suggesting they plan to move some of the Halifax-class ship repair work away from the Irving Shipyard.

The loss of this work would be a loss for the Nova Scotian economy and families across the province.

Logistically and economically, it makes sense to keep the work in Halifax. With a skilled workforce, supplier relationships firmly established in the region, an ice-free harbour, the Royal Canadian Navy’s Atlantic Fleet based right next door, and decades of experience, our members at the Irving Shipyard are best positioned to continue this work. We have the capacity and the demonstrated know-how.

Unifor has worked with Irving Shipbuilding to diversify this workplace, training women, African Nova Scotians and Indigenous women and men to become expert shipbuilders. We’ve built and are continuing to support a vibrant workplace where over 900 Unifor members are building their futures alongside the future of the Canadian Navy.

Click on the Take Action tab above to sign the petition and share your support for the workers at the Halifax Shipyard. Tell your Member of Parliament: SHIPS STAY HERE

So what is this fuss all about? Irving does not want any work going to Quebec, because apparently, nobody is better qualified to do the job. To quote:

Davie Suppliers Association president Pierre Drapeau added: “It is unfortunate that Irving feels the need to once again interfere in Quebec’s business, and worst of all attempt to disrupt the vital work required for our women and men serving in the Canadian forces.”

Its quite convenient how unions in this place only make themselves heard in “special situations.” They don’t bark to the master’s voice.

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