Is CSIS trying to recruit Muslim students at Dalhousie for cheesy “terror” street theatre?

According to a former Dalhousie student Ramz Aziz (who was President of the Dalhousie Student Association in 2012), CSIS came looking for him, offering their “services,” which they elaborated as follows:

Let’s say your parents are kidnapped in Pakistan, and someone forces you to do something you don’t want to do,” the officer explained. “If you’re ever in that situation, you can call us.

Go ahead and read in between the lines. Does CSIS really care about the non-Canadian parents of someone on the other side of the globe? The correct interpretation would be as follows:

Your extended family must be looking forward to immigrate. We can arrange that. All you have to do is recruit Abdul for a terror stunt involving a van and a few sticks of dynamite (all on us). He will be joined by Fatah and Salah, who are our paid crisis actors (they will get lenient sentences in country-club prisons). Of course, the plot will fail at the last moment and will all end up in jail (and of course, you wont get any publicity, and even if some nosy reporter finds out, you will be identified as our man who helped bust the plot). The story will be played for two weeks until the point is hammered into the heads of of our minimal attention span population that we are at war.

It seems CSIS took offence at Aziz ignoring them and moving on. In 2017, they “followed up,” or rather attempted to spook him.

Aziz shared his experiences with us. 90% of Muslim students would collaborate. I know many such collaborators and entrappers among the Muslim community at Dal, who happily participate in street theatre organized by the Criminal Elite.

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